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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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access.wgbh.orgrepublican caucus is underway. we have reporters spread out across southern nevada... as candidates stand by for the latest numbers coming out of the silver state... and the problems that might spell the end of caucuses here. ((paula francis)) > authorities raid f-l-d-s members. the government program some church leaders are accused of taking advantage of... by taking benefits from people who actually needed them. ((chris maathuis)) > plus... workers are up against the clock as the t- mobile arena is 6 weeks away from opening it's doors. i'll take ya inside the facility, coming up./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((paula francis)) > the republican candidates for president are busy in nevada... senator marco rubio rallied crowds this morning at the silverton... and both ted cruz and donald trump are heading back to the valley tonight after campaigning in northern nevada. ((dave courvoisier)) all eyes are on the silver state to see which candidate will pull ahead in tonight's caucus. thanks for joining us i'm dave courvosier...
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we have crews all around the valley tonight... as the republican caucus is in full swing... it started about an hour ago. ((dave courvoisier)) and the candidates are anxiously awaiting results... we have live team coverage tonight from your local election headquarters... denise valdez is out where ted cruz will be tonight... patrick walker is with the trump campaign... but we start mauricio marin who mauricio... far? ((mauricio marin)) so far we've been seeing a wait for some people having to check in before getting their ballot. the line has been out the door since the caucus site opened just about an hour ago. voters had to register as a republican 10 days before the causus. we've seen some people trying to register but it's too late for them to participate tonight. aside from that once the doors opened some folks took the time to caucus and persuade other voters to choose their candidates. others know exactly who they're choosing.
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selection and dropping off their ballots....gettin g in and out quickly. the race is on between donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz. a lot of their supporters rallying for them today here as people talked about their candidate while waiting in line to caucus. and here at durango high looks like a good turn out from what we can see. this is one of the larger caucus sites across the valley though. ((mauricio marin)) folks have until 8-30 tonight to get to their caucus site and make their selection. we'll of course be bringing you the latest all evening as your local election headquarters. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((paula francis)) mauricio... are the gop caucus-goers pretty excited? what's their mood? ((mauricio marin)) a lot of folks told us they're willing to make time to come out here and caucus because they want to see change. many openly pushing for their candidate may it be trump, rubio, cruz, or another candidate. back to you.///
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trump is expected to wrap up his tour of nevada right here in las vegas tonight. patrick walker has been following his campaign. vegas tonight. patrick walker has been following his campaign. wrap up his tour of nevada right here in las vegas tonight. patrick walker has been following his campaign. ((patrick walker/reporting: "donald trump is spending his final hours before the caucus criss- crossing the state... rallying supporters to get out
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((trump walking to stage)) ((patrick walker)) trump spent the morning in northern nevada... speaking to supporters in the town of sparks. the past 24 hours... the front-runner's campaign speech has been heavily focused on immigration... and stopping businesses from moving out of the united states. but he's also ramped up his attacks on a new target... fellow candidate ted cruz... who both trump and marco rubio have accused of outright lying on the campaign trail. ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "this guy, ted cruz, is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life. i mean it. i've never seen, he will lie about anything. and you meet some, i've met much tougher people than ted cruz, he's like a baby compared to some of people i have to deal with, he is like a little baby. soft, weak little baby by comparison. but for lying, he's the best i've ever seen, he's the best.")) ((patrick walker)) trump also has been warning supporters to be on the lookout for ballot fraud at the caucus locations. unlike last weekend's democratic
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republicans cast paper ballots to indicate their presidential preference. ((patrick walker/reporting: "we'll be keeping an eye on the trump camp all evening as part of your local election headquarters coverage. he'll be ending his evening here at treasure island later tonight. in las vegas, i'm patrick walker reporting.")) ((dave courvoisier)) > while there will be a lot of action tonight with donald trump and supporters at treasure island, there is also a lot of action in front of his property.. (( carmen llarull/trump worker: the message today for mr. trump is to sign a contract. we deserve better. we are just regular workers that deserve better. 11:12:39 butt to 11:12:45 so we can have respect, security, job security, and dignity at work. 11:12:50 )) ((dave courvoisier)) right now dozens of culinary union workers and trump employees are rallying in front of the trump hotel.. they are calling on donald trump to negotiate a contract. recently trump hotel employees won a union election and want to start contract negotiations. the culinary workers union says the company has refused to bargain with workers. they want similar benefits and protections that trump employees
