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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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cruz supporters who don't care what the critics... or other candidates have to say about the texas senator: ((charlotte peterson // cruz supporter: i don't like when people say they don't like him. he's not running a popularity contest in the senate or in washington... and i think he gets stuff done. )) ((michael stevens)) ... this is just one of many stops for the presidential candidate. after this his campaign tells me he'll be in elko... then he'll be headed to reno for a rally starting at 8-o'clock tonight. then tomorrow... he's scheduled to make a number of stops in the state including one in carson city... before ending the day back here in las vegas. going into tomorrow's republican caucus... donald trump leads with the most amount of delegates he has 67... followed by ted cruz with 11 and marco rubio with 10. back to you. ((kirsten joyce)) michael... how is the turn-out for today's rally? ((michael stevens)) kirsten... i'm told...
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about 700 people. and right now... it looks to be standing room only. ((kirsten joyce)) > donald trump is also holding a rally tonight. he'll be in town hosting an event at the south point arena. it starts at 7... doors open at 5./// ((kirsten joyce)) > marco rubio will hold another event tomorrow morning at the silverton casino. this.. after he held a rally at texas station yesterday. more than one- thousand people came out to show their support.. including actor donnie wahlberg. ((donnie wahlberg/singer, actor: "i've heard someone say he's not quite experienced enough. judging by the debates, the he's shown. everything about him says that he's more prepared than anyone else in the field by a mile.")) rubio also picked up some key endorsements.. senator dean heller.. along with representative mark (a-muh-day) amodei and assembly majority leader paul anderson say they all support him for president./// ((kirsten joyce)) > on the democratic side..
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clinton have their eyes on south carolina. their primary is this saturday. it comes after clinton beat sanders by a small margin here in nevada. clinton won with 53 percent of the vote.. while sanders took 47 percent./// ((kirsten joyce)) > 8 news now has the most complete coverage of the republican caucus. we'll have live reports from the front- runners camps.. and the count in headquarters. our special coverage starts at 5-pm. we'll also have special editions of politics now at 7-30 and 11-p- m./// ((kirsten joyce)) > you can find all the results of the caucuses and primarys not only air... but also online at las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) > police are investigating a woman's death.. ...her body was discovered in a laundry chute at the d casino downtown this weekend. police confirm this is a suspicious death investigation... ./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a motorcyclist has died. 62 year old dennis fletcher was riding his motorcycle... and a 32 year old woman turned in front of him.... his motorcycle struck her.... he had been in the hospital but died from his injuries the next day, on thursday.///
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accused of friday's deadly strip shooting. police arrested 30-year-old omar talley over the weekend. he's facing numerous charges, including 2 counts of murder. 2 people died.. 27 year old melissa yvette mendoza and 27 year old jennifer margarita chicas... police say talley got into an argument with them inside the parking garage of the miracle mile shops.... he's accused of shooting them not far from there on harmon..... and it all ended at the valet area at the cosmopolitan. investigators are still looking for a dark gray 2015 camry.. seen driving in surveillance video. it has california plates. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers./// ((kirsten joyce)) > we are learning more about a man who went on a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan over the weekend. police say 45 year old jason dalton shot 8 people at three different locations... 6 of those victims died.
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shooting. it began saturday night at an apartment complex - dalton shot a woman who is expected to live... then he's accused of killing a 17 year old and the teen's father at a car dealership... then police say he opened fire at a cracker barrel... killing four and wounding a 5th. dalton is also a uber driver... and investigators say he may have picked up passengers in between his shooting spree. mark dunton used dalton's services that evening. ((mark dunton/ uber passenger) my buddy scott actually said something to him said hey this isn't the hhr, you're not the guy are you? and he said no )) ((kirsten joyce)) dalton has no criminal history and uber says he passed a background check. dalton is a former insurance adjuster and father of two. he is being arraigned in court today... as investigators try to figure out what caused the shooting spree./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a 59-year-old man is dead.. after he was hit by an off- road vehicle. police say the man was on a bicycle sunday morning on saint
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when he was hit and killed by an illegal off-road vehicle. n-h-p says the off road driver is being investigated for driving under the influence./// ((kirsten joyce)) > another man is fighting for his life, after he was hit by a suspected drunk driving.... while jaywalking. it happened near charleston and maryland parkway. police say the driver took off, but was later pulled over./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a regular eye check-up led to a diagnosis of cancer for a young mom ((patient: "i knew what melanoma is. i did not know you could get it in your eye. i didn't even know you could really get cancer in your eye." )) the tiny instrument.. that helped her doctor.. treat... and investigate her tumor coming up in medical breakthroughs. > plus.. fighting over the iphone's technology. the war of words.. happening now. between the f- b-i and apple's tim cook./// ((sherry swensk)) > we've got some gusty north winds blowing through parts of southern nevada today... and there is a real defining line in the valley of where those winds are howling and where they are not. ......... the middle of town is clocking sustained winds near 30 mph...
