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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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question that's sent social media users into a frenzy. ((dave courvoisier)) > some major improvements on the way... for a dangerous stretch of road: there's a whole lot of traffic around here the upgrades in the works for lake mead boulevard... and when the lane closures could start. ((paula francis)) > a lot of parents are making the same mistake: "we see anywhere from 90 to 100 percent misuse michelle mortensen is on your side with the most common mistake parents make... that put their children at risk whenever they're in a car seat./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > long lines, some confusion, and even running out of ballots... that was caucus night 2016 in nevada... but in the end everything was sorted out and voters were able to have their voices heard. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis... their voices were overwhelmingly for donald trump with about 46- percent of the vote... and trump claimed in his victory speech last night that he won
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((dave courvoisier)) brittany edney crunched the numbers to find out if that's really the case. < ((brittany)) it was a record turnout last night for the republican caucus here in the silver state. the party says more than 75- thousand voters turned out statewide--- on the democratic side... around 84-thousand voters came out for the party's caucus on saturday. donald trump took the win... donald trump took the win... and said he swept many demographics... ( donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated." ((donald trump "with the hispanics, 46%, number 1 with hispanics." )) ((brittany)) while he took the most hispanic voters who voted republican... when you compare it to the number of hispanics who voted in either party... he has about 11 percent of the vote. as for the youth vote he said he won... political experts disagree... saying the youth republican vote in nevada went to to marco rubio.
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professor of political science, unlv "i think clearly he, that's been a big part of his messenging, is the sort of generational shift there.')) but despite losing the youth vote, trump walked away the winner... gaining the most delegates as the candidates prepare for super tuesday.> ((dave courvoisier)) democrats' numbers saturday were down from 2012 and 2008... but of the 84-thousand participants in that caucus... 17% were newly registered with the party./// ((dave courvoisier)) > something donald trump said monday night in las vegas is still being talked about today. ((paula francis)) adressing a heckler, trump said, quote: " i'd like to punch him in the face." the question being asked today... canidate should say? ((dave courvoisier)) one of our very question. 8 news now anchor paul joncich is here with the video. ((paul joncich)) last night 8 news now reporter vanessa murphy caught donald trump coming out of a caucus site and asked him whether the "punch line" was something a presidential canidate should say. in a moment. but first, here are trumps comments from monday night....right after a heckler
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south point. ((donald trump: "i'd like to punch him in the face i tell ya..." "i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they we're in a place like this, they'd be carried out on a stretcher folks." )) ((paul joncich)) and then last night, when donald trump was coming out of the palo verde high school caucus site, our vanessa murphy got to briefly chat with him. here is their exchange. (( vanessa murphy: mr. trump what can you say to nevada voters? donald trump: i love nevada, you know that. i love it. i love the voters here it's a great place. vanessa: what have you noticed here today? what stands out? trump: a lot of energy you've seen it yourself this is tremendous energy we're going to see what happens but this is really great energy. vanessa: last night you had a couple of protesters escorted out you mentioned punching one in the face is that the right thing to say? trump: he was punching everybody it was very sad actually and we don't want that to happen. vanessa: but you said you would like to punch him in the face... trump: i can certainly think about it . have a good time thank you. vanessa: is that presidential? )) ((paul joncich)) as you see, mr
