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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the victim six times from the head... to the forearms... and the chest.a judge set his bail at 750- thousand dollars.wanatee was arrested yesterday morning and charged with fatally stabbing 51- year- old vernon mace during an argument outside of mace's home on west 1st street. he's also been charged with aggravated assault and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon in a separate case. wanatee's next court appearance on the murder charge is february 29th... and march 16th on the assault and weapon charges. 3 the ida grove man wanted for attempted murder is in custody tonight... but hurt an *officer* before being arrested yesterday36 - year - old jeremy werneburg was wanted in sac county for attempted murder after he police say he hit another man with his car sunday.on wednesday... fort dodge police got a tip that werneburg was at a wal - mart.when an officer tried to arrest him at the store... werneburg fought back.the
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used a taser on werneburg.werneburg is charged with assault on a peace officer causing injury and interference with official acts causing injury... in addition to the attempted murder charge. 3 3 a sioux city family is homeless this evening after an early- morning fire on the northside.just after 4 a- m... fire crews arrived to find smoke coming from a home on the 35- hundred block of lafayette street the home's residents had already evacuated... after being alerted by working smoke detectors.the fire was quickly put out... but did cause significant damage to the home. investigators say the fire was caused by a malfunctioning electrical appliance in the basement.the home has been red- tagged by the city. 3 sioux city *police* are warning people about a possible yard work scam and theft crew operating in town.police say on three days over the past two weeks... 3 a group of 2 to 4 white men in a light- colored truck have been doing tree- trimming work in the morningside area... 3 then entering the victims'
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after intimidating the homeowners.police say if you're approached by people wanting to do work... do not let them inside and call police if you think they're acting suspiciously. 3 3 an investment firm is working with a local non- profit in the fight against alzheimer's disease. an investment firm is working with a local nonprofit group in the fight against alzheimer's disease, edward jones financial services will spend nearly $5 million during the next two years to support the mission of the alzheimer's association and that money will create the edward jones alzheimer's research fund which will provide funding for research to cure the disease.>> this is an exciting partnership with the alzheimer's association at edward jones. this will enable us to provide more information, educational resources, and research with alzheimer's.
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the nationwide sponsor on the annual walk to and alzheimer's and if you would like more information about the alzheimer's association we have a link to the website in the story that can be found on a webpage, siouxland it would be nice to see more sunshine. >> the sun helped. temperatures worked their way into the lower 50s, a cooled off a little bit as we worked into the late afternoon hours but overall warming trend finally commenced. a little bit of cloud cover still left especially in the east sections, you can see the satellite imagery and those will be prevalent throughout the evening tonight and early friday. 49 for sioux city but with the temperature south and west, lincoln is at 69, or flat as 68 rapid city shows temperatures in the lower 70s as we wrap up the wednesday afternoon. evening planners attempts will depend the lower 40s tonight but will head up quickly early friday morning.
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we will have to watch out for wind, all that coming up in a few minutes. south dakota governor. dennis dunbar has agreed to meet with transgender advocates and opponents of the recently passed senate bill.>> will find out what is driving the opposition. >> reporter: it has been a roller coaster of the day at the center of equality, after she listened to this voice message she called the governor's office back. >> she said i do understand that but we're obviously very disappointed that he doesn't have 10 minutes to speak with us here at >> earlier this afternoon she told us staff member from the governor's office called again. this time wanting to clear time for meeting. gaddis has been keeping an eye on this legislation because she worries that hb 1008 could hurt students and take a local control from educators. >> i think at that school leaders and terrible
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bathroom and lover of topics sioux falls superintendent brian maher says the district already works with transgender basis. >> will hang our hat on two fronts, one we want our kids to be safe, number two we want an environment that we provide to beat discriminatory free. >> maher says 1008 will not stop the district from try to possible. however, maher says if schools have to follow state law about where students can go to the bathroom districts could be in danger of violating federal antidiscrimination laws. >> it appears as though there is going to be the feds here, the state here, and we will be in between. >> for now everyone is waiting to find out whether governor. do guard will sign or veto 1008 and in the past spokesperson had said the governor is reviewing all testimony about this now he is also considering the letter. gaddis hopes to make an impact. >> where fighting a battle but
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he does owe it to us to hear some voices.>> there is a measure amongst the bill for the students and that bill will set south dakota back and others calling the measure a state lawmakers. basketball star to monthly morris is getting help from heidi. this morning 11 heidi semi trucks lined up and aims ready to hit the road to embattled flight, five trucks were filled with bottled water and six had gallon water containers. the grocery stain - chain theeb decided to take action and the 11 trucks were in honor of morrissey wears number 11 for iowa state.>> i am emotional, it brought a lot of tears to my eyes because nobody wants their
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it is hard to talk about. >> the trucks are expected to arrive in flint tomorrow and more says his mother will be there when the water is delivered. the death toll has risen 14% over the last year, opiate related deaths, specifically heroin overdoses have been on the rise for years and in 2013 those deaths doubled in iowa alone. >> now iowa is taken the steps to combat this, jaclyn driscoll has more. >> reporter: diana and larry on monday the iowa senate passed a bill authorizing emts to use an emergency drug narcancalled which stops the effect of an overdose in as quickly as 30 seconds. >> some call it an harrowing epidemic, increases of overdoses on heroin and opioids is sweeping the nation and even right here in iowa the death tolls are on the rise.