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((paula francis)) > some of the most heated campaign rhetoric has been between trump and ted cruz. denise valdez is live at the y-m- c-a near valley view and > just as we brought you the democrats caucusing on saturday... we've got a full night of g-o-p caucus coverage planned tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) we'll have a special edition of "politics now" starting at 7:30 tonight... and an hour- long special starting at 11 tonight. we're your local election headquarters... stay up to date on everything politics on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > our caucus coverage doesn't end there. ((paula francis)) we take you live to election central where all the votes will be counted... and we'll explain how the nevada "first in the wesst" caucus could be in jeopardy in future election years. ...> plus... a dangerous storm system has turned deadly in the rest of the country... tedd? tedd florendo
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killed at least three people... where tornadoes have been spotted... and where that storm could be heading next./// <
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((dave courvoisier)) > metro police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened just before 3-30 this afternoon.. on desert inn near polaris. police found an adult male with an apparent gunshot wound. they took him to u-m-c where he died. police say this is an active investigation. when we get new information... we'll update you./// ((paula francis)) > indictments were handed down today for eleven leaders in the fundamentalist arm of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. the members in hildale, utah were charged with conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud. they're also charged with
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laundering. the group is accused of diverting food stamp proceeds from authorized beneficiaries to leaders of the f-l-d-s church for unapproved purposes. authorities raided one of their stores in hildale today: ((dave courvoisier)) > our caucus coverage continues... the problems that have popped up already this election season... and how that could mean the end of caucuses in nevada./// < news music voice over:
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in nevada are dubbed "the first in the west"... the silver state landed them, thanks to the clout of then- majority leader harry reid in his own party. ((dave courvoisier)) but
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as well as this year... could put the state's caucus status in jeopardy. las vegas review journal columnist steve sebelius explains./// ((steve sebelius)) ((steve sebelius))
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news music voice over: "this is breaking news from 8
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< tedd florendo ((>high clouds outside right now with temps cooler than yesterday.
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right now and through the evening. it was not as windy as yesterday which is my 7 day forecast had breezy and not windy remember? gusts up to 20 at times. cooler than yesterday for sure. ............................... ............. temps this afternoon in the 60's as we warned you about yesterday. many neighborhoods in the 60's over the east side of the valley as well as we're lower in elevation out there keeping this warmer than everywhere else. cooler in the west side and foothills of the valley in the low 60s' this afternoon. ............................... .............. regional temps also near average this afternoon in the mid 60's as well. we have some winds down the colorado river valley with
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in the 70's this time around. 40's for the central part of the state and laughlin in the 60's. ............................... ................ still some breezes in the teens through the valley with some areas in the north las veags in the single digits. breezes for the southeast sections of the region. ............................... ............. still some breezes down the colaord river valley with wind calmer than yeterday. teens for many areas for the colorado river, but calmer for areas like death valley by this afternoon. ............................... ............... we have very active weather in the u.s. today. focusing on the deep south this evening. pulling up warm moist is the low and that's allowing severe thunderstorms develop. red boxes here are tornado watches in effect right now. meaning these ares here have the greatest risk of tornados. ............................... ............ futurecast shows that same storm will bring snow in the upper midwest, and more strong storm for the mid-atlantic states tomorrow and thursday. ............................... ......... focusing on home we have high thin clouds right now. notice this clockwise rotation? that's the area of high pressure that will move in and bring
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it is expected to be a dirty ridge meaning we'll ahve some disturbances roll through and bring some clouds through the week. ............................... .......... overnight expect a low of 43 degrees and chilly. light breezes expected with winds less than 15. tomorrow our high a little warmer at 67. 65 is our average temps with calmer winds for tomorrow. ............................... ................ recreation forecast shows chilly weather in the afternoon for mount charleston and 61 at red rock. near 70 and mild for lake mead, keep in mind still some gusty winds are possible. ............................... ................. extended forecast shows mid to high 70's back again. comfortable not on 80's officiall this time around. more clouds this weekend with some breezes saturday and early next week.
