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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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using a drone to get exclusive video of the high- tech property. ((paula francis)) > and solving problems just mentioning 8 on your side... i'll have details coming up in got a problem, tell michelle < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > the closure of two major grocery chains in the valley leaves a number of large commercial buildings empty. last november, fresh and easy closed its 14 locations. ((paula francis)) a month later, haggen food shut down seven stores. fewer than half of all the locations are taken over by other grocers including albertsons, sprouts, and the discount retailer "save a lot." thanks for joining us... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. 8 news now reporter karen castro takes a closer look at the impact the closures have on consumers and businesses. ((karen castro)) smith's food and drug stores are thriving in the valley after two of its competitors left the las vegas market. ((marsha wermer - smith's
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sometimes it would take a while but i think they opened up more registers so it's faster service.)) ((karen castro)) cash registers are ringing out of control and parking lots are packed. ((bob day - smith's food & drug: we have definitely seen an increase in our sales, through out all of our stores in the valley. some of the stores are double digit increase. )) ((karen castro)) the increases at some smith's stores have been so sharp, they are getting loads of inventory every night just to keep up with demand. ((bob day - smith's food & drug: the customers are definitely noticing that we are busier than we have been in the past.)) ((karen castro)) but some competition is moving in. out of the seven closed haggen stores... four have been taken over by other grocers. the future of the remaining three stores is uncertain. when it comes to the fresh and easy locations.... r-o-i commercial real estate says they have listed six out of the 14 stores. one location on las vegas boulevard and pecos was recently sold to an unidentified independent grocer. they say they have a few other deals in the works. however, most stores remain vacant... forcing customers to find other options. ((marsha wermer - smith's
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stores.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) smith's is looking to expand in the next two to three years. the company wants to open three to five new stores./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we wanted to know what you think... plenty of people shared alice's thoughts... "in boulder city albertson's is crazy. not only is there an increase in shoppers but their prices are now sky high too." stefanie says "i kinda miss fresh & easy but the only store i really miss is food 4 less. i still get sad just thinking about it." paul has a tip... "i usually shop early in the morning to avoid long lines." join the conversation on our 8 news now facebook./// ((paula francis)) > it's happened again... a pedestrian is fighting for life... after getting hit by a car. it happened just after three p-m... near warm springs and spencer. police say a woman in her 50's was crossing the road in a marked crosswalk... when a teen driver made a left- hand turn... hitting her. officers tell us the driver is at fault for not yielding to a pedestrian. the woman was rushed to the hospital with significant head trauma.
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and is cooperating with the investigation./// ((paula francis)) > tonight, metro police are trying to piece together what happened last night... when an intruder was shot dead by two property managers, checking on a vacant home. 27 year old victor lamar jones was fatally shot in the back. as sharie johnson reports, it's not uncommon for property managers to arm themselves. ((george trombley, black bird realty & mgmt only advice i can give other property managers is be careful, don't be a cowboy )) sharie johnson george trombley of black bird realty and management says his property managers began bearing arms 6 years ago after an incident at a home. ((george trombley, black bird realty & mgmt we we're going to a house, it was in the fall, it was dark from 6pm at night and there were people there that we're stealing the appliances and there was nothing we could really do about it but wait for the police to arrive )) sharie johnson just before 3pm thursday... metro says a 911 call was made from this house on viking road. the female caller said her husband shot someone in the
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the couple were property managers who metro says... recieved a call from the locksmith... someone was inside the home ((lt. dan mcgrath, metro the property manager draws his weapon and starts giving verbal commands to the black male and then at that point, he engages in a fist fight, the fist fight goes to the ground, at some point, i don't know if he regains his footing, but he's able to retrieve his firearm )) sharie johnson no charges have been filed against the property manager who shot jones. sharie johnson, 8newsnow. ((paula francis)) the county also passed an ordinance making it mandatory for an owner or property manager to attend a crime- free multi- housing class. one aspect of the class teaches property managers they can't handle things on their own./// ((paula francis)) > channel 8 is making history tonight... as we deploy a drone for the first time. the progress being made at the future home of an electric car maker... as seen from the unmanned craft. chris maathuis and there's a
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coming out of unlv. the story on one of our own
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((dave courvoisier)) > got a problem? tell michelle. or just drop her name. ((paula francis)) our consumer advocate michelle mortensen joins us now with one way people are getting answers to their problems ... without much effort on her part at all. ((michelle mortensen)) yeah ... i really can't take credit for this one ... but it is an interesting story on how ... you .. yes you .. can solve your own problems. clay called us recently ... upset about a car he purchased. he claims the dealer added a security system to the deal .. even though he did not authorizie it and that it jacked up the price 700 bucks. he wanted my help getting his refund. ((michelle mortensen)) well, we called him back, and it turns
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he called me to get invovled ... they immediately gave him a refund. he told my team he was very appreciative for the help. ((dave courvoisier)) and tonight you're going to be helping even more folks out ... by giving us the secret to saving money on prescription drugs ((michelle mortensen)) yes. we spend a lot on prescriptions. 374 billion in 2014. and that's because they cost a lot ... and many people need a lot of them. this so-called prescription price gouging is such a big deal ... a congressional committee spent the first part of this year looking into it. but no one is really changing things. but you know what ... simple consumer savings tricks ... can actually save you a lot. i'm talking about simple things ... nothing illegal ... they just take a little work.
