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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 23, 2016 2:37am-3:37am PST

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>> el chapo at the top tough the hierarchy. >> reporter: the director during the international manhunt for guzman. he says after the daring escape last summer, el chapo became almost delusional. >> what precipitated his downfall. >> he came drunk on his own wine the he started to believe the hype that he was special. that he was almost a demigod. he was something truly magical. he became so arrogant he thought he was untouchable. >> reporter: as chief of
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investigations, he was part of the u.s./mexico task force that nabbed him tin 2014. >> he knew how he was captured last time. so he had the upper hand, right. he had all the card in his hand to go off into the sunset. and learn from his mistake. but he just couldn't help himself. he, remained in the public eye. >> reporter: after his first escape from prison, guzman virtually disappeared from sight for 13 years. but not this time. >> here he gets out of prison. on the road being spotted at this place, having, drinks. this place, you know, with his family members. he invited sean penn. and the actress kate del castillo to see him. did mexican law enforcement know that, these two actors were going into see el chapo.
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going to go, where he was going to land. they knew right away. >> reporter: how did they know? >> because they were listening in on cartel communication and watching. mexican and u.s. law enforcement. reformed the task force that caught el chapo the last time. they were tracking not just guzman. but everyone in his inner circle including his cook. and everyone his lieutenants contacted including sean pen. >> did it become sloppy? >> definitely. more sightings in six months than in ten years before he was captured in 2014. >> reporter: after he escape the last time. you told us that you were not confident that he would, ever be captured again. yeah. chapo had become a smarter mal? d you overestimate his telligence. truly did. re he had a year in prison. presumed he was using the same ount of time to think how he uld remain a fugitive the rest his life. >> reporter: mexican officials told us that 20 days after his escape the marines picked up on guzman's trail.
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of mexican marines. a search block. they focused on prize at hand. capturing joaquin "el chapo" guzman alive if they could. >> their first opportunity came in early october. just days after sean penn's visit. the marines told us, they waited, because they didn't want the american actor caught in the cross fire. a team of marines approached one of el chapo's ranches by jungle road. while a group of commandos flew in by helicopter. >> so what went wrong on that october mission? >> as i understand it, despite l of joaquin "el chapo" zman's bravado being a macho, werful man. he was running with a child in his arms. human shield. baby as a shield? >> that's the only way, that one can see it. >> once again. el chapo got away. in early december, intelligence led the marines to this house.
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los noches in sinaloa. wiretap intercepts talked about a visit planned by grandparent. and aunt. code names for el chapo and his lieutenant. the marines watched the house for a month. as painters and construction crews came and went. then on the morning of thursday, january 7th. grandma finally showed up. an assault force, moved into position nearby. that evening, someone in the house called out for a large order of tacos. and this armored truck left to go pick up the food. chapo was having a party. for a savvy, clever, almost criminal genius. that guzman was. he ultimately was done in by simple tastes.
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>> tacos, tequila, chicas. >> reporter: at 4:40 a.m. in the predawn hours of friday, january 8th. marines began battering down the gate of chapo's safe house. we concealed the identities of the commando leaders for their safety. >> so, when we first knocked on the door of the house. the shooting started. a fierce gun battle erupted. the first marine through the door was shot in the arm. i watched the videotape. it is very intense. chapo's people inthe house were firing high powered grenade. it was look a war zone. the marines moves methodically through the house. his henchmen retreated up the
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just inside the door, one gunman laid dead. down the hall, four more taken prisoner. and the commandos quickly check a walk-in closet covered with full length mirrors. upstairs the marines find two women. one of them the cook. cowering on the bathroom floor. outside the house. more commandos fought it out with gunmen who fled across the rooftops. when it was over, there were five cartel members dead. and 6 in custody. but once again, chapo had vanished. couple days later marines took us to the safe house in an armed convoy. here, just inside the gate, a pool of blood where the marine was shot. blood. and inside the door, more bloodstains. the walls, with bullet holes and e scars of exploding shrapnel. member the walk in closet, the mirrors masked a hidden door.
