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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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any information that may help metro with this case.// ((michelle mortensen)) > and a man is fighting for his life this afternoon ... after being hit by a car. it happened near lake mead and rancho last night. investigators say the man was jay- walking when it happened. he was taken to a hospital.. and at last check is in critical condition./// ((michelle mortensen)) > today... a federal judge in oregon is expected to determine whether nevada rancher, cliven bundy, should be released from jail. that is ... pending his trial in las vegas. the bunkerville rancher faces charges here for the standoff against the blm in 2014. bundy was arrested last wednesday in oregon after he there. jail.. facing charges connected to the occupation of a wildlife refuge building./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the nevada democratic party and democratic party and state hispanic legislative caucus are hosting a mock caucus today. it's taking place at 5 pm inside the east las vegas community center. this is ahead of the state's big
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and republicans next tuesday. by the way-- we've also learned democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will host town halls at the keep memory alive event center this thursday. it will kick off at 6 and go until 8 pm./// ((michelle mortensen)) > one the g-o-p side ... the candidates are taking swings at one another while pounding the pavement on the campaign trail. cbs news correspondent craig boswell gives us the blow by blow details from charleston, south carolina. pkg: nats: "jeb bush" craig boswell: george w. bush took to the stage in south carolina yesterday to help give his younger brother jeb's campaign an extra boost. the former president gave a speech with thinly veiled jabs at donald trump. (george w. bush/former president) "jeb's a man of humble deep and genuine faith. faith that reveals itself in good works, not loud words." craig boswell: trump hit right back. (donald trump/r- presidential candidate) "why do you mention jeb bush, he's not competitive. although his brother came today, they're trying to make this thing to make him competitive.
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boswell: but trump reserved his deepest insults for ted cruz. (trump) "i think ted's a very unstable guy. i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz." (craig boswell/charlesto n, south carolina) "the attacks come just days leading up to saturday's republican primary in south carolina. it's the first time voters in the south head to the polls in this presidential campaign. " college of charleston political science professor kendra stewart says the 2016 g-o-p race in the state is unusual. (kendra stewart/college of charleston, south carolina) "traditionally i would say a candidate like cruz would be very appealing in south carolina, but this time, you know, trump, is leading in all of the polls and traditionally he's not a candidate that south carolina voters would support." craig boswell: stewart predicts the republican field will narrow after saturday's primary results. craig boswell, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. ((michelle mortensen)) this fight between trump and cruz may turn into a legal one ... as trump says he is seriously considering suing cruz for lying../// ((michelle mortensen)) > and don't forget- 8 news now is your
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local election headquarters. you can find all the latest information regarding the upcoming caucuses and general election on our website... las vegas now dot com./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the pope is in mexico this week... and plenty of people are looking for the chance to see him... including some local. we meet up with a group of las vegans... hoping to see the holy father in person. plus... everyone was rockin' at the grammy awards.. who took home the top award.. during music's biggest night. ((sherry swensk)) what a stellar president's day weekend with temps in the upper 70s for your holiday... and our tuesday is shaping up to be just about the same - only a little warmer! plenty of sunshine and calm winds. ............ but that won't last much longer. our high pressure will eventually relax a little by tomorrow and allow gusty winds with a storm system to move in and maybe even bring some rain back to the desert. ......... so enjoy the beautiful sunshine today and extra warm temps near record highs. aiming for 79 and the record stands at 81 degrees! we'll get a break from the super warm
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we'll take a lolocals are taking the trip of a lifetime to see the pope. they're heading el paso right
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now hoping to get a glipse of the pontiff while he is in mexico. michael stevens meet with the group this morning before they took off... and filed this report. ((michael stevens)) the group of people met here around 7:30 this morning. they loaded up their luggage onto a coach bus and went inside for a brief mass. during mass... one by one each of the people going on the trip were called to the alter and given a pilgrim badge with their names printed on it -- signifying the last step before leaving to see pope francis: ((monsignor gregory gordon // pastor, st. anne's catholic church: we're all going down there. we're all going to be down there at the mass in juarez. we're there to learn -- to follow and to share the good news he shares with us. )) ((michael stevens)) pope francis arrived in mexico on friday for his week long visit. his two predecessors both visited mexico, but not all the places he has chosen to visit. and as the first latin-american, the people here say his trip has added significance: ((janet o'donnell // visiting the pope in mexico: this is the first time i'm going to see the pope in person. i went to rome and saw pope john paul ii -- but this pope is just so magnificent.
