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tv   8 News Now at Noon  KLAS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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news now. ((kirsten joyce)) karen, are there any restrictions in place for homeowners in the area? ((karen castro)) residents have not been asked to leave their homes but metro is restricting access to and from the neighborhood. they are asking residents to shelter in place and avoid the area if possible. ((kirsten joyce)) > the search is on for the people responsible for an early morning shooting that left two people dead. it started in the parking garage of planet hollywood's miracle mile shops... and ended in the valet area of the cosmopolitan. 8 news now reporter michael stevens has been on this story all morning long... he joins us now live from near the scene with the latest. ((michael stevens)) kirsten... at this noon hour police are now working to get surveillance video in the area... they're also talking with witnesses to try to piece together how this chain of
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police say this whole thing started at the parking garage of the miracle mile shops inside plant hollywood. metro says there was a fight with two women and group of men. surveillance video showed the scuffle -- and security guards breaking up the fight. but police say the confrontation wasn't over. one of the men involved was seen with a handgun -- going into a 2015 toyota camery. in total -- three cars were seen leaving the parking garage going west on harmon. they believe a chase happened after that... down harmon -- over the 15 -- stopping at the intersection of harmon and aldebaran. police believe that's where all three people were shot. two of the people shot were in a silver hyundai... they drove back down harmon into the valet area of the cosmopolitan. valet attendants called 9-1-1 and performed c-p-r on the man and woman inside the car. both were taken to a nearby hospital where the woman died and the man underwent surgery. the other person shot... was found on the road at the intersection of harmon and aldebaran she was also taken to the hospital where she later died: ((lt. dan mcgrath // metro police: there's evidence -- shell casings from the shooting. we had multiple calls from the
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so we had cab drivers drive by -- nobody actually witnessed the shooting -- but we had people who heard the shooting and saw the female in the street. )) ((michael stevens)) police have not released a clear description of the suspects... the only thing we know at the moment it they believe a 20-15 toyota camry was involved in the shooting. ((michael stevens)) metro says they hope to get a description of the people involved out to the public as soon as they can. back to you. ((kirsten joyce)) michael... have you heard anything from planet hollywood or the cosmo about the incident? ((michael stevens)) kirsten... both hotel's did send out messages on twitter this morning. both acknowledged that something happened on their properties and said they are working with police. back to you. ((kirsten joyce)) > we are waiting for more information from north las vegas police... on two child abuse cases... one that killed a child...
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with permanent physical damage. police say they will address the two arrests this afternoon during a news briefing... we will of course have a crew live on scene and will bring you the very latest at 4 and through our website and apps./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the man accused of pointing a gun at people on the strip refused transport for a compentcy hearing this morning. police say kahleal black was walking in traffic and pointing a gun at people last month... this prompted an officer to open fire...grazing two people. black is behind bars on 2 million dollars bail... lawyers we're seeking a mental health evaluation...bec ause black showed signs of mental illness when he was in court last time today in court the judge waved the appearance and remanded black to a maximum- security psychiatric facility in sparks./// ((kirsten joyce)) > things are expected to get back to normal at the westgate sometime this afternoon. viewers called us..around 1 a-m saying alarms were going off and not any of the slot machines was working. they said.. staff wouldn't tell them what was going on..
