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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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remembering the life of nevada senator debbie smith. > the political spotlight continues to shine in the valley. off the heels or yesterday's democratic caucus... how the other side of the isle is taking it's turn to stump in southern nevada./// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition > authorities are investigating two separate crashes involving drunk drivers. metro responded to the scene where a car... hit a pedestrian... near maryland parkway and charleston. that crash happened at two this morning. and just a half an hour before, n-h-p was called out to investigate a deadly wreck on saint rose parkway near the i-15. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live at the scene where a bicyclist was killed. karen? ((karen castro)) nhp says the 59-year-old bicyclist had all the right safety gear. including
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flashlights. trying to stay visible to drivers. especially during the dark overnight hours. but investigators say that wasn't enough to prevent the driver of an off-road vehicle from hitting the bicyclist and killing him. nhp responded to the scene shortly after 1-30 this morning. they say when they arrived, the bicyclist was already dead. investigators say the a-t-v was traveling westbound on saint rose parkway and struck the victim, who was riding in the far right side of the road. atv was drunk. (( trooper chelsea stuenkel - nhp: we just can't remind people enough to not drive impaired. get that designated driver. especially in an instance like vehicle. no reason for this vehicle to be on our streets. )) ((karen castro)) it is illegal to drive an off road vehicle on the street. the atv flipped on its side upon impact. the driver was taken to umc with minor injuries and is expected
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in another early morning crash, metro says a suspected drunk driver hit a pedestrian near maryland parkway and charleston. police say the driver took off but witnesses followed the driver. and where able to keep track of him until investigators arrived on scene. the victim was rushed to the hospital with broken bones and head trauma. it is believed that the pedestrian was jaywalking. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. > so karen, in this crash. who would be at fault? police say both the driver and pedestrian are at fault. the pedestrian shouldn't have been jaywalking. the driver shouldn't have been drinking and driving. and he shouldn't have left the scene of the crash. now, he faces prison time for doing that. ((sharie johnson)) > police arrested the man accused in a deadly shooting on the strip. omar talley is expected to go before a judge within the next week. he was taken into custody
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he's facing murder charges...after police say he killed melissa yvette mendoza and jennifer margarita chicas. the two died early friday morning outside the cosmopolitan hotel. metro police are still searching for the vehicle involved -- it's described as a dark grey 2015 toyota camry with california plates. if you have any information... you're asked to call crimestoppers. /// ((sharie johnson)) > this evening the state of nevada is mourning the loss of state senator debbie smith. the nevada senate democratic caucus announced her passing today.... she was 60 years old smith was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before the legislative session began last year. she took a leave of absence for an operation and returned to work on a part-time basis. senator harry released a statement of smith's passing. it reads in part. "debbie smith was the epitome of an ideal neighbor, friend and public servant.....despi te her difficult year, her positive
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she was my friend and i will miss her." deatils on a memorial service will be announced in the coming days./// > republicans presidential candidates are in town campaigning ahead of tuesday's nevada g-o-p caucus. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live from one of the campaign stops where senator marco rubio is going to talk with supporters in just a few hours. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) this is just one of many stops for senator marco rubio in nevada today. he's not the only one in town though ahead of tuesday's caucus. ted cruz stopped off in pahrump to pick up as many supporters as he can with less than 48 hours to tuesday's caucus. republicans ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting hard to gain as many supporters as possible. both competing against donald trump who has taken victory in south carolina and new hampshire. without a doubt--- the nevada
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the town before super tuesday where voters in 12 states will hit the polls and choose who they want to see run for president. senator rubio says trump doesn't have the skills to be president. ((senator marco rubio/r- presidential candidate: well, i think strong rhetoric and strong action are two separate things. anyone can use tough words. anyone can go over the top and say things that sound strong. but sounding strong is not enough. you have to know exactly how you're going to do it.)) with jeb bush dropping out of the race---many of his supporters will likely be choosing between rubio, cruz and donald trump come caucus time tuesday. which could add to the persuasion process of the event when caucucers come together in their precinct. ((mauricio marin)) with a big win in south carolina yesterday---don ald trump says he's ready to see victory in nevada. he's scheduled to be in las vegas tomorrow. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > meanwhile it's been a big weekend for the democratic candidates here in the valley. ((clinton: i am so thrilled and
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some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other!)) that's hillary clinton speaking in las vegas after her victory in the nevada caucus yesterday. ((sharie johnson)) > and it was a close race... clinton came away with 53 percent of the vote. yesterday democrats voiced who they think should be our next president at hundreds of caucus sites across the state. it's a huge victory for clinton to overcome bernie sanders's surge in popularity. entrance polls found clinton had big support from women, union workers, minorities, and voters who think... she would have a better shot than sanders. after clinton was declared the winner... sanders congratulated her on the victory.... adding that the race is not over yet... (( sanders: i believe that on super tuesday we've got an excellent chance to win many of those states. it is clear to me, and i think