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((margarita hernadez // visiting the pope in mexico: to me personally it's a journey of faith. and he is the highest authority in the catholic church -- and especially in this jubilee year. we just love to see him. )) ((michael stevens)) around 50 people from st. anne's are going on the pilgrimage. they're headed to el paso tonight and expected to arrive in the early morning arrive in the early morning hours. tomorrow is the when they are expected to see the pope. ((michelle mortensen)) pope his mexico visit on february 20th. ((michelle mortensen)) > people in florida... rocked by severe storms this morning... the possible touchdown... behind. vegas... it definitely dosn't feel like winter! how long the spring- around... and when you'll have to be dealing with some wind... sherry has more on that in your
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most accurate weather now./// <
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> the northeast was hit with a big winter storm..that also caused tornadoes in the south. it dumped ice and snow in the northern part of the country.. snarling traffic. at least 32- thousand homes and businesses were without power in north carolina. warm temperatures are now on tap for the northeast.. causing concern for flooding. flight aware reported more than 1- thousand canceled or delayed flights today./// ((michelle mortensen)) > well, we haven't seen any weather like that in las vegas... in fact, it's supposed to be quite nice this week! let's send things over to sherry to
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((sherry swensk)) our president's day weekend was more like a spring break than a winter holiday with all the extra warm weather that continues right into the work week. ............. we had highs in the mid to pper 70s all weekend and morning lows that - no wonder - only drop to the low 50s and upper 40s. that's about ten degrees above normal for mid february. 53 on the strip this morning... and 46 for green valley. kyle canyon just getting to the upper 30s. ............ we're in the 60s now and getting into the those 70s very soon... your weather now forecast looking for a high just a couple degrees shy of the record 81 set two years ago in 2014. our last couple of februarys have been really mild to warm. the normal high for mid-february is 62 and we've almost forgotten what that feels like. ............. so windy changes arrive tomorrow, but they will be short-lived. this next system is fairly strong, but quick. it might even bring a chance of showers for the valley - and the timing looks like overnight tomorrow, with a better chance for the mountains starting earlier in the day. ..............
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but still stay above normal and then warm right back up again for the weekend ahead. ............. let's get to the south where they had springlike severe weather with those destructive twisters yesterday. and early this morning around breakfast... a line of really strong thunderstorms that brought damaging winds to far southern florida. forecasters suspect they were tornadoes that tore up some farm country and ripped signs and roofs off of an industrial park... trees and power lines were down. no reports of severe injuries, but there was a lot of damage. ........ these storms even targeted beach areas to the west where they tossed beach chairs into the ocean and left other resort debris along the shoreline. .............. now to the far north, yesterday's snow and ice is being overtaken by warmer air and heavy rain today. d.c. was a snowy scene on president's day and today a lot of that white powder is being washed away by rain with warmer temperatures that will last through most of the week. .......... the snow and ice is being pushed far north and over to areas like
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buffalo and up into canada. so a lot of those cold areas will thaw out over the next day or so. ................. to the west... where our big strong ridge of high pressure will start to flatten out a little and that will give way to the storm curling up out here south of alaska. .............. high clouds already rotating into the northwest and northern nevada and the great basin today. we should stay pretty sunny and very warm. ............... then tomorrow come the big winds for our local mountains as that system approaches from the west. a high wind watch has already been issued that starts tomorrow morning at ten o'clock for sustained winds 20 to 30 mph and gusts over 60 mph. that is dangerous wind and the watch lasts until thursday afternoon. ............. today with winds will not be an issue. so warm and very pleasant to be outside with temps almost too warm for february! highs near 80 degrees... nearly 20 degrees above normal. ........ overnight lows in the mild low 50s again and we don't get the wind until through the day tomorrow. it will be breezy for the valley, but those downslope
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winds will increase quickly for the mountains. ................. highs at 80 tomorrow, then they drop off to below 70 behind this storm forust a day. u can see it doesn'ta long get those warmer mid 70s right back ando sunshineagain for your wkend.///((michelle mortenn > music'sggest night did notsappoint-- there were sllar rformances and tributes all throughout the grammy awards last night.ylor swift kicked things offth herewest single, "out ofthe wd" she won several ards including album of thear for "1989." mark ronson d bruno mars' "uptn funk"n "record of the year".d many artists who took to theage last night paid tribute to some of music's biggest icons. dy gaga channeled david bowie in one of the most talked about performances: (( lady gaga singing )) ((michelle mortensen)) she sang some of his greatest hits like space oddity, changes, rebel rebel and let's dance. artists also paid tribute to earth, wind, & fire's maurice white... the eagle's co- founder glenn frey, and blues legend bb king./// ((michelle mortensen)) > police in california are going high tech... the new way they're using everything from criminal history to even twitter.... to determine how to respond to calls.///
