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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. this is a wonderful time to head out to red rock.. but be careful: the sun still sets early, and winding trails make it easy to get lost. murphy shows us... hiking safety is in focus in the national conservation area: ((vanessa murphy/reporte r: metro police tell us last year, out of about 160 rescues, the majority of them were here at red rock, so we looked into how this could be avoided and why so many people get lost.)) ((christina warburg/hiker: definitely gorgeous. )) ((vanessa murphy)) california resident christina warburg is visiting red rock... ((christina: it's so beautiful.)) ((vanessa murphy)) ...for the first time. ((vanessa: how easy do you think it is to get lost? christina: extremely easy if you don't know what you're doing.)) ((vanessa murphy)) when i went on the turtlehead peak trail for the first time with a co- worker this week we reached the top, but... ((vanessa: from iphone: we are trying to get up there )) ((vanessa murphy)) we almost.... ((nat of walking )) ((vanessa murphy)) got lost on the way. ((vanessa: this is only the second trail marker we've seen
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come....we actually started walking in the wrong direction.)) ((christine cauble/climber: i think in the wash it becomes convoluted because of all the rocks.)) ((vanessa murphy)) las vegas resident christine cauble is an experienced climber. ((christine: i think if you're not aware of your surroundings and landmarks, you can easily get lost or stuck up in higher areas and not know how to get back down. )) ((vanessa: do you think there could be more trail markers here to help? christina: i think so, yeah, i didn't really see all of that many up there.)) ((bryan zink/rrsar: some of the trails that go in the back country cold definitely be marked a little bit better.)) ((vanessa murphy)) bryan zink volunteers for red rock search and rescue which helps find people who are missing or lost. ((bryan: it's a very beautiful place and we always encourage people to go out there and explore the beautiful lands that we have but the key thing is to go out there and be prepared.)) ((vanessa: some tips: dress appropriately, check the weather, tell someone where you're going and bring enough you can leave here safely. vanessa murphy, 8 news now. )) ((paula francis)) a boost for rescuers today...
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congressman joe heck passed the house as an amendment to a sportsmen's bill. the good samaritan search and recovery act allows rescue teams to go onto federal property -- within 48 hours of requesting a permit -- without requiring insurance. they must waive any expectation of government liability. the legislation now heads to the senate./// ((dave courvoisier)) > burglars made off with a bounty of valuables from a summerlin home... while the homeowners were sleeping inside the house. mauricio marin joining us in studio with a good look at the crooks... plus more on a disturbing trend. ((mauricio marin)) dave, the home had high- quality cameras around the exterior and inside... which should help bring these suspects to justice... thanks to some good looks at their faces. this is the security footage from the summerlin home near north town center drive and canyon run drive. police say on february 18-th... that was a thursday... these two young men made entrance to the home between midnight and 2 a-m... while the residents were sleeping in other rooms.
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thanks to the video, we know that the first suspect is a man in his early twenties... about five- foot-10 and 150 pounds... the other suspect is a man also in his early twenties... about five- foot-10 and 160 pounds. we've done some digging and found tonight that since the beginning of the month... there have been 21 reported burglaries within a two mile radius of the home... in just 26 days. that certainly has to make residents in the area nervous... and aware that they need to keep their doors locked and secured. ((mauricio marin)) if you recognize the men you can remain anonymous when you call crime stoppers... and dave, there's a good chance that they can be brought in quickly thanks to this video. ((dave courvoisier)) mauricio, have we heard from the homeowners? ((mauricio marin)) we reached out earlier to see if they would do an interview... but were told they were nervous about going on camera for this story./// ((paula francis)) > taking a live look outside right now... a gorgeous evening has turned into another comfortable night... and we're shaping up for a beautiful weekend! lots of positive words tonight...
