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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coast after a deadly train crash in new jersey. now investigators try to piece together answers. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... education savings accounts are on hold after their funding is ruled unconstitutional. why there is still time for the law to be adjusted. ((michelle mortensen)) >> and...
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valley could see a big cool down as we wrap up september. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((michelle mortensen)) commuters out of new jersey are scattering to find another way to work this morning. thanks for starting your morning with us i'm michelle mortensen. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. federal investigators begin to piece together what led to accident in the city. michael steven has been tracking the latest developments. he joins us now with more. ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten, michelle... c-b-s news confirms federal investigators have recovered the data recorder at the rear of the train... there are two data recorders at the front of the train that officials have not been able to recover yet... the investigation continues this morning as thousands of commuters who travel in and out of hoboken, new jersey find another way to
6:02 am ((michael stevens)) the historic hoboken terminal building remains closed to commuters this federal investigators work to recover more evidence from the mangled new jersey transit train inside. (( bella dinh-zarr // ntsb vice chairwoman)) "the canopy of the building is on top of the controlling car// additionally because of the age of the building, there is the possibility of asbestos." ((michael stevens)) witnesses say the train was traveling at a high speed when it slammed through a barrier and (( passenger)) the lights went off and people started screaming. ((michael stevens)) in the midst of the chaos...strangers stepped in to help the injured...includi ng this pregnant woman: (( alexis valle // pregnant passenger)) the baby is fine but the ceiling of the train fell on my head ((michael stevens)) 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon, a wife and mother, was killed by debris from the crash as she stood on the platform. (( shruti bali // hoboken resident)) it started out as a regular day for that poor woman and her family no longer has her so yeah it's kind of scary ((michael stevens))
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as they try to piece together what went wrong. the engineer thomas gallagher was injured in the accident but released from the hospital yesterday. the 48 year old had close to 20 years of experience as an engineer. (( penny jones // neighbor)) he just loves, loves his job. we're just so sad. ((michael stevens)) officials will also be looking at whether 'positive train control' could have prevented the incident. the automatic breaking system deploys when trains run above the speed limit...but had not yet been installed on the tracks. ((michael stevens)) >> officials will be reviewing video from the train's outward facing cameras. another acd this same train station on mother's day in 2011. 34 people were injured. kirsten, michelle? sherry, how's the weather?
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right now seeing some breaks of early light off to the east. ....and it's feeling great for
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....................... we say goodbye to september today and we'll warm up just a bit heading into the weekend before the big drop in temps next week. .............. temps in the 70s and some 60s around the valley right now with a few clouds. ................... temps reaching low 90s today and big cool down next week. demetria, how are the
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expect some slow downs in the area. u-s 95 was closed for more than three hours.. between flamingo
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suspect ran across the freeway to get away from police. he was later hit and killed by a truck. police were investigating a shooting from september 22-nd.. and wanted to talk to the man. they pulled him over ... but the man got out of the car and ran into traffic on t
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police say 53- year- old jeffrey clair drew his gun. a shoot out followed and an officer was hit. he was taken to the hospital for surgery where at last check was in serious but stable condition. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene: (( dennis desantis / kingman: "it's a shame that it happens. unfortunately with the line of work the police are will happen and i'm happy to see the officers are safe and i'm sorry that someone had to die but it's a shame. it's a bad thing either way around." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >>e department is investigating this shooting. it is protocol to have the investigation done by an outside agency./// ((michelle mortensen)) many parents are in a bad situation this morning after the controversial e-s-a program was haulted by the nevada supreme court.... but the fight doesnt appear to be over. the law which passed last year would have allowed parents to get reimbursed by the state for their child's education at private schools -- about five thousand dollars a year. but the program was challenged over the accounts because
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the state supreme court did find the program itself to be constitutional, just not the current allocation plan. despite the ruling, the state treasurer -- who would administer the program -- feels lawmakers could still find a way to make the program work with a few changes. ((dan schwartz/state treasurer (phoner): "assuming that they were sincere, that the only problem here is one of funding, um, the legislature can fix that." )) ((michelle mortensen)) >> governor brian sandoval issued a statement about yesterday's ruling saying there could of the law ruled unconstitu tional...but needs to be well thought out. he says legislative leadership on the issue needs to be consulted as we approach the 20-17 legislative session./// ((kirsten joyce)) unlv has the green light to spend an additional four-million dollars to host the presidential debate on october 19-th at the thomas and mack. that's just 20 days away. leaders from the lvcva and unlv met yesterday and the extra expenditures were approved. they want to make sure they get this right: (( len jessup / unlv president: "all eyes around the
