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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> a debt solution... isn't all that it seems. it's actually making matters worse. michelle mortensen is on your side... with ways to avoid falling into the trap. > as many people thank them for their service -- one local group is working to help veterans struggling with suicide looked into what's being down to prevent veterans from hurting themselves after serving their country. ((mauricio marin)) >> veterans are more than 20-percent at greater risk to commit suicide according to the department of veteran affairs. so one local group known as "forgotten not gone" is using an unconventional way to help former military men and women work to ease the pain they might be dealing with. ((mauricio marin)) it's been a long journey... ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "we just accomplished 2,222 mile journey of riding our recovery trikes in las vegas."
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the las vegas veterans day parade means so much to him. he just finished a personal goal to ride more than 2-thousand miles to raise awareness about veteran suicide. the v-a says every day about 20 veterans committ suicide....down from 22 just a couple years ago. guidry who once contemplated taking his own life....doesn't want anyone to think about hurting themselves. ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "man my story is a little embarrassing but four years ago i wanted to end it all. i was in the hospital for 11 days." )) ((mauricio marin)) thanks to help from his docr feels good. ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "we just need a hand up and that's what these trikes do. get these veterans out of the house and get them out of isolation and help them avoid depression." )) ((mauricio marin)) guidry's wife says the therapy tricycle has made a world of a difference. ((kelley guidry/ "forgotten not gone: "within two months he was a different person. he was back to the person i married. his anxiety level went down the depression decreased." )) ((mauricio marin)) the couple started the group "forgotten not gone three years ago with two bikes. ((kelley guidry/ "forgotten not gone: "you know we sat down and thought every veteran shold have access to
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bikes and their own facility. some like charles mcgee who served in world war two---say it's an incredible program. ((charles mcgee/military veteran: "it's so important to recognize that there are those that need help." )) ((mauricio marin)) he leaves the pedaling to the younger generation. but says the comradery is what helps the most. as for guidry...he's working to get the word out....that life can change for the better. ((peter guidry/forgotten not gone: "life just feels good. i'm glad i was able to get the help i needed and correcting those behaviors that needed correcting.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> about 65-percent of all veterans who died from sucide were 50 years or older according to the latest statistics. so the group encourages veterans to stay active. for anyone looking to get involved with their group forgotten not gone--or interesting in helping out---we have a link on las-vegas-now- dot-com. back to you./// ((denise valdez)) in addition to this morning's parade... plenty of other celebrations are happening around town to honor the men and women who've served our country. sharie johnson is at the mirage hotel where it's kicking off its annual tribute weekend --
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mgm teamed up with american airlines and the uso to give more than 70 veterans a weekend of rexation. right now they're having a special dinner with friends and family. but look at their hero's welcome. they we're greeted with hundreds of mgm resorts music, cheers, flags and lots of love. their shark reef and the secret garden and dolphin habitat. we talked to one veteran, a part of the military bomb squad, who lost both legs on his last mission. we talked to him about why he wanted to specifically work on the front lines. ((aaron causey, veteran "it's a part of who we are in our family, and the reason i pick my job is i like
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main reason i learned to really love it is being overseas you're going out and your only goal is to save lives" )) this is a special group of veterans... who despite being wounded are upbeat and gratitude. ((sharie johnson)) >> aaron causey was overwhelmed by the appreciation of veterans... and said it makes him feel like
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8news now.// (( protest nats )) ((dave courvoisier)) another night of protests around the country... as donald trump begins his transition from president-elect... to the leader of our trump says he wants to move quickly to repeal obamacare... while at the same time keeping people from being denied insurance for pre-existing conditons. trump will take the oath of office in 10 weeks./// ((dave courvoisier)) back here at home... the focus shifts from campaigning to transitioning for the new democrats who were elected to capitol hill. jacky rosen will head to washington d-c to represent congressional district three. she sat down with politics now co-host patrick walker to talk about what's next. ((patrick walker)) >> dave... jacky rosen has never held public office.