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vanessa's question. the whole exchange had hundreds of people talking on social media.. rob says "you get 30 seconds to talk to the republican presidential frontrunner on caucus night and you ask him about a protester in a crowd of 9000+?" larry disagrees... "i see nothing wrong with vanessa's question. it was an inquiry to his less than "presidential candidate" behavior. he is at best acting like a spoiled 4th grader on a playground. tiffany came to trump's defense... "so because he's a presidential candidate he loses the right to express his feelings honestly?" miguel stands behind the question... "she's a reporter and is asking a question he's ignoring or side- stepping. reporters are actually trying to ask questions that most viewers want to find out." ((paul joncich)) just about every major news organization in the country found trump's "i wanna punch him in the face" comments news worthy. it is interesting that some viewers felt vanessa's question was unwaranted. but that is often the nature of politics...there is almost
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opinion./// thanks ((dave courvoisier)) > governor brian sandoval could end up being nominated for the supreme court. multiple sources say sandoval is being vetted by the white house for a possible nomination. the governor is a former federal judge... and is considered a moderate republican. despite crossing party lines... it would still likely be an uphill battle if the president nominates sandoval. republicans in the senate have said they will not hold confirmation hearings on any nominee president obama chooses./// ((paula francis)) > senate minority leader harry reid says he would endorse sandoval for the justice position... on the same day he made another big endorsement. today he said he's standing behind hillary clinton in her run for the white house. reid participated in saturday's democratic caucus but voted as "uncommitted." she ended up beating bernie sanders. reid says he wanted to remain neutral leading up to the caucuses... he has worked closely with
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considers him a friend../// ((paula francis)) > and we're your local election headquarters. we have you covered this election year on air and online... at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a dangerous stretch of road is getting some major safety improvements. it's in an area that has a lot of foot traffic... so it should be good for both drivers and pedestrians. n-dot plans to spend 4- and- a- half million dollars to upgrade lake mead boulevard between civic center drive and pecos road... that's in north las vegas. the most obvious change... replacing two left- lane turns with a raised median. the new design also allows for wider sidewalks and bike lanes... something pedestrians say is needed: (( karen morrison, pedestrian: it's an amazing idea there's a lot of people out here getting killed on the sidewalks. people running into bus stops it's ridiculous. )) ((dave courvoisier)) a meeting is underway right now at north las vegas city hall... to get public input. that wraps up in less than an hour. work is expected to begin late this summer./// ((paula francis)) > buckling your child in... the right way.
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parents do wrong... that puts their children at risk on the road. tedd florendo a chilly start to our wednesday, but warmer 80's is on the way and it's going to happen this week. and an update to the severe storms spawning tornadoes in the east coast. all coming up.
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> if you have a car seat in your vehicle right now, chances are you could be using it wrong and putting your child's life at risk. ((paula francis)) in fact ... safety experts say ... 9 out of 10 car seats are installed wrong. ((paula francis)) so 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to give us the do's and don'ts of car seat installation. ((michelle mortensen)) i've got 2 car seats in my car right now. and i do have a love hate relationship with them. i love that they protect my kids.
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are the straps tight enough ... are they in the right position? there are so many factors to worry about? but tonight ... we're going over everything you need to know. ((michelle mortensen)) it seems like a simple concept, but more often than not, parents are making some big mistakes when it comes to car seats. " every time i go out and check car seats, there is always something wrong,"so we see anywhere from 90 to 100 percent misuse just about anywhere in the state." put your hand where her bottom sits ((michelle mortensen)) holly terry with the child passenger safety program says misuse goes beyond knowing what carseat to use. a lot of it is the instructions that come with the car seats are not easy to understand ((michelle mortensen)) she says one of the most common mistakes is not placing the seat at the correct incline angle. most seats have an adjustable foot or built-in recline indicators that will properly angle the seat. nats ((michelle mortensen)) another big mistake? turning the child forward too early. one thing we find parents will turn that baby around as soon as they can.