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even though the size of the audience will be relatively small, kind of around a thousand people or so, on the floor around the thomas and mack, this is more complicated than events we've done in the past." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> unlv president len jessup told 8 news now that between five to seven thousand journalists will be on campus for the debate. and some world events are driving up costs as well. despite the up-front costs of hosting the final debate -- the lvcva believes there will be huge rewards for las vegas: (( rossi ralenkotter / lvcva president & ceo: "whenever we can do these kinds of things, put r with the presidential debate, it's a win-win situation." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the lvcva predicts that media exposure from the debate could bring up to 100-million dollars in revenue for the city./// ((michelle mortensen)) we have new details in the upcoming senate debate to be co-hosted by 8 news now and univision. the hour-long debate between congressman joe heck and former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto will be held at canyon springs high school in north las vegas. it's friday, october 14-th at 7 p-m.
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and we want your questions for both candidates! you can submit them right now on our facebook page./// 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the local races and issues that matter to you both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) some local students are proving they have the chops to take on broadway. ((michelle mortensen)) >> while some are mastering yoga... in their high school gym..... it's all coming up in the what's cool at school recap ((kirsten joyce)) also... we give you the heads up on how project neon valley roads. we'll be right back on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader...
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. we all know you have to work together in order to get things done. but in washington, too often joe heck has been part of the problem, putting his party and special interests before nevada. i'm proud of my work with the bush and obama administrations on homeland security. and every bill i sponsored as attorney general was passed by democrats and republicans. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i'll work with anyone
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((kirsten joyce)) a new high school yoga class, two schools teaming up for a talent show, and training future leaders of the brian's "what's
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((brian loftus)) high school can overwhelm anyone, and western high school is addressing those student stressors with a new yoga program.... students and staff can now take advantage of free classes taught by professional yoga instructors.... 17:35.40 - 17:35.45 joyce sportsman founder, try (trauma recovery yoga) "everybody that came together to make this happen, it's a beautiful project, and everyone's heart is really in it, and you can feel that." ((brian loftus)) the great need for this healthful, holistic practice is evident in the popularity among students..... 0 sharelle moore senior "i'm going to be here every day - i need to work on these muscles." 17:14.17 - 17:14.23 alejandra alvarez senior "i'm excited for this program, i just, i just can't believe that it's here." school #2 ((brian loftus)) two local elementary schools - robert lake and ruby thomas - teamed up for a talent show featuring the skills of their students. it's a chance for some kids to find a love of udents showed courage and pride when taking the stage.... 10:25.51 - 10:26.03 zakiyah green 5th grade "on stage, since i have friends support me, it's fun, and my teacher,
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((brian loftus)) staff wanted these students to feel the freedom and fun of trying something new, and maybe discover a love of the arts 10:42.52 - 10:42.59 joseph buck pta president - robert e. lake elem. "it's just about letting them experience the arts in a way that they're going to enjoy." school #3 ((brian loftus)) the future leaders of our kids classrooms, are still kids themselves! but at east career and technical academy - they are already training for a career in education 00:22.25 - 00:22.34 jamie steve i like kids a lot, and i feel like it's giving back to the community to teach kids." 00:21.10 - 00:21.15 carlos lainez junior "it's pretty fun beause you get to use what comes out of your get to be very creative." ((brian loftus)) a program called tiny titans brings in real experience. it's a pre-school lab where twenty pre-k kids give these high-schoolers the opportunity to hone their skills... 00:28.44 - 00:28.51 linda bouch early childhood education teacher "and when they come back to visit me and tell me that they got their credential,
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loftus)) and that's what's cool at school ((kirsten joyce)) to vote for one of these programs.. head to las vegas now dot com.. it'll be under the community tab under sections. the winner gets 250 dollars for their program. to send us an idea.... go to cool at school at las vegas now dot com./// sherry, how's the weather? ((sherry swensk)) weather? ((sherry swensk)) get ready to pull out your fall
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coming for several days. ................... highs today though will be warm and a little above normal with low 90s. lows will stay mild until next week when they chill down to the 50s. .................... and something else for the honey do list - you can change your sprinkler clocks to water any time during the day or night you'd like starting tomorrow. the three assigned days a week stays in place, but the time of day restrictions go away. low pressure sinking south along the west coast and will turn inland this weekend and that will get those winds cranking with fire weather watches posted for sunday. ............. highs will drop dramatically to extra cool 70s next monday and last a couple of days.