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((dave courvoisier)) > up, up, and away after months of being grounded. the short trip the british airways plane made today... in its inaugural flight since catching on fire at mccarran last year.///
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news music voice over: "you're watching 8 news now at 6 with dave courvoisier and paula francis. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a southern nevada television first... as we take a look at construction progress at north las vegas' apex industrial park. work is picking up at the site of high-tech transportation companies faraday future and hyper loop. patrick walker gives us an
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during las vegas' first fully flight. (( pilots preparing for takeoff)) ((patrick walker)) soaring across the southern nevada desert... a drone's eye view... as action picks up at apex vegas. ((patrick walker)) this is the 900- acre site that will be home to the 1-billion dollar faraday future electric car manufacturing plant. power and water have been run to the property... with construction set to start any time. there is plenty of activity... however... nearby at the hyperloop facility. work on the futuristic tube-based transportation test site... is well underway. tubes are being moved near the mile-long open- air electric motor test track... which is taking shape. the track is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016 or early 2017.
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been on the cutting edge of the technology we used to capture this video today. ((kevin fallico/vp of operations, avisight: "when you're out at a place like this, the angles, the types of shots you can get, are totally different.")) ((patrick walker)) tractors are only beginning to scratch the surface of the desert... just as commercial drone operators are starting to explore the possibilities in that industry. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) > before flying... commercial drone operators like avisight must file the appropriate paperwork at least 24 hours prior to the flight. also... operators are bound to state and federal laws... including minimum distances from airports and flying below maximum heights. /// ((paula francis)) > the british airways plane that caught fire on the tarmac here in las vegas last year... took its first post- repair flight today. the plane took off from mccarran this afternoon.. following months of repairs under a tent at mccarran. it took a short flight to victorville... landing safely around 3-pm. it will be repainted then it will head back to the u-k.
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safely when the left engine caught fire before take- off last september... there were only minor injuries reported./// ((dave courvoisier)) > "jet spotters" might want to make plans for tomorrow afternoon.. as a well known band is going to vegas. check this out.. the heavy metal band iron maiden will perform at mandalay bay on sunday... but tomorrow.. they will arrive in style, in this 7- 4-7 called "ed force one".. named after its mascot "eddie"... now this story gets better.. the lead singer, bruce dickinson is the pilot of this jumbo jet! tonight.. they will fly to las vegas tomorrow. "ed force one" is expected to land about 230 tomorrow. /// ((paula francis)) > keeping with the airport theme... plenty of people are flying in and out of town. mccarran officials say 3- point- 6- million people traveled through the airport last month. that's up more than 7- percent year. that's a strong start to 2016... coming off last year when more than 45- million people flew
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that was the third highest passenger count in the airport's history./// ((paula francis)) > as for the casinos... they're down a bit from a year ago. casinos won just over 925 million dollars last month... that's down from 953- million in january 2015. the state didn't do too badly though... it collected nearly 82- million dollars in fees./// ((dave courvoisier)) > let's check in one more time with tedd florendo. ((paula francis)) he's live in downtown las vegas for the "taste and sound of soul festival." <
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nice comfy temps today and this evening. warmer in phoenix and arizona. comy arizona. comy also in southern california whith chilly conditions up in ely and cedar city. ............................... ...... satellite and radar composite shows another front moving into the west coast specifically bringing rain the pacific northwest and the pacific northwest and northern california. more clouds coming in over the nevada and we'll have partly cloudy skies tonight with more sunsine tomorrow and warmer temps. we do not expect to get any raidrops due to the system crawling north of us. ............................... ............ tonight expect a low of 52 and cool with partly cloudy skies and light winds. tomorrow 80 for the high and warmer. mostly sunny light winds. ............................... ............. recreation forecast 57 at mount charleston mostly sunny and cool. mid 70's for red rock with breezes early in the day and calmer as the day progress. warm at lake mead near 80 with sunny skies and light breezes. ............................... ............... extended forecast shows warm near 80 for a few days.