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entrance to one of el chapo's trademark tunnels. connected to storm drains and sewers. it was 45 minutes before they found his escape route. that morning the marines gave chase. >> we intensified the search inside the tunnels. opening manhole covers and inserting people into the sewers. then it started raining. hard. after 20 minutes of rain. we felt chapo may drown in the sewers because of high level of water. >> because he popped up out of the manhole. right in the middle of the busy street. and that was his only option. so this is where he cam out. he popped out of the manhole ver. which is about a half mile from the house. straight down the road there. and look carefully at the security camera footage from the
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spent a visit to snow monkeys treated like royalty. >> reporter: sure they're monkeys. haven't you felt like this? really, who could refuse a steaming hot bath on a cold winter's day? this guy seems so relaxed he can't quite keep his eyes opened. these snow monkeys come down from the mountains of nagano, japan, seeking warmth. as you might imagine, plenty of humans come seeking them. we made the trek in through a thick forest of japanese cedar along with a group of photographers. led by mark hemmings. >> i'm not so much a wildlife photographer. i like photographing the monkeys because they have such human characteristics. >> reporter: hemming's day job takes him around the world shooting commercials. for a decade he has been leading photography tours.
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japan itinerary of course is seeing these snow monkeys. aka, japanese makaks. >> you could tell a story by the expression on this monkey's face. >> this area is hell valley because of the sulfurous steaming hot springs bubbling underground. the nearby town is known for its own scent or hot baths which evidently were drawing more than just tourists. so to avoid scaring off those who actually paid to use them, a monkeys only pool was created. throw in a little barley to sweeten the deal. you get bathing monkeys. american filbert ono lives in japan. he joined hemming's tour. this year, the year of the monkey the best time to see it. >> reporter: really, this is the year. >> this is the year. >> reporter: yes the year of the monkey on the calendar.
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anything is a big deal in this part of the world. monkey cakes. and orchid on display that resemble monkeys. but to celebrate, it's hard to beat a trip here. >> they have it made the life. teachers, matt, robin luther from milwaukee. saw he monkeys. >> relaxing doing something we enjoy doing. >> primates, prefer to bathe in inclement weather. the snow makes the perfect backdrop. >> right now we have snow falling. overcast skies. that produces a nice soft appearance for the face. mun keep face. plus because these are snow monkeys we want snow. got to have snow. >> reporter: monkeys are sacred in some circles here. tied to japanese buddhism.
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demons or disease. in real life they seem most focused on grooming. scraping off lice eggs to be exact. which sound a tad less mythical. but, there is no doubt they're pretty cute. >> you are looking at these, portrait of a human. >> human face tells so much with the smallest amount of change. and the muscle structure. and you can see that in these monkeys as well. >> it's all most as the monkeys
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shivering tourists, questioning beyonce's super bowl halftime show continues to rankle the men and women in blue. police unions across the country urging members to refuse to work at her shows. beyonce has a world tour scheduled. david begnaud reports. >> the world tour kicks off here in april. already miami police officers say don't expect them to pro vied security for the event. you have unions across the
2:57 am
similar steps. all because critics say one of beyonce's new songs dispairages police officers. >> with this raised and black berets, critics say beyonce turned the super bowl 50 halftime show into a tribute to the black panthers, a group accused advocating the murder of police officers. more than 115 million people watched the live performance of beyonce's new single. formation. and described as black power anthem. the music video allude to high profile shootings of young am african-american men >> she has absolutely no respect for law enforcement. >> president of the miami fraternal order of police accused beyonce of spreading anti-police message.
2:58 am
unanimously to opt out of security duty for her upcoming concert. >> i simply will not seen up. many of the officers i have spoken to said they're not going to soon up. >> police unions in tampa, nashville will do the same when beyonce performs in their cities. raleigh north carolina police expected to discuss possible boycott tuesday. similar proposal was rejected in dallas, texas. on twitter, tampa's police department downplayed the controversy, insisting its officers have been in formation for days signing up to keep the bee high safe. >> last week a planned anti-beyonce protest at nfl headquarters in new york. it fizzled. most people who showed up were her fans. back in miami, police say there will be plenty of security at beyonce's upcoming show.