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academy of pediatrics and consumer reports both recommend that children should stay in a rear facing seat until at least age two. "we definitely don't want a child turned around before age one and before they are 20 pounds," terry added. ((michelle mortensen)) when it comes to booster seats, terry says all too often she see lap belts that lie across the child's stomach rather than their lap. "you have got to make sure that that seatbelt comes across the lap and across the chest and shoulders," she emphasized. "a lot of kids-if they are too small-it rides up on the neck and then they will put it behind their back, and that's incorrect." ((michelle mortensen)) my biggest worry ... are the straps tight enough? well, here's a tip. you shouldn't be able to pinch any slack in the straps. and the chest clip ... the top of it should be right at the child's armpits and if you ever need help installing a car seat .. or have questions or concerns ... you can always go to a safe kids event. they're free ... but donations are always welcome. quite a few events are scheduled
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and you can check out there schedule on our website in the links we mentioned section. ((paula francis)) > a deadly fire rips through a home in the eastern part of the valley. what neighbors believe the homeowner might have been doing... in the moments leading up to the fire./// < news music voice over:
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with dfigure out what sparked a fire that trapped a woman inside her home. neighbors say they could hear screams for help... but when they went to the house... it was just too dangerous to make their way in. this happened around noon near nellis and harmon. firefighters arrived and tried homeowner... and another crew tried to put out the flames. it was too late though. while the cause has yet to be determined... neighbors tell 8 news now the victim may have been trying to burn trash outside her house./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the public health crisis unfolding
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resounding chord with scientists in southern nevada . ((paula francis)) > two medical geologists say there are unsettling similarities between contaminated water in michigan and the deadly substance that's been released into southern nevada's air. george knapp of the i-team has been digging into the story of asbestos contamination for the last year. ((george knapp)) the two unlv scientists who've been at the heart of the asbestos controversy here say they're amazed and dismayed by the similarities playing out. there are some obvious differences of course. in flint michigan, the concern is about lead contamination in drinking water. here in nevada, the issue is asbestos fibers in our air. but there are striking similarities too. as the public health disaster in flint has played out, unlv geologists doctors rod metcalf and brenda buck have seen the same pattern being followed by health officials. it's been more than five years since buck and metcalf made their discovery of natural asbestos over a large area of southern nevada. but nevada health officials downplayed the risks, ordered the scientists to keep quiet,
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more information. that's what politicians in michigan did when told about the threat of lead in drinking water. asbestos and lead are similar in that there is no safe level for either and it will take years for the health effects to show up. detecting asbestos exposure is much harder than measuring lead in water. ((dr. brenda buck/unlv medical geologist: scientists can measure the water and do that really quickly and cheaply and find out how much lead is actually in that water. what we need here, and which we keep repeating over and over-is we need to find out how much asbestos is in the air and how much people get exposed to when they do activities out in the desert or near their houses and we still lack that data. and how many years has it been since this came up? )) as the i team previously reported, instead of asking to see their data on asbestos or launching a study to measure exposure, state officials instead plotted how to attack the credibility of the two scientists and how to fight a p.r. battle to convince the public
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internal emails we obtained prove it. ((george knapp)) so what has happened since our last report? tonight at 11, we will lay it out for you, including a statement from the governor's office news music voice over: "from 8 news now, this is your most accurate weather now with tedd florendo." tedd florendo > the carolinas are in the path of severe weather... after tornadoes tore through areas from mississippi to florida. tornadoes have already touched down in some parts of north carolina. this comes after at least three people were killed yesterday... when a tornado hit a mobile home park in louisiana. heavy damage was also being reported in florida... but no reports of injuries there./// < tedd florendo ((weather adlibs))>
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((dave courvoisier)) > there this afternoon with temps warming up slowly. still near average today but winds have died down quite a bit compared to earlier this week. winds less than 10 through many neighbohroods except the colorado river. warming for the weeekend. ............................... ...... warming trend is part of our weather headlines. staying dry... for now. especially since february is supposed to be our wettest month. 80's return as well and you'll see it on the 7 day. winds also return next we d'll tell you how high. ......................................... ternootemps in the 60's rough many valley neighbhordhood s with warmertemps on the eastside of townere we're ler in elevation. temps also stay cooler in the northwest and and foothill neigbhoords in the 60's as well. not quite warm but more average temps for this time of year. ............................... ............... regional temps also sy olbut mild down the colorado river valley. warmest temps in laughlin and death valley again. cooler temps over the hump in pahrump and chilly for the central part of the state and northern sections. ............................... ........... storm reports show the trail of