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first check of your weather./// ((tedd florendo)) looking outside right now very comfortable temps with plenty of sunshine. winds remain light to calm throughout the valley, with some gusts still blowing down the colorado river valley. ............................... ....................... here's the forecast for this evening hour by hour. mild early on if you want to come down here and check out the festival. still plenty of sunshine or clear weather this evening. winds remain on the light end and we should be comfortable through the evening. mild even by late tonight.>))) ((dave courvoisier)) > the nye county sheriff's office has a warning out tonight to watch for a man they call armed and dangerous. this is 21-year- old cody barnes. the sheriff's office says barns
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this afternoon near irene street and barney street in pahrump. the woman survived with no injuries and barnes hasn't been seen since. anyone with information to his whereabouts is asked to call the nye county sheriff's office at 775-751-7000. if you encounter him... you are urged to call 9-1-1./// ((paula francis)) > a woman was critically injured this afternoon. she was hit by a car... despite being inside a crosswalk. it happened just after 3:00 at warm springs near spencer. 49-year-old linda mccoy had the solid-white walk signal, according to witnesses, when a-16 year-old driver turned left, hitting her. mccoy was rushed to u-m-c trauma with a significant head injury. the driver remained on the scene and was cooperating with police. we're told impairment was not a factor, but the teen could still face consequences: (( sgt. richard strader/ metro fatal detail: "there's some ramifications. it would be attached to failure to yield to the pedestrian in the crosswalk of course, and we're going to keep our fingers crossed and hope this pedestrian survives because the consequences are much more grave
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dies in this situation." )) ((paula francis)) the driver was not cited or arrested at the scene... but could face charges up to reckless driving depending on what police determine through their investigation./// ((paula francis)) > this was a deadly week for pedestrians who weren't doing anything wrong. today a 57- year-old woman died after she was hit by a pickup truck wednesday morning. flora largusa and her husband were in a marked crosswalk when a driver hit them on del rey avenue near rainbow. the driver in that crash remained on the scene and did not seem to be impaired. that investigation is ongoing./// music ((dave courvoisier)) > democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is the heavy favorite to defeat senator bernie sanders in tomorrow's south carolina primary. clinton has a big advantage in polling over sanders... but the former secretary of state may find herself again explaining her use of a private computer server to transmit
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the state department released hundreds more today... the majority of which were listed as confidential... or secret... but none of them were classified at the time they were sent. tomorrow's primary is the last before super tuesday./// ((dave courvoisier)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters. we're bringing you all the latest in this campaign on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((paula francis)) > a developing story out of new york city tonight... sources told cbs news... yoko ono was hospitalized late this evening with extreme flu-like symptoms. initially it was believed she suffered a stroke. the 83-year-old artist was unconscious when she was rushed from her home to mount sinai west hospital. that's the same hospital where her husband john lennon was pronounced dead after being shot in 1980./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the road to the boys and girls championship ends in reno. and two teams from las vegas are guaranteed to bring home the title. sports is coming up. paying for prescriptions can take a huge chunk out of your monthly budget...
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getting a better price. 8 on your side's michelle mortensen shows us how...
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((paula francis)) > prescription drugs. studies show they've gone up in price by6% in just 4 years....
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americans to go without. ((dave courvoisier)) but 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen may have found a solution to the price predicament. michelle, what's the secret? ((michelle mortensen)) the secret is nothing new. it's just been overlooked ... because .. it takes time ... and energy. but i'll show you .. the savings are worth it. < prescriptions. everyone's talking about them. ((hillary clinton: we have to go after skyrocketing drug costs. )) (( it's a big deal a big problem )) ((sanders )) (( the cost of medicine )) ((trump...newspr escript news nrws new s)) and some say this guy... martin why? the so-called poster child of prescription price gouging raised the price of this drug .. from 13 bucks a pill to 750... in one day. but shkreli wasn't the first to do this. here's proof. avonex ... an m-s drug ... was just 16 thousand a year back in 2005. in 2015 ... it jumped to 70 thousand. then cancer drug gleevec...
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2001... to 90 grand just 11 years later. in fact all of these drugs ... spiked an average 76 percent in the last several years. so what's the secret to savings? shopping around. see pharmacies are free market businesses ... they can charge what they want... and they do... i talked to 10 pharmacies about 7 drugs and prices really vary.. synthroid ... a thyroid medication ... costs 62 bucks at walmart ... at target... just 25. lyrica is 222 at cvs and 189 for costco members . lipitor costs on average about 250 bucks valleywide.... but go generic ... and it's close to 100 bucks at cvs ... 30-40 bucks at target and walmart ... and only 5.25 at healthwarehou and healthwarehou ... is locally owned.... started by this guy.
