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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and in vermont... john kasich is keeping it close early with donald trump after the first early results have been reported. meantime... just a short time ago... bernie sanders spoke to supporters in vermont after his big win there. ((bernie sanders/(i) democratic presidential candidate: "we are going to invest for our young people in education, in jobs, not jails or encarceration! (crowd cheers)." )) ((patrick walker)) so again... if you're keeping score... out of the first three states... bernie sanders won one, and hillary clinton won two. ((patrick walker)) we'll have much more election coverage this evening as part of your local election headquarters. results... and we'll have analysis and results on a special edition of paula...
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isn't over for voters. where are people still voting?. ((patrick walker)) at 6... polls will close in texas and minnesota... and the caucus will wrap up in colorado. and at 9... alaska's republican caucus concludes./// ((paula francis)) > our super tuesday coverage continues all evening leading up to a special edition of politics now at 7:30. ((paula francis)) > and you can always get the latest results on our website... because we are your local election headquarters. just go to las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage girl has agreed to a possible plea deal. north las vegas police say 26-year-old jimmy carter kim abducted a 14-year-old from arizona and held her captive for a month. today in court kim waived his right to his preliminary hearing. after the girl's case became known, other victims came forward. kim was eventually charged with 83 counts. the plea deal would require kim
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of sexual assault of a minor under 16 and one count of sexual assault. kim would serve a minimum of 35 years in prison. kim is expected to enter his plea on march 10./// ((paula francis)) > metro police are still looking for four suspects in connection to a home invasion early this morning. ((johnny sanchez/neighbo r that's real scary. that's why a lot of people dont realize it, it's not a bad idea to have a dog or even a sidearm or something because you never know whats going to happen. i'm just glad everyone's alive in this situation.)) ((paula francis)) officers were called to the home near charleston and nellis just after 3 a-m. investigators say three men and one woman forced their way into a home... stole several items... and hit the homeowner in the back of the head before taking off. the victim is expected to be okay. no word on a description of the suspects.///
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invasions are terrifying.. and we've had several in the valley recently... security is on the mind of many of us. ((dave courvoisier)) so what does it take to keep your home safe? karen castro joins is live near charleston and nellis where a recent home invasion happened... with some answers. karen? ((karen castro)) police say there is nothing that can 100- percent keep burglars away. but there are layers of protection that will help including inexpensive devices and remembering simple tips. ((tony czarnota - neighbor: this is a little bit too close for home.)) ((karen castro)) residents of this east valley neighborhood say a single mother and her three children are the latest victims of a home invasion. while police do not think it was a random hit, neighbors say it's all too common in the area. ((tony czarnota - neighbor: last week there was a violent burglary down the road from here. i'm not surprised because of on. well, they go on all over the valley.)) ((karen castro)) metro says burglaries are up one percent in their jurisdiction... and they are happening everywhere.
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there are simple ways to make your home less inviting to burglars... starting with common sense. ((ofc. larry hadfield - metro pd: make sure that when you're not home, first and foremost, you lock your windows and lock your doors.)) ((karen castro)) hadfield says often times burglars don't have to work hard to break into homes... that's why having layers of protection is crucial including window guards and security doors. but many homeowners are turning to technology. ((ofc. larry hadfield - metro pd: they do have motion alerts and alarm systems that will notify you by phone.)) ((karen castro)) there are a number of motion sensor devices that will even allow you to use your cell phone to see who's at your door. ((ofc. larry hadfield - metro pd: technology has come a long way, as well as social media and exposing these people that are in their homes.)) ((karen castro)) security cameras and motion sensors can be purchased for as low as 25- bucks. but for some residents arming themselves is the best line of protection, especially when they are seeing a dangerous trend. ((tony czarnota - neighbor: the violent nature has become more extreme.)) ((karen castro)) we also asked police about dogs. they say a barking dog may serve
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burglars. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) > as karen mentioned.. there are a lot of real time apps to monitor activity at your home.. a lot of homeowners are opting for a device on your doorbell called "ring".. it allows you to see everyone who walks up to your front door... even if they don't ring the doorbell. 8 news now producer david isbell uses it at his home... and shows us how it works: ((right now i'm getting an alert that someone's at my front door. so, the motion goes off if they ring the doorbell, then they will contact you and you'll get that notification too. it opens up the app if there is still something going on here, it's a lot like facetime where it calls your phone and you're talking to someone. the interaction i just had with my little brother right here, that's all recorded here and it's saved for whatever purpose you may need.)) ((dave courvoisier)) > ring costs about 200- dollars.. you can buy online and costco even sells it. the app costs you 3 dollars a
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with that... you're able to access your front door from your phone... and even unlock it remotely./// ((paula francis)) > county commissioners heard the results of a recycling study today... but they say the results are misleading. ((dave courvoisier)) many neighborhoods have been waiting for single stream recycling for years... and are still waiting... as leaders decide whether to extend a pilot program that is operating in some neighborhoods. our own denise valdez looked at the issue. ((denise valdez)) the people who have single stream say they use it and they like it. let me explain a little bit about how it works. single stream recycling allows people to put all their recyclables in one big blue trash can. but as commissioners pointed out, some people just put all their trash in those cans, instead of recyclables. this study looked at that single stream program versus the red, white and blue programs which is those crates most of us have -- where we're supposed to separate everything. for 12 weeks at the end of last
