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tv   Siouxland News At Sunrise  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00am-7:00am CST

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with us on this xxx morning.3 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by trace to 1 inch of chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 3 3 a man from michigan will be in court today in connection to a seven - hour shooting rampage saturday night that left at least six people dead and two others hurt. right now police are working to put together a timeline of what happened with the alleged killer... aa 45 - year - old uber driver... who supposeded picked up passengers in - between the
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in new york. 3 chyrons:mark dunton/uber passengerpatti jones/friend of barbara hawthornejoi coleman/12-year-old survivor (pkg) jason brian dalton faces multiple murder and weapons charges connected to a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. officials say the 45-year-old uber driver targeted his victims at random.mark dunton gets chills thinking about his encounter with the accused killer:(sot mark dunton/ uber passenger :52) "it's crazy to think that someone could have gone out and jususdone all these horrible thinin and came to work straigig-faced -- like he's just coming to work (-59) dunton and his friends heard about the killing spree and got nervous when dalton picked them up in a car that matched the one police were looking for..(sot mark dunton/ uber passenger) my buddy scott actually said something to him said hey this isn't the hhr, you're not the guy are you? and he said no 53-year-old richard smith and his 17-year- old son tyler were killed car shopping at this dealership. barbara hawthorne was among ththe killed at this cracker bael.ot patti jones) when a tragedy like this strikes you never expect it to be this close at homethe first victim in the shooting spree was a woman who was shot multiple times at an apartment complex. she is expected to survive.the sheriff says her quick actions saved the lives of several children including 12-year-old joi coleman:(joi coleman, 12- year-old survivor) he shot her running, and then he shot her again, and she fell and she was asking joi help me joi help me. dalton, a married
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criminal history. n champion 3 cbs news. 3 uber's'shief security officer released a statement saying... quote... "we are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in kalamazoo, michigan. our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime and those recovering from injuries." 3 a stabbing in sioux city yeyeerday afternoon sends two brothers to the hospital.sioux city police responded to a call around 1 - 45 yesterday afternoon at 15 - 17 pierce street. police sergeant jeremy mcclure tells us the two men were stabbed in the abdomen. their names of haven't been released yet. at this popot the men are *not* fully cooperating with
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"the two wereradult males, brothers, possibly living together. the investigation is still ongoing, but it appears that they've possibly inflicted on each other."we're told their injuries do *not* appear to be life threatening. 3 winters in siouxland can be hard to in the best of circumstances. 3 but what happens to the homeless in sioux city when temperatures plummet well below zero? our own siouxland news anchor cat taylor will take you to the warming shelter. a no - questions - asked shelter... *home* to sioux city's *homeless* during the winter. local leaders run the shelter completely by personal donation... because the warming shelter operates without local... county... or fededal assistancece 3 "you take for grted the uff that you don't have. can you imagine not being able to wake up and brush your teeth? can you imagine no clean clothes? can you imagine not knowing where your nex meal is going to come
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given laundry services... showows... sleeping quarters... and snacks... but the shelter still needs help to stst open for the rest of the winter. you can catch a special report on the warming shelter tonight at ten on siouxland news. 3 a lot of us think of *love* in february... but you really *should* be thinking of your heart this month. that's why mercy medical center had a heart expo this weekend, 3 mercy heart center wanteteto show people proper ways to keep your heart healthy. memey staff also gave people a tour of its facility... and had some lectures with in - house cardiologists. one of the main additions to this year's event was the teen expo... giving kids ages 14 to 18 a chance to learn more about their hearts. 3 "if you take care of your heart whenenou're younger then you won't t have problems later on in life and they can also, i think, help maybe see different warning signs learn about risk factors and things like that that they need to be on the lookout for. not only
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well."they were teaching kids with some different exercises like c - p - r... and playing active video games like wii sports. 3 thererwas a ecial presentation at the bty strong counter center yesterday afternoon... giving folks a rare glimpse at siouxland.the illustrated presentation was called "a year on the missouri"... showing off changes the historic river has gone through with each season. sam (stew - kuhl) stukel has taken pictures of this part of siouxland to capture point of views s u might not see everer day. 3 "the unique biologicic features and the geololo, there's just so much about this river we may have forgotten, or overlooked. it's good to remind pple when you get a chance, photography is one way i can 3 do that."(stew - kuhl) stukel says he enjoys taking pictures of all kinds of people... landscsces... and wildlifif you can check out his display at the center during regular business hours. 3 the argosy river boat casino's