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in washington... serving as a member of the minority party. we talked about what that will be like in her first t-v interview since being elected. the congresswoman-e lect says she wants to start by tackling issues like infrastructure and trade deals... where she shares some common ground with president-elect donald trump. and she says she would like to be appointed to the transportation and natural resources committees. another issue she wants to champion is veterans affairs.: ((patrick walker: "as of this taping, today is veterans day, so in the spirit of that, what are some veterans is accomplish?" jacky rosen: "you know, my husband's proudly served, and worked at the va hospital, well the hospital hasn't been there for 10 years, but he's worked there for over 10 years now, and so i think we need to be more responsive to the veterans that are coming back with traumatic brain injuries, ptsd, be sure that we expand those services to, for those kinds of things that are hidden, those kinds of support friendships that people need to make to come back into society, reduce the wait lines and access to care for sure.")) ((patrick walker))
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republican danny tarkanian by less than 4- thousand votes. the campaigns... outside groups and super pacs spent a record-breaking 14.7 million dollars in this race in 2016. ((patrick walker)) >> we'll have more from our interview on this week's politics now... sunday night at 5:30 right here on channel 8. dave and denise.../// ((denise valdez)) taking a lo hard to believe its almost mid-november now -- considering it's still a little warm outside. but that didn't stop tedd from getting outside for some holiday fun. he joins us now from town square where santa will be arriving tonight... hey tedd.
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degrees for november? if so that would tie the record set back in 1950. right now we're close but not quite 80 so it's a wait and see for today's high. light winds and slightly cooler than yesterday at this time. ................................ ... ............... good. clear skies and mild through the night. we wake up to more clouds tomorrow but still mild in the morning after dropping to the mid 50's for our morning start and a little chilly. ((denise valdez)) up next... some heart-pumping action will fly over las vegas this weekend. ((and we're rollin'! screams)) our own katie boer buckled into a fighter jet for a taste of what's to come during "aviation nation"./// ((denise valdez))
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results. and this week .. she's helping people who have a problem with debt ... and exposing a slick sounding solution that's really nothing but a scam.
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amalia first brought this to my attention. she said a company called finance solutions offered her a credit card modification. they claimed her 71 thousand in credit card debt could be cut almost in half to 44 thousand and paid off in 4 years. even better they were offering her 0% interest on the repayment. she wanted to know if this offer was too good to be true -- or something she couldn't pass up. sadly this of be true. and i'll show you how i discovered that .. so you'll know what to look for if you get a pitch like this. first ... according to their website http://financesol the company is located at 132 east 43rd street in new york. that's a u-p-s store .. so they don't have a physical location. second the manhattan b-b-b ... had a huge file on them. the better business bureaus website explains there is no
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modification'. what they really offer is debt settlement. debt settlement has some drawbacks too. it works like this you stop paying your creditors and pay the company instead. they hold on to your cash until the account becomes severely delinquent and then hope the creditor is willing to accept a reduced balance to settle the account. here's the downside. the creditor could send you to collections... or pursue legal action against you and start garnishis your wages. your credit score will also take a t settlement is reached down the road. well, don't think you're not going pay. any "settlement" savings of more than $600 is considered income that you'll pay in taxes. so what's your option for getting out of debt? the financial guidance center .. our debt destroyer partner can help. they are amazing and their services are free. ... and have no negative consequences to your credit or future. got a problem? tell me all about it ... because i'm always on your side
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((dave courvoisier)) the holidays have almost arrived... even if it's still a little warm outside. ((denise valdez)) >> but folks at town square are getting a taste of winter today... let's go back out to tedd now... has is started snowing yet?