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confirmed it got a call about a high rise fire.. and smoke near the employee dining area. when fire crews arrived.. they found no traces of fire... and say the smoke was caused by electrical issues. we're told nevada energy is now working on the issue. no one was injured and no one was evacuated./// ((kirsten joyce)) > we are expecting to learn more details concerning a public corruption investigation in the valley. yesterday local and federal agents conducted raids in las vegas, henderson, and in boulder city... at the center of the investigation... is a financial manager for the bureau of reclamation... rick leavitt... this is video of agents at his home in henderson. they also went to the bureau of reclamation office in boulder city... where leavitt works. law enforcement also visited a las vegas accounting firm.. on sunset near durango. the i-team has learned through law enforcement sources... that one focus of the probe is a contract.. to manage the sale of electricity from the hoover dam. no one has commented yet on this investigation.//// ((kirsten joyce)) it's going to be a big weekend for nevada democrats as the first in the
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and if you have questions on what exactly a caucus is.... we're going to break it down for you. nevada is one of 13 states that uses a caucus instead of a primary election during the presidential cycle. compared to a primary... where you privately cast your vote... a caucus is where you go to a neighborhood location... and publicly support your candidate. when it comes to the democrats.... they literally stand together on one side of the room or the other to be counted. organizers use those numbers to determine the percentage of delegates each candidate gets.... that will move on to the county convention. ((kirsten joyce)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters for everything relating to the caucuses and the presidential campaign... we have a full caucus explainer on our website las vegas now dot com. tomorrow watch "your local election headquarters election special" starting at 430pm.. as well as a special presentation of politics now at seven./// ((kirsten joyce)) >experts call it a growing epidemic in this country addiction to opioids such as
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but now there's a new weapon in the battle to stay clean . that story next on medical breakthroughs. ((sherry swensk)) a much calmer day... with sunny skies and warmer temps as we roll through our friday. yesterday at this time - winds were howling up near 50 mph. thank goodness the dust has settled and we can relax with a warmer weekend ahead. we'll find out how warm in your most accurate weather now forecast... coming up!/// ((kirsten joyce)) > addiction to
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and for the first time, more americans die from an opioid overdose than a car crash. but a new drug can help addicts stay on the road to recovery. paula francis tells us more in today's medical breakthroughs: (( )) < ("i came very close to ending it all.") ((paula francis)) as drew shaw contemplates his life, he has many regrets about all the drugs he's done. drew shaw "snort adderall, snort cocaine and mix the two with oxycontin, painkillers, percocet, vicodin; anything you can get your hands on." ((paula francis)) one thing he will never regret? finding an
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michael frost, md "in addiction medicine we always struggle to see success with patients. it's a very tough disease, it's a very complicated disease." ((paula francis)) doctor frost prescribed two medications in the past to cut drew's cravings - but now he's trying a new drug called bunavail (bune- a-vail). it's a film that patients put on the inside of the cheek instead of under the tongue - that cuts down on side effects such as ulcers and constipation. michael frost, md "when we switched them over, the bunavail really helped alleviate those negative aspects that can help them get more out of treatment." drew shaw "if i didn't have the drugs that i have, i would have no will to live. today i'm stable, i'm doing well, just living one day at a time, i'm very happy." ((paula francis)) after years of addiction, drew shaw is just happy to see another day. /// tag ((paula francis)) the drug enforcement administration is giving waivers for qualified
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(bune- a-vail) for recovering addicts in out- patient therapy. since getting clean, drew shaw has gotten married, and is now a new father. for more information, email me, or call 702-792-8888. tell me you want the report, "- bunavail -" and be sure to give your full name and address. paula francis, 8 news now.// > > a terrifying ordeal in the sierra mountains. but things could have been much worse .....after some avalanches put things on hold for some pople on the road.///
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for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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the sierra nevada mountains after this past week's weather front blew through. one avalanche buried cars in the alpine meadows area of northern california . three people had to be pulled from their cars by emergency responders. fortunately, no one was hurt. neither of the other two known avalanches caused serious damage.////
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sierra really scored with big snow from yesterday's storm... about two feet of snow reported at heavenly ski resort. we got a couple inches up at lee canyon. .............. now, getting ready for a really nice relaxing weekend... weather wise there will be a steady rise in temps right back to well above normal... and even near records next week. ............ the air dried out quickly... and those winds almost stopped just as the wind advisory and high wind warning ended yesterday afternoon at 4 p.m. we've got nice mid 60s around
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about where our highs stopped yesterday... so a little warmer today and definitely into the next seven. .............. outside the valley laughlin is already into the 70s... and all areas of southern nevada will warm up under a nice ridge of high pressure rebuilding again. .................. there are still some breezy spots with southerly winds today... but not those 50 to 60 mph winds we had yesterday that brought down trees in the northwest valley. thanks to the viewers who sent us pics of some of the damage like this neighborhoods off 215 and alexander... a big 20-foot tall tree snapped in the high winds. ......... and amanda swinn lost a big tree in her front yard and said the winds were crazy yesterday afternoon. they were up over 50 mph in the west and northwest side of the valley. .......... highs were at just 67
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today a little warmer and back to the low 70s. not quite ten degrees above normal... and next week we'll be closer to record highs again. ............. the west will stay unsettled in some areas... especially the pacific northwest where rain and snow are moving back in today and the snow is expected to be piling up and gusty winds will push it farther inland. ............... big winds are sliding across the plains where grass fires broke out in missouri yesterday with dry, windy conditions. winds will be a concern again today... with winter weather to the north with colder air and snow. .......... a springlike warm-up continues for us and we'll get right back to those well- above normal 70s all weekend long and even warmer into next week!///
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((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > a scam believed to be a thing of the past appears to be seeing the light of day again. we separate fact from fiction the next time you think you've been called in for jury duty.
