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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00am-6:30am PST

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the news of southern nevada is now." ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) good morning thanks for joining us. our top story... > police are invegstigating a deadly overnight shooting... that could possibly stem from a case of road rage. thanks for joining us... i'm patranya bhoolsuwan. before two this morning... decatur near alta. right now police don't know if the victims knew their attacker... rage. we caught up with a witness who says he was just ten feet away from the shooting: (( raymond heflan, witness: i was crossing the crosswalk coming from work and the one car pulled up to make a left hand turn on hayes. immediately another car pulled up alongside of him on the passenger side and unloaded about 20 shells. )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say a man and a woman were inside the car... stopped at a red light when they were shot.
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undergo surgery... he's expected to be okay. the woman was pronounced dead on the scene. the suspects drove away in a black nissan 4- door... if you know anything call police or crimestoppers./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > police are also investigating a deadly shooting in central las vegas. this one happened last night around 8:30... near owens and j street. police say two people were shot and taken to u-m-c... where one of the victims died. right now it's not clear if police have a suspect in custody./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a 24-year old man has turned himself into police... in connection to a deadly hit and run in henderson. police arrested eric leppard yesterday afternoon... charging him with felony hit and run, reckless driving with death, and failure to render aid. they say he's responsible for the collision which happened on wednesday... on boulder highway north of warm springs. police say the 50-year-old woman who died was not in a crosswalk at the time of the crash. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a man who apparently was involved in an accident while riding his horse...could now face charges
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crash. so this all happened last night near lake mead and walnut. police say a car hit the horse and the rider who were on a crosswalk. the horse then took off and the rider went after thim. the driver of the car... who police say... didn't seem impaired... stayed on scene. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > moving on to the weather where the temps have been just abotu perfect this weekend. here's a live look outside right now... let's check in with sherry to see what's in store this sunday. (( )) ((sherry swensk)) the days are definitely getting longer as we are ready to close out february. the sunrise at 6:14 now... and the sunset just past 5:30 p.m. normally, we would say goodbye to the month today, but since it's a leap year we twenty-nine days this month... so we officially end february tomorrow. we have a dry and warm sunday ahead of us after near record
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with temps hitting the low 80s. allergies are in full swing and lots of people sneezing at ash, elm, juniper and cedar trees already. we may be slightly cooler today and see a few more high clouds... as a system pushes into the west. but neighborhoods will still reach well above the normal mid 60s... into the 70s and even low 80s. we'll take a look at the warm start to march this week in your weather now full forecast coming up./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > we're just a couple hours away from scale the strat . more than 600 athletes will take on the stairs of the stratosphere on the famous las vegas strip this morning. the goal is to raise money for the american lung association to promote lung health in nevada. our own paul joncich will emcee the event. we'll talk to him live in the 8 o-clockhour. coming up in a few minutes, some climbers who will be taking on this feat...will join us live here in studio to talk more about this and how you can still register to take part.//
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politics this morning... hillary clintons presidential campaign's is celebrating a big win. ((clinton:thank you, south carolina. )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary beatin vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. exit polls showed 84- percent of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50- percent. bernie sanders says he's looking past south carolina... to focus on super tuesday with delegats from vermont, massachusetts, oklahoma, colorado, and minnesota at stake: (( sen. bernie sanders/preside ntial candidate: minnesota can play a profound role in moving this country forward toward a political revolution.)) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) voters in south carolina told cbs news that political experience was important to themand analysts say that helped clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > and we're your local election
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stay up to date on anything and everything politics on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a police officer killed in the line of duty. the tragic event that claimed her life... just one day after she was sworn in to the force. ///
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news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a brand new police officer in virginia has died in a shooting that wounded two others. the happened yesterday in the city of woodbridge. the officer who died was identified as ashley guindon. she was just sworn-in to the department on friday. the two other officers hurt in this incident are still being treated for their injuries. authorities say this stemmed from domestic violence call. a suspect is in custody.
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > police in anaheim, california say three people were stabbed and 13 people were arrested when violence erupted at a k- k-k rally yesterday. a small group representing the organization said they were holding an anti- immigration rally at a park... and dozens of protesters arrived to confront them. violence broke out between counter protesters and klan supporters about an hour later, and six klansmen and seven protesters were arrested. /// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > cycling underwater... sounds impossible right? not anymore! we introduce you to a new type exercise to find out why cycling underwater... can be a better workout than a regular spin class. (( ((sherry swensk)) get ready for a warm sunday. this weekend we finish the winter watering schedule with one assigned day a week. march signals the start of the spring schedule and we'll get those three assigned days back and i'm sure your lawn needs it! we'll take a look at the march
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knitting assistant! exterminator! and more! meee-wow! contact the animal foundation at and get your very own pet cat today! order now and we'll throw in this limited addition paper bag. once again that's to be another beautiful winter day in the las vegas valley. sherry swensk has your most accurate weather now forecast.
