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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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officials today. jaclyn what is going to happen next? 3 larry, diana the city did build a 5.5 million dollar 'drop and pull' rail yard as one incentive for trinityrail. now that site is sitting vacant. 3 originally scheduled to open in the fall of 20-15 atat the southbridge business park, trinityrail has now cancelled the multi-million dollar rail car maintenance facility. the 150 thousand square foot facility would have created 250 new jobs for sioux city and over one million dollars in state tax credits. "it's disappointing in that we thought trinity was a good fit for our community. a great organization, a greaeacompany. it's disappointing that they won't be coming to sioux city." in 20-14, when trinityrail announced the expansion, [ technical difficulty ]. >> and 2014 win trinity rail one of the expansion there is are down resulting in the
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>> oil has strange dramatically in the last year and a half in that affected their customers. but they were going to do in sioux city they were going to rebuild rail cars. >> city officials say they have been marketing the $5.5 million railyard built for trinity rail and are confident the facility will be used by another suitor. >> we really never stop marketing because they had never officially entered i io an agreement. we have continue to market that, that is picked up in the last few months. a fantastic site, rail service, all utilities and streets are in so we are pretty confident we will see another industry come along and want to locate on that site. >> not everybody's got a rarayard like we do. loss of manufacturing is heavily relying on railroads. we got something we can market that a lot of other people don't have. >>reporter: both the city and trinity rail with continued the project if the market for oil
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move forward. neither of them seem too concerned about the impact this would have an sioux city. they both say the site would be attractive to many businesses. >> thanks. despite this news a long time business is going ahead with its expansion. they have broken ground on a 75,000 square foot facility in the bridgeport industrial area. they are remodeling the old saber industry site. the facility will serve as the company's new distribution center. >> great reputation, growing, successful and they could have gone anywhere in the midwest and they chose to stay in sioux city. that was important to sioux city. we are proud of the fact that we can work with them, get energized by and have the development we are proud of. >> the new facility will be more than doubled the size of the current warehouse and it will create about 50 new jobs. today's warm weather accompanied by high winds. those have made travel treacherous throughout iowa today for high profile
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these in this -- these images show surmise blown off the road earlier today. the plymouth county highway 75 near merrill blocked the road for nearly five hours this morning. this video from central iowa shows the semi blown off the road near ellsworth and i-35. best more than 50 and some cases 60 miles an hour. here is siouxland, sustained winds between 20-30 miles per hour for most of the day. had visible effects throughout the area. you can see it whipping flags nearly horizontal and within grass even causing street signs and stop lights to shake. >> siouxland's chief meteorologist does not appear to be bothered by the breeze. >> you are celebrating the nearly 60-degree temperatures are you, chad? >>reporter: we were with you a
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our first snowfall making snow angels. today not snow angels but we will take our feedback a little bit tossed a little beach ball and see how things will shape up as we head to the weekend. look at our sky watch camera this afternoon, this is the view from here in sioux city where things are nice under mostly sunny skies. as we look but things outside, temperature wise pretty good shape across the area and satellite imagery generally clear skies throughout the entire range -- as a matter of fact we look at our tempers out here looking at pretty nice weather again tomorrow and also to close out the weekend. we will look at your complete forecast in detail in a few minutes. the good weather also good news for sioux city's pothole repair crews. since the beginning of the year crews have attached more than 3200 potholes using 67 tons of asphalt.
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working day and night. they expect to see a higher amount this year because of the above average snowfall. if you have a pothole in your neighborhood, reported to the city by going online or call the field services department. we got that contact information online at siouxland news .com. the arts center will have a new exhibit this month the art of the brick opens tomorrow. exhibit features large-scale sculptures created entirely out of legos. exhibit for everyone both kids and adults. the exhibition is very special because of course kids are going to be into it, it is their thing, they have legos at home but it is a very mature exhibition. >> this is one of the largest and most popular art exhibits in the world. it will be on display from tomorrow until may 8. students in south sioux city got advice on starting a business this morning.