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on -- at our backs. we have the momentum . )) ((sharie johnson)) the next democratic primary is next weekend in south carolina./// ((sharie johnson)) > meanwhile... we will continue our local caucus coverage on tuesday night for the republica caucus. we will have reporters at all the front- runners camps.. and the counting headquarters... starting with the kick-off of the caucus in our 5 p-m newscast. and stay tuned for special editions of politics now at 7:30 and 11 o'clock as the results start coming in./// ((sharie johnson)) > remember.. 8 news now is your local elections headquarters. we have all the results and everything you need to know about the races.. on air.. and online at las vegas now dot com./// sharie johnson > an uber driver is blamed for a deadly shooting spree in michigan. how one of his former passengers is describing her encounter with the suspect./// < ((tony smith, 8 news now))
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the warm side but i am tracking cooler conditions -- how low temperatures will go? i have the answer coming up in with your weather now forecast only on 8
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motivated a man to allegedly commit a series of random shootings that killed six people and injured two. kenneth craig reports from kalamazoo, where police have a suspect in custody. >at one of the three shooting sites in kalamazoo michigan. a memorial is growing as the community mourns the people killed in a deadly rampage. (kalamazoo county prosecutor jeff getting) "how do you go and tell these families of these victims that they weren't targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target?" authorities say 45-year-old jason dalton's spree allegedly began when he seriously wounded a woman around 6pm saturday night outside an apartment complex. four hours later, a father and son were killed at this car dealership. then investigators say dalton killed 4 women in a cracker barrel parking lot. a 14 year girl was seriously injured. dalton was arrested early sunday when an officer spotted his vehicle leaving a bar.
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barrel) investigators are now reviewing surveliance video that captured the shootings at several of the locations, including here at the cracker barrel. police say dalton did not have a crimal history. cbs news confirmed he was working as an uber driver and passed the company's background check. ( nat/ ashley knight) it gave me chills (track/ vo / ashley knight facebook post, or two shot her showing kenneth her phone history) after his arrest, ashley knight recognized dalton as the man who gave her a ride a week ago. (uber passenger) he talked a lot and gave off a creepy vibe because he wouldn't stop talking but he didn't seem off, like crazy authorities believe dalton would have continued his shooting spree, if he weren't stopped. kenneth craig, cbs news, kalamazoo michigan./// sharie johnson > an unsolved murder is being resurrected from the cold case files. why detectives believe the killer of a beloved mother may have been someone she knew and even trusted./// ((sharie johnson)) > for 23
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the victim, a 35-year-old single mom, had no known enemies... but detectives believe she knew
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the investigation is once again... on the front burner for a pair of cold case detectives.. after they were contacted by the daughter of the victim. george knapp has the story. (( )) melody phoenix: she was a big bird lover. she had lots of bird pictures. melody phoenix was just 7 years old when her mother was murdered, so memories of her mom are hazy, but she reinforces them every time she looks back at family photos. rosemary phoenix was an attractive and vivacious 35 year old single mom. she had a good job, working as a dealer at the mirage, led an active life with plenty of friends, lived in a nice home in the northwest part of town, and even had an amiable relationship with her ex husband, who helped raise their daughter. for most of her life, melody knew very little about her mother's death. melody phoenix/daughter of murder victim: growing up i didn't talk too much about it or think too much about it.....i really just knew she has been killed and that we
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that changed when melody summoned the courage to confront the mystery. she met with veteran homicide detectives ken hefner and dean o'kelley, who recently came out of retirement to work nothing but cold case murders. ... melody: ..told him that, you know, show me pictures, show me everything you've got. hefner shared some of the photos in the file, but advised melody to forego the most graphic details. melody phoenix: upon hearing that, i kinda knew how gruesome it was. many of the crime scene photos in the file are too unsettling to show on television. investigators say phoenix left work a bit early on the night of may 12th and drove to her home on broadriver drive. this is the house as it looks today. rosemary would usually pull into the garage and enter the house from there. but on her last night, the garage door opener had been disabled. when she entered the front door. someone was waiting. the attacker used a blunt instrument to bash her head,
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with a kitchen knife. ken hefner/cold case homicide investigator: it was definitely someone who knew her, someone she once trusted, somebody who knew her routine and habits. it was personal. gk why do you say that? the degree of force and violence use in killing her. as an afterthought, i think they moved things around in the house to make it look staged, like a burglary. .... but there was no forced entry to the house so to us it appears it was somebody she trusted, knew her, and maybe even had keys to the place. the body was found a few hours later by larry bryan, rosemary's boyfriend at the time. he arrived around 3 am, found the body behind behind the front door, and drove to a pay phone to call police. weeks after the murder, this flyer was posted at the mirage and was sent to local media, which generated a new round of news stories.
