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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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i dont know about love. the new show.. and the bizarre run-ins that have made it a hit with audiences./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > we're learning more about a deadly confrontation that happened between a property management team... and a burglar. thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. the husband- and- wife property management team were armed when they went to a home they were preparing to rent out... and they're not the only people in this line of work who arm themselves for the job. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is live... sharie johnson is outside the home on viking road near mountain vista, sharie. it's extremely dangerous. people in the industry tell me they have no idea what they're walking into when showing off a house or apartment. but in the case of what happened here yesterday... there's still more questions
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sharie johnson just before 3pm yesterday... metro says a 911 call was made from this house on viking road. the female caller said her husband shot someone in the backyard. the couple were property managers that metro says... recieved a call from the locksmith... someone was inside the home. ((lt. dan mcgrath, metro they don't go into the house, they check the front of the house, they go into the backyard the male has a confrontation with a black male in his 20's )) sharie johnson it's unclear why the man was at the home, but police say he had a backpack full of tools that he used to break in. ((lt. dan mcgrath, metro the property manager draws his weapon and starts giving verbal commands to the black male and then at that point, he engages in a fist fight, the fist fight goes to the ground, at some point, i don't know if he regains his footing, but he's able to retrieve his firearm )) sharie johnson a neighbor shared surveillance video she recorded of the aftermath, but
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been handled differently. ((renee isaac i'm gonna call the police, i don't have a gun but i wouldn't go get my gun and confront the people )) sharie johnson but george trombley of black bird realty and management says his property managers began bearing arms 6 years ago after they encountered trouble at a house. ((george trombley, black bird realty & mgmt we we're going to a house, it was in the fall, it was dark from 6pm at night and there were people there that we're stealing the appliances and there was nothing we could really do about it but wait for the police to arrive )) the clark county coroner released the name of the man who died... he is 27 year old victor lamar jones. he died from a single gunshot wound to the back. now, no word from metro on whether any charges will be filed against the property manager who shot jones. reporting live, sharie johnson, 8news now. ((dave courvoisier)) if a
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someone is inside their home, should they call police or go handle it on their own? in that situation, metro police says they should call them. in this case... metro is still piecing together all the information on what happened and why. ((paula francis)) > one person is fighting for their life... after they were hit by a car this afternoon. police say it happened just after 3 p-m... near warm springs and spencer. we don't know much about why or how the crash occurred, but we know a person walking was hit by a car, and taken to u-m-c in critical condition. we will get more information once it becomes available./// ((dave courvoisier)) > quest academy's roberson campus isn't closing but the charter school isn't in the clear just yet. the nevada state public charter school authority met this morning. 8 news now reporter brittany edney, joins us now from outside the roberson location. brittany... what did the board decide? dave... i've been following this story all week and it just continues to become more complex.
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to give the charter school more resolution. everyone- from students, parents, faculty and officials at the charter school authority, all agree that quest academy is in a bind-- but there's no easy solution to this. applause errupts as parents realize the roberson campus isn't closing yet-- but the clear. ((john killman, student "if you've ever seen this cartoon where there's this person who is sad and there's this very dark pretty much how i am now. that's how i feel about this, i'm that person just walking around with that raincloud." )) the charter school authority ruled the roberson campus will close and quest's high school program will end ---if--its special use permit is not renewed. also-- the receiver must be sucessful in renegotiations for the property lease. many in the room admitted it's a long shot... but parents say they are going to keep fighting (( trudy killman, mother "us parents are going to come together. we will be contacting our concilman, we will be addressing
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to find that unicorn.")) officials say quest academy is two point four millon dollars in debt. it's also stuck in a long-term lease that uses 44-percent of their entire campus revenue. and even if the doors close, quest would still be legally obligated to continue paying due to the agreement. ((quest student "it doesn't seem like the best choice at all to close it because you're going to be displacing a lot of people, i think it's in the best interest of the students and the staff to keep the vocation open.) live the other ruling of today is that all quest academy parents are to be notified of what's going on. next-- it's going to be up to city council... they're scheduled to decide in july if the special use permit will be renewed. reporting live, brittany edney,
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((dave courvoisier)) > the clark county school district is keeping their leader. the school board renewed the contract for superintendent pat skorkowsky. he has been leading the district since 20-13 and will continue to do so for another two years. skorkowsky is paid 260- thousand dollars a year... and the district serves more than 320 thousand students./// ((paula francis)) > a big step for a british airlines jet... that caught fire on the tarmac here at mccarran last year. today... after months of repairs.. the jet took off for its first flight since that fire. you'll remember this was the scary sight last september... when the left engine caught fire right before take off. 157 passengers and 13 crew members safely evacuated the jet... but the pictures of them on the tarmac with those flames behind them were frightening. today the plane took off for a short flight to victorville... and landed safely around 3 p-m. it will be repainted there and then head back to the united kingdom.///
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celebration is happening downtown this weekend... in honor of black history month... and our own tedd florendo is out enjoying the weather at the taste and sound of soul festival. > looking outside right now very comfortable temps with plenty of sunshine. winds remain light to calm throughout the valley, with some gusts still blowing down the colorado river valley. ............................... ....................... here's the forecast for this evening hour by hour. mild early on if you want to come down here and check out the festival. still plenty of sunshine or clear weather this evening. winds remain on the light end and we should be comfortable through the evening.