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enjoy themselves. the police will be there. an uber driver is charged to day with six counts of murder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, cruz fires a top aid for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue. >> why did this mega bus with 40
3:00 am
>> the bus -- boomed, boomed again. you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." a driver for uber, the online ride-haling service has been charged with murdering six people in kalamazoo, michigan. the prosecutor says jason dalton has confessed. the dead apparently shot at random, range in age from 17 to 74. two others were wounded. anna werner has details. >> the defendant did murder, mary lou nye. >> reporter: it took ten minutes for a kalamazoo judge to read the 16 counts against former
3:01 am
dalton sat expressionless on closed circuit tv. >> you understan the charges being made against you. >> reporter: yes police allege the shooting rampage began 6:00 p.m. saturday night. victim, tiana carruthers was shot, survived. 12-year-old joi coleman was there with her. >> she asked, joi help me. i couldn't help her. i knew i was going to get shot too. he didn't stop shooting. i wanted to help but i couldn't. >> reporter: four hours after that first shooting, investigators say dalton killed 53-year-old richard smith and 17-year-old son tyler, a high school senior. looking at cars at a kalamazoo dealer thp eight miles away. less than 20 minutes later, authorities say dalton showed up at a cracker barrel restaurant and shot five more people in the parking lot. four women died. 60-year-old mary joe nye retired
3:02 am
sister-in-law, 62-year-old mary lou nye retired mother of two. 68-year-old barbara hawthorne retired from kellogg's food company after 22 years and 70-year-old dorothy brown retired and helped seniors with finances. matt millen one of the last passengers dalton picked up that night before his arrest. >> we were kind of driving through medians the lawn. speeding along. finally, once he came to a stop. i jumped out of the car and ran away. uber confirms to cbs news that some passengers called the company on saturday night, complaining about dalton's ee ratting behavior. james block is dalton's neighbor and friend of 17 years. >> the guy friendly, family man. he loved his kids. >> well that friend was also sur pried to hear that police found a large group of weapons at dalton's home. and an unbelievable survive story tonight. the prosecutor tells us, a
3:03 am
and is in critical condition in the hospital tonight, was originally declared dead. she was on life support, awaiting organ donation when suddenly, scott she squeezed her mother's hand. >> anna werner with the story for us tonight in kalamazoo. anna, thank you. to presidential politics now. republican donald trump fresh off of a victorien south carolina on saturday has a big lead heading into tomorrow's caucuses in nevada. rival ted cruz had to put out a fire today. after a top aide violated the commandment against baring false witness. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: after weeks of accusations he is running a deceitful campaign. the texas senator fired the man in charge of communications and messaging. >> i have made clear in this campaign we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standard of integrity. that has been how we have conducted it from day one. >> reporter: rick tile's
3:04 am
of marco rubio, walking by a cruz campaign worker, reading the bible. but tyler posted an article on social media that said rubio told a staffer, not many answers in it. which the rubio campaign took as a dig at the senator's religion. an apology followed. cruz dismissed tyler anyway and called out his rivals. >> if other candidates choose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same. >> reporter: as the republican field narrowed and stakes has risen. bitterness among three leading campaigns deepened. rubio in a bid to consolidate, mainstream republican support called the cruz campaign absolutely deceptive. and super pac supporting the florida senator, lumped cruz together with trump and found both unacceptable. >> trump erratic, unreliable. cruz, calculated. understanded. trump trained awful his fire today on cruz. unleashing a twitter storm that
3:05 am
biggest liar in politics. who should be disqualified as the winner of the iowa caucuses. but, late today the cruz campaign release aid defiant memo that shed some light on the campaign thinking going forward. foremost is the belief that marco rubio cannot defeat donald trump. that rubio has yet to win any state, anywhere, and that ted cruz has more money in the bank, scott, to continue to fight. >> dean reynolds. covering the campaign in las vegas. dean, thank you very much. polling shows that hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders, nearly 2:1 in next saturday's primary in south carolina sheech won nevada over the weekend. by 5 points. putting her back on track after her drubbing in new hampshire. here's nancy cordes. >> yes, that is former president, clinton, bouncing for joy with campaign staffers in nevada. after his wife stormed the vegas
3:06 am
and then won the state's most populous county by ten points. do you think secretary clinton outhustled you a little bit at the end? >> no, i don't. matter of fact. we had three rallies the night before. no, i am proud of what we did. >> still the loss is a blow for sanders who is tied with clinton in the delegate count until you factor in superdelegates. top party officials who are fre to back either candidate. that gap will grow. if clinton prevails as expected in south carolina. in texas this weekend. she accused sanders of misleading vote ears but his plans. i don't think it right to look a person in the eye who is hurting and need help and tell them that if they vote for you you will get $5,000 in health care but only have to pay $500 for it. sanders stand by his math. >> that's not misleading that's the fact. >> you know there are liberal economists who say. >> check out who the liberal
3:07 am
find out who fund them. >> reporter: economists four former top white house advisers who sent an open letter to sanders arguing that his quote x. treem claims about the benefits of his proposals could undermine the progressive economic agenda. none of them are paid by the clinton campaign. though a couple did work for former president, bill clinton. they say, many economists share their concerns. sanders told us, they didn't take the time to crunch the
3:08 am
3:09 am
and that, plenty of expert crunching the delegate numbers is john dicker sorch, cbs news, political director and anchor of "face the nation." john, huge primary nights on march 1 and march 15th. can any one catch trump? marco rubio's strategy is that
3:10 am
one mainstream alternative to donald trump. but he still hasn't won a contest. his best shot for a decisive win may not happen until march 15th. when the more moderate electorates in ohio and florida vote. before that rubio has to beat back a challenge, john kasich, from the mainstream title and do well enough to survive on super tuesday, march 1, when 11 states vote. many which have electorates that favor donald trump and cruz. >> trump may have momentum off march 1 then. >> that's right. >> ted cruz though hopes all of his chips are kind of riding on march 1 as well. super tuesday. that's when his home state of texas votes. other states. alabama, arkansas, oklahoma, tennessee. which have a large share of strong conservatives and evangelical voters groups heap does well with. that strategy took a blow saturday in south carolina because it has an electorate with the same makeup and where cruz went head-to-head with donald trump and still lost by 11 points.
