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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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least two gunshot wounds and is expected to survive. but heflan says he saw a third person inside the victim's car. ((raymond heflan - witness: there was one man in the rear seat of the same vehicle that ran, took off. now, he might have been afraid of the people that shot 'em.)) ((karen castro)) police have not confirmed if there was in fact a third person inside that vehicle. meanwhile, investigators are looking into a motive. ((lt. dan mcgrath - metro pd: i don't know if it was road rage or the other person knew them, you know, so we're gonna have to try to, try to piece this together to see actually what we can find out.)) ((karen castro)) police have not released a suspect description but they believe the getaway vehicle is a black, four-door nissan sedan with california plates. ((raymond heflan - witness: once you have an incident like this so close, ten feet away, it gets shaky.)) ((karen castro)) police say detectives were able to briefly talk to the man who was rushed
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underwent surgery. however, investigators still have a lot of unanswered questions. if you have any information you're asked to call crime stoppers. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. > and karen, police are also looking at surveillance video? that's right. the shooting happened in front of arizona charlies. police hope the surveillance video from the casino hotel will provide them with some answers. > police are also investigating a deadly shooting at a party in central las vegas. this one happened last night around 8:30... near owens and j street. police say two people were shot and taken to u-m-c... where one of the victims died. investigators believe the shootings stemmed from an argument between a suspect who's now on the run. police are asking anyone with any information to call crimestoppers./// > two major fires in less than two months at the same apartment complex building. the latest fire broke out just before ten this morning. 8 news now's mauricio marin
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and has more on what some residents believe is causing the dangerous problem in their community. (( )) ((mauricio marin/reporter: "fire crews rushed to the area here this morning after getting multiple 911 calls about flames and smoke coming from the unit behind me." )) ((mauricio marin)) it took 60 fireifghters from clark county fire department and las vegas fire rescue to put out the blaze. crews deployed high volume hand lines to begin fighting the fire and keep it from the fire and keep it from spreading to nearby buildings just feet away. teams were also sent up to battle the fire from the roof of the building. heavy smoke was coming from the area. it took about 25 minutes for firefighters to knock down the fire completely. this is the second fire in this building in less than two months. those left displaced because of the first blaze on new years' eve tell us they believe squatters are the reason for the fires. ((robin luff/resident: "they're back on the property they've never left nobody does anyting on the property to stop the squatter problem and it's gonna continue this won't be the last
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((mauricio marin/reporter: "fortunately no one was injured in this fire. mauricio marin. 8 news now." )) ((sharie johnson)) the official cause of the fire is still under investigation according to clark county fire officials. but because this is the second fire in less than two months...the c- c-f-d investigation team went out to the scene to collect evidence today./// ((sharie johnson)) > and tedd this afternoon we are seeing some high clouds and warmer temps... could this be a preview of what's to come this week? ((tedd florendo)) ((tedd florendo)) warm sunday with some higher thin clouds today. did not get as warm as yesteray with those 81 degree temps, but we still are way above average for this time of year. winds remained light and but clouds will invade again through the evening and late overnight before clearing. ............................... ........... evening planner hour by hour shows temps mild through the evening and pleasant. winds now an hissue. we go from the 70's by 7 pm then near 70 by 9.
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comfortable with plenty of clouds. ............................... ............ local radar and satellite composite shows most of the rain in the pacific northwest again with thicker clouds just over us and dry. but how long will that last? detals coming up tomorrow clark county school district superintendent pat skorkowsky will deliver his annual state of the district address. the address will highlight the district's growth and accomplishment s. with this year's theme being "leaping forward," superintendent skorkowsky will outline the district's achievements and challenges during the last year, as well as the changes and improvements that can be expected moving forward. and you can watch the live
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on our website at m/// sharie johnson > stick around we got rebel baseball on deck! jon treech is up next with the highlights plus is the drought finally over for a former rebel?..
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((jon tritsch)) >topening their baseball season with 2 big 12 d west virginia.. no doubt a great experience..but the win-loss record is taking a beating..and so is unlv's pitching it was a take your shoes off and stretch your legs kinda day at the ballpark..but that was the highlight for the rebels down 5-0..justin jones.. captain second baseman..shows what hustle can do.. puts the ball into play..forces a bad throw.. rebels get onto the board.. bottom of's a mountaineer route.. but jones shows the sweet swing..he plays fence tag to right field.. rbi double.. but west virginia sweeps unlv handily..