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flyer also created a video of rosemary's life interspersed with news clips about her murder. larry bryan, the boyfriend, later admitted that made both, in part to keep pressure on police to solve the crime. the detectives say they have dna evidence from the scene but it isn't a match for bryan, or for rosemary's ex husband, or anyone else. the detectives say they're hoping that by now, the killer has talked to someone. hefner: we're hoping somebody has gotten this off their chests to somebody else, talked to somebody they shouldn't have. melody i'd love to have a theory. i'd love to be able to put the puzzle pieces together to where it makes sense. it doesn't make sense...... it wasn't a robbery. it wasn't sexual in nature. it doesn't make sense. melody now has a daughter of her own and hopes she will have answers by the time her daughter gets old enough to ask about it.
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it would be great if it would be solved by that point. to be able to say hey this happened and here's why.... < ((tony smith, 8 news now)) " expect the dry and warm weather conditions into monday. but tracking a brief drop in the degrees along with some breezy conditions for tuesday. but we rebound back with the winter warmth for wednesday. ------------------------------ a weak ridge of high pressure will be the main system controling
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most of the area will see north winds in the 5-10 mph range this afternoon...but some gusts up to 20 mph will occur down the colorado river. a weak shortwave that is currently off the northern california coast will push inland sunday and across northern nevada monday. -------------------------------- this will bring some lower clouds across far northern lincoln county monday...but little else. the main impact from our next weather system will be an increase in northerly winds monday and tuesday. winds will generally be in the 10-20 mph range over most locations with the strongest winds down the colorado river...especiall y late monday night through mid day tuesday. winds will be close to advisory levels with gusts approaching 40 mph mainly from lake mohave to needles. -------------------------------- ------------ temperatures will cool slightly monday with even more cooling tuesday as cooler air advects into the region.
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but high temperatures for the rest of the week will rebound into the mid to upper 70's - so brief cool change. -------------------------------- ----------- here's your weather now 7- day forecast: overnight: mostly clear, with a low around 50. west wind around 6 mph. monday: sunny, with a high near 75. north northwest wind 9 to 13 mph. monday night: mostly clear, with a low around 50. north wind around 7 mph. 66. northeast wind 8 to 10 mph. tuesday night: mostly clear, with a low around 46. near 70. wednesday night: mostly clear, with a low around 48. near 76. thursday night: mostly clear, with a low around 51. friday: sunny, with a high near 78. low around 53. saturday: mostly sunny, with ahigh near 78.rememeber, we've always got your covered on "> sharie johnson > a lot of money
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you won't believe how much money own a lock of hair from a certain rock legend./// ((sharie johnson)) > a die-hard
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a four-inch lock of john lennon's hair sold on saturday -- for 35-thousand dollars. at a dallas auction it was described as - quote - "the largest lock of john lennon's hair ever offered at auction." a hair dresser on the set of "how i won the war" -- starring lennon -- clipped the beatle's hair for the movie part back in 19-67. the person who bought the lock is from the u-k and collects entertainment mementos./// sharie johnson > that's it for
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