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to authorize emts to use narcan , with no liability as long as was administered in good faith. >> this no liability on the part of the emergency rescue personnel on it ministering that drug which is designed to intercept how the heroin or any other opioid effects preceptors. >> something siouxland paramedics have used for years, it deprives the individual of the high created by narcotics.>> that is what this drug does, it blocks the receptor site and takes the highway. >> overdoses of prescribed narcotics are often commonly seen and with the use of this the effects of the drug will be quickly reversed. >> usually within 30 seconds to a couple minutes or maybe five minutes after you administer you should see type of response. >> police agencies and fire departments are being considered to carry this as opioid related deaths continue
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police department says they are not using it currently and if they did they would be sure to implement proper training before using it.>> thanks jaclyn. the zika virus is officially a global health emergency as health officials watch a stretch from latin america on. >> the virus is impacting the blood supply, whether government is doing to try to keep infected blood out of circulation coming up after the break. you are watching siouxland news at five on quibec 14 with larry west, diana castillo, siouxland chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports
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this is siouxland d d 3 the spread of the zika virus has caused a change in the blood donation system.the government has put in new the spread of the zika virus has caused a change in the blood donation system. >> the government has put in new controls to keep the virus from spreading, we explain how things are changing. >> reporter: since the start of the year snow, ice and blizzard conditions of canceled more than 350 snow, ice and blizzard conditions of canceled more than 350 blood dr. nationwide. >> that storm that hit the very beginning of february, just the software to cancel more than 20 blood drives just and nebraska. >> catie marshall says canceling those 20 drives cost the red cross more than 850 pints of blood and now the
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sidelined more donors. as a precautionary measure the fda and red cross ask that anyone who has traveled to mexico, caribbean, central or south america to not donate blood for at least 28 days after arriving back in the us. despite taking these cautionary measures dr. susan trimer with the red cross stressed the chances of zika infected blood donations remains extremely low in the us. some states estimate these restrictions will reduce blood donors by 2%. nebraska does not yet know how it will affect its donation. >> they let enough people know there is a shortage and there may be another shortage, maybe some will step up. >> donna culligan is the importance of donating blood. >> it was very important because i would have bled to death at my surgery. it basically said my life. >> culligan and dozens of other donors filled the donation center on wednesday and the red
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donors will be plentiful once again. >> we cannot manufacture blood, we cannot stockinette for ever, we need to continue to reach out to people and depend on the generosity and kindness of volunteer donors.>> the sioux city woman found facedown in a snowy ditch near mobile last month is finally out the hospital, 24-year-old shamika hayes was found but to woodbury county sheriff's deputies on january 15 after going missing on january 11. she was hypothermic and had frostbite and so may lose her fingers. the fundraiser to help her family by the medical expenses will take place at the floyd laborde pizza ranch on february 29 and that will run from 4 pm to 8 pm. a growing number of americans are being forced to choose between filling prescriptions are paying their other bills. the main reason is the price, prescription drugs has doubled in the last year and as prices increase the benefit caps remain in place and more and more people are falling into what is called the coverage
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>> my doctors, do i absolutely have to have these? based on the things wrong with me as a well unless you want to be dead. >> coming up tonight on siouxland news at 10 we are investigating behind what is causing the rising prices of scripture drugs and show you how to spend extra time researching before you head to the pharmacy and how that can save money at checkout. it turned out to be a very nice day today, our almanac shown high temperatures and sioux city today write it 50. 14 degrees above normal for this time of year.