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much each program collected... single stream averaged almost 11 pounds per home per week... while red white and blue averaged just 2 pounds per home per week. ((steve sisolak/ clark county commissioners: my personal opinion to go up 400% seems pretty good, it's better than pretty good, i mean its obviously its effective in terms of its being good stewards of our environment, in terms of increasing our recycling and that is a good thing. peggy schlenther//hom eowner - "my daughter has the one in henderson and it is so much nicer and so much cleaner and it's easier for the recycling people to pick up the bin and just dump it in.)) ((denise valdez)) commissioners say the results are misleading though, because the weight of the single stream also includes trash. ((denise valdez)) we reached out to the county for what the next step could be -- and they could not tell us what the next step would be or if and when the pilot program from single stream
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((dave courvoisier)) > there's a lot of positive feedback coming in for single stream recycling... marcie writes... "not sure what is taking so long. i have two sets of tiny bins and still fill them up before my pickup every two weeks. give us a better solution and we will help solve the problem." dana adds... "we had it where we used to live in nlv and it worked very well." and don says... "i have it and it's nice to have one container. personally, i think recycling is a "feel good" thing." you can join the conversation too.. just go to our facebook page./// ((paula francis)) > legendary artists... flocking to las vegas. ((dave courvoisier)) why so many stars are choosing a residency on the strip... over a cross-country tour. ((paula francis)) speaking of legendary.. the stones are rolling again.. the historic show the band has in the works... before a rumored trip to
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((dave courvoisier)) > metro police are on scene of a stabbing near downtown. vanessa murphy is live near eastern and fremont with what we know so far... vanessa. ((vanessa murphy)) metro police tell me this all started as a
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officers got to the area and found a woman who had been stabbed. she's been taken to umc and police say she is in critical condition. metro also says they have arrested one person. no word yet on what may have started this. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest updates as they become available. for now reporting live near downtown.. vanessa murphy..
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now./// ((paula francis)) > switching gears now... the number of a-list performers committing to las vegas residencies is growing. ((dave courvoisier)) britney's and j-lo's shows are smash hits at planet hollywood. and pretty soon pitbull and lionel ritchie will be added to the lineup. 8 news now anchor paul joncich talked to the man who's been signing up the big name acts.
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performers to come here in the prime of their careers used to be a tough sell. but not anymore. a vegas residency is now a coveted gig. think about it, living in a penthouse suite....taking a short walk down to work everyday. it sure beats life on the road. ((paul joncich)) ((trk)) ((nat pop music)) when britney came to town, some thought it would never last. kurt melien (mehl-een) was the guy who convinced the suits at ceasars it would. and boy was he right. britney's done so well....her two year residency at planet hollywood's axis theater...has been extended to four years. and helped change the perception that artists have of performing in las vegas for an extended time. (( paul joncich: "how has the reaction changed when you call these artists or their agents and say, hi this is kurt from livenation in las vegas, what do you think about coming here.? kurt: melien/livenatio n "they're definetly much more interested than they were pre britney i suppose. britney really was the artist that forged that path for younger more contermporary artists. so now there's a lot of interest. ")) ((paul joncich)) top name
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thousands of dollars per show. it's good for the hotel, the casino, and the artist. (( kurt melien/livenatio n: "it's not as much about the money as it is about comfort. they can make money on the road touring arenas, or they can make money here. it's not necessairily about the money it's about 2 things. one , comfort that we talked about, but also creativity you can do things in these theaters because you don't have to break em down and set em up and put em in trucks and move them to one city or another so there's alot of creative freedom that you have here. ((paul joncich)) melien says a penthouse suite in the hotel is often part of the deal. (( kurt melien: " and so they come in typically with their team, typically they'll tour 2 or three penthouses...a couple different options on amenities and so forth, and they'll choose one and casinos are always great in accomodating them.")) (( kurt: "these are the biggest and best suites in the city ...paul: "and they live there..." kurt: yeah they live there as much as they want to . they may fly back to hometowns whether that's l.a. or other places but they have those rooms reserved for them when they're here ."))///
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many of the performers who stay here for any length of time get involved in the community. he cited britney, j-lo, and pitbull as three examples of that. each of them has a pet project they are involved with. in fact, pitbull is building a charter school called the slam academy in henderson.///. thanks ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo >the weather headlines for this week. near record highs again as we head through the 80's. but we'll be dropping from the 80's to the 60's and it's going to happen all in this week. also expect wind and cooler temps, confidence is high for those. but shower chances are also in the forecast along with mountain snow which you'll see coming up. ...............................
