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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the chest.a judge set his bail at 750- thousand dollars.wanatee was arrested yesterday morning and charged with fatally stabbing 51- year- old vernon mace during an argument outside of mace's home on west 1st street. he's also been charged with aggravated assault and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon in a separate case. wanatee's next court appearance on the murder charge is february 29th... and march 16th on the assault and weapon charges. 3 3 a sioux city family is homeless this evening after an early- morning fire on the northside.just after 4 a- m... fire crews arrived to find smoke coming from a home on the 35- hundred block of lafayette street. the home's residents had already evacuated... after being alerted by smoke detectors. the fire was quickly put out... but it did cause significant damage. investigators say the fire was caused by a malfunctioning electrical appliance in the basement. the home has been red- tagged by the city.
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enter foster care everyday in the united states... showing up at their new home with just a sack or bag full of clothing. 3 but now a local couple wants to change that. as our jetske wauran tells us... this family is hoping to raise awareness and money to help foster kids. 3 3 diana, larry, earlier this evening, i caught up with the baker family to see how they are helping the transition into foster care, and making it little bit easier for children. 3 janel and matt baker have always loved children. they've been fostering kids for awhile, and in 2014, when they found olivia.they knew, they would adopt her."she is about to turn two on march 19th. she will forever be with us." olivia's the family's bundle of joy."when we first got her, they are about to turn two on march 3rd. olivia is the family's bundle of joy. when we got her, her belongings came
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the first one didn't have anything and they didn't have anything to bring us for him and the other one came with a possession of a trash bag and a stuffed animal. >> she stepped up this time to help these foster kids. she's teaming up with a non-profit group called together we rise with a team of motivated adults and non-profit foster youth. she's covering the cost of more than 50 duffle bags for foster kids to transition from a foster home. >> a lot of these kids have seen their parents arrested or leaving in a terrible situation. this is something that will maybe ease the transition from one house to another. the bags haven't arrived just yet. jonelle has been raising money for the last 30 days and she's got about 2 weeks left in the project before the deadline. >> we would just appreciate it if
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give back and contribute to the fundraiser. it's a really good cause. >> all she wants is for these kids to have a better childhood and live for their lives. >> the goal is for the kids to return home. that's what foster care is for is you do want them placed back with their families. >> diane, so far she has raised enough money for 50 duffle bags. if you would like more information, we have a link to together we rise on our website. diana? >> thanks, jessica. >> another fundraiser is also helping kids in need. tonight the face off for charity. the players are the waiters that benefits the girls and boys home and
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memorabilia and an auction will be up night's hockey game. sponsors. year and we'll be bigger and bigger. raised family years. night. we saw beautiful day today with temperatures reaching above average. we are waiting for the winds to go up and watching temperatures to go even more. we have seen temperatures go in the upper 30s and will be in the
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arrives. still 39 in sioux city and sue falls falls and a windy day approaching the 60s. we'll talk about your forecast in a few minutes. the number of people dying from heroin overdose and the medicine used to treat over doses available to first responders. jaclyn driscoll has more on that. >> the heroine and opiates are sweeping the nation. on monday a bill passed to use medicine. with no legal liability as long as it was administered in good faith.
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of the emergency rescue personnel of administering that drug which is designed to intercept how the heroin or any other related effect to receptors. >> it's been used for years to replace the high used by narcotics. >> it takes the high away from it. >> overdose narcotics are also seen. >> after you administer, you should see some type of response. >> police agencies and fire departments are also considered to carry these as deaths continue to rise. the state police department says they are not using it currently
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they would, they would use proper training before using it. the government is turning to hollywood in finding the terror group. >> we have those stories tonight on terrorism alert update. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm michelle marsh. for the first time ever, the isis supporter is going to trial in a phoenix court. he's accused of providing material support to isis. he's accused of foiling a terrorist plot and he was killed in a gun battle with police. >> new where isis have just used mustard gas with islamic troops. last august isis filed shells filled with chemical weapons.
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troops. secretary of state john kerry met with hollywood studio executives on fighting isis propaganda. kerry says ideas about how to encounter what he calls the islamic state narrative. still to come tonight. find out which financial firm is joining the fight against disease. siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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neyenhouse/"3 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3
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first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist. >> tomorrow is friday and two, the weather is going to be fantastic. if it wasn't for the snow on the ground you know where you would find me. outside this evening, pretty quiet night out there. the winds haven't picked up yet. we are looking at very strong winds in the area. wind advisory, we'll tell you about it in just a moment. it's leaving behind not a lot at this point. it's right back here cham bellin ber lynn seeing some rain. a little bit of rain behind the system showing up in the model across eastern south dakota north of sioux city. we should be seeing clearing
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that's going to help push our temperatures to around 60. saturday it's going to be nice. not nearly as strong a wind on saturday. as we head towards saturday evening. notice a little bit of cloud cover as this boundary approaches to the west winds will begin to pick up sunday afternoon. temperatures are expected to go up overnight and you take a look at those temperatures, 38 in wayne and also 39 in nor folk. that warmer air sits just to the west and will be moving pretty quickly this evening. pretty quiet in the area. wind advisories in effect until 6:00 for the entire area. we are looking at a wind gust in
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42 degrees is what we are looking for about midnight and temperatures will continue to go up from there. high temperatures with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow about 60 degrees and then we'll continue to look for some very mild weather right through the weekend. an investment firm working with a non-profit for the fight against alzheimer's disease . they will spend $5 million to create the edward jones alzheimer's research fund to find money for research to cure that disease. the annual walk to end alzheimer's. if you would like more information about the alzheimer's association, you can find more information on our website at sue
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how you can fill your prescription... or pay the bills? that's the tough decision more ameicans are forced to make as prices for the most common prescriptions double.investigative reporter >> pay your prescription or pay the bills. that's what many people are struggling to make. >> we show you what's behind the steep increases and what you can do to get the lowest price. >> it's a routine she would gladly trade. >> this every morning. i have to chart down. i have asked my doctors, do i absolutely have to have these and based on the things that are wrong with me, they say, unless you want to be dead. one of these will last me three 1/2 days. >> the bill for the insulin she can't
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>> it's $45 a month to $1781-month and $182 the next month. many fall through the financial trapdoor in her coverage. when her basic managed is maxed out, she's left to pay 45% of the cost even with generic drugs. with no price controls for prescriptions in the u.s. finding a real cost isn't easy. >> there is a lot of loopholes and there is a lot of opportunity in the system right now for people to exploit this for property. >> using cymbalta and even in the same retail change i uncovered different prices. crest or can be a $94 difference. cymbalta difference is $209.