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through the end of tonight weather is brought to you by bluhm guards. first alert weather with siouxlands chief meteorologist chad sandwell.>> it is so nice outside and we are in here.>> it is going to get even better. forget about today, morrow and saturday will be really nice. let's take a look outside to see how things are shaping up. this is outed arnold part, not to buy great lakes, tops and kitchens, dare i say a little bit of a blue sky out there this afternoon? warmer weather and chris carter on the way, this is a view from dakota dunes with a few high clouds, and some blue peeking through. there is the sunshine as he
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lewis and clark specialty hospital . extended forecast, no real change from what we haven't talked about the last couple, 60 tomorrow near 60 on saturday and it will be a windy day tomorrow at a breezy day to close out the weekend, early next week temps for the most part in the lower 40s and it might dip into the upper 30s on thursday, where ironing out the that. satellite imagery shows cloud cover this morning, that has been dissipating over the days, this is allow the temperatures to warm up here and sioux city topping out at 50, it is in a long time since we've been able to say that. this will be pushing through in the overnight hours, we will be looking for a west to northwest wind early friday morning but at the same time we will start watching the winds creep up and they will do so throughout the afternoon. the wind becoming more westerly throughout the afternoon will also help push the temperatures upwards we will be looking at temperatures on friday near 60 degrees for most of us.
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morning will be off to another beautiful start, temperatures will not be too cold despite the clear skies but we will be looking for plenty of sunshine to wrap up the day. then we have a little bitter cold front sitting out west late saturday night and sunday that will come through, temperatures near 60 saturday and back to the middle and upper 40s for the rest of the weekend. sioux city shows 49 right now under mostly sunny skies with east southwest was 8 miles per hour, humidity and 74% temps are glued to the east, 37 and spencer, out west we are 45 and yankton, and look an awful at 56 degrees. and of course we showed you earlier in the regional temperatures rapid city silting temperatures in the lower 70s and winds at this hour are out of the southeast anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. they will turn around a little bit after the overnight hours and really start to pick up. wind advisories in effect for most of the area which was until six tomorrow night and at times we could be looking for
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rather 50 miles per hour. cloudy skies with winds picking up 42 the overnight low in the southeast winds 10 to 20 miles per hour and tomorrow force will be looking for an afternoon high of 60 degrees. we will be looking for a strong southwest winds gusting throughout the afternoon entering to the west. overall very springlike weather in store, not only for tomorrow but right through the weekend it is a day one of the state wrestling individual
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>> chris is here to catch us up your weekend. "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 state individual sports with sports director chris neyenhouse .>> state individual wrestling began about iowa and nebraska tonight, we will start in the cornhusker state. early in the day, battle creek freshman kayden mccracken advances to class d 106 pound semifinals with a pen in the third.. in class b100 west pointe beaver riley berg advances. o'neills kayden more is next and he will move on after a 7
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in the 100 in the 132 pound bracket. battle creek's dreamland and advanced to 170 pound semi with an eight semi with an 8 to 4 decision, and in class c 220 pound jason hall back advanced with a third. 10. early what is a nebraska, 126 pound riley berg winds his round one, onto the next one, 106 pounds, the aforementioned mccracken of battle creek won his first to match-ups, and 120 pound jaden december and tommy nelson both when their first- round matchup before falling in the quarter. in the 126 pound the same
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132 kristen - preston murphy. in the 170 tody - cody thomas and in the 182 and in the 180 2f from gomez wins before falling in the quarterfinal.>> this is the iowa side, this is cody berg of westwood who racked up the points 120 pound class and advances to the next round eared marcus myers was tied in winter 26 match but gets the point just at the end of the last round to advance and his bracket. in the 138 pound bracket woodbury central cody gomer wins the pen in the win in the opening round. here's what else we have got, curtis kreger advances in the 126 pound bracket. akron westfield siler briggs also advances.
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central cody zellmer as we just saw is onto the next round, ted krueger advances in the 160 and 170 respectively. daniel bishop wins in the 182 pound category. in the 195 skyler bonastrue advances. it was a tough first-round, dion claiborne of north advances, jacob wiley 182 and 2 acres and a at six. down the road at east high school there was a pair of signings, he will join head coach steve lyons squad next year as a amateur northwest
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ferran holds.>> thanks chris.>> what keeps getting better is the weather. it does indeed, 42 degrees for the overnight low and the winds will pick up as well and then for tomorrow it looks like
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mostly sunny skies, without for >> pelley: now it's a holy war between trump and the pope.
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question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> pelley: also tonight, two days before the nevada caucus, a personal side of hillary clinton. >> my mother met me at the door, and she said, "there is no room for cowards in this house." >> pelley: a hospital pays ransom to hackers to get its computers back. and from football to footlights. >> i got good feet. >> pelley: a former nfl star pulls off the play of a lifetime it may sound odd, but all i care about is love captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from las vegas. >> pelley: the odds-makers here at ceasar's palace never bet on this, but in a campaign that has seen just about everything, we now have donald trump feuding with the pope.


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