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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we go behind the scenes to find out how allergies are forecast here in the valley... and what's bothering so many people right now./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((paula francis)) > two days after democrats caucused in nevada... republicans are now preparing for their turn in our state's political spotlight. thanks for joining us... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. tomorrow it's the g-o-p's turn... and tonight we're following all the preparations... we're live at a rally for dr. ben carson... and review journal columnist steve sebelius is looking at the high stakes of tomorrow's caucus... but first let's go to steve's politics now co-host... patrick walker... who is at a rally for donald trump. patrick? ((patrick walker)) patrick walker is live at south point arena where donald trump is expected to be on stage in about an hour. this is the final rally for trump before tomorrow evening's gop caucus. some of his supporters have been at south point since early this morning. trump has a 16- point lead in
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gravis marketing last week. a large crowd is expected tonight inside the venue... which seats several thousand. ted cruz and marco rubio have split second place in the last two nevada polls. patrick will have a recap of tonight's rally on 8 news now at 11. /// ((dave courvoisier))
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live look from henderson... where supporters of dr. ben carson are meeting. he'll speak at "sun city anthem freedom hall" coming up at seven. he's expected to talk for about 15 minutes... before taking questions from the audience. that should last about an hour. carson's campaign has been struggling lately... he finished fourth in the iowa caucuses... eighth in the new hampshire primary... and last place this past saturday during the south carolina primary./// ((paula francis)) > on the eve of the nevada caucus -- ted cruz fired a key aide over a false video about marco rubio. over the weekend -- his communications director released a video that seemed to imply rubio didn't believe in the bible. the video turned out to be false -- and some one had to take the fall. cruz has been stumping on strong religious beliefs and hammered that home at a rally today: (( ted cruz: "every serviceman
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out and worship god almighty with all their heart minds and souls and their superior officer has nothing to say about it. cheering and applause" )) ((paula francis)) cruz won the iowa caucuses.. but hasn't won since then. he's criss crossing the state today and will be back in las vegas for results tomorrow night. // ((dave courvoisier)) > politics now co-host steve sebelius has been preparing for tomorrow's caucus. ((paula francis)) he's here with a look at what we can expect tomorrow. steve? ((steve sebelius)) if the polls are to be believed, it's trump's race to lose tomorrow. two recent polls have trump winning by margins ranging from 16 percentage points to 26 percentage points, which means the real question for tomorrow's caucusing is who will come in second, marco rubio or ted cruz? there are still five candidates in the race, but dr. ben carson has trailed in the polls and in balloting in the first three states. and ohio governor john kay-sick has done very little campaigning
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tomorrow's caucuses. but trump has made several visits to nevada, filling large ballrooms every time. chasing his lead are rubio, who has amassed a long list of endorsements from key nevada officials, from lieutenant governor mark hutchison to congressmen mark amodei and cresent hardy to senator dean heller. (heller was a former jeb bush supporter who switched to rubio after bush suspended his campaign this weekend.) cruz doesn't have as many high-profile supporters, but does enjoy the backing of attorney general adam laxalt, who has hit the campaign trail for cruz in nevada. unlike the democratic caucus, where conversations and arguments preceded balloting, republicans can show up at any time once their caucus sites open at 5 p.m., cast a ballot and then go home. also, there's no same-day registration in the g-o-p caucus - you had to have signed up by february 13 in order to participate. those two things might make collecting and counting ballots easier and more efficient than it was in 2012, when it took an
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33-thousand ballots. ((steve sebelius)) republican officials hope to announce results shortly after caucus tomorrow. we'll have complete coverage all evening long, including two special editions of politics-now, one at 7:30 and another at 11:30. join us then. ((dave courvoisier)) will kay-sick or carson have to drop out if they don't do well in nevada's caucus tomorrow? ((dave courvoisier)) > tomorrow we'll have live reports from reports from the camps of the frontrunners... and our special caucus coverage starts at five tomorrow night. as steve said.. we'll also have special editions of "politcs now at 7:30 and 11 p- m.
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headquarters... you can always stay up to date this election year on air and line at "las vegas now dot com."/// ((paula francis)) > there's something in the air this time of year... and it's making people sick! we check out special devices used to track allergies in our area... and what's really behind all that sniffling you've likely been hearing lately. tedd florendo and the latest allergy report showing high readings from juniper to even mulberry. we'll have more on this and new information on what to expect this week. your extended forecast coming up
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((paula francis)) std-mon > sheriff joe lombardo wants to hire dozens of new police officers to help keep tourist safe. the sheriff's new proposal is separate from the so-called "more cops tax" to hire 133 police officers... which was approved by the county
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as karen castro found it, his new proposal may not cost tax payers a dime. ((karen castro)) on any given day there are more than 100- thousand visitors roaming las vegas boulevard... and tens of thousands more walking up and down the fremont street experience. ((gary rabbets - visiting from canada: since we've been here, we haven't seen any police officers walking the strip. jamie kuipers - visiting from canada: not very many of them. i've seen, what? two?)) ((karen castro)) sheriff joe lombardo wants to change that perception.. he's proposing hiring 67 police officers to exclusively patrol the strip... and seven more assigned to fremont street... plus, an additional 10 supervisors to manage the "support center" that overlooks both locations. the price tag is 10-point-8 million dollars a year for the strip and about one-million for fremont street. metro's top cop has taken his proposal to the "southern nevada tourism and infrastructure committee.".... a group that identifies tourism improvement projects.