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of the generic they have on the shelves. it's the same information. it's just not the same that cvs has on their shelves. pharmacies locking in rebates for volumes. >> whatever contract you sign with them will automatically determine what will be paid. what the co-pay is and what the pharmacies reimburse. it's set in stone by that contract. >> including blue cross and blue shield wouldn't give up what they pay. i did find this in peers. >> since they are moving a drug product into a higher tier, it makes consumers think twice about is this the medication i would choose to be on and request a different agent. >> the only manufacture to
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my request, claiming they aim to strike the right balance maximizing patient access while valuing our medicine. retails like costco and local pharmacies, not chain stores. >> you can put in the medication name or the specific numbers and then it will give you a list of pricing within a certain mileage distance. >> also you can negotiate. ask your doctor for a coupon. some pharmacies will have a discount and form a relationship with your pharmacist. >> many of them go on and do residency and fellowship. they are your medication experts. $400 a month for insulin is wrong. >> formers call for
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>> we have to find a level playing field because patients cannot take on this burden. >> if you get a new prescription, always ask if there is a generic option. pharmacist say they are really the same product just produced by a different manufacture because the
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we might be able to help you kevin deboer has thousands of crops and dozens of varieties growing at his farm near akron iowa. >> thousands of crops and dozens of varieties growing in his farm in iowa. he's been growing his crop for 28 years. we'll find out why they call
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>> he's a little camera shy. yes, that's named big bird. they lay their eggs according to australia summers. but exotic animals aren't the only thing he's growing in his farm near akron. just look past top. >> yeah, that's our family tree. >> his family knows trees. there is enough of them growing here. >> about 8,000. >> 38 varieties from spruce to hack berry. >> i have to keep a snow fence from each one of them. the rabbits will get to these trees. one rabbit can do a lot of rabbit over night. >> when the snow flies, it's time to start talking wind breaks. it's called the hybrid willow. it grows fast. >> in a year 1/2's time i have
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better ones to block snow and wind in the winter time. >> these trees do a job to trees that just look good on your property. crop that grows almost everywhere, but one of the few farmers turning this crop into a business. they don't call ken the tree man for nothing. >> he's raising hogs with his brothers. if you think of a farmerhat might be great, tell us about him. you can nominate him to be featured. go to our website or e-mail me here.
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>> 3 chris is on his way back out to des moines for the iowa state wrestling tournament. so
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des moines from the wrestling tournament. they are in the book for nebraska. 126 pounds christian miller. he's going to get the pin in the second period to advance to the quarter finals. inside marcos with a first period pin to advance to the quarter. clayton derek zimmer is going to advance to the quarter finals of class b, 126 pounds with the pin in the first period. there we go and in class a. through city jacob is going to advance
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and in class d. we'll move to 152-pound bracket. he advances as well as after a first period pin. meanwhile in de moines tonight, a 28 grap ler and a 150 pounds. from the quarter finals with no local with 113 at 120 for simpson advances at 126 and curry is in the quarters. at 182 hrv advances and tyler weak and connor both advance. there were no local winners at 145 pounds.
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160 or 170 at 182 and he advances. no winners at 195. at 220, corey pete's advances to mary and sue centers they advance. he's at today's earlier action. >> earlier today, the class c 1160 find. in class b. 126. last point riley also advance to the semis with the third period pin.
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drew advances to semis with an 8-4 division. in class c, 220 and advance with a third period pin. here is a list of who we've got for early winners in nebraska as we showed you in class b. 146 pounds. he wins his round and quarter final match ups. skieler of wayne after ring round one. in clas c, 106 pounds of battle creek one of first two match ups and both fell in the quarter finals. 120 pounds and tommy nelson both won their first on matchup. in the quarters. in the 126 pounds bracket same situation for lucas
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wins both his first matchup. connor kramer in the c category falls in the quarter finals. he's on for the semis in 182, efren gomez falls in the finals. let's check to the outer side. and more from westwood. marcus myers tied. he gets the point at the last errand to advance in his bracket in the 138 bracket. with the pin and the win in the opening round. all right, here is what we have. curtis craiger advances to the
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westwood advances to the next round. after the west field also advances. in 138 pounds with libory central zel ner and still advances and taylor and cougar advances. daniel bishop wins in the 182-pound category. he advances to riley of south central calhoun. riley, richardson, win in 285. core general son -- and he advances in the
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jacob3 one last look at your extended forecast. temperatures near 60 degrees friday and saturday and stays above
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