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we'll find out how long the winds will bump around and the cool down coming with them in your full weather now forecast coming up./// <
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ftus)) > cutting edge instruments.. are making all the difference in
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a type of melonoma. as paula francis explains in medical breakthroughs .. they helped a woman.. who found out she had cancer.. in her eye. (( )) < ("alright, let's go in here.") ((paula francis)) michelle martin had just had shelby when her doctor said the freckle on her eye was cancer and she would need surgery immediately. michelle martin "i can handle pretty much anything, anywhere else on the body. blood doesn't bother me. but the thought of having my eye operated on really scared me quite a bit." tara mccannel, md, phd "there's a lot of fear and apprehension to treat something that's so close to your central vision." ((paula francis)) but doctor tara mccannel (mick-can-ell) was committed to treating michelle with radiation and a cutting-edge biopsy to assess the cancer. she used a microscope and a micro- incisional instrument more common in retinal surgery. tara mccannel, md, phd "this instrument that we use to take the biopsy from is about the size of a grain of rice, or a
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rice going in to the tumor to get the tissue." ((paula francis)) the tumor cells will tell her if the cancer is aggressive. doctor mccannel (mick-can-ell) also stitched in a plaque with radiation seeds and a gold shield on the back. it all took about an hour. tara mccannel, md, phd "applying the radiation, confirming the location, taking the tissue. all that, the technical part, all happens at once." ((paula francis)) michelle urges others to get regular eye exams; the only way to find this symptomless cancer. // tag ((paula francis)) michelle and her husband, thom, were disappointed to learn there were no support groups or places to get information about her rare cancer. their mission now, is to set some up. for more information, email me, or call 702-792-8888. tell me you want the report, "-eye cancer -" and be sure to give your full name and address. paula francis, 8 news now.// > ((kirsten joyce)) > the winds of change.. are coming to the valley. the cooler temperatures you can expect.. in your neighborhood forecast./// <
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defending it's decision.. to refuse decrypting the i-phone. in an early morning email to employees.. c-e-o tim cook dismissed the government's claims that the company is acting out business interests. he says the court order to decrypt the san bernardino terrorist's iphone will create a backdoor.. which cook says is unlawful.. and sets a dangerous precedent../// ((kirsten joyce)) > now let's send things over to sherry.. with a check on your weather./// ((sherry swensk)) beautiful sunshine... and gusty winds today to kick off the week. the flags and palm trees are really whipping in the wind today with sustained winds higher than 20 mph in many north valley neighborhoods. ...
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but gusts have been much higher than that. 40 mph top winds in downtown las 30-plus mph winds in summerlin... out in the southwest valley and down in south valley neighborhoods along st. rose parkway and near 40 mph winds clocked at henderson executive airport. ........... temps are in the mild upper 60s and low 70s at the noon hour... so we are still very mild and very dry. humidity less than 20 percent already today. .............. temps are in the mid 60s at primm... a little warmer in pahrump and already 70 in boulder city where winds are gusty at this hour, also. death valley is bumping into the low 80s and winds are really gusty up at the test site northwest of the las vegas valley. ........... we're looking for a high running about ten degrees above normal - which is now in the mid 60s. morning lows are a little above normal. and sunrise before 6:30 a.m. now. .......... tonight be sure and look for the
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close to 5:30 p.m. .... thanks to the viewers who sent in their shots of the moon from last night... some showed the wide ring around the moon. and it was full and bright this morning before it set in the west as the sun was coming up to ........... the winds are cleaning out the air thanks to a weak disturbance sliding by to the north and east. it brough a few snow showers and light rain showers around us to the northeast in utah and now arizona. ....... the deep south has some heavy rain and thunderstorms rolling today. a wet monday for atlanta. right now no severe threats, but that could change through the afternoon. ......... back here in the southwest... winds continue into tonight and tuesday... with cooler 60s comng tomorrow. but they don't last long as high
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to 70s for the rest of the week and even near 80 by the weekend again./// < ((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > if your pet needs to be spayed or neutered, tomorrow you can get it done for free. the animal foundation is offering the services.. in honore of world spay day. they will spay or neuter more than 400 dogs or cats. for more information visit las vegas now dot com.///
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vegas. we're talking with the people behind this year's color run... benefiting three square food bank./// ( talk tease: the talk
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that likes to have fun. the color run is coming back to las vegas.. and this year.. participants are getting a lot more out of the popular event. besides being coated in bright colors.. they'll be helping people in our community. joining us now is danny earl from the color run. danny thanks so much for joining us. tell us a little bit about the event? do you have to be an avid be an avid runner? talk about
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square? how much is
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((kirsten joyce)) the color run is february 27th in downtown las vegas. to sign up.. visit las vegas now dot com. thanks so much./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a man's only mode of transportation is stolen.. so a police officer.. goes the extra mile. . to make sure he has a ride. his act of kindness.. that earned him an official commedation.///
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popular hoverboards are feeling the heat after being blamed for dozens of housefires. what the consumer safety commission is asking manufactures to do to protect consumers from the risk of dangerous fires./// ((kirsten joyce)) > an arkansas police officer is being honored. for helping a man... who's only mode of transportation .. was stolen. michael jeter went to a little rock pawn shop.. to file a police report. but when officer willie christopher arrived.. he didn't take his statement. ((michael jeter: next thing i knew, i saw officer christopher walk up to the counter, and i saw he took his own credit card out of his wallet )) officer christopher didn't want jeter to be stuck without his bike, so he bought him a new one. the department then honored the officer..
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> that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon./// demetria obilor misty says, "the
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husband, katie. >> katie: he's the love of your life, brooke. of course you want him! >> brooke: have i made one move on bill? >> katie: you're here in my home, meeting secretly with my husband. in my home, brooke. >> bill: brooke did not arrange
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i did. >> katie: you lied to me. >> bill: i told you i had a meeting outside the office, and i did. a meeting about you with your sister, because we are both very >> katie: i told you. you don't have to be concerned about me. >> bill: katie... we have a problem. >> katie: the only problem we have is brooke. >> rick: give me a hand with this? >> ridge: the picture of mother stays. >> rick: i'm looking for a little bit of support here. >> ridge: what do you want him to do? turn his back on his wife? >> eric: all right. stop this. both of you. >> rick: i let ridge take the portrait down for the cocktail party. the party's over. it's time for it to go back up on the wall. >> ridge: you let me take it down? no, no, no. it was time for this one to go up, and now it stays up. >> rick: this is insulting. it's just wrong. i need you to stand with me on


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