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manslaughter charge, today. officer betty shelby has been out on 50-thousand- she faces a manslaughter charge for shooting and killing an unarmed black man, terence crutcher, earlier this month. as the shooting drew nationwide attention, police released videos showing some of what happened.... crutcher had his hands up and was not armed. a prosecutor accused shelby of shooting crutcher both "unnecessarily" and "unlawfully." if convicted, shelby could be sentenced to four years to life in prison./// ((michelle mortensen)) former israeli president shimon peres has been laid to rest this morning.
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president bill clinton, attended his funeral in jerusalem. current palestinian president mahmoud abbas said, despite a breakdown in peace efforts, he attended the funeral to honor peres' longtime commitment to the cause. peres held nearly every senior political office in israel, including president and prime minister. in 2012, president obama awarded peres the presidential medal of freedom. (((potus) the last of the founding generation is now gone. shimon accomplished enough things in his life for a thousand men. )) shimon peres' final resting place is in a jerusalem cemetery. he will be buried close to former prime minister rabin and other israeli dignitaries./// ((kirsten joyce)) the mantle of the super bowl half time act has been passed on. ((michelle mortensen)) >> who will be performing on one of the most watched stages in the nation we'll be right back on 8 news now good day./// and it's time for today's facebook contest.
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overnight. looking ahead to next month, this coming monday... desert lane will shut down permanently between charleston and hastings. toward the end of the week, you'll start seeing more lane restrictions on westbound bonneville between i-15 and mlk. the exit to mlk from southbound i-15 and northbound 95 will shut down. that's scheduled for next friday. traffic will be detoured to rancho drive off us 95 north. you can stay on top of all of these closures by visiting ndot project neon d when it comes to traffic alerts and progress updates. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) lady gaga will
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last night the official announcement was made that the pop star will take the stage february fifth in houston. gaga sang the national anthem at the super bowl this past year -- but was not the main event. she has a new album coming out next month./// ((kirsten joyce)) now on good day... a deadly train crash in new a ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'. investigators looking for answers. how survivors of the crash are describing the moments of chaos as it crashed into the hoboken terminal. ((michelle mortensen)) >> plus... it's getting extra spooooooky on the famous las vegas strip! the popular attraction opening it's doors this weekend as we kick off the halloween season. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and... how soon could it start to feel like fall?... sherry breaks down to strong winds moving into southern nevada. ((michelle mortensen)) >> 8 news now good day, the
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((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((michelle mortensen)) >> new information this morning into that train crash in new jersey. good morning everyone, i'm michelle mortensen in for brian. kirsten joyce >> and i'm kirsten joyce. investigators say the train that crashed into the hoboken terminal yesterday was traveling at a high rate of speed... and the n-t-s-b says it will spend the next 7-10 days determine exactly what happened. ((michelle mortensen)) >> 8 news now reporter michael stevens is in studio this morning with the latest. good morning, michael? ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten, michelle... the big question at this hour is why the train never slowed down before crashing into the hoboken terminal... just before 9-am yesterday. the crash killed one woman waiting on the platform... and injured more than 100 others. the n-t-s-b believes some clues could be found in the train's two event recorders -- one
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recover the second one. right now, the n-t-s-b is looking into all possible factors that could have led to the crash. commuters who survived and witnessed the crash describe the chaotic scene: (( ) at the end of every track there's a bumper, a steel bumper, it went right through the bumper and right onto the platform)) (( ) there was just this impact, and it sounded like an explosion. and we were stunned. (( ) the speed seemed normal: but as we got closer, you know -- i didn't really realize it at the time but, you know, did not slow down at all.)) >> the engineer of the train has been identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher -- an employee of new jersey transit for 29 years. gallagher was treated for his injuries and released from a local hospital. new jersey's governor says he is coorporating with investigators. this morning... the new jersey transit service remains suspended. kirsten, michelle? ((kirsten joyce)) sherry, how's the weather? ((sherry swensk))
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some breaks of early light off to the east.