3:11 am
anchor of "face the nation." thank you for the insight. >> today the u.s. and russia agreed to a partial cease-fire in syria to start saturday. but it won't stop the fighting. two important forces, isis and the al qaeda affiliate called al nusra were not included in the agreement because they're terrorist groups. and about a third of syria is held by isis. yesterday, isis claimed responsibility for bombs that killed at least 100 in suburban damascus and our elizabeth palmer is there. all day, the men of sayeeda zainab carried victims to the graves. on the face of women. shock and grief. the friends are mourning 22-year-old fatima. what did she do to deserve to die? but there was anger and
3:12 am
at the bomb site, local residents pitched tine clean of and make the streets again. but furious isis managed to smuggle three bmz intoombs into their community. standing a couple yard from where the biggest bomb went off. a car bomb. in the afternoon. as kids were getting home from school. and the scope of the damage, the fronts of the buildings have been blown clear off. and everybody who lived inside. and merchants ran the shop from the ground floor they're all dead. this video shows the the frantic moments right after one of the explosions. survivors rushing to help the wounded. you might think people who witnessed carnage and today burying more than 100 family members and friend would welcome a pause in the violence. not so. are you optimistic there will be
3:13 am
no way, abu mahran tells me. everybody in the crowd agrees. we don't want a cease-fire until all the terrorists are out of our country. it is not a good sign for this proposed truce when -- even the citizens aren't on side. and the people we spoke to today, scott, are very skeptical about this pro posed cease-fire. they say, in a war this complex and savage. there is just no way to coordinate all of the factions laying done their arms. >> liz palmer with a rare report from inside syria. liz, thank you. well today the u.s. supreme court met for the first time in 30 years without justice antonin scalia. his empty seat today was a reminder of the political battle over how to fill it. and here is our chief legal correspondent, jan crawford. >> reporter: justice scalia's seat on the bench now is draped with a black cloth. as the the justices return to work the first time any of the
3:14 am
without the larger than life scalia. chief justice john roberts started the morning session with a tribute. we remember his incisive intellect, agile wit and captivating prose. we cannot forget his irrepressible spirit. the 79-year-old scalia was laid to rest saturday. after a funeral mass led by his son paul. a catholic priest. now, the fight over his successor begins in earnest. the president is reviewing files of possible nominees, while republican leaders are vowing to block any one the president sends up. democrats accused republicans of being obstructionist. but when democrats control the senate, and republican george w.h. bush was in the white house, then the judiciary committee chairman, joe biden proposed the same thing republicans are doing now. >> once the political season is under way. and it is. action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is
3:15 am
>> current committee chairman, chuck grassley, a republican, agreed. >> in his heart of hearts, he understands why this senate must do what he said it must do in 1992. >> now in the past it has taken a month for a nomination. scott, the president is likely to move more quickly than that. >> jan crawford at the court for us tonight. jan, thank you. fares as low as $1 have drawn millions of passengers to megabus. yesterday one of its buses burnedout side chicago. everyone got out safely. but this has happened before. and we asked don dahler to take a look. sun day's fire began with a blown tire. and flames engulfed the bus. >> very horrifying. everybody running down the highway. it was terrible. >> reporter: this wasn't the new jersey based company first brush with tire related disasters. in 2012, a 25-year-old graduate student in illinois was killed
3:16 am
allegedly caused by a blown tire. 47 passengers were hospitalized. there have been at least five other incidents involving blown tires on mega buses. including this one in 2014 that caused the bus to slam into a guardrail on i-95. at least one lawsuit has been filed claiming a problem with the buses carrying too much weight. clarence didlow with center for auto safety. how does weight affect tires and tire safety? >> if a bus is overweight, worst case scenario, the tires can rub against the wheel well which generates friction, heat, ultimate low a fire. >> in the last 24 months, safety inspectors found 29 maintenance kidded a hazard to drivers or passengers. mega bus carries 10 million people a year in its fleet of 275 busz release aid statement saying safety continues to beep our top priority.