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elementary who have been mentored by the college center team had a jump start market at the college center this morning. students learned what is going into making a successful small business and they made baked goods to sell at the market. >> we have fifth-graders here we have mentored the last couple weeks and teach them what it is like to run a business. we have product made and we talked the expense, costs, profit margin. everything a small business would need to know, how to take out a loan, in order to operate successfully. >> it is part of -- the members of the chamber of commerce bought products while holding a coffee are the m mket. >>people beware the fear of clouds sioux city hosting international cloud association midwinter convention this weekend more than three dozen clowns from a non- -- across
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skills onnebraska street in downtown. today clolos fine-tune their makeup and costume designs and practiced engaging with their audiences. >> it is really great, it is a great thing. people are in town this is international so they are from all over north america. we have folks from all over the united states, canada and mexico. >> they willold a skit competition that is free and open to the public. it will get underway at 9:00 at the shrine center auditorium. it should run until about noon tomorrow. one of america's most famous and adored authors died today. harper lee was 89 years old. the writer of the classic novel, to kill a mockingbird. >> her publisher said she ssed away peacefully and described her as an extraordinary woman at rate joyfulness. -- of great joyfulness. >>reporter: went to kill a mockingbird hit bookshelves, harper lee's first novel was an instant success.
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american literary classic. for decades the story of racial inequality and social injustice has bebe standard reading in schools across america. the work was loosely based on her life growing up in the deep south. she was born in 1926 and raised in monroeville, alabama, where she became close friends with truman capote. she moved to new york in 1949 where she published to kill a mockingbird. it won the pulitzer prize and became a aoscar-winning movie with grego peck starring as the noble atticus finch. >> there are some things you are not old enough to understand just yet. >>reporter: and 2007 president bush presented a very frail lee the middle of freeman -- the middle of freeman. >> s s suffered d stroke a return. le toux monroeville where she lived at risk was -- a reclusive life. roster she was thrust in the spotlight with the publication of her second novel which was written before and mockingbird. her attorney claim to have
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those set a watchman in a safe deposit box. it was published with a norma's fanfare despite questions about weather she had ever intended to release it anconcerns over her health and mental competence. some readers shot at the racist overtones that the book set a one-day sales record for adult fiction. she died at the age of 89 leaving behind a treasured literary legacy that began with one of the most influlutial novels in american history. former president george w. bush released a statement saying that lee was ahead of her time and that to kill a mockingbird quote prodded america to catch up with her. even decades after its publication her hero atticus finch spires every reader. pregnancy can be one of the most stressful times in a woman's life. >> coming up we will pass along a few tips to lessen the stress.
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healthy. news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 iowa has reported its first confirmed case of the zika virus.
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virus has iowa has reported its first confirmed case of the zika virus. state health officials say the virus has been found in a woman between the ages of 61 and 80 who recently returned from a trip to central america. health officials say there is minimal risk to the general public and why a because the mosquitoes that carry the virus don't live here. but anyone who has traveled or has plans to travel to latin america and the caribbean should take re to protect themselves from mosquito bites. the iowa case comes after two women in nebraska diagnosed earlier this month. >> pregnancy can be stressful for some women. >> suzanne hendrix explains how >>reporter: stress is women. in fact pregnancy itself maybe one of the reasons you feel so stressed out. >> it is possible just being pregnant can be increasing your stress. physically your heart is working much more than normal almost like jogging just
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heart is pumping so much. your heart rate is faster see you are automatically in a heightened state. >>reporter: pregnant or not too much stress is not good for bodies. the jury is still out on weather or not stress levels affect the fetus. >> pregnancy that we are not sure that stress is harmful although it can make pregnancy tougher. there is some data the potential he says that kind of stress can increase your risk for a smaller baby and preterm labor. >>reporter: you can manage stress and a variety of ways. >> a couple things that can help, relaxation techniques, a hot cup of tea or warm bath or learning to breathe can help you. >>reporter: don't be afraid to ask for lp. tete someone just how stressed you are feeling. she also recommends taking time for yourself. she suggested going to a movie, going for a walk finding a quiet place to get away. a cough can be a symptom
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you cacahelp your doctor narrow down theeossibilities by paying attention to how you are coughing. drive him hacking coughs mean something different from dry cough that end with a rattle, both of which means something different than a wet cough with colored mucus. >> coughs that are particularly concerning that should prompt somebody to go to a doctor earlier would be costs associated with difficulty breathing. >> coming up we will hear from doctors about the causes of various types of costs and what they mean for you as a patient, at 10:00. don't mind me relaxing on a snow bank with plenty of sunshine on this friday afternoon.
