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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to see where he got the most support in the silver state. ((paula francis)) > an infectious disease... spreading quickly throughout the valley. who is most at risk of catching it... and the warning signs that come with it./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > frantic moments in one neighborhood today when a house catches fire and ultimately leaves a woman dead inside. i'm paula francis. thanks for joining us. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. neighbors say the blaze moved quickly from the front yard to inside the home. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live near nellis and harmon. he talked with the last person the victim spoke with before she lost her life. ((mauricio marin)) one neighbor feels she could have done more to try and save the woman's life. the victim lived at this home when a fire started just after noon... flames and a big plume of black smoke could be seen for miles... neighbors say it sounded like
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explosions coming from the house on fire. once firefighters arrived on scene...they went inside to try and rescue a person after getting reports of someone trapped. at the same time...more crews arrived to extinguish the blaze. but before fire engines could show up...neighbors tell us the woman who lived at the house was screaming frantically so they tried to help. ((sury hernandez/witness: "entonces me dijo tengo que volver por mi pero y le dije aqui esta. pero me dijo tengo otro en la yarda y le dije espere ahorita lo sacamos usted salga. yo la jale, forsujamos un poco pero ella me enpujo. estaba fuerte." "then she told me i have to go back inside for my dog. i told her here's the dog. but she told me i have another one in the back yard. i told her wait we can help you get the dog you need to get out. i pulled her, forcibly for a bit but then she pushed me. she was strong.' )) the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. but neighbors tell us the victim may have been trying to burn trash outside her house. authorities haven't confirmed that though. ((mauricio marin)) the coroner's office will release the victim's name once family is notified. neighbors tell us she lived with her husband and two dogs at the house.
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family showing up to the scene yet. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the g-o-p saw record turnout last night for the republican caucus here in nevada. the party says more than 75- thousand voters turned out statewide... causing long lines at several clark county caucus locations. you saw those long lines during "your local election headquarters" coverage last night. politics now co-anchor patrick walker is live in the newsroom with reaction from the party after a very busy night. ((patrick walker)) dave... the republican party is touting those numbers as a sign of momentum leading up to the general election. they're counting on those same voters to also elect g-o-p candidates into other offices in carson city and on capitol hill as well. more than 37- thousand voters pre- registered to caucus... with 75-thousand in total casting ballots. while much of the attention has
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trying to sway voters to either hillary clinton or bernie sanders ahead of the caucus... republicans have been working to grow their base as well. the g-o-p candidates and the state party held caucus training sessions over the past several weeks. but what really lead to a record turn out? we asked a noted u-n-l-v political science professor what got the voters out for the g- o-p.: ((david damore/unlv political science professor: "this year you had it much more open here, but i think without a doubt, donald trump's supporters are the ones that drove that turnout there.")) ((patrick walker)) doctor david damore says donald trump has tapped into the "anti- establishment" sentiment of his base. he says that's enough to get people out and vote... and it's something trump has played to consistently on the campaign trail. ((patrick walker)) democrats' numbers saturday were down from 2012 and 2008... but of the 84-thousand participants in that caucus... 17 percent were newly registered with the party. it's a numbers game... both sides are trying to play into as campaign season rolls on. dave...
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have a chance to ask g-o-p officials about some sites running out of ballots last night? ((patrick walker)) i did... and while many didn't anticipate the large turnout... it happened. a spokesperson told me the party moved quickly to get more ballots to sites. but... she added... the cause of the problem... high voter turnout... was certainly not an item of concern. /// ((paula francis)) > donald trump is boasting about all the hispanic republicans who voted for him.. but how do the numbers actually break down?? 8 news now reporter brittany edney is here with a closer look at the latino vote. brittany. ((brittany edney)) donald trump continues on the campaign trail... he's bragging about the fact that he won the hispanic vote in nevada. but... i want to put exit poll numbers into perspective so you can really see how much support trump actually received from the latino community. first, let's look at party affiliation according to the naleo educational fund... more than half of latino registered voters are democrats. with 28-percent registered as non-partison... leaving only 17-percent
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the group-- trump says, he dominated. ((donald trump "with the hispanics, 46%, number 1 with hispanics." )) ((fernando romero, president, hispanics in politics "i fainted when i heard that figure, i don't believe it, i still don't." )) ((brittany)) lets break down the numbers... trump is referring to the actual number of hispanics who caucused for the g-o-p... but when you look at total number of hispanics who caucused statewide... exit polls show an estimated 22-thousand five hundred latinos participated. about 16- thousand-5- hundred participated in the democratic caucus. on the republican side-- it was about 6- thousand. of which, trump came away with around 26- hundred votes--- which is a little over 11-percent of all the latinos that participated. ((brittany)) a demographic trump says he continues to dominate. ((amy tarkanian, former nv republican chairwoman "the only thing i could possibly think of is that he is so focused on jobs and the economy and hispanics are just like any other ethnicity, and we're all focused on the economy.
