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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((paula francis)) concerned parents... speaking out. why they are worried their children may not have a school to attend next year. < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > thanks for joining us... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) i'm dave courvoisier. the man arrested for the shooting near the las vegas strip that left 2 women dead and 1 man injured is expected in court tomorrow morning... this as 8 news now has spoken exclusively with the brother of the suspect omar talley. we are also hearing for the first time from the family of one of the women who was killed. ((paula francis)) patranya bhoolsuwan is tracking down what happened that night. she is in live in the newsroom with this newest information. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) here in my hand is the arrest report we just received from metro police on what led to this deadly shooting on friday and how police were able to track down the suspect, omar talley. this as we talked to families of both the suspect and one of the victims... the interviews you will only see on 8 news now: < ((deandre graham/brother of
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me, it's shocking to my family.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) in an exclusive interview with 8 news now, deandre graham reacts to news that his older brother omar talley is behind bars on murder charges after a shooting near the strip that left 2 women dead. ((deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "he's not a violent person, he doesn't go out looking for trouble.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) but according to this arrest report, metro police say it was omar talley who was involved in a fight with another man named jerraud jackson around 1:30 friday morning at the miracle miles shops parking garage. jackson was with melissa mendoza and jennifer chicas. investigators say surveillance video showed talley following the 3 out onto the garage. later he was seen pulling out a gun on the strip... then minutes later.. reports of gunshots near harmon and polaris. chicas body was found on the street, jackson and mendoza were able to drive into the valet area of the cosmopolitan. jackson is still in critical condition, mendoza died from her injuries. we talked to mendoza's aunt tracy, from california who says
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best friends and were visiting vegas on vacation when the shooting happened. ((tracy pachote, aunt of melissa mendoza: "jennifer she avoids confrontation, she doesn't like any type of confrontation and melissa is not the type of person at all she was a good girl.")) ((deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "he's in trouble onvce or twice but he's not a bad guy...he's not violent a gun not even in his vocabulary.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) graham says his brother has done time in prison... this was a picture when he was incarcerated for pimping and pandering. but now graham maintains he's a changed man, and a father of 3. ((deandre graham/borther of omar talley: "we hope justice system work things out and have his day in court you know.")) > ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say they tracked down talley during a traffic stop in a car belonging to this gilfriend. talley is due in court tomorrow morning to face a number of charges from murder with a deadly weapon and attempted
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((dave courvoisier)) and police are still looking for a vehicle connected to this case correct? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that's right police are still looking for gray camery with california plate 7mnj601. according to this police report, talley told police he loaned the car to someone but could not remember. as far as we know he's the only suspect in the case at this time.// ((paula francis)) > the political spotlight remains on nevada after saturday's now... the republicans are making their last-minute pitches to voters in the state. patrick walker is live outside the south point arena where donad trump is holding a rally in a couple of hours... patrick? ((patrick walker)) paula... the donald is set to take the stage this evening at 7. this is his first trip back to las vegas in a month. many of his supporters have been here since early this morning. we saw a few hundred inside who
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before formally lining up to get in. trump is leading by 16 points in the latest poll... and he doesn't shy away from talking about his polling numbers. and just like the teflon don... his supporters are confident going into tomorrow. ((wendell fountain/laughlin: he man is awesome, he is unbeatable, no one will beat donald trump, no one." dylan seebert/unlv student: "we're just trying to piggy-back off of south carolina, and new hampshire, and keep that going, and bring it on to texas, it's really what we're looking forward to." )) ((patrick walker)) trump will campaign in northern nevada tomorrow... with a midday rally in sparks. he'll come back down to las vegas for an event starting at 8pm at treasure island... before the caucus sites close at 9. ((patrick walker)) with trump's big lead in the polls... the question now will be who takes second? ted cruz and marco rubio split that distinction... in the two polls released last week. ((paula francis)) patrick... last time... hundreds of people were turned away because the venue was too small.
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that for this rally? ((patrick walker)) last month's rally was in a large meeting room. but tonight's is inside the south point arena... which seats several thousand people. we'll see if he fills it./// ((paula francis)) > a major shake up in the ted cruz campaign today. the texas senator fired a top staffer after distributing a false video. ((dave courvoisier)) a blow -- especially since his camp has been accused of dirty tricks and it may blemish his presidential prospects. denise valdez was at a rally today and joins us now with more on that: ((denise valdez)) certainly a distraction. but for cruz supporters today -- the behind the scenes jockying did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. the lunch time rally at a northside community center was energized and supporters eager to hear his message about protecting the constitution -- repealing obama care -- and ending common core. but minutes earlier he talked to the media and announced he asked
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resign after releasing a video that falsely depicted his rival marco rubio dismissing the bible. after being criticized for playing dirty -- cruz couldn't let this one slide: (( ted cruz: i had it made clear in this campaign .. that we will conduct with highest standards of integrity that has been how conducted from day one .. it is why when other campaign s attack us personaly .. i dont respond in kind .. none of you have heard me the kind of insults at marco rubio that throws at me every single day.)) critics say the cruz camp is a culture of lies and deceptive tactics. he and rubio are battling it out for second place tomorrow -- since trump is expected to win. ((denise valdez)) cruz marches on to elko and reno tonight. tomorrow he'll be in carson city -- before he joins supporters in las vegas -- for what he hopes is a strong finish. thanks ((dave courvoisier)) > another gop candidate... marco rubio...