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....................... we say goodbye to september today and we'll warm up just a bit heading into the weekend before the big drop in temps next week. .............. around the valley right now with a few clouds. ................... temps reaching low 90s today and then a windy weekend before a big cool down next week. there's a crash on southbound rainbow past flamingo.
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expect some delays. yesterday morning, two new signals were activated on blue diamond and el capitan and fort apache. the county is working to construct two new ones in mountain's edge on buffalo and gomer and buffalo and mountain's edge parkway.
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in the valley. ((michelle mortensen)) >> up next the people behind fright dome >> talk with us about what's new at the terrifying attraction this year that's guaranteed to have you screaming for mommy! we'll be right back on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and demetria obilor.
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((kirsten joyce)) there will be plenty of thrills and chills this weekend as one of the nation's most spook-a-riffic attractions opens up. ((michelle mortensen)) >> we're talking about the one and only firght dome! joining us this morning is fright dome owner jason egan
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because we have quite a drop in temps coming for several days. ................... warm and a little above normal with low 90s. lows will stay mild until next week when they chill down to the 50s. .................... and something else for the honey do list - you can change your sprinkler clocks to water
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the three assigned days a week stays in place, but the time of day restrictions go away. ................ low pressure sinking south along the west coast and will turn inland this weekend and that will get those winds cranking for sunday. ............. highs will drop dramatically to spaghetti bowl is slowing down. i'm still not seeing any cones out on i-15 between craig and speedway. back to you!/// ((michelle mortensen))
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d-i-y manicure really spray on nail polish says yes... so i put it to the "try it before you buy it" test./// plus... (( )) /// ((michelle mortensen)) spray on nail polish is
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps"
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we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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claiming to give women perfect manicures with little to no fuss. this morning i'm puting 2 versions to the try it before you buy it test.
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crystal and kalia have gorgeous natural nails so ladies what color -- pretty purple or pretty pink. )) ((michelle mortensen)) now that that's out of the way .. let's get to painting. the instructions say apply a base coat first ... then spray on the color. ((michelle mortensen)) first impression ((it's cold ... . )) ((michelle mortensen)) cold and messy. (( it looks like you let my daughter do your nails .. and i wouldn't let her do my nais and despite the spray and wash advertisements ... you do have to paint your nails with top coat ..and let them dry before you wash. and what do all red blodded americans do when they have to wait ... they sing the jeopardy song. ((do do do ... we can start a choir. laughing )) ((michelle mortensen)) now it's time to wash the color slides of their skin with ease. so how do their nails look ? ((you don't like them you think they look ugly - they are blotchy and stuff. ))
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either. (( it looks dinged up )) ((michelle mortensen)) the paint also clung to their cuticals and would not come off easily without ruining the enitre look. ((is it a deal or a dud .. it's a dud. )) ((michelle mortensen)) update .. both women had a very hard time removing the polish from their nails and curicles. the color was very saturated beds. it took them about 2 days to get it all off. we bought our spray nail polishes on amazon ... both were less than 10 bucks a piece. and remember .. if you have something you want me to try beofre you buy ... hit me up on facebook. sherry, how's the weather today?