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filed an appeal last year... will be heard by the iowa court of appeals later this week.the operator took the case to the iowa supreme court to overturn decisions that led to the boat being repepced by the hard rock hotel and sino. the case challenges the decisions of the iowa racing and gaming commission. argosy closed in july 20 - 14... ending 20 years of operating on the river. it was later sold to another group and moved to illinois. tuesday... the court will hear an appeal by the belle of sioux city. 3 more thahaone hundred kids came togetheheat the annnnl stem fest ininsioux center. siouxland news reporter nick (pop - hum) popham was at that event saturday afternoon. 3 "stem"kids from around the siouxland area made their way to dordt college for the 5th annual stem fest-an event done to show 4th through 8th graders the different ways modern technology can be used in today's learning process. that new process includes thinin like 3-d printing- computer design and even virtual reality.iowa state university college of design
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modern technology is essential for the kids as they grow. "things like smart phones, virtual reality, you know, all of these new technologies, to be able to communicate ideas to each other is absolutely important and we have a lot of great tools and the students are getting that experience today. each student at stem fest was placed in a colored group that followed a track throughout the day.those tracks would range from chemistry and biology to virtual reality and computer engineering.near the end of the day-studentstset back in their groups and built objects s out of l lo's to show w st what they learned.stem fest participant eli ross says the day took a turn for the better. "first i was going to be kind of shy but once i got to know everybody and we started doing all of our tracks and getting used to the people, i had a lot of fun."that turn made other kids excited as well."i want to come back next year because i thought it was really fun. i learned about family trees and science."iowa state extension youth coordinator mike compton says now is the most important time to reach out to ststents about stem."once they reach a certain age--young people have decided whether or not they like science, they like technology, engineering and math, those subjects. so w try to give them that experience when they're young to get them excited about learning and to say 'hey someday, no matter who i am or what my background is, i can become a scientist.'"and for carter ingvall it did just that."what do you want to be when you grow up?""a scientist.""and did today kind of help that a little bit?"
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kids learned one t tng- repetition."thank you for watching siouxland news!" 3 you have to wonder what john lennon would have said about
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hair sold at auction saturday... for 35 - thousand dollars. a director at heritage auctions in dallas described it as... *quote*... "the largest lock of john lennon's hair ever offered at auction." a hair dresser on the set of "how i won the war"... starring lennon... clipped the beatle member's hair for the movie part.that was back in 19 - 67. lennon played the part of private grip - weed. the person whw bought the lock is from the u - k and collects entertainment mementos. he also won two vintage newspapers talking about lennon's makeover for the movie... even an autographed call sheet.
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3 3 current conditions for sioux city. 3 3 coming up on siouxland news at sunrise... city leaders in india are dealing with a problem... piling up for decades. we'll show you the plan to get rid of the trash. 3 "you're watching siouxland
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3 "weather on the ones, brought to you by siouxland federal credit union" 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by
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trace to 1 inch of accumulations.yet another chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly warming into the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 3
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3 here's what we're talking about on facebook this morning... a bunch of beatles memorabilia was just auctioned off. what is your favorite band? 3 fortune has released its list of most admired companies... (hen - nuh) hena daniels is in new york with our c - b - s moneywatch. 3 after a strong start at the begining of the week, stocks closed mixed on friday.///the dow fell 21 points.////the nasdaq close up 16 points///a big shakeup in the executive offices at sea world.the amusement park (chain?) announced the departures of the company's chief parks
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zoological officer and san antonio park director. it's part of a continuing effort to improve the profitability of the theme parks. seaworld announced it would end its killer-whale shows last fall following public scrutiny and regulatory pressure.//fortune is out with its most admired companies list . the winners are a trio of tech giants- in the top spot is apple, followed by alphabet - parent company of google and amazon. the list is complied by revenue and corporate reputations///virgin galactic unveiled its new spaceship on friday - called spaceship two. it's a replacementfor the spacecraft lost in the 2014 fatal cras richard bransons copmany says right now the emphasis is firmly on testing.@ virgin galactic hopes to launch the world's first commercial human spaceflight program. more than 7 hundred people have already signed up for a ticket - if and when the spaceship takes flight///thats your cbs moneywatchchrepopo. for more log onto cbs moneywatch dot com
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3 in mumbai india... city leaders have a huge problem. not one that's sprung up overnight... it's been piling up for decades... and it flies in the face of the new progressive image india's trying to build. c - n - n reporter (mull - eek - explains. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- always busy , always bustling mumbai is a city on the move. home to factories industry 21 million people and a lot thousand metric tonnes of waste a day.problem is - of it.much of it ends up here at the deonar dumping ground on the edge of the city. (mallika kapur, mumbai) "there is so much garbage over here, it smells really bad and to be honest it's quite hard to breathe. and if you look at this hill behind me, this isn't actually a hill. it's 90