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sisolak is part of the committee. he says tax payers will not foot the bill for this one. ((steve sisolak - clark county commissioner: it's not fair to ask our residents to just pay to put more people on las vegas boulevard. revenue stream for las vegas boulevard and potentially fremont street would be coming from the room tax.)) ((karen castro)) sisolak says allocating funds from the room tax to pay for more cops would have to be approved by the legislature. state leaders won't be meeting for another year, unless governor brian sandoval calls for a special session. for joe lombardo, the sooner the better, to help keep visitors out of harms way. ((jamie kuipers - visiting from canada: it's not safe anywhere you go anymore.)) ((karen now. ((paula francis)) sheriff lombardo tells 8 news now... at least 18-percent of the "calls for service" come from the strip and fremont street.. however, the police department's budget does not take into account the tourism population./// ((dave courvoisier)) > stressed out over tax season? let someone else do the dirty work! michelle mortensen is on your side with the free help available... no matter what your income <
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winter - but it feels more like spring. and with the warmer temperatures -- seasonal allergies are in full swing earlier than expected. watery eyes, stuffy nose, maybe even a dry cough. 8 news now reporter tony smith is live on un-lv's campus. tony, what's to blame?? ((tony smith)) blame it partly on el nino. this unique winter weather pattern is causing warmer than usual temperatures - causing plants to bloom early -- which has allergy sufferers feeling it -- bad. ((amy wishard, suffers from allergies)) "squeezing." ((tony smith)) allergy season is here - with an early punch for sufferers. ((amy wishard, suffers from allergies)) "bloody, yes and yellow from the nose coughing and congestesion. this is the season." ((troy beertoli, md at dignity
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"last week, i saw a few. so, i think it is starting to hit." pollen is to blame... doctors says the pollen count is highest after 5 p.m. up to 10 a.m. and that pollen has more patients lining up for help. ((troy beertoli, md at dignity health medical group)) "try to avoid it as much as you can and other than that you have medicences." ((tanvi patel, unlv pollen program supervisor)) "pollen is the biggest contributor to allergies here in southern nevada." ((tony smith, 8 news now)) it is tavni patel's job to research what's blowing around outside. her team collects samples from ((tanvi patel, unlv pollen program supervisor)) "we have these in different parts of town and we are able to see, if you are living in north las vegas maybe there is a type of tree that is being planted over there and that is starting to cause a lot of allergies." ((tony smith, 8 news now)) for those suffering from seasonal allergies .... you can track not only what is blooming and be prepared. ((amy wishard, suffers from allergies)) "i am just thankful there is no snow on the ground, that's what i am going to be thankful for and carry lots of tissue." ((tony smith)) doctors gave me some tips - first take off shoes
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inside your house. also, try taking a shower before bed - so, you don't bring pollen or even mold to bed. reporting live in las vegas - tony smith 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) tony, how do we track the pollen in our specific area. ((tony smith)) we've posted the link to the free pollen monitor information on lasvegas dot com under the websites mention section./// < tedd florendo ((>beautiful and clear but the winds the big issue today with gusts up to big issue today with gusts up to 40
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temps stay warm and above average gusts down a little but still expected to be a slightly breezy tonight. cooler than yesterday at this time. ............................... ............ low 70's this afternoon and still above average again through many parts of the region and chilly up in kyle canyon. cooler for the northwest sections of the valley and foothills but still mild. warmer to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and in henderson. ............................... ......... regional temps staying warm for mesquite and down the colorado river. expecially warm for laughlin and death valley. cooler up in the central and northern part of the state today. chilly up in ely this afternoon. ............................... ........... we of course have wind advisories.