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we're likely going to see our first freezing temps of the season in the mountains by sunday night. overnight lows even in the upper 20s up at mt. charleston. ................... a beautiful shot of the sun peeking through the clouds from our red rock camera now... and a light breeze in the palm trees. ....................... october... then after the cold front sweeps through monday morning... a significant drop in temps - both daytime and overnight. .............. temps in the 70s right now will become our daytime highs by monday. ................... today we'll be reaching low 90s today and then a very windy weekend before a big cool down next week.
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slow you down. traffic is down to one lane, when you'd usually have three. use alternates like jones. here's what things look like on us 95 over downtown.
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((kirsten joyce)) >> jay-z is taking a crack at the major company he is signing on with that's putting him in line for some major motion pictures. we'll be right back on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((demetria obilor))
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the new salami caprese panini from subway. pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust
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deeper into the business side of
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a 2 year deal with the weinstein company to produce t-v and film projects. during yesterday's annoucement jay-z commented that he's already passionate about what they currently have in the pipeline and is looking forward to discovering other projects. jay's recent film involvement includes the 2014 "annie" remake and baz luhrmann's "the great gatsby"./// ((kirsten joyce)) it's been yet another interesting and insightful week here at 8 new now good day. ((michelle mortensen)) >> from learning the health nailing down the correct pronunciation of hakuna matata here's a look at some of our brighter moments. ((sherry swensk)) >> we'll look for mid 80's tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms and that continues into thursday ((michael stevens)) >> look's like i'm not going to be able to wash my car washed today ((sherry swensk)) >> well that's your choice.
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i'm a ((michael stevens)) >> well that was my plan now i'm a little worried with wendsday and thursday it's not happening anymore i'm not spending 25 dollars on that i can wait till next week. ((kirsten joyce)) >> 25 dollars? wow big spender! ((sherry swensk)) >> where do you go? the cadillac place? ((kirsten joyce)) >> oh sherry's pulling out the dollars ((michael stevens)) >> who carries this much symore? ashe real question i'll take it all. this looks better in my pocket square ((michael stevens)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> oh my gosh. ((michael stevens)) >> i was trying so hard. ((kirsten joyce)) >> ok ok look at the words and try it again ((michael stevens)) >> hakuna matata there we go! laughing what a terrible phrase ((brian loftus)) >> it turns out roller coastersre for just more than renale junkies they're also good for ueealth. parently roll help people pass kidney snes. brian ltus))>> i can picture so ying, "uh honey i tell you at, the kidney stonesre ck, and i'm going to disney world." laughing and i will be sitting in the back ((sherry swensk)) >> and i'm going to ride big thunder mountain. ((michael stevens)) >> wait wait.....what's with the accent? ((brian loftus)) >> i don't know ((sherry swensk)) >> i don't know he pulled out the accent. ((brian loftus))
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choice. it coul've been an irish guy i mean everyone gets kidney stones. ((kirsten joyce)) >> do julia childs ((brian loftus)) >> well that's what you sound like earlier. ((sherry swensk)) >> that's what you did when you said hello to michael. ((brian loftus)) >> hellooooo!!!! you sound like julia child or robin williams in mrs. doubtfire. ((kirsten joyce)) >> "i've got dinner on the stove." ((brian loftus)) >> i don't know what we're channeling today let's move on folks julia childs audio background: >> helloooo!!! ((sherry swensk)) >> hellooo laughing ((sherry swensk)) >> that you just gotta walk away. thanks for joining us. "c-b-s this morning" starts right now.///
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it is friday, september 30th, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning". what caused a packed commuter train to slam into a we are getting new details on the investigation in new jersey. and witnesses describe how they pulled injured passengers from the wreckage. >> one of the country's most read newspapers urges anyone to vote for anyone but donald trump. the nominee launches an early morning attack against hillary clinton and a former miss universe. >> we are on top of the world's highest and longest glass bridge. china hopes the breath taking view will do more than shatter world record. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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