3:17 am
the authorities. federal a yaens that -- didlow says that is not enough. >> if one of the buses had been in heavy traffic before it could pull off the road. it might be a catastrophic fire before the people could get out of the bus to safety. >> ditlow says the buses are weighed to make sure they comply. scott that happens before they're loaded with passengers and backage. >> don dahler, thank you very much. breast cancer rates remain the same so why is there a big increase in the mastectomies. >> and a sent their dances with joy after achieving a today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol.
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today, senator claire m mccaskill of missouri says she has breast cancer and will stay in st. louis for three weeks for treatment. a democrat. 62, serving her second term. we were struck by this report today from the u.s. department of health. it said that mastectomies have increased by 36% over a decade. though the rate of cancer, breast cancer has stayed the same. dr. jon lapook is looking into this. what is going on?
3:21 am
trend over the last several years. the jump in the mastectomy rate is fueled by several things including greater awareness generated by celebrities angelina jolie and rita wilson who have gone public with the decision to have preventative mastectomy. breast surgery has gotten better over the years and cosmetic result is usually excellent. in addition we emphasize genetic risk and family history. with that information, many women just want to loper their risk as much as possible. and finally, many women want to be done with all of the screening which carries the risk of false positives, unnecessary biopsies and worries. scott more of what we are seeing these days. specialized personalized medicine giving women more choices in treatment decisions.
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3:23 am
we'll be right back. today the cdc said it underestimated the cancer risk from some laminate flooring sold by lumber liquidators. turns out the risk is more than three times greater than the agency reported two weeks ago. concerns were first raised by a 60 minutes investigation. the american kennel club is
3:24 am
most popular dog breeds. and for the 25th straight year, the labrador retriever is on top, followed by the german shepherd, golden retriever, the bulldog and the beagle. but most popular of all of course is the mutt. accounting for more than half the canines in america. up next, the day virginia
3:25 am
3:26 am
see. virginia mclaurin turns 107 next month. she wanted more than anything to meet the president. so she wrote to him. even offered to go to his house
3:27 am
here's chip reid. >> virginia mclaurin. >> hey! >> hi! >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> oh it's so nice to see you. if the's an honor. >> you want to say hi to michelle? >> hold on now. slow down now, don't go too quick. she's 106. >> reporter: yes she is 106 and in the video released by the white house, virginia was so excited to meet the president and first lady she started dancing. and so did they. >> what's the secret to still dancing at 106? >> for one thing she still volunteers 40 hours a week at a nearby school as a foster grandparents. today we found her sitting in the sun outside her apartment in washington, d.c. >> when you first saw him, you just shouted? >> i sure did. >> shouted for joy. >> for joy. i felt that all in my soul. it was the greatest time of my life. >> reporter: and what a life
3:28 am
watching as the world changed around her. >> we have come a long way, you know that? >> did you ever think there would be a black president? >> i did not. >> reporter: you did not. >> i did not think it would ever be a black president. >> now she has met one. >> a black president. >> look at him. right there. >> a black wife. >> that's me. >> what was the best part of meeting the president and the first lady? >> that i felt like i made it. i made it. >> reporter: you made it? >> i made it. and i feel like i could die happy. >> reporter: and with this dance, she made millions of others happy too. chip reid, cbs news, washington. and that's the overnight news for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
3:29 am
i'm scott pelley. . it's tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump looks to add to his lead in the race for president
3:30 am
caucuses while ted cruz fends off new claims he's running a dirty campaign. the youngest victim of saturday's mass shooting in kalamazoo battles for her life while questions are raised how much uber knew about the driver accused in the killing spree. and the cost of free is going up. two major retailers are raising the bar for customers to score complimentary services. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. while republicans caucus today in nevada, donald trump hopes to build on his recent victory in the south carolina primary. leading. this morning marco rubio and trump are piling on ted cruz. don champion is here in new york with more on that. don, good morning.