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from ground level it's as high as a ten story building. (rishi aggrawal, environmental activist) "this must have been all lush green (mallika kapur, mumbai) "this area was once green?"(rishi aggrawal, environmental activist) "absolutely, absolutely."now, activists say it's a national embarrasment.and a hazardous. part of the dump recently caught fire -a fire so big, with so much smoke, it was visible from space.(shahbeer, slum dweller) "you@see the sun today, this man asks me. he lives across the dumping ground. that day you couldn't see it. it was all black." (mallika kapur, mumbai) "why does this area catch fire so often?"(rishi aggrawal, environmental activist) "this is mixed waste, you see a lot of plastic. once it has baked in the sun it has completely dried, then it becomes ripe for fire to start."he says deonar should have been shut
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the local city council what her plans for the dumping ground are... she said they have ramped up a city-wide cleanliness campign and started diverting some of the waste to another area, but the ultimate goal:(pallavi darade, addidional municipal commissioner) "to scientifically cover the dump. or to remove it. or to bio mine it. for that, we are in the process of finalizing tenders and the people with whom we will be working."she admits that could take a while. as india continues to project itself as a growing super power..dumps like these are eye sores that, critics say, contradict its ambitious message.mallika kapur. cnn, mumbai. 3 3 after the break... we've got a new audio recording... the captian of the el faro cargo ship calling for help... as it was doomed. we'll show you how the company's
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3 current conditions in le mars.3 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by tuesday morning. expect a trace to 1 inch of accumulations.yet another chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly warming into the mid 40s by saturday
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in the 30s.3 3 as part of the u - s coast guard's investigation into the sinking of the el faro freighter... an audio recording was released of the ship's captain calling for help before he and his crew died. c - b - s news correspondent marlie hall has this story. 3 it's 7 a.m. on october 1st - and the el faro is taking on water near the eye of hurricane joaquin. the ship's ptain, michael davidson, trtrs to reach the companon shore... but the call goes to voicemail. (gfx) (davidson / sot from voicemail) we have a navigational incident // everybody's safe but i want to talk to you. (gfx) davidson
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company's emergency call center and asks for a "qualified individual" - or "q.i." the operator seems not to get the urgency. (gfx) (operator) ok sir i just need your name plplse(david son) yes, mam, my name is michael davidson. //(operator) ship's name? (davidson) el faro (operator) spell that? e-l (davidson) oh man, the clock is ticking. can i please speak with a q.i.??? (gfx) another operator comes on the line. (gfx) (operator) hi, thank you for waiting.(davidson) oh my god.(operator 2) just really briefly what is the problem you're having?(davidson) i have a marine emegency and i would like to speak to a q.i. we had a hull breach, a scuttle blew open during g ststm, we have water dodo in 3 hold, with a heavy list, we loststhe main propulsionunit, the engineers cannot gett going. can i speak to a q.i. please? (gfx)minutes ler, captain davidson is connected to john lawrenee, the captain on call in jacksonville. davidson tells him he thinks he can pump the water from the ship and nobody is panicking. about 30 minutes later, lawrence tells the coast guard situation is under control. (lawrence) can you tell me what the plans would be, what you're planning on doing now? //(petty officer chancery) so right now based off all the information that you've distress phase currently (lawrence) ok(petty officer chancery) because they're not
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3 3 still to come... after their primary wins last week... hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping to cement their statuses as frontrunners in the race for president. w wll take a look at the primaries *thi
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siouxland news at sunrise.3 good morning everyone,thanks us.i'm jacob hellll...anani'm meteorologist cat taylor.3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by tuesday morning. expect a
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accumulations.yet another 3 chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for aew days with temperatures slowly warming into the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 this morning donald trump and after big victories over the weekend in south carolina and nevada. while republican presidential candidates are turning their attention now to the west... the democratic candidates are focused on the south. c - b - s news correspondent don champion is on the campaign trail. 3 (pkg) (side by side video) it was a good weekend for the the white house. (sat0169) off
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carolina primary, donald trump 3 talked about the emerging three-man race for the sun0156 donald trump, republican presidential candidate :13) "i'm dealing with very talented people, smart people, good people.i think they'll be competing. we still have competition" (-:21) senators ted cruz and marco rubio are essentially fighting for second place as the republicans turn their attention to the nevada caucuses. both are courting the lati vote.(sot pipe 1 marco sen. marco rubio/r- presidential candidate 23:32:34) "we will take our message to people who have never heard our message before or haven't heard from us in a long time- this is the face of the new conservative movement" (-:41)(white flash to)(sot pipe 1 hr55 cruz sen. ted cruz/r-presidential candidate 17:44:35) if you look at the hispanic community right now, few communities have been hurt harder by the disastrous obama/clinton economy ( -:42) on the democratic side, hillary clinton has gained momentum after a solid victory in saturday's nevada caucuses.