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food on the table so maybe that message resonated with them." )) ((brittany)) however... political expers say finishing first in a republican caucus in the silver state is still far from being favored by hispanics nationally. especially when trump's headline is centered around only 26-hundred votes. (( david damore, associate professor of political science, unlv "it's a very small small part of that political spectrum. we see he's upside down, right. we've done some message testing on some of his comments there and not only does it hurt donald trump among latinos but it also spills over to the republican party." )) ((brittany edney)) another interesting fact is... as of december, the naleo educational fund says 13 point five percent of registered voters in nevada are latino... for you local election headquarters... i'm brittany edney paula...back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > senate minority leader harry reid has announced he's endorsing hillary clinton in the race for the white house. reid says he beleives the middle class would be better served by clinton... rather than bernie sanders. the news makes reid the highest ranking democrat to get behind
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she won the nevada caucuses... and is now focused on south carolina... with the primary there set for saturday./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we are your local election headquarters. you can get all the latest results and headlines on air... and online... at las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > it's only wednesday... but it's not too soon to look forward to the weekend! tedd... the weather is going to be great... right? < tedd florendo gorgeous weather back here at home coming off some winds early this week. still some gusts down the colorado river, but we have been picture perfect today. started off chilly and warmed up a little but still near average for now. many 60's by this afternoon. . ............................... .............. hour by hour this evening we're looking at the 60's then 50's by late night. winds stay light for now and we're under mostly clear skies. dropping to the 40's again by early morning. ............................... ............... we're also tracking severe weather this time for the east coast. where we have multiple tornado alerts from north carolina all
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including washington d-c. more on that coming up. a sexually transmitted disease is on the rise in the valley... and today a warning from the southern nevada health district. they have identified a 128% increase... in syphilis cases.. in clark county since 2012. sharie johnson has the warning signs of the disease and how one group is educatingnghe public. ((sharie johnson)) the health district says the increase is seen mostly among men. of 694 cases diagnosed last year... ...615 of them are males. which is why one group is making people aware. even before today's annoucement, the lgbtq community had a campaign underway educating everyone. ((vince collins, hiv prevention service manager our men who sleep with men, they need to be screened on a regular basis and understand the importance of being able to
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)) a big part of their prevention campaign is to offer free screenings and making the public aware of std's, safe sex and where to get tested. ((vince collins, hiv prevention service manager especially for our youth, we have a lot of lgbtq youth who come to our facility and we want to give them all the information )) summerlin hosptial's doctor ion alexie says this ancient disease, mainly transmitted through sex isn't intially painful. warnings signs include skin rashes and legions on sensitve sexual organs. ((dr. ion alexie, infectious disease specialist, summerlin hospital so if they don't hurt people don't know they have it )) but alexie says two signs are very distinct. ((dr. ion alexie, infectious disease specialist, summerlin hospital if they come on the palms and the feet on the soles, this is very characteristic for syphilis infections )) and it's important to note the disease isn't only transmitted through intercourse. ((dr. ion alexie, infectious disease specialist, summerlin hospital oral sex and also by kissing because some peole have the legions inside the mouth )) ((sharie johnson)) doctors say always wear a condom during sex. and good news... this is curable with a penicilin
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to find out where and when to get a free screening, go to our website and click on links we mentioned./// ((dave courvoisier)) > an industrial groundbreakin g... a positive sign for north las vegas. ((paula francis)) how many jobs will be immediately available as construction begins. ((dave courvoisier)) > 100- thousand fans will soon be rolling into town. how the las vegas motor speedway is preparing for the heavy traffic that comes with nascar weekend./// <