3:31 am
anne-marie. in recent days donald trump has taken some of his hashest jabs yet at ted cruz. last night bolstered by a big win in south carolina over the weekend, trump seemed confident nevada would swing his way but his two biggest challengers are still hoping for an upset. after winning primaries in south carolina and new hampshire, donald trump is eyeing a big win in nevada tonight. >> you've got to vote tomorrow, you've got to vote, vote, vote. >> reporter: on the eve of the state's gop caucuses, the front-runner did not hold back slamming a protestor. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> reporter: and bashing rival ted cruz for what he called dishonest campaign ads. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> god bless the great state of nevada. >> reporter: after finishing in third place behind marco rubio in south carolina, cruz is going into today's contest without his
3:32 am
rick tyler was asked to resign monday for sharing a false news story on social media that suggested rubio dismissed the bible. >> i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. that has been how we've conducted it from day one. >> reporter: speaking on the flight to vegas, rubio called tyler the fall guy for cruz's deceptive campaign. >> you feel bad for a guy. he's basically a guy who was executesing a culture that's expected in that campaign. >> reporter: both are vying to be the main alternative to trump with super tuesday just a week away. >> reporter: and political analysts say trump's ground game in nevada is very different from cruz and rubio's. he opened two offices last year compared to rubio's campaign which has been calling voters and going door to door. >> don champion in new york.
3:33 am
the next democratic primary is this saturday in south carolina. bernie sanders campaigned with actor danny glover. sanders scoffed at the notion that his ideas to solve the country's problems are overly ambitious. >> virtually every idea that we are bringing forth not only is the right idea, it's what our country needs. it is what the american people want. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton has a toteal of 51 delegates. sanders has 51. if you include endorsements by super delegates, party officials who can vote for anyone, clinton has 502 and sanders has 70. one week from today is super tuesday when 13 states hold either primaries or caucuses. the greatest number of delegates are on the line in a single day of voting, but not enough to hand any candidate, republican
3:34 am
but doing well on super tuesday can go a long way towards securing the nomination. coming up on cbs this morning, we will discuss the upcoming primaries and caucuses with face the nation moderator john dickerson and cbs political contributor frank luntz. the supreme court returned to work for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the chair was draped in black cloth. meanwhile, the fight over replacing scalia heated up with the surfacing of video when george h.w. bush was president and joe biden argued against a presidential appointment during a campaign. >> once the political season is underway, and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> that's the same thing republicans are doing right now. biden says his 1992 comments are
3:35 am
investigators in kalamazoo, michigan, said the uber driver accused of killing six people said they were chosen at random. this morning as questions are raised over whether uber should have allowed dalton behind the wheel, the youngest victim is giving her family hope that she will survive. >> my daughter is not dead. she is alive and she is fighting for her life. >> abigail was shot in the head during saturday's rampage. her injuries were so severe her heart stopped beating and her parents took steps towards donating her organs, but then the strong willed 14-year-old showed signs of life. >> she's actually squeezing hands more and she's actually trying to squeeze on the other side, too, which is both arms, which is great, and she's wiggling her toes. >> she was with a family friend she considered a grandmother at
3:36 am
when the gunfire erupted. 68-year-old barbara hawthorne was one of the six people killed. >> richard smith, tyler smith. >> kalamazoo's mayor read the names at a vigil last night. they range in age from 17 to 74 and included a father and son. >> you understand the charges being made against you? >> yes. >> reporter: on monday morning a judge read a list of 16 charges against jason dalton including six counts of murder. kalamazoo police and prosecutors say dalton admitted to the shootings. the violence began just after 6:00 p.m. saturday when dalton allegedly shot tianna caruthers at a playground. >> i couldn't help her. i knew i would be shot too. i wanted to help her but i couldn't. >> reporter: less than two hours earlier he had given a ride to matt melon. >> we were driving through medians, speeding along.
3:37 am
jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: melon called police after his ride. uber said it received a complaint about dalton's driving on saturday night but the ride hailing service is defending its screening process for drivers saying dalton cleared an approval process last month and that no background check would have anticipated the situation. >> they say dalton picked up passengers after the shooting spree began. uber is cooperating. microsoft founder bill gates is weighing in on apple's standoff with the fbi. apple is appealing a court order to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. 14 people died in the attack. gates told "the financial times" apple should cooperate. >> it's a good debate to be having.


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