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after a 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 spspng- like weather is finally here... and as a sult, chad decided he literally can't >> springlike weather is finally here in chad decided he literally could not stand to be inside today while the sun is out. >> we told him he could stay outside this once. i am a little jealous you are out there enjoyed thth temperatures. how is it going? ? >> i got the beach ball which that back over there. what i need is one of those coconut drinks with an
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perfect. really perfect is what we've got out here today. beautiful weather all day long after that nasty morning winds that gusted over 50 miles an hour. downtown siouxux ty a beauauful son late this afternoon temperatures worked up to 60 degrees. here is a look ayour extended forecast actually current temperature right now 57 in sioux city so we have cooled a little bit from our afternoon high winds not nearly as strong as they were earlier today. tempererures around the area 40s northeast, 50across most of the area, this is where we will see temperatures tomorrow really should be a nice saturday. winds starting to die down. of course this morning we had 50-60-mile an hour winds across the area may be 10-50 miles an hour pretty much across the region. satellite and radar imagery nothing topeak up. cloud cover to t east and southwest the right here in the
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sunshine. as i look around me i can see the sun and the moon but i don't see any clouds. good news for tonight nearly a perfect evening. look at how the map plays out over the next couple days. slide into motion not a lot happening tonight. clear skiesoverall pretty light and variable winds five- 10. as we head through saturday evening we will watch the cold front moves into the area and that will cool temperatures off a little for the into the weekend but overall temperatures still way above normal for this time of year. you can see another boundary the keeps temperatures a little on the cool side as we wrap up the weekend and had towards the early part of next week. forecast tonight mostly clear skies, chile overnight low 32. looking for a light wind tonight and tomorrow mostly sunny skies not quite as warm as today 55 the afternoon highs so not too bad at all. extended forecast over the next seven days we might see a rain
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tuesday but other than that weather will be fantastic over the next several days above average conditions for the next seven days and of course after the rough stretch we had late january early february weather like this where the sun is shining kick your feedback in your flip-flops and shorts you can have just a great time the only thing we are missing is grilling with chad. where our friends from their way when we need them. >> a wondered what those . >> love it. thanks. after the break day two of the iowa state wrestling
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highlights from the e e "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 "i'm chris neyenhouse here in des moines where state wrestling is wrapping up. all quarterfinal matchups are in the books and some semifinals are too. we're startin >>reporter: state wrestling is matching -- wrapping up starting get a much clearer picture of who will be wrestling in tomorrow's chamfer should matches. quarterfinals in the books down to one three a wrestler in the state tournament following cleburne's victory after eight place finish his last two seasons the senior guarantee the top four finish. >> it means a lot i worked really hard this year and i've got one more of got to win but i feel really good if i can get in the finals.
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advances to the sesefinals 106- pound category with a 6-4 decision. after his teammates since fell braiding curry won 6- 2 in his 126-pound quarterfinal match. he is the lone warrior in the semi. >> first match of the day is always shaky for me but after that usually the blood is flowing i've got a goomeal in me by then so should be warm and ready to go by sifinals. >>reporter: rock valley austin rose bloom on to the the 132 schuyler wright on to the semites in 138 by a decision. right after his teammate cole keith fell by decision ininhe 220-0-und division -- advances to the 275-pound semifinal representing see center he gets the pin. >> a fun match i think going
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overtime finish off it's a good match. >> chris heading back to the court right now semifinal action underway at wells fargo arena. maple valley undefeated senior heavyweight cole jensen waiting to start his semifinal match against northwest webster's temperature. at wondered 82 pounds daniel bishop take on west delaware alex mcdowell the only two remaining siouxland wrestlers in 1 a with a chance to make it to the finals the don't forget you can watch the action live on tv right now on our sister station 44.2 class one a-letter action right w classss 2 tonight and tomorrow night you will be able to watch all championship final matches on our sister station fox 44 those matches will start at 6:00 tomorrow night on fox 44.
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to chad and can we expect great weather like this for the rest of the weekk and? >> i think so, guyright now taking advantage of catching raise but otherwise we are looking pretty good saturday more sunshine so you can do exactly what i am doing here high temperatures on saturday top out at 35 degrees. will of saturday night and sunday with the boundary coming through probably trenchers -- to prospective or 40s above normal for this time of year. overall this has been the perfect day plenty of sunshine after a windy start things have really come down. actually pretty nice i of you have a chance to get out and take a walk with the dog or something like that this afternoon overall everything is going to be just fine for the evening and for most of the weekend as ll i wouldn't suggest during your dinner break to do something like this. >> exactly what i need a reflector. >> award-winning weather. >> next generation of
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news this morning.
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sunrise we are showing them the >> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's
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phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tomorrow could d a turning point in the race for the white house. democrat hillary clinton, who scweekd by in iowa, only to be buried in a new hampshire landslide, faces even odds against bernie sanders in nevada. ted cruz is closing on republican donald trump, is looking to south carolina for a second win. the rest of the g.o.p. candidates are struggling to keep their campaigns alive. we're going totart with the democrats tonight. here's nan cordes. >> reporter: with time running out in nevada, clinton courted


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