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more like september as of late. our sky cameras showing clear skies across the region. .............. right now temps across the valley
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70s -- so very mild into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. several degrees above normal. slightly cooler conditions with periods of high clouds can be expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the upper a little cooler--but still trending warmer than normal for thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows
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through friday. mid 70s through the weekendand into early next week. ((denise valdez)) aviation nation is back at nellis air force base...just in time for the veteran's day weeken the show starts tomorrow and runs through sunday.. and is free to the public--in fact-- aviation nation is the largest free event in the state of nevada. this is video of a previous airshow. veterans, active military and non-military...ev en kids are invited to the airshow that features up-front static displays and their wildly popular airial demonstrations. ((denise valdez)) the capstone of each days air show features the highly-technical, airial maneuvers of the air force's "ambassadors in blue" -- better known as the thunderbirds. katie boer met the pilots and
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hitching a ride inside the cockpit of an f-16 fighting falcon comes with major training. like squeezing excercises to prevent tunnel vision... ... and breathing techniques... (( it should look something like this so try that for me a couple times chh hoo chhh hooo good, )) .....this "hook maneouver"....a procedure designed to maximize lung capacity while experiencing g-force. just one question... (( kb: how often do people pass out? surgeon: very very very seldom )) guess that's good enough for me but first... i need the right equipment. "so were going to have you throw this on" :48 )) (( : "i feel like i got chaps on )) (( "i feel like im going up in space here" )) (( : " guys are like the sky cowboys!!" )) despite the current flight suit i'm wearing the crew still needs to size and fit me to a compression g-suit (( crew!: alright hows the right thigh? nice and snug? kb: snug as a bug in a rug )) (( "abd it locks in like that )) (( crew: you want to kind
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)) right.... i may look ridiculous, but this vest is designed to help circulate blood from my feet up to my upper body -- that and it will help keep me strapped into the jet. this fighter jet, sitting on the tarmac has my name on it--no really! number 8 in the fleet is piloted by major scott petz -- better known by these guys as "cheetah" --- i'm about to find out why. (( ready to go? kb: yep! petz: alright )) (( here.... come.... )) our "max climb takeoff" seems more like like apa uled c i 30-y s ly cow! pilot: we went ng way( "this is the craziest coolest thing i've ever done in my entire life" )) and you think takeoff's crazy? these jets go negative 3 to a whopping 9 g's. nothi quite like making your passenger take over the reins... (( ok now push forwsrd little bit there you go. kb: uh.. oh my god! pilot: alright pull back it like you stole it: )) yeah... i wasn't expecting to fly the jet. call it my warm up. (( pilot: here we go... here...come...the g's )) in less than a second... my body feels like it's sucked back into my seat... (( pilot: remember don't forget to breath okay )) at 9-g's...the gravitational force makes my body feel nine times heavier. (( kb a little calmer: oh my god. pilot: cool huh? kb: that was incredible!! ))
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to nellis )) and a flight --- i won't soon forget . (( kb hugging pilot kb: that was amazing thank you so much )) ((katie boer)) for our specs... we hit 9-g's several times and reached speeds just shy of the speed of sound at point-nine-four mach. i was impressed---but the "ambasaders in blue" don't do these stunts to impress me. they do it to inspire the next generation of pilots that might be at the aviation nation crowd this weekend. by the way...hours for that show... 9am to 5pm both saturday and sunday. ((dave courvoisier)) we'll be right back.///
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and more is on the way for downtown. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the downtown las vegas events center is hosting a sports anu noon... and will go until 8 p-m./// ((dave courvoisier)) then sunday... it's the rock n roll marathon. aside from new year's eve... it's the only event that completely shuts down the strip. ((denise valdez)) >> starting at about 2 p-m... las vegas boulevard will be closed from sunset to downtown. 45-thousand people are expected to run it this year./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) right now at 6...
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview. also tonight, christie's out, pence is in, as the transition team is shaken up. an anti-trump march turns into a riot. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> pelley: there's a jump in accidents, with more elderly truck drivers at the wheel. >> reporter: do you think his age played into that at all? >> i do, i do. >> pelley: and why would a couple wait nine years to open a wedding gift? >> you kind of wonder, you know, is it time to turn to the box?


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