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his way to las vegas. during the event... the florida republican touched on his contentious battle with texas senator ted cruz... as well as prostitution... which is legal in elko. rubio said he wishes nevada would make it illegal... but says it's the state's agree with it... he's not calling for it to be a federal offense./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we will continue our local caucus coverage tuesday night for the republican caucus. we will have reporters at all the front- runners camps.. and the counting headquarters... starting with the kick-off of the caucus in our 5 p-m newscast. and stay tuned for special editions of politics now at 7:30 and 11 o'clock as the results start coming in./// ((dave courvoisier)) > while the republicans are now focusing on nevada... the democrats are moving out of the silver state after a tight race in this weekend's caucus. state... but not by a large margin. she had 53% of the votes... while bernie sanders got 47% . for the loss..
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2008. the next democratic contest is saturday... in south carolina./// ((dave courvoisier)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters leading up t the general election this fall. you can always find the latest online... at las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > today felt like a break from the unusually warm temperatures we've been seeing... florendo... the cool down is not sticking around long.. < tedd florendo with warmer temps trees are blooming. already showing signs of moderate levels of juniper and ash. we could start seeing the dreaded mulberry get high here very seen with these warmer temps like we had this time last year. that was doozy for allergy sufferers. ............................... ..................... part to blame for all these sneezes and suffering conditions is combination of the warmer temps and wind. right now temps in the low 70's after warming up big time this weekend and late last week.
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70's this afternoon and dropping more tonight. ............................... ........................ winds also remain breezy at times through the valley with wind advisories still in effect for the lake and they go right back into action again for tomorrow. i'm sure we don't mind the warmer temps, but the wind is certainly no fun especially for allergy sufferers. ((dave courvoisier)) > a local school... in limbo. why students at quest preparatory academy could be left without a school ... and who will be deciding their fate. a bitter fan... takes a shot a lebron james. what she said to him... that got a response from the nba star on social media./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > quest preparatory academy parents are speaking out tonight... with concerns about where their children will go to school this fall. in just days, the fate of roberson-- one of the school's four campuses-- will be decided. 8 news now reporter brittany edney joins us live now with more on that location's future. brittany...
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is the reason behind the potential closure?? ((brittany edney)) dave, they told me today that the possible closure would be due to the expiration of a special use permit. this comes after years of controversy surrounding the charter school... which has been investigated on issues including misuse of money and abuse of authority. ((betsy johnson, mother )) "my child has been in this school since the 2nd grade. she intended to graduate from this school. she's in the 9th grade, and now, you're going to put her out on the street?!" betsy johnson says she's furious that her daughter madison may have to leave behind a school become family. making a difficult situation even worse she says, is the fact that it's too late to get her daughter into similar charter hool for the fall. ((betsy johnson, mother)) "you can sign up for them, but you're going to be on a waitlist and then it goes to a lottery." it's a predicament- she believes should not be suddenly sprung on families. ((betsy johnson, mother )) "nobody has been notified, nobody has been told about a board meeting, 'come down to the planning commission meeting,' nothing. they've never even informed the
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the state funded charter school is being managed by a receiver due to its past problems with financial management which was highlighted by a 20-15 forensic audit. the city of las vegas tells us, officials there have been following the situation closely, saying quote "while it is not the city's position to advise parents about educational decisions concerning their children, given the financial situation at quest, we suggest that parents communicate with the receiver and get a sense as to the future viability of the school." a future some believe, may be past saving. ((betsy johnson, mother)) "at this point, they've left us no choice, no decision," ((brittany edney)) i reached out to the receiver of quest academy... but i still haven't heard back from him. he is expected to bring his final recommendation for the school at a public meeting on friday. it starts at 9- a-m and will be at the grant sawyer building.. and we wil be there as well. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) are school
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location saying anything about the potential closure? ((brittany edney)) the principal... lamont colquitt... told me that if the campus closes... it would affect his school's estimated 200 students. and he says that it is very disheartening because the campus has a large number of special needs students who excel in small academic surroundings and it's uncertain where those students would go. so, this potential closure would impact a lot of families, dave./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo beautiful and clear but the winds the big issue today with gusts up to 40
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temps stay warm and above average gusts down a little but still expected to be a slightly breezy tonight. cooler than yesterday at this time. ............ low 70's this afternoon and still above average again through many parts of the region and chilly up in kyle canyon. cooler for the northwest sections of the valley and foothills but still mild. warmer to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and in henderson. ......... regional temps staying warm for mesquite and down the colorado river. death valley. cooler up in the central and today. chilly up in ely this afternoon. ............................... ........... we of course have wind advisories. one for the lake until 6 then we have a wind advisory for tomorrow for the lake mead and the colorado river valley. which begins adn 6 am until 4 pm tomorrow. ............................... ............ here's what to expect. p.m. gusts between 25 to 30. then easing off by early evening. tuesday breezy again for the valley. windy at the lake and colorado river. hence the wind advisory. cooling down to the mid to high 6o's by tomorrow and wednesday. ............................... ......... clear skies right now.