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bringing all the severe weather. wind damage reports from florida with some tornados reported in those locales with multiple trees down in the carolinas. also reporting tornado reports as well through the carolinas and virginia. ............................... .................... red boxes here are tornado warnings now. through virginia mostly but not in d-c right now. we do however have mutiple tornado watches in d-c through pennsylvania, jersey and down to the carolinas. this will be an area we'll have to watch this evening. snow on the backside off all this is coming down in michigan. ............................... ........................ notice the isobars not as tight or close together like up in the northwest. high pressure comes in again the next few days and when it's almost directly overhead prepare for some 80's this weekend. ............................... .............................. 47 degrees for the low tomorrow morning that's still chilly. mainly clear and look for light winds. 75 for tomorrow and warmer. 10 degrees warmer than normal.winds stay light here, breezy down the colorado river. ............................... ...................... neighborhood by neighborhood highs in the mid to high 70's tomorrow, with warmest temps over to the east side of the valley. cooler in kyle canyon tomorrow. ............................... ...................... extended forecast shows warmer
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meaning some areas will be in the mid 80's or more. back down to the 70's on sundy and even cooler early next week. ((dave courvoisier)) > there were some verbal fireworks at today's ufc press conference. ((paula francis)) conor mcgregor and nate diaz each had a mic in their hand. chris here with more on today's sparring. ((chris maathuis)) sparring of words... and lots of beeping out words. ufc196 is coming up next week. and i have to admit, if today is an indication of what's coming up, there will exciement at next week's press conference. this had shades of the old floyd mayweather. plus... coronado boys basketball team is making history beginning tomorrow. tell ya why next here on channel
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sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) ufc 196 sure got a lot more interesting when nate diaz was called to fill in for the injuried rafael dos anjos. it's a lot spicer now... diaz is a lose cannon and mcgregor is a master promoter. he has a knack for verbal jabbing like no other... for example and today's news conference... conor this back handed compliment of nate diaz the younger brother of nick, is a classic. (( )) conor mcgregor; "i like nick's little brother how can you not like him.. he's like a cholo ganster from the hood, but at the same time he coaches kids jujjtsu on a sunday morning and goes on bike rides with the elderly...
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right hand and animal ballons with the left hand." tickets for the fight are still available... but prices are inching up as fans anticipate next week's showdown. ((chris maathuis)) the state high school basketball tournament begins tomorrow. a lot of focus will be on gorman gunning for another title..but as jon tritsch tells us, another las vegas team will be looking to make an historic first impression. ((chris maathuis)) they are the cougars.. but they're also the conquerors. coronado is heading to state for the first time ever (jake desjardins/sr. forward: "it's defintely cool to be first. it definitely makes me proud to do it for my coach to give him his first as well.") it's taken 15 years of playing in a gym filled with banners of teams other than basketball.. it was time to slam home some hoop hardware (jeff kaufman/cougars coach: "we went 10-0 in league last year and lost in the second round to valley after getting a pretty big lead in the game. that senior leadership wasn't quite ready to win. these guys: they want to win and they're ready to win. they weren't going to take 'no'
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haven't lost since january 16..40 days of perfection..ann pummeling teams (kennedy koehler/jr. forward: that just woke us up. everything after that we knew that we have to compete with every team. we have to blow teams out and we have to put them away early.") in thursday's semi final coronado clashes with carson.. nice.. but the cougars want a piece of the 4 time champs.. (jeff kaufman/coach: "i think we are going to play the game a little faster than they like to play it. we got to focus on them because our goal is to get to friday night. i can tell you right now, we don't want to see reno. we want to see gorman." they're the best team in school let's see if they can be the best in nevada.. (jeff kaufman/coach: "it's been magical for us. it reall has. but it's just not done." jon tritsch..8 news now nascar rolls into las vegas next week... and that means a ton of fans will be rollin' in with em. there will always be traffic issues... but nothing like it was when the
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richie clyne was the visionary man behind the speedway and remembers those early years. (( )) richie clyne; former owner track '"one word to describe and the early traffic headaches would be nightmare, today it woiuld be pleasure." chris powell/gm; "those were some challenging times back in the old days when we had so many traffic issues, but for the last few years, because of a lot of help and new lanes built, we've been able to get traffic on and off the property very efficiently: more on that at 11. activities at the speedway get underway a week from tomorrow... of course the big sprint cup series race is sunday at 12:30 dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6.
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now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an administrative officer from loveland, colorado... an h.r. consultant from newburyport, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a research scientist from evanston, illinois... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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