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largest online pharmacy in the u.s., that's licensed in all 50 states. )) las vegan lalit dhadphale says his site is all about no hassel service... and cheap prices. (( :10 l: we are very transparent in the pricing and basically you just have your doctor send the prescription like you would do to any pharmacy and you make a payment online)) but online shopping isn't everyone's cup of tea ... so one last savings tip ... don't just shop around by chain ... but by zip code. we called several cvs and wallgreen's pharmacies ... and they all charge different prices. a c-v-s in north las vegas charges 2 dollars more for synthroid than other cvs stores. and a walgreens on the strip charges 4 bucks more for crestor .. 19 bucks more for celebrex and 25 bucks more for nexium. just more proof the complex ... but saving doesn't have to be...
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((michelle mortensen)) we did our research on non-insurance prices ... but even with insurance ... the same rules apply. and i promised i'd show you the savings are worth it. to do that ... i'll use tammy coffin ... a member of our debt destroyer family ... to illustrate. we've been following her as we help her get out of debt in one year. you may recall she has m-s .. but can't take all her meds because they are too expensive. she says all of them .. with insurance ... were over a thousand bucks a month. to lower the costs ... she spoke with her doctors and they changed some medications to cheaper alternatives. she also got coupons from some of the manufacturers making the a few of her prescriptions free. that dropped her cost to 734 a month. shopping around dropped the total to 680. if she gets approved for one more coupon .... her total will be 480. so a savings of 547 dollars. the trick with the coupons if you have insurance...
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or go to a pharmacy ... and say ... you want to pay cash ... no insurance. it's that easy. and all of this information .. plus coupons for many prescriptions can be found on our website .. las vegas now dot com .. in the 8 on your side section./// ((paula francis)) > if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend... and you love good food... the las vegas taste and sounds of soul festival continues tomorrow. the festival features some fantastic soul food to whet your tastebuds... along with nonstop entertainment entertainment on the fremont street experience main stage. the festival is open from 11 a-m
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there's no cost to get in. tedd got to spend the evening there earlier and was sampling all sorts of good food.//// ((tedd florendo))
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whith chilly conditions up in ely and cedar city. ............................... .... temps currently in the 60's through the valley with cooler temps over the west side of town and milder for the east part of the valley where we're lower in elevation. chilly up in kyle canyon tonight we're they're expected to drop below freezing. ............................... ..... regional temps also stay cool but not chilly with many neighbohoods in the 50's to 60's today. chilly 40's for the central part of the state and ely. ............................... ........... barbecue forecast calls for 80's tomorrow and almost perfect. warmer with winds staying light, great outdoor day tomorrow. ............................... ....... we warm up but so does the mid west tomorrow. check out the temps for the upper plains tomorrow afternoon with north dakota jumping up to the low 60's and warmer inthe southern plains. still chilly over to the east coast with the mid- atlantic still chilly. but that doesn't last too long as colder temps hit the plains again by sunday. ............................... ...... satellite and radar composite shows another front moving into the west coast specifically bringing rain the pacific northwest and northern california. more clouds coming in over the nevada and we'll have partly cloudy skies tonight with more
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temps. we do not expect to get any idrsuto the systemawling north of us. ............................. ......... you can get the ski report onour website at las vegas now dotcom for theatest informationof snow in our lal mountains.go over to the sections tab and then over to weather. ............................... ............ tonight expect a low of 52 and cool with partly cloudy skies and light winds. tomorrow 80 for the high and warmer. mostly sunny light winds. ............................... ............. recreation forecast 57 at mount charleston mostly sunny and cool. mid 70's for red rock with breezes early in the day and calmer as the day progress. warm at lake mead near 80 with sunny skies and light breezes. ............................... ............... extended forecast shows warm near 80 for a few days. then north breezes by first of the week. windy by the second half of the week heading into nascar
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((dave courvoisier)) > metro police have arrested two suspects in a murder that happened tuesday. 21-year-old colton brantano and sherri esquibel turned themselves in at an attorney's office today... then were booked into the clark county detention center. brantano is charged with murder with a deadly weapon and kidnapping in the first degree. esquibel faces a charge of harboring or aiding a felony offender. brantano is suspected of shooting a man near north las vegas boulevard and craig after an argument... possibly over drugs./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and north las vegas police say 35-year-old tyrus kemp is under arrest... in connection to a murder that happened nearly a month ago. kemp was arrested in the detroit, michigan area and is awaiting extradition back to north las vegas. he's accused of shooting a man dead on civic center drive on january 28-th./// ((paula francis)) > the british airways plane that caught fire on the tarmac here in las vegas last year... took its first post- repair flight today.