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to bring those winds but it will generate severe weather for the southern plains and deep south for the next few days. we'll cool off to the 60's but then high pressure off to the west will again anchor in and bring warmer temps late week. before more wind this weekend. ............................... .............' tonight the low will be 46 breezy at times. with winds between 5 to 20 and near average. tomorrow only 64 breezy and cooler and that's near average for temps. ............................... .............. neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 60's through the valley and high 60's for the east side of town. ............................... ........... extended forecast shows warmer temps late weekend an dmore
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higher clouds. 70's again early next week with dry weather expected for at least until late next week possibly ((paula francis)) > lumber liquidators... once again in the hot seat. once again in the hot seat. what a new report from federal health officials reveals about the risk of cancer with certain types of their flooring./// <
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the news of southern nevada is now.")) >
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shooting rampage over the weekend was arraigned in kalamazoo michigan today. 45-year-old jason dalton appeared by video link at the county courthouse. he faces six counts of murder: (("you understand the charges against you, and the maximum sentences i just stated? yes sir")) ((paula francis)) dalton said he preferred to remain silent when the judge asked him if he had anything to say.. then the judge denied bail. police say he randomly killed six people... and injured two others saturday night in three separate attacks. investigators are looking into whether he continued driving passengers between the shootings. uber says dalton passed a background check and had no prior criminal history./// ((dave courvoisier)) > apple is now asking congress for help... after a judge ordered the company to help the fbi in decrypting the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. apple's ceo tim cook wants congress or the government to
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the issue of civil liberties in the digital age. in a letter to employees... cook said "we have no tolerance or sympathy for terrorists"... but, he continued, "at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people." some of those survivors of the shooting will now reportedly file a legal briefing in court.. appealing to apple to unlock the phone./// ((paula francis)) > lumber liquidators got off to a rough start on the stock market this morning. numbers plunged about 13-percent during premarket trading. investors were rocked by an announcement from the centers for disease control and prevention. scientists at the federal agency now say they underestimated the risk of cancer from certain types of laminate flooring sold at lumber liquidators. the risk is closer to three times. the cdc recommends everyone take steps to reduce exposure./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a rowdy fan... gets the attention of an nba star. ((paula francis)) what she yelled at lebron james... and how he responded on social media. ((dave courvoisier)) if you're
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you aren't alone. coming up at six... what's causing the early allergies... and how they're forecasted for the valley./// ((coming up... the gop race shifts to nevada where candidates fight for support on the eve of caucuses. plus, with a ceasefire agreement days away, a rare look inside syria at the damage left by coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > a pesky nba fan... and the latest in smarthphone technology... just some of the things that have people buzzing online. demetria obilor has more in today's "what's trending". ((demetria obilor)) > today, everyone is laughing about the fan heckling lebron james in last night's game against o-k-c thunder. lebron was protesting a call to officials.. when he got yelled at from the sidelines. listen closely (( fan: just suck it up lebron! )) ((demetria
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she said just suck it up lebron! the superstar laughed about it.. posting the clip on instagram... saying "i guess she told me! just unveiled it's new galaxy s-7 and s-7 edge! they showed off the new smartphones this weekend during a tech conference in spain. samsung also debuted its first ever virtual reality device, "the gear 360." it's a camera that's capable of taking 360- degree pictures and videos. you can watch them with a gear vr headset. they're expected to go on sale sometime this year. no word on a price just yet. that's it for what's trending now... be sure to follow me on twitter, at demetria obilor to stay in the loop. /// ((paula francis)) > it may be monday.. but you may want to make this a night out anyway.. it's national margarita day! the popular tequila drink was created in the 1930's or 40s.. but that was on the rocks. the frozen ones didn't come around until the 19-70's.. when a bartender converted a soft serve ice cream machine
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margaritaville is offering up 3 dollar margaritas all day today./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of murder in a saturday night n shooting spree. also tonight, cruz fires a top aide for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of the cruz campaign that's c deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus
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flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> pelley: and virginia mclaurinit waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today a driver for uber, the online ride-hailing service, was charged with murdering six people in kalamazoo, michigan. prosecutors say 45-year-old jason dalton has confessed. the dead, apparently shot at random, range in age from 17 to 74. two others were wounded and anna werner has the details. >> the defendant did murder mary lou nye. >> reporter: it took nearly ten minutes for a kalamazoo judge to


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