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((jon tritsch)) >unlv's prized graduate adam scott was at one time considered the guy to replace tiger atop the golf world..then came rory mcilroy..and then came jordan spieth..scott says he wants to be considered among the game's problem..he wasn't won on tour since 2014 honda classic.. the pga tour outlawed adam's anchor putter.. so he had to adapt.. i'd say he's doing well..-11 and on top of the leaderboard through 5 holes.. but he also had to weather the storm of long par putts.. lipping out.. scott in a battle with sergio garcia.. check out this approach from the beach....absolut ely perfect..2 feet from the cup.. he taps in and wins for the 12th time on the tour..and first time in 2 years revving up with nascar.. kyle busch will be back home in vegas this week..but today he started 39th in atlanta.. but that's not where he finished... final lap..busch makes the move to second behind jimmie johnson..
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aric amirola wrecks his car..and by rule the race is over..busch is stuck in second.. followed by his brother kurt in third.. jimmie johnson wins his 74th race..breaking dale earnhardt's record.. tough luck for kyle but he is racing well.. ((jon tritsch)) >if you woke up today..feeling like the runnin rebels are bigger and better.. your instincts are right.. last night's victory over wyoming also marked the return of 7 footer stephen zimmerman big zim..bigger impact.. stephen zimmerman's first game in 3 weeks was a huge success.. the freshman out of bishop gorman filled up the stat page with 12 points.. 11 rebounds 2 blocks.. and 2 thunderous dunks...playing all but 4 minutes of the game.. while his numbers are impressive.. coach todd simon says his presence is even more important..step hen zimmerman is back and the rebels are better.. ((stephen zimmerman/ unlv
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really killing me. my team wanted me back and everything. i was just trying to be out there and trying to give it all the energy i had.") (todd simon/coach: "what it does is give us a shot- blocking presence in there. on the offensive end, he draws so much attention. he really collapsed wyoming's defense. they have to account for him when he gets the ball deep in the paint and he's such a good passer he's able to find people. it really changes the entire outlook.") now, nevada's first choice for
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> an army staff sergeant is facing murder charges after police say he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington, dc suburb. officer ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday on her first day on patrol. guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night, about 30 miles outside of washington dc. police arrested 32 year old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife then opened fire on the officers. (( sharon zimplemann/neig hbor it was very scary. i heard the shots, like 4 to 5 shots back to back.)) ((sharie johnson)) > the two other officers are expected to recover. officer guindon is the 4 officer killed in the department's history.///
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coast guard says 16 reported cuban migrants were picked up saturday by carnival cruise ship workers in the gulf of mexico. pittsburgh steelers linebacker james harrison posted photos of the rescue to his instagram page. the cruise is a "legends of pittsburgh" themed trip with athletes and musicians onboard. the ship is traveling from miami to key west to cozumel, mexico. the coast guard said rescues like this are not frequent, or out of the ordinary. and migrants are taken to the next port of call where immigration will be waiting for them. earlier this month, a disney cruise ship picked up 12 reported migrants./// sharie johnson
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today with also warm overnight. normal 65 with no record temps but still warmer than average. ................................ afternoon temps also in the high 70's through the valley today but still above average near 80. warmest over the east side of the valley where we're lowever in elevation. cooler but mild for the west side of the valley and foothills of las vegas. ............................... ... regional temps warmer down on the colorado river valley with warmest emps south county in laughlin and bullhead city. warmest over to death valley late today and cooler up in the central great basin. ............................... ..... warm in the desert southwest and southern plains. cooelr in the plains states after warming in the 60's yesterday.
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and warmer 50's over to the mid-atlantic. they love the 50's after some cold temps the past few days. ............................... ..... showers in the illinois and indianat with snow just due north there with snow in the upper great latkes region and canada. back over the west coast we have high clouds scattered over the region despite the high directly overhead. but no rain yet nor do we expect any. ............................... ........ allergy report showing some warmer temps keeping the high readings of ash, mulberry, juniper around with trees blooming. weeks and grass remain either low or absent. ............................... ....... tonight expect a low of 56 with plenty of clouds tonight and by morning. winds less than 10 and staying light. tomorrow expect a high of 79 with clouds and sun. starting with clouds in the morning and clearing through the day. winds light breeze, but still gusty at times down the colorado river valley for tomorrow.