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this afternoon.. following months of repairs it took a short flight to victorville... landing safely around 3-pm. it will be repainted then it will head back to the u-k. everyone made it off the plane safely when the left engine caught fire before take- off last september... there were only minor injuries reported./// ((paula francis)) > it's championship friday for the boys and girls. ((dave courvoisier)) it was all southern championship. chris is here to show us who dribbles off with a title. ((chris maathuis)) city braggin' right on the line for the boys and girls state titles. all four d-1 schools in the two championship games are from las vegas... we'll see if the cougar magic plus... the rebels are looking to slow down the cowboys.
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is sports with chris maathuis." ((chris maathuis)) it was high school championship friday for the niaa boys and girls division one basketball teams. titles on the line and
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would be coming from las vegas. because even though the games were played up north, all four teams playing for the crown are from the south. on the boys side it was gorman and coronado... the cougars making their first ever trip to state. they'd need all sorts of miracles and magic to pull off the upset. right off the tip, it's a chuck o'bannon with the dunk. remember gorman beat findlay last month. they're good, christian popoola scores 17. zach collins pitched in with 10. they're talented and well coached and they're winners... gorman rolls winning its 5th straight state title routing the cougars 83- 63 earlier in the d-1 girls championship, it's nationally ranked centennial versus liberty. some were thinking liberty might have a chance to pull the upset. the lady bulldogs have a pretty big bite. megan jefferson with the putback and it was easy putback and an easy win. nobody can touch the lady bulldogs...they' re bite is as loud as their bark. pam wilmore led the girls with loud as their bark. pam wilmore led the girls with 21. centennial rolls to another division 1 state title with an
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((chris maathuis)) it'll be senior night at the thomas & mack tomorrow at 5, when the runnin' rebels close out their home schedule with a game against wyoming. the rebels will try to run with the cowboys. stephen zimmerman may be back... he's been practicing with the team... and they could certianly use him. but trying to contain wyoming's jose adams is the key, he's 4th in the country in scoring averaging 26 points a game.... he's scored at least 20 pts. in 19 of their 29 games and has this year. todd simon/unlv interim head coach: "coach shyatt does a great job offputting them in a unique style that makes it a difficult preparation for and they do a nice job, they spread you out and adams is a dynamic score who's played very well at the thomas and mack." 17-hundred fans unlv's home opener taking on the big-12's west virginia.. here's a guy who can't decide who he wants to win.. sittin on the fense. rebels down 6-1 early.. but storm back with a two out rally in the 5th.. freshman kyle isbel.. doubles to right center makes it 6-3.. next batter..sophomo re payton squier..
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bottom of the 8th.. more 2 out magic..andrew yaz-dan- baksh..smokes it down the line.. 2 runs score.. game tied at 6 but left the bases loaded. mountaineers would regroup in the 9th..darius hill 2 run blast ..9-6 west virginia wins the first of three. just because they don't come around very often... the ace... the hole in one. opening round of the honda classic in florida... this was yesterday... alex cejka from 177 yards out.. it's the par-3 17th... it's too bad... that's the easy hole to shot the ace... because if he'd hit it on 15th... he'd own a car. we show ya that to get to this. must be the weekend of the ace... check this... now this is today. xi yu lin on the 16th hole during the 2nd round of the honda lpga thailand... this is the correct hole... she needs to get this ball to roll into the cup to win a
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way, it's her birthday today.. and happy 20th birthday. ((paula francis)) > our strange
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for our three strange stories for friday. ((paula francis)) > surviving a collision with a train would be near- miraculous for any creature... but here's a dog who's lived through it, 13 times! this idaho dog, now known as "lucky loki" had been hit a dozen times, and then wandered onto the tracks again! the 14-month- old pit-bulldog mix was hurt pretty badly and things looked grim. but one week later, the vet says loki will be o-k./// ((chris maathuis)) > russia loves leo! dicaprio, that is. some residents of far east russia have made an oscar of their own to give to the actor, who despite several nominations has not actually won the award. they're looking for ways to get the trophy to him. dicaprio is currently nominated for his role in "the revenant"./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a mcdonald's in france is giving out directions to their rival burger king through a new billboard. that's because the sign's location is 160 miles from the closest b-k... and just 3 from mickey d's. it's part of an elaborate
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which has far more restaurants whopper./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. for us live at eleven. join sharie johnson here tomorrow night. ((paula francis)) the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy, but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's.
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