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((paula francis)) > in the spotlight... away from controversy: (( i'm confortable with being uncomfortable, you know, who we are )) the i-team's george knapp talks with mike tyson about his new show... run ins with terrorists... and the person he is supporting for president. ((dave courvoisier)) > and... a unicorn leading police on a chase for 3 hours... yes, you heard me right.. what this horse was up to when she got out..
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nevada is now.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson is back in las vegas, returning next week to the mgm to perform his one-man show, the undisputed truth. ((paula francis)) tyson admits he was out of control during the years when he ruled boxing. in media interviews granted yesterday to promote his show, tyson spoke candidly about his rise and fall. ((dave courvoisier))
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down with the former champ, and not for the first time. ((george knapp)) four years ago, when "undisputed truth" was still being written and rehearsed, mike tyson allowed us a behind the scenes look at the creative process. having followed his career closely and being present for many of his biggest fights, it was stunning to see this evolution of iron mike. his life is shakespearean, with more peaks and valleys than most continents. and the public that once saw him as a monster now gets the chance for a second look. (( )) mike tyson/star of "undisputed truth": it's a roller coast ride, a roller coaster ride. the description is apt, both for mike tyson's life and his one man show. four years ago, las vegas producer adam steck collaborated with tyson's wife kiki. they put together a team, sequestered tyson in a suite at the mgm, and crossed their fingers. adam steck/ ceo spi entertainment: my stomach was in knots, can he deliver? then we went to see him rehease, and i was like, man he's gonna blow people's minds
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the same intensity that made him the youngest heavyweight champion in history. it forced him to confront his tumultuous past, and it was clear when we spoke to him back then that a transformation was underway. mike tyson/2012 interview: every now and then i see film of me when i was a crazy guy. f... you. suck my this and that and filth filth filth, and i'm looking and sometimes i don't even know that's me. las vegas had been the scene of his greatest triumphs, and also the site of his destruction. he was king of the jungle, a predator surrounded by hyenas who fed his addictions to sex, drugs, and money. he lost it all, his belts, his marriage, hundreds of millions of dollars, and his freedom, out of that crucible, a humble mike tyson emerged. george knapp: you're a confident guy. did you know the show would go this well? mike tyson: no no, i'm not a confident guy. i'm not a confident guy, but i get the job done. i found out that the greatest fighters, the greatest fighters,
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make it happen. they've got big egos. though, you know what i mean, and that weird combination balances it out. after hitting rock bottom, tyson began the long climb back up, aided by his conversion to islam. and the steadying influence of his wife. he showed an unexpected flair for comedy.... the one man show was a hit in las vegas, then broadway, then toured the world. famed director spike lee made it into a film. he praised tyson's courage as an actor for confronting the most embarrassing parts of his life. audiences respond to that. but iron mike refuses let himself off the hook. i've gotten comfortable with being who i am in life. i'm confortable with being uncomfortable, you know, who we are. listen, um, if we truly are christians and muslims and we truly believe in god, why should we care about what anyone says about us? is the success of the
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i've only changed my way of living. is he comfortable being loved by his public? love is tricky. love is tricky. i like being respected more because now, i have self respect. so i understand what it is to be respected. undisputed truth could probably have a long run at the mgm but the problem is tyson's time. he's suddenly a hot property with a cartoon series on tv, movie offers, tens of millions of fans in china....he remains a magnet for weirdness, which provides more material for his show. example, tyson gave an interview to this guy then learned later he was a serial killer. while on tour in australia, he posed for a photo with an isis executioner. i said how did this guy get next to me. how did people let this guy get next to me. what kind of security do i have?
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for the show. i said, man, he can't be hanging out. these are terrorists, they cant be hanging out partying. tyson has taken some grief from fellow muslims because he has openly endorsed donald trump, who financed some of tyson's biggest fights in the 80's. thanks you mr. trump. yeah thank you mr. trump gk: you remember that spot? mike tyson yeah gknapp: he took you to atlantic city? tyson: now he's going to take me away and take me to the white house with him baby. gknapp: make you secretary of defense? tyson: i don't want to be none of that. it's treasury treasury. (laughs) ((george knapp)) unlike the last time we interviewed the former champ, there was a line of other media waiting to speak with him this time, and tyson is clearly enjoying himself, he was loose and joking, just a different guy altogether from the angry man he used to be. i did slip a ufo question into the conversation but we will save that for another time. undisputed truth opens at the mgm march 3rd for a limited
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((dave courvoisier)) we want to get back out to a great celebration downtown... ((paula francis)) tedd florendo is live at the taste and sound of soul festival. < tedd florendo charles tureaud / creators of taste and sounds of soul ((gorgeous outside with nice comfy temps today and temps today and this evening. warmer in phoenix and arizona. comy also in arizona. comy also in southern california whith chilly conditions up in ely and cedar city. ...............................