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((sherry swensk)) what a warm saturday... with very dry air and plenty of sunshine today. we've had just a few high clouds here and there, but overall - plenty of warm sunshine and the winds are calm. they should stay that way into your sunday. ............ the calendar may say it's the end of february, but it sure feels like april to me! temps made it to the low 80s in many neighborhoods today. even warmer than we first expected with this high pressure over the west. .......... we reached 81 today and just a couple degrees off the record of 83. tomorrow might be slightly cooler, but it doesn't look like we will get a break next week to start off march. ............. sunrise at 6:15 and sunset near 5:30 now. days are getting longer to enjoy the warmer weather. ............. el nino has not delivered the wet winter we expected.
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they are behind in their rainfall - although the mountains have received some good snowfall. ................ storms pushing a lot of high waves along the coast... as storms roll into the northwest. and most of the country is pretty quiet. that's good news after those deadly twisters this past week along the gulf and the east coast. ................ the mountain will be nice for picnics and hikes today... just take plenty of water with you and definitely pack extra water in the ice chest if you're heading out to lake mead. temps out there near 80 today with calm winds. ........... don't forget about our ski report on las vegas now dot com - it has links to all the ski reports in the west. .................. look for a warm day again, in those upper 70s and near 80 for the afternoon. ................. then a warm stretch of days as we head into march. highs up near 80 degrees and
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > they're ready to run! we talk with a couple of people who are ready to climb the stairs at the stratosphere... and why they're doing it.///
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> climbing the stairs for a good cause...all 108 flights of the stratosphere tower. this is happening this morning at the annual "scale the strat" event. here in the studio to talk more few hours from now is peter sabal with the american lung association of nevada and rocky tanner with team marquis nevada. good morning! how long has this event been going on? who does it benefit? who is taking part? can you
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > a new way to shed unwanted pounds the benefits this new type of exercise provides... that's making it so popular for fitness enthusiasts. this is a live look at the valley. it's currently 54 degrees outside but sherry says it should get up to 78./// now, nevada's first
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> if you're looking to get fit and lose some weight...there's a new form of exercise slowly creeping it's way state- side. it's called "aqua spinnin." it combines biking with swimming... and while it's already taken over in europe... it's brand new here. the first "aqua spinning" class just opened at a studio in new york city: (( "it's a great workout. it's fun for people who are serious about fitness. or just curious." "the resistance you get from the water and the hydrostatic pressure of whe water pressing back against you as you move through it makes it more challenging" )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the specialty spin bikes are specifically designed for the water. the water also provides resistance to train your upper body during the workout as well. no word yet on when this class would make its way to vegas.../// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > the oscars could be a night of
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coming up at eight this morning... what categories are still a toss-up... and a peek at the delicious food the hollywoodstars will be enjoying tonight. and you've already met some of the runners... join us again at eight to see them in action! we have a live crew set- up at "scale the strat"... coming up in the next hour./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > finally at 6... it was a heavy metal landing at mccarran international airport. classic rockers "iron maiden" made their grand entrance into las vegas... on their own jumbo jet! dozens of fans were there to see the landing at mccarran yesterday afternoon. their private 747 is called "ed force one" and is named after the band's mascot eddie. the pilot is no other than lead singer bruce dickinson! iron maiden will perform at mandalay bay tonight./// patranya bhoolsuwan > thats it for 8 news now this morning. hope to see you right back here
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> good morning, charles osgood to off today i'm jane pauley. this is a special edition of "sunday morning" our oscar issue.
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many a movie in contention, assures that it's based on a true story. but just how true is that claim. that's a question marcia teichner will examine our "sunday morning" cover story. >> when you hear the words, based on a true story, inspired by actual events, what goes through your minds? >> hang on to your hat. >> four of tonight's eight nominees for best picture fall into one of those categories. ahead this "sunday morning," mining the movies with a meaning of true. >> pauley: elton john is a music legend not to mention a legendary oscar night party host. he's talking this morning with


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