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> now nevada> a new piece of crime fighting software is helping police gather online data about potential criminal suspects. but some say the program - called beware - goes too far. and could lead to people being unfairly targeted. chris martinez reports from fresno california, where officers are among the first in the nation to use the program. chris martinez: the software into the web - searching public records. from property archives to arrest reports, it's giving police a heads up about who officers may encounter - before they head to a call. a star warns of prior crimes. ((jerry dyer/fresno police chief)) "somebody that has had a past arrest for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon...(butted to) (34:28) that bit of information may cause our officer to handle that call a little bit differently. ((nats - police scanner)) "shots fired at officers! chris martinez: we watched police
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use the system after a man opened fire on two officers... ((nats - police scanner)) -- sirens and gunshots chris martinez: they ran the license plate of the suspect's car through beware... which revealed the vehicle's owner - and his criminal record. a short time later - he was caught. but beware is controversial. the software assigns a threat level of red, yellow or green for residents at a given address. how that color score is calculated is unclear... even to police. ((jessica price/ aclu attorney)) "we want greater transparency..." chris martinez: aclu attorney jessica price is also concerned about the program's ability to screen public social media posts. ((jessica price/ aclu attorney)) "people want to be free to post on their social media without fear of government profiling or harrassment just because they did something like post criticism of the police." chris martinez: frenso pd opted out of beware's color coded threat system and social media screening after public backlash. chief dyer insists the program is necessary... ((jerry dyer/fresno police chief )) "when you look at the amount of technology that is out there today that criminals are using, it's important for law
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enforcement to assess those same tools." chris martinez: he believes beware is keeping both police and citizens safe. chris martinez, cbs news, fresno. ((michelle mortensen)) intrado, the company that makes beware, won't reveal how its software calculates its controversial color score, what it does with the information that is collected, or how many agencies use its program. they would only issue a statement saying "beware works to quickly provide commercially available, public information that may be relevant to the situation and may give. a greater level of awareness."/// ((michelle mortensen)) > wiping out the zika virus. the world health organization says there may be a way to do it ... though it's controversial. it invovles genetically modifying mosquitos and having them mate with insects carrying the virus. in trials it has cut down on the number of mosquitos carrying the virus by 90%. right now ... zika is spreading at an alarming rate. it can cause a rare birth defect in babies. there are at least 81 reported
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cases of zika in the u-s right now. we'll be right back.../// this is breaking news from 8
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one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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((michelle mortensen)) > we want to check back in with that breaking news we brought you at the top of the show... as police investigate a suicide attempt in the parking lot of one of their area commands. 8 news now reporter brittany edney is there... brittany? brittany edney: police are investigating after a suicide attempt in the parking lot of a metro area command. this happened less than an hour ago at the enterprise area command in the southwest part of town... that's near windmill and
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here's what we know so far... a man shot himself in the head in the parking lot... and while we don't know his condition... we do know the coroner has been called to the scene. you can keep up to date online at las vegas now dot com... or use our mobile app "news- dot- vegas."/// ((michelle mortensen)) > coming up today on eight news now at today on eight news now at four...a triumphant return to the city of love after last years deadly attacks the eagles of death metal are hitting the stage in paris once again... how the band is describing this emotional return... it's a toy lovers dream in new york city! we get a behind the scenes look at some of the hottest high tech toys taking over the new york toy fair.. as well as some classic favorites that are also making a big hit.///
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> that's all for 8 news now live
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flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> katie: entire photo album of you and bill. it's...[ sighs ] it's great. >> brooke: katie, please. don't let this ruin the progress that we've made tonight. >> katie: no, no. why would it? you were engaged. you were gonna get married. of course there were -- would be pictures. and look at all of the amazing
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places that you went. >> brooke: i made it a long time ago. i forgot i even had it. >> katie: but you didn't forget about your feelings for bill, right? >> brooke: you weren't meant to see this. >> katie: yeah, that seems to be happening a lot lately. did you know? did you know that she -- she made this scrapbook of all your fun times together? i mean, it's a little stalkerish. >> bill: it's time to call it a night, katie. >> katie: look at this picture, this picture of our brother. you know, the one who shot himself so that i could live, gave me his heart? what do you think he would say about your behavior? he would be disgusted! >> brooke: i wish you knew how sorry i am. i just want everything to be okay with us. >> katie: yeah, me, too. too bad you're lusting after my husband. >> eric: i'm so glad i get to see you. >> bridget: oh, daddy. god, i've really missed you guys. >> rick: not as much as we've missed you. >> eric: your mother's gonna be so glad you're here. >> rick: she's gonna be bummed, though, that you didn't bring logan along.


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