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is makin
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let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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posing as authorities tell people they're going to be arrested for missing jury duty. but then the caller offers an payment option. marlie hall reports. >kelly bates and her husband got a call last year from someone claiming to be with the local sheriff's department. (kelly bates/received scam call) "i get a phone call that there
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that i had missed jury duty." targeted as well. (mark doggett/received scam call) "he knew our address our phone number." it's called the jury duty scam - con artists say you've missed jury duty and you're going to be arrested unless you pay up. (mark doggett/received scam call) "he said all you need to do is send some money via paypal and that's when i knew something was wrong." (monica vaca/federal trade commission) "do not believe the caller" monica (mo-knee- kuh) vaca (vah-kuh) with the federal trade commission says these types of scams are on the rise nationwide. in many cases the criminals use technology called spoofing to make their number look like it comes from a local court or police department. investigators even discovered prisoners in georgia pulling off the scam from behind bars. but usually the con artists are hard to catch because they demand untraceable payments like paypal, wire transfers or prepaid debit cards. (monica vaca/federal trade commission) "when they start demanding money from you over the phone, that's when you know it's a scam" vaca (vah-kuh) says
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the phone. doggett became suspicious of the caller and hung up. dollars.. and afterward the con artist let her know she got ripped off. (kelly bates/received scam call) "he finally said. are you aware of what just happened? i said.. it's pretty obvious now." authorities say if you receive one of these scam calls - the best thing to do is hang up. york./// ((kirsten joyce)) > stuck on weekend plans? coming up next we have a suggestion of one local hot spot that's been getting some national attention recently./// ((sherry swensk)) > the lake
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national parks in our nation! ((kirsten joyce)) that's right it's now the fifth most- visited site in the national park service system. 2015 showed saw a total of 7.2 million visitors to lake mead. that comes out to 368-thousand more people compared to 2014!/// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter.
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easy. no one is knocking maya. you know that. >> rick: trust me. i'm perfectly clear on who's being insulted here. >> ridge: [ sighs ] >> eric: rick, it's only for the weekend. it's for this one particular audience. >> rick: really? then why was it done behind my back? dad, did you or did you not tell me that this was my home? >> ridge: it's our home. it's her home. >> rick: then i won't be back in this house until my wife's portrait's back on that wall. >> ridge: [ sighs ] >> bridget: does rick miss being c.e.o.? be honest. >> maya: hmm. i don't know. it was so important to him for so long, but... maybe he just needed to prove to himself that he could be
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>> bridget: or maybe while he was pursuing what he thought would make him happy...something he never expected did. >> maya: it's funny how that happens. i thought i was gonna have to choose between being myself and being loved, and then your brother walked in with this tie-dyed t-shirt, and he brought me an egg and a cup of coffee, and that's where my whole life began. [ knock on door ] >> wyatt: is that scotch? what is this, an office party? >> katie: oh, yeah. it's always a party here at spencer publications. >> wyatt: okay. where's dad? is he in a meeting or giving an interview or a speech or something? >> katie: no, but he's probably listening to one. >> wyatt: what is -- what is that? what are you doing over there? >> katie: i'm tracking down my friends. >> wyatt: you're tracking him on your phone? >> katie: no! i'm not tracking bill. he likes his cloak of invisibility. my sister, on the other hand, is not as particular.


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