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first at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > now at five - breaking new ground in north las vegas. today - city leaders started the first phase of a new distribution center for southern nevada. the new center means hundreds of new jobs for the valley. 8 new now reporter tony smith is live at the job site near interstate-15 and lamb blvd. tony - do we know the amount of permanant jobs? ((tony smith)) not yet because the ink is not dry on the deal. but i do know - there will be at least four- hundred construction
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now this might not look like much right now - but this project gives the valley the opportunity to compete with other states for economic growth. groundbreaking ceremony ((tony smith, 8 news now)) it's official the new northgate distribution center is one- step closer to being complete. ((kevin higgins, cbre)) "this is 10 years in the making and it should of been done to make us more competitive throughout the market." ((tony smith, 8 news now)) its kevin higgins jobs to oversee the project. ((kevin higgins, cbre)) "one it is a job creator, day one." 4:39 ((kevin higgins, cbre)) "so, we are putting people to work." ((tony smith, 8 news now)) the new facility location sits on about 120-arces near lamb blvd and i-15 in north las vegas. the first phase includes construction of two buildings... that will allow companies to distribute all over the southwest. ((kevin higgins, cbre)) "when it is filled that would create permanent jobs. and depending on the user and the type of tenant that we get will vary but several hundred people within these spaces."
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clarke with the las vegas metro chamber of commerce believes the groundbreaking of the new center also could pave a road to future economic growth. ((cara clarke, las vegas metro chamber of commerce))"it is a relative new sector for us in- terms of manufactoring and distribution. and it is also going to be positioned in an area the is relative underdeveloped. so, those things together create great possiblities in the futures. 15:52 will it more of attract more of these businesses there?" ((tony smith)) so, not only will jobs be available but this new center will allow the valley to compete with cities like salt lake city, phoenix and reno. they hope to have the buildings open by the fall. reporting live near interstate-15 and lamb blvd -- tony smith 8 news now. ((paula francis)) tony - did they give you any hint on who might be moving into this massive distribution center? ((tony smith)) paula, all the rep would say -- is that they have interest but no contracts.
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carolinas are in the path of severe weather... after tornadoes tore through areas from mississippi to florida. tornadoes have already touched down in some parts of north carolina. this comes after at least three people were killed yesterday... when a twister hit a mobile home park in louisiana. heavy damage was also being reported in florida... but no reports of injuries there./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo ((>beautiful this afternoon with temps warming up slowly. still near average today but winds have died down quite a bit compared to earlier this week. winds less than 10 through many neighbohroods except the colorado river. warming for the weeekend. ............................... ...... warming trend is part of our weather headlines. staying dry... for now. especially since february is
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month. 80's return as well and you'll see it on the 7 day. winds also return next week and we'll tell you how high. ............................... ............ afternoon temps in the 60's through many valley neighbhordhood s with warmer temps on the eastside of town where we're lower in elevation. temps also stay cooler in the northwest and and foothill neigbhoords in the 60's as well. not quite warm but more average temps for this time of year. ............................... ............... regional temps also stayed cool but mild down the colorado river valley. warmest temps in laughlin and death valley again. cooler temps over the hump in pahrump and chilly for the central part of the state and northern sections. ............................... ........... storm reports show the trail of destruction from that system bringing all the severe weather. wind damage reports from florida with some tornados reported in those locales with multiple trees down in the carolinas. also reporting tornado reports as well through the carolinas and virginia. ............................... .................... red boxes here are tornado warnings now. through virginia mostly but not in d-c right now. we do however have mutiple tornado watches in d-c through pennsylvania, jersey and down to the carolinas. this will be an area we'll have to watch this evening. snow on the backside off all this is coming down in michigan.