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have a wind advisory for tomorrow for the lake mead and the colorado river valley. which begins adn 6 am until 4 pm tomorrow. ............................... ............ here's what to expect. p.m. gusts between 25 to 30. then easing off by early evening. tuesday breezy again for the valley. windy at the lake and colorado river. hence the wind advisory. cooling down to the mid to high 6o's by tomorrow and wednesday. ............................... ......... clear skies right now. system to the east close enough to bring those winds but it will generate severe weather for the southern plains and deep south for the next few days. we'll cool off to the 60's but then high pressure off to the west will again anchor in and bring warmer temps late week. before more wind this weekend. ............................... .............' tonight the low will be 46 breezy at times. with winds between 5 to 20 between 5 to 20 and near average. tomorrow only 64 breezy and
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............................... .............. neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 60's through the valley and high 60's for the east side of town. ............................... .........tended forecast shows warmerm late weekend an dmore breezy by the weekend with some gher clouds.'s agn early next week widry weather expected for at least until lateext week ssibly the i-r-s taxeadline is fast proaching. paula franci)nd this year.u can get youtaxes done for ee ... matter at your income. 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortenseis here with e details.((michelle mortensen)) no one kes lk about taxes ... t ...tti em done fofe ... is definitely worth talking about. as you know this year ... 8 on your side has partnered with the financial guidance center located on jones boulevard to help people get out of debt in 2016. and to help with that plan ... they are offering to do your taxes for free. everyone doing returns is irs trained and certified. they can also do more than basic returns. they will do previous years... business without losses and ammended returns. all you need to bring with you is your w-2 or 10-99 ... a picture id and social security card for everyone on the return .. and proof of health insurance. ((lamoyne biss: if you are getting insurance through the market place you need to bring
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to get rid of robo calls for good! ((michelle mortensen)) i am ... and it's free... as well. i'll introduce you to some tech guys who created a way to trick robocallers into thinking your number has been disconnected. it started as a way to blow off an annoying ex. ... but now ... it's blowing off annoying calls.. i'm also going to tell you just how many robocalls we get in the valley ... and tell you who's doing the dialing. > ((dave courvoisier)) what a wild weekend for the runnin' rebels who played reno. ((paula francis)) a shot in the final second saved the day. chris maathuis with more on the big shot. ((chris maathuis)) the big shot... in hoops we call it the buzzer beater. the rebels have had a few heart stopping buzzer beaters i found five that you've got see... in fact which one will be your favorite... i think i know. plus... the crazy business of boxing... and one las vegan knows that more then anybody.
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> ((chris maathuis)) thank goodness for the buzzer beaters... the rebels are coming off a thrilling overtime win against reno because of a buzzer beating shot by patrick mccaw. his shot sent game into overtime.. and it got me thinking about some other heart stopping shots... especially if they're buzzer beaters. ((chris maathuis)) nats "mccaw and it goes...." ((chris maathuis)) there's something about the buzzer beater... the shots heard around sports. buzzer beaters carry the headlines. saturday mccaw was the hero as unlv went on to win in overtime. nats; "with no time on the clock.," ((chris maathuis)) but there's more... in 2001, dalron johnson knocked wyoming from the ncaa tourney with this shot. nats celebration ((chris maathuis)) there's been more then one in laramie...
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blankson for the win.. got it." ((chris maathuis)) going back to 2002, rebel fans still talk about this one over byu. nats; 'marcus with 3 with 2 he turns he throws to booker, goooooodddddd booker wins it, vince booker wins it for the rebels." ((chris maathuis)) vince booker a former walk on takes down the cougs. how about this one in boise... deville smith in 2014... nats; "smith for the win... goooddd.. ((chris maathuis)) but not after a long review... it doesn't count. but this one did on saturday.. nats; "coleman will have a chance to win it... back to back years, coleman has nailed a shot to give nevada the lead... still 2.4.. mccaw last chance for unlv, mccaw and it goes." the rebels will look for some more magic tomorrow night when they face boise state on the road. the rebels are 6 point underdogs... but they've already beaten this
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in january here at the mack, unlv won by 10. there were other big shots over the weekend for some former rebels... not buzzer beats... maybe just as impressive. this is the northern trust open final round here on channel 8. that's ryan moore on the par three, 16th... and just like he drew it up... it does 'go' right into the heart of the cup. first ace on the 16th at riviera since 1985. moore with a final round eagle and 4 birdies, but also 4 bogeys. then another former unlv rebel.. adam scott with shades of greg norman... double bogeys and bogeys, but then comes back and nails birdies on 17 and 18.. two of the tougher holes... and finised one stroke from the lead. bubba watson the winner, but adam scott in the hunt. ((chris maathuis)) there are two boxers from las vegas that are both making headlines and both are named jessie. jessie vargas fights on hbo next month in washington dc. but over the wekeend it was las vegan jessie magdaleno who is 23-0 with 17 knockouts. the super bantamweight was beating up rey perez in phoenix on saturday... and in the 7th...
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jessie gets the knockout win and now he's in line for a championship fight against nonito donaire. this is why the sport of boxing isn't growing like mixed marial arts... too many belts.. and fighters seldom fight the best opponents. and there are too many boxing organizations... take for example jessie magdaleno. he's in line for a title fight... but maybe not. he's the number one ranked wbo super bantamweight guy... but with the alphabet organizations... look where else he's ranked... wba has him 3rd, the ibf has him 5th and the wbc has jessie 10th. so he's ranked anywhere from 1st to 10th...that's one reason why boxing is suffering a bit. dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight at 11. goodnight.///
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a high school teacher from montreal, quebec, canada... a marketing project manager from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion, a data conversion manager from ogden, utah... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. yeah, you saw our champion rolling his eyes a little


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