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that will vote on super tuesday, march 1st.(sot sun0080 hillary clinton/d- presidential candidate :16) "something really special is happening here" (-:18) (sun0080 gfx 1:34) bernie sanders is hoping to bounce back with wins in oklahoma, colorado, minnesota and his home state of vermont.(sot sun0080 sen.bernie sanders/d- presidential candidate 1:41) to see one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states! (-:49) but first, he and clinton have to get through saturday's primary in south carolina. don champion, cbs news. 3 on the democratic side. more than half the votes needed to win the nomination will be determined in the 28 states that hold primaries and caucuses in march. 3 there's a celebration at a sioux city restaurant now... after moving to a new was a full house fot he *re - opening* of trattoria fresco in downtown sioux city. the restaurant's taking their flavor of old italy *into* the howard johnson hotel on 4th street. the restaurant's owner... israel padilla... says he's excited about the turn - out before his soft open. 3 "it's a little cozier. you've got more one on one when you want to come in for more of a romantic thing. we've got long booths and you're sitting down
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partner."the italian restaurant also has delivery and carry out during all business hours through the week. you can check out a menu by clicking on this story on our website at siouxland news dot com. 3 this morning sioux city police have a man in custody... accused of spending *counterfeit money* at at least *five* businesses since *september*38 - year - old fernando morales is facing 8 counts of forgery and two counts of theft.police say he's been spending counterfeit 10... 20... and 50 dollar bills.clerks caught the fake cashat least three time at the end of september police found morales' fingerprints on money in a motel room.he's in the woodbury county jail on a 25 - thousand dollar bond right now. 3 the good weather is good news for sioux city's *pothole repair* crews. 3 since the beginning of the year those crews have patched more than 32 - hundred
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*tons* of asphalt. the city has pothole repair crews working day *and* night. they expect to see a higher amount this year because of the above - average snow. if you've got a pothole in your neighborhood... you can report it to the city online... or by calling the field services department. we've got the contact information online at siouxland news dot com. 3 lower oil prices are getting the blame after texas - based trinityrail decides to cancel an already delayed 30 million dollar facility proposed for sioux city's southbridge area. this facility would have created hundreds of jobs. siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll talked with city officials who say they're already trying to attract a *new* tenant to the yard they've built for trinity. 3 originally scheduled to open in the fall of 2015 at the southbridge business park, trinityrail has now cancelled 3 the multi-million dollar rail car maintenance facility. the 150 thousand square foot
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250 new jobs for sioux city and over one million dollars in state tax credits. "it's disappointing in that we thought trinity was a good fit for our community. a great organization, a great company. it's disappointing that they won't be coming to sioux city." in 2014, when trinityrail announced the expansion, there was high 3 demand for transporting oil. now, prices are down resulting in the halt of this 30.9 million dollar project. "the oil market has changed dramatically in the last year and a half or so. that affected their customers and what they were going to do in sioux city was rebuild railcars, specifically oil tanker cars."city officials say they have been marketing the 5.5 million dollar rail yard that was built for trinityrail, and are confident that the facility will be used by another suitor. "we really never stopped marketing entered into the agreement. we've continued to market
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fantastic site. it's got rail service, all utilities and streets are all in, so we're pretty confident that we'll see another industry come a long and what to locate on that site." "not everybody's got a drop and pull rail yard like we do. lots of manufacturing is heavily relying on railroads and we've got something now that we can market that a lot of other people don't have." both the city and trinityrail would continue with the project if the market for oil returns, but for now it will not move forward. in sioux city... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. 3 neither padmore nor dougherty seemed too worried about the impact this would have on sioux city. they both say the site will be very attractive to a lot of businesses. 3 but to balance things out a little bit... a long time sioux city business *is* going ahead with an expansion. 3 braunger foods broke ground on a 75 thousand square foot facility in the bridgeport industrial area. the company is remodelling the old sabre industries site. the
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company's new distribution center. 3 "great reputation, they're growing, they're successful and they could have gone anywhere in the midwest, truly. they chose to stay in important to sioux city. we're very proud of the fact that we could work with them, get energized by it, and actually have a development that we're all proud of."the new facility will be more than double the size of the warehouse right now... jobs. 3 there are a whole lot of people hoping they have the right stuff to go to space.nasa has gotten a record 18 - thousand - 300 applications for its astronaut candidate training program. that's almost three times the number the agency got in 20 - 12... the most recent class. before that... the previous record was set in 19 - 78... when the agency got eight - thousand applications.of the thousands who apply... only between
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chosen. since 19 - 59... there have only been 338 astronauts. 3 3 3 3 if you're hungry for a laugh... we'll get your ready for the comedy cafe. that's next in "talk of the town." 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrise, with jacob
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taylor"3 3 3 3 3 the comedy cafe should be a real treat for your funny- bone. you're going to love it! that's why karl van cura is here for talk of the town.good morning! 3 jake and a guest or group of guests discuss upcoming
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3 thanks for being with us this morning. if you missed this segment...or want to find out any more can find everything on our web site...that's siouxland news dot com slash sunrise... 3 3 an american classic is moving east. we'll take a look at egypt's saturday night live. it's (time) this morning. thanks for morning. it's (time) this live. saturday night look at egypt's saturday night live. it's (time) this morning. thanks for watching siouxland news at sunrise.