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satellite and radar composite shows another front moving into the west coast specifically bringing rain the pacific northwest and northern california. more clouds coming in over the nevada and we'll have partly cloudy skies tonight with more sunsine tomorrow and warmer temps. we do not expect to get any raidrops due to the system crawling north of us. ............................... ............ tonight expect a low of 52 and cool with partly cloudy skies and light winds. tomorrow 80 for the high and warmer. mostly sunny light winds. ...............................
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recreation forecast 57 at mount charleston mostly sunny and cool. mid 70's for red rock with breezes early in the day and calmer as the day progress. warm at lake mead near 80 with sunny skies and light breezes. ............................... ............... near 80 for a few days. then north breezes by first of the week. windy by the second half of the week heading into nascar weekend > ((dave courvoisier)) > the countdown to super tuesday is heating up... and the candidates are bringing in new endorsements. ((paula francis)) > the people standing up for who they want to be the next president..
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> ((paula francis)) > the countown to super tuesday is down to the wire for candidates... 10 states go to the polls on tuesday with hundreds of party delegates up for grabs... and we're your local election headquarters for the race. on the democratic side... candidates are vying for support
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carolina: ((killer mike: if you are going to ask for my vote if you are going to pander by bringing my civil rights leaders in front of me and black entertainers, your policy should be one that is better for my community. )) rapper killer mike is standing behind bernie sanders' policies. a few days ago, families of victims of gun violence and police brutality came out in support of hillary clinton./// ((dave courvoisier)) > on the republican side.. candidates stumped in texas today... where donald trump secured a key endorsement. ((chris christie/govern or of new jersey: i've gotten the know all the people on that stage. and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world, than donald trump. )) ((dave courvoisier)) the republican candidates faced off in a debate last night in houston.. and today marco rubio and donald trump took turns making fun of each other at rallies throughout the state. ted cruz didn't stick around... he took off to nashville but said he plant to go back home through super tuesday./// ((paula francis)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters...
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both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a supermodel... accused of fat shaming. ((paula francis)) the comments she made... that has inspired a viral movement against cheryl tiegs.///
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> controversy over a magazine....and a nostalgia- fueled reboot of a popular 90's show...demetria obilor gives you the rundown of "what's trending" right now... well, former supermodel, cheryl tiegs is catching a lot of slack for criticizing one of sports illustrated's latest covers. "full-figured" model ashley graham is featured on this month's issue, and let's just say tiegs isn't embracing the cover girl's curves. in an interview with e, tiegs said she doesn't like that the magazine is glamorizing graham and fuller-figured woman because she believes their bodies are unhealthy. people took to twitter slamming tiegs for body- shaming and being a plain old "hater." and if you're planning on staying
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not"netflix and chill" with the tanners and gibblers? "fuller house" just started streaming on netflix today. it's the much- anticipated spinoff of the popular sitcom "full house", which last aired about two decades ago. there are 13 episodes in the new season. john stamos, dave coulier, bob saget and candace bure will all be returning, just no olsen twins. that's it for what's trending. i hope you all have a great weekend, and i'll be seeing you monday morning. ((paula francis)) > one little pony has a lot of explaining to do... (("she "gotted" a time out because she was being a bad pony," )) ((paula francis)) did you notice something special about little juliette there.... she looks like a unicorn.. in fact she helps her family make a living by posing as a unicorn in photographs. but during her shoot yesterday... she made a break for it: (( "the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway.")) ((paula francis)) juliette led highway patrol on a chase that lasted more than 3 hours... turns out it is hard to spot a little pony.. especially as the sun goes down.
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sound with her 5 year old best friend tatum. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// >> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner gets an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women in the one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him.
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special bond between child and duck. >> i'm his mom.r: >> reporter: you're not really his mom.m. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. this may go down as the week the party of lincoln devolved into a crippling civil war of its own. there was nothing grand in the old party's debate last night-- name calling, mocking, attempts at humiliation reached lows that many republicans would say are beneath the dignity of the office that the candidates are seeking. maybe it reflected desperation, as time runs short before next week's super tuesday, which is likely the last chance to catch donald trump. today, the race was jolted by an impeccably timed bombshell when trump's campaign was validated by one of the last people you might have expected. here's major garrett.


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