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........................ notice the isobars not as tight northwest. high pressure comes in again the next few days and when it's almost directly overhead prepare for some 80's this weekend. ............................... .............................. 47 degrees for the low tomorrow morning that's still chilly. mainly clear and look for light winds. 75 for tomorrow and warmer. 10 degrees warmer than normal.winds stay light here, breezy down the colorado river. ............................... ...................... neighborhood by neighborhood highs in the mid to high 70's tomorrow, with warmest temps over to the east side of the valley. cooler in kyle canyon tomorrow. ............................... ...................... extended forecast shows warmer weather with 80 on saturday. meaning some areas will be in the mid 80's or more.
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and even cooler early next week. ((paula francis)) > making it easier to get around. ((dave courvoisier)) the steps the las vegas motor speedway has taken... to smooth out the traffic ahead of nascar weekend./// <
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courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > nascar weekend invades las vegas in less than two weeks... and officials are making sure they are prepared. the las vegas motor speedway expects more than 100- thousand fans to roll into town for the annual double header race weekend. with that... comes traffic woes. staff say they have improved the flow off traffic for those parking at the speedway.. and will offer shuttles to and from the strip... just like in year's past: (( we want the fans who come spend the hard earned money who are coming out to the speedway to have a good experience. that's not just about the racing and about the time they are spending here on the las vegas
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also getting to the facility and getting home from the facility.)) ((dave courvoisier)) nascar weekend gets underway friday march 4... but the first race will be saturday... with the boyd gaming 300. then on sunday... its the kobalt 400./// ((paula francis)) > and speaking of cars... the model you drive might point to which presidential candidate you support. "auto blog" dot com surveyed 10-thousand people.. about their cars and their political stance. the results... bernie sanders supporters are more likely to drive a honda or volvo... while hillary clinton fans drive a toyota or lexus. on the republican side... those who side with trump... cruz... or rubio are more likely to drive trucks by ford... chevy.. or dodge./// ((dave courvoisier)) > telling your friends... how you really feel. ((paula francis)) the new feature added to facebook... to help you get your point across more clearly./// ((coming up... a record win for donald trump as the candidates close in on super tuesday. plus can talcum powder cause cancer? the ruling today that could impact the massive
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thousands of customers. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. )) <
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at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > facebook is giving users a new way to show how much they like... or dislike stories and pictures from their friends. and the world of social media can't stop talking about it! demetria obilor has more in today's "what's trending". demetria obilor earlier today, facebook launched a new way to interact with your friends and what they post. they're called "reactions", and instead of just clicking the "like" button you will be able to express love, laughter, surprise sadness or anger with five new buttons that are very emoji- esque. if a post has you laughing out loud, you can choose the "haha" button. if a story makes you sad, choose the "sad" button. reactions are facebook's response to requests for a "dislike" button. chrissy teigen, model and wife of
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musician john legend is in the social media spotlight after an interview with people magazine... tiegen was discussing her pregnancy with the publication when she revealed that she picked the sex of her unborn baby through in vitro fertilization. tiegen said, "not only am i having a girl, but i picked the girl from her little embryo. i picked her and was like, 'let's put in the girl.'" teigen goes on saying she's excited for her husband and the bond he'll have with his little girl... teigen's candidness has sparked a lot of commentary on the idea of " gender selection throughout all of the social media outlets... and you can always stay in the loop by checking out our 8 news now facebook page. that's it for what's trending... hope everyone has a great evening...back to you... ((paula francis)) > the animal foundation is celebrating a successful world spay day. they scheduled more than 500 free surgeries in less than 3 hours yesterday.. to spay and neuter pets. if you weren't able to book an
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you can sign up for the wait list on las vegas now dot com. if you don't want to wait.. the surgery for dogs costs 60 dollars at the animal foundation, and cats cost 30./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my
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i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and riding down racial barriers. >> you know for me, from an african american and a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today. twisters were also reported in north carolina and florida. tornado watches and warnings are up from south carolina to new jersey, including washington, d.c., and philadelphia. this is the same system that brought death to the south last


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