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neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the high 70's tomorrow afternoon with some 80's over the to the east side of the valley and in southeast sections of the valley. cool in the upper 50's. ............................... ......... extended forecast near 80 this week. mostly sunny with north breezes morrow and breezy winds pectele weekoler high 70's but still rmer an average. n and more clds by weekend.> > ((sharie johnson)) > hanging pictures perfectly straight on a wall will never be a challenge again ... that's according to the makers of a new product called level hangers. and consumer advocate michelle mortensen puts those claims to the try it before you by test. ((hanging pictures is a nightmare ..
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and look at all those nail holes. )) but that nightmare is over according the makers of level hangers. they claim these brackets will make picture hanging down right easy. and a little birdie told me this guy ... chet buchanan of chet buchanan and the morning zoo ... was in dire need of some picture hanging help. ((i can kind of see from your office that we do need to do a little something with the walls yeah :42 (a little something) a little something with the walls :43)) ((12:24:26 c: you know what brittany brittany needs to be in a place of prominence :32 brittany needs to be somewhere where all can see :34 )) so to make that happen .. we get to work. ((well let's open this sucker up and read the directions are you a directions guy? :31 (uh huh) you are oh good :32 (absolutely) see not everyone is a directions guy :35 )) but reading the directions ((12:26:41 c: okay so read the directions okay install bracket on frame :43 position frame bracket oh boy a lot of jargon here :47 )) didn't help much ((12:28:03 m: prostrate holes with an "all" :06 (with an "all") what's an all? :08 12:28:08 c: no it's you have to put a little punch in there they
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(oh with what) :15 you know what i'm willing to say right now that this may not be the easiest way to do this :21 (laughing) )) but we pressed on ..... and eventually ... won't say how long it took ... we got that bracket on the frame. and moved on to step 2 ... hammering the wall bracket onto the wall ... ((does it matter? do i have to find a stud? no .. it's less than 20 lbs .. we could do the knocking thing .. but i don't even know what that means? )) evidently ... and now you know. (( do we want it eye level -- closer to the door 12:42:34 c: yeah right where the electric will be running that's good let's pound a metal piece into where the (okay don't ask) and things just go downhill from there ... ((oh this hammer is the worst .. is it the hammer?... you know ... laughs )) yeah the hammer wasn't the problem ... it was us. ((i thought we were going to come in a blop three minutes and out and we've been here 4 hours
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sharie johnson > coming out on top. > coming out on top. how hundreds of athletes are giving a breath of fresh air to some people in the valley by taking on the more than 100 flights of the stairs at the
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the corner and if you're looking to get fit and lose some weight...there's a new a exercise creating a buzz on the east coast. it's called "aqua spinning." it combines biking with swimming...
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over in europe... it's brand new here. the first "aqua spinning" class just opened at a studio in new york city: the specialty spin bikes are specifically designed for the water. the water also provides resistance to train your upper body during the workout as well. no word yet on when this class would make its way to vegas.../// ((sharie johnson)) > it towers at more than 100 floors over the las vegas strip.... and this evening the stratosphere has been scaled. more than 700 athletes showed up this morning for scale the strat. the massive tower takes more than 14 hundred steps to make it to the summit. 44 year old sproule love of new york, new york made it to the top first in 7 minutes and 22 seconds.... his exact same time as last year. the goal is to raise money for the american lung association and to promote lung health in nevada ((
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being a lung association event it's about breathing pacing yourself and breathing you'll get to the top and you'll be out of breath and that's what a lot of people with lung issues deal with on a daily basis " )) ((sharie johnson)) > our own 8nesnow anchor paul jonchich was on hand to emceethe event.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments. it is the museum that says here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile. >> italy is home to two-thirds of the world's cultural
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country is too broke to keep its historic rooms, churches and monuments from crumbling to dust. >> but now, some of this most treasured and endangered landmarks are being saved not by a government but by a more respected institution: the fashion business. >> what is possible for us to do for the country, we need to do now. >> when pope benedict xvi came to the familia he consecrated the church as a basilica. >> not since 1883 when it was first envisioned by antoni gaudi had it been seen in all of its glory. >> he wanted to write the whole of the history in the catholic faith in one building. i mean, how crazy and how


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