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the week. windy by the second half of the week heading into nascar weekend > ((dave courvoisier)) there is ((dave courvoisier)) there is a nice success story unfolding at unlv. ((paula francis)) a student athlete kicked off the team... but making a comeback. ((chris maathuis)) this is a feel good story. ya lose all you worked for and dreamed about.. but then something clicked the story coming up. plus...
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two big school teams will be crowned.. both from las vegas.
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news music voice over: "from 8 news now this is sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) the state finals are tonight in reno... the division one boys and girls will be crowned. the biggest surprise has to be the play of coronado... the cougars are making their first trip to state and they're one win away from a title. but it'll be a huge challenge... they've got to beat gorman tonight. on the girls side... it's liberty looking to pull off the major upset playing nationally ranked centennial. it's down to the final two regular season games of the season... tomororow the rebels close out the home portion of the season by hosting wyoming.... maybe stephen zimmerman is back...
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(( )) todd simon/coach; "wyoming is dangerous, two good scores who hit threes they're stingey defensively.. they pack it in. they make it difficult to run on them which is something we want to do." ((chris maathuis)) unlv golf coach dwaine knight has built unlv into one of the best programs in the nation. he can recruit against anybody, to be a rebel golfer is a privilege, not a right. so the 'second chance' story of senior zane thomas is pretty remarkable ((chris maathuis)) zane thomas was a highly star coming out of arbor view high. the world was his oyster. he could've played at a number of schools, but picked unlv and thrived. as a freshman he was named to the all mw academic team and won the so. nevada amatuer. as a sophmore.. thomas was co medalist at the u.s. amateur public links.. and was named to the all mountain west team. but then as a junior, his life and grades began to sink... his golf game was consistant,
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dwaine knight/coach; "it got to the point where he couldn't be part of our program... that's difficult for any young man and difficult for a coach." ((chris maathuis)) thomas was kicked off the team zane thomas/golfer; "every where i go friends and family are asking me about it and i had to give them a poor answer." ((chris maathuis)) he considered turning pro and leaving unlv.... but his friend and currentteamma te kept in touch. aj mcinerney/unlv senior: "i just told him we'd love to have you back obvisiouly but you need to do some things in your life and in your golf game, and school to work your way back this team, coach isn't going to give you a free ride." ((chris maathuis)) even a golden swing isn't good enough for coach knight... you must maintain standards of excellence to be a unlv golfer dwaine knight/coach; "to tell ya the truth, he wasn't in our media guide he wans't part of our plans and turned that around and now he's playing and has a chance to go all the way." ((chris maathuis)) zane hit rock bottom, he says in the most recent unlv golf blog that depression set in... lost confidence, his personal life and relationships with friends and family worsened. but as zane says he needed to change, wanted to change... and be part of a team again. aj/golfer;' "once he decided he wanted it, it was game over from there." ((chris maathuis)) he's now swinging with confidence and not just on a golf course. zane; "now i realize i really
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life and i think i'm doing that now." ((chris maathuis)) a success story that doesn't end with a biride.. or even a bogey dwaine/coach; 'im really looking forward to being there for his graduation, thats my goal to see him take that walk because that will be the ultimate comeback then." ((chris maathuis)) to comeback, earn a spot on a team like this one wasn't easy... it took everything that zane 'took for granted' to make it happen. dwaine/coach; 'our goal is to win a national championship have national champions and we've had that here... but to get a degree where he's coming from that's a championship in its own right... it'll be a great part of his life, i'll be a story for hiskids teammate and a story for unlv for a long time." ((dave courvoisier)) > finally tonight... the mob musuem is unveiling a brand new exhibit tonight... on the hit t-v show... breaking bad. the opening reception is underway right now... it goes until 9:00 p-m.
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starring bryan cranston as walter white... a chemistry teacher turned meth cook and dealer. you can check out the infamous yellow hazmat suit, along with gas masks and a rubber apron used in the series. museum leaders say "breaking bad" effectively dramatized organized crime.. in today's drug trade./// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. paula francis see you tonight
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an emergency physician from laguna beach, california... an author from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion, a naval officer from virginia beach, virginia... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. hi, ladies and gentlemen. our "jeopardy!" players have been riding a hot streak in recent weeks with many, many wins of well over $25,000. chris, a case in point on yesterday's show. david and bill, good luck as you challenge him.


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