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many neighborhoods this afternoon in the 70's over the west side of the valley where we're cooler and 80's through many other areas around town. warmer over the eastside where we're lower in elevation and typically warmer than most of the valley. ............................... .......... regional temps also in the mid 80's the valley with warmest temps down in laughlin near 90 this afternoon. cooler 60's for the central part of the state and death valley warmest in our regional temps near 90 there as well. low 80's for pahrump today and cooler in ely up in the northern part of the state. ............................... .............. we've got your nascar forecast, as of right now breezy and warm on saturday with temps near 82 with plenty of clouds. now sunday we drop down all the way to 65 for the high and windy. also could see showers on sunday as well. ............................... .............. we have clouds so far rolling through the region and now it's clearing up which we'll see this evening. rain stays to the west over california and over the pacific northwest but we remain dry.
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but but the eut in thepacific is the one that could impact us towards the end of the week bringing wind and cooler temps. shower chances as well. ............................... ....................... severe storms impacting the other half of the u.s. as we have this front rolling through the deep southe right now with severe thunderstorm watches for those areas. the same storm is providing snow over the great lakes and ice in buffalo. ............................... ....................... allergy report still showing high readings for ash, mulberry, pine and low for weeds and grass. ............................... ................ tonight expect a low of 56 with fewer clouds and pleasant. winds less than 10 mph. tomorrow expect a high of 82 warm and sunny and near record temps. 82 was set in 1967. ............................... .................. neighborhood by neigborhood temps in the 80's over the east side of the valley with near 80 for the west side of town. ............................... .................. extended forecast shows more clouds by thurday. we stay warm until saturday. then breezy to windy weather come in and bring cooler temps plus shower chances on sunday and monday.
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gets some unexpected support. ((paula francis)) which film is seeing praise from a vatican newspaper... and why it's so surprising.///
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they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy, but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's.
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(("you're watching 8 news now at 5 with paula francis and dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now.")) > ((paula francis)) > the oscar for best picture went to "spotlight" this year... and now the film is getting the stamp of approval from a surprising source... a vatican owned newspaper. in an editorial monday the newspaper said the oscar winning picture is quote "not anti- catholicand has a compelling plot." "spotlight" is the true story of the boston globe reporters who broke the catholic priest sexual abuse scandal. this isn't the first vatican outlet to praise the film in october.. vatican radio described "spotlight" as "honest" and "compelling."/// ((dave courvoisier)) > the defense attorneys from the popular netflix show "making a murderer" are hitting the road. dean strang and jerry buting are heading out on tour for a series called "a conversation on making a murderer." the two lawyers say their client steven avery is serving life in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
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16th in boston and runs through mid-august. each night will also feature a q&a portion for fans to address their role in the case. no vegas stops are planned... but the closest ones will be san diego... on july 17-th... and phoenix on august 12-th./// ((paula francis)) > an iconic band... coming to vegas? ((dave courvoisier)) where the rolling stones are rumored to perform... before the end of the year. plus: (( they can take their reading skills and apply it in a real special setting )) ((paula francis)) > pairing up students... with shelter animals. coming up at six... the success already being seen... as kids sit down for story time... with man's best friend./// ((coming up... a very big day in campaign 2016, as millions of americans cast their votes. original reporting of all the candidates and the results. super tuesday from inside out. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley.
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> they are considered one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever...
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make history. the rolling stones announced today they will play a free show in havana... on march 25-th. the band would be the biggest act to perform in cuba since the 1959 revolution. and it's the first time mick jagger, keith richards, charlie watts and ronnie wood will perform there. even more exciting to local fans... the stones are rumored to be in talks to perform at the new t-mobile arena before the end of the year./// ((dave courvoisier)) > if you didn't already know... this week marks annual nevada reading week, and today, the 3rd-graders from ms. vitale's class at harley harmon elementary were excellent listeners. i read to them from my favorite shel silverstein books. thanks to them for being so welcoming to me. ((paula francis)) > i had an unusually good time at the county commission m,eeting today! the commissioners made a special presentation in honor of my april first retirement: ((lawrence weekly//clark county commissioner - when they talk about, it takes a village to raise a child, i gotta say it's phenomenal people like you that poured into people
5:28 pm
opportunity i'll never forget.)) ((paula francis)) commissioner weekly and channel 8 go back to his college days... where he was an intern here. commissioner steve sisolak presented me with a key to the strip... which i dropped.. and flowers. tomorrow... las vegas mayor carolyn goodman will proclaim march 2-nd as // ((paula francis)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((dave courvoisier)) > the cbs
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>> pelley: breaking news. we project that hillary clinton will win arkansas, where the
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first lady of that state. our current cbs news estimate shows clinton winning by a big margin. have a look at that. 68% to 32%. this is our cbs news estimate based on the vote that has been taken so far and the exit polling information. that gives her at least five wins in the 11 states holding democratic primaries and caucuses. she also wins georgia, virginia, alabama and tennessee in a sweep of the south. bernie sanders has won his home state of vermont and leads in oklahoma. donald trump has won four of the 12 states where republicans are voting -- alabama, georgia, tennessee and massachusetts. and our current estimate shows trump leading in virginia by a slender margin ahead of marco rubio. rubio is hoping for his first win. there major garrett is covering the republicans for us tonight. nancy cordes is with the


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