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((dave courvoisier)) the sand in the hourglass has workers on t- mobile arena scrambling to finish on time. ((paula francis)) their april 6th grand opening is right around the corner. chris maathuis went inside the facility today. ((chris maathuis)) and it's a scramble... workers are there 24-7, looking to make the deadline. i'll show how progress is coming along.. and it looks impressive... you'll see. plus... the ufc's most popular fighter has to scramble again for an opponent as another brazilian drops out. more next here on channel 8. <
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news now this is sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) it's non-stop work at t- mobile arena.... the april 6th deadline on the new las vegas facility is fast approaching, so it's 24-7 for
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the outside of the 375 million dollar arena is really looking nice... especially impressive will be the huge led wall. think of a better fremont street canopy.. that's what you've got. the hockey rooms are being framed up. what's really going to be impressive is the huge center hung scoreboard. it will have a big 360 degree video board so every seat will have a clean view. you see it from ground floor and from up top.... the arena construction has come a long way, the suites and going in and the front entrance will be impressive. this will be the first thing we all see when we enter the building. ((chris maathuis)) boxing fans will be fired up about 'knockout night at the d' it's an 8 fight series held downtown... once a month, for 8 months. the headliners for the first card are zab judah and josh torres.... cbs sports network carry the fights... first one on march 12th at the d. it's a terrific idea for all promoters. (( )) roy englebrecht/promo ter; "since this announcment of knockout night we've had every promoter in this country and around the world contact us about a regular series about a
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on." derek stevens/owner d; "this is a great first fight for us we've got this 8 fight deal locked in, so we're going to make sure we've got some great great fighters over here." torres is a 22-1 underdog... tickets start at 20 bucks. fight fans were really excited about ufc 196... conor mcgregor was looking to become the first to hold two championships belts at the same time. but that's off now.... rafael dos anjos hurt his foot and pulled out.. so this is the 2nd time in 7 months that a defending champion has pulled out of his fight with featherweight champ mcgregor. a replacement is still be determined. the runnin' rebels are in boise tonight at 8 point underdogs. seems everybody is hurt. big zim, ben carter and dwayne morgan all are out with injuries. see how much weight patrick mccaw can carry on his shoulders when they tip with the broncos tonight at 8 pm on espn u. a healthy rebel team beat boise by 10 here in vegas last month.
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the favorites to win another green jacket at augusta. but for the first time in 11 years, jordan speith, as the defending champion, is the odds-on favorite to repeat. this is a big year because the masters is celebrating it's 80th birthday. you'll watch the major here on channel 8 beginning april 7th. ((paula francis)) > we want to check in one more time with more time with mauricio marin... who is at one of the gop caucus stations tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) mauricio we've heard about some problems arising at some of the polling stations... any issues there at durango high school?? ((mauricio marin))
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((paula francis)) > and remember... we're your local election headquarters. we've got you covered for the republican caucus tonight with a special edition of "politics now" tonight at 7:30... and an hour long special starting at eleven tonight. stay tuned on the air and online at las vegas now dot com throughout the night for the latest numbers from polling stations./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6.
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now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an i.t. security architect from las vegas, nevada... a research scientist from evanston, illinois... and our returning champion, a data conversion manager from ogden, utah...


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