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3 good morning, (yankton)... it's (30) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our (lewis and clark specialty hospital) camera. 3 the hit sketch comedy show saturday night live is now on - air with an arabic version. the program broadcasts from cairo... it debuted across the middle east saturday night. but as reporter ian lee shows us... cast members are watching what they say. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- saturday night live has a new home.the popular comedy sketch show is now in egypt.not this egypt, here snl star steve martin playing king tut.the cairo show follows the new york model known as the snl bible.there's celebrity guests sketches digital shorts the news with weekend update and live performances. (khalid mansour and shadi alfons, cast members) "we are trying to do something original. we are not trying to break taboos but on the way we do. a little bit but not intentionally. we are trying to make it suitable for a middle east audience. we are just a couple of bald, idiot comedians who try to get on tv and make people laugh about things we shouldn't make them laugh about."one such topic
5:50 am
group isis.. also known by a more degatory name in arabic. (khalid mansour, cast member) "the name of isis, they get pissed of from daesh so we say daesh. it's quite different if you know that enemy and know all the inside information that could give you the upper hand to make people laugh."snl in arabic has the blessing of the show's creator.and support of the new york cast."welcome to the snl family and good luck! bye, later. we done? yea, good luck, they are doomed. it's going to be tough, it's a tough job.(yara fahmy, cast member) "it is hell, they were right about that. it's an amazing kind of hell."yara fahmy, is one of the four female cast members. like most of the egyptian cast, she didn't know saturday night live.(yara fahmy, cast member) "i went online and looked it up then i started binge watching snl. i loved it so much and then i would watch 10 episodes a day. i was totally in love. kristin wigg, she is amazing. sheevery character she does is different. she just appears and people start laughing. so confident."unlike new york, egypt has red lines.the cast knows them.(shadi alfons and khalid mansour, cast members) "we still push the envelope and by some peoples standards that's not cool. but we will crush them. no, that's a little bit isisy don't say that."for now, their first job is introduce to the region a
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to you by window world"3 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures 3 in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by tuesday morning. expect a trace to 1 inch of accumulations.yet another chance for rain/snow mix will move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow
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freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly warming into the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 3 3 time for a trip to the sunrise watercooler...this view is a special treat for visitors at yosemite national park. it's called "firewall"... and it only happens around this time of year. the optical illusion looks like fire flowing off a cliff... but park rangers say it's actually the sun glowing through a waterfall.the angle of the sun has to be just right... which happens only for a couple of weeks in february. but when it does... the park website says it's a
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3 3 coming up in your 6 o'clock hour... the plates on every vehicle that drives into one new york town are scanned to check for crimes... but police are getting more than they expected. we'll show you why they're asking for federal help your morning news, weather and sports are all coming's now (time) as we take a look outside (xxx) on the (xxx) cam.keep it right here on siouxland news at
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3 here's a look at your weather to go ... 3 3 good morning, this is sgt todd sassmann with your siouxland news traffic to goofficers will be running radar on stone and morning side avehave a safe drive to work and school this morning, for siouxland news, this is sgt todd sassmann 3 3 here's a look at your news to go ... 3 3 a michigan man is expected to be in court today on multiple murder charges... after a deadly shooting in kalamazoo. jason brian dalton... an uber driver... supposedly
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people at three separate locations saturday. police arrested the 45 - year - old married father of two early sunday morning... they still have to find a motive.on the campaign trail now... the presidential candidates are turning their attention to the next contests in the south and the west this week. after picking up 50 delegates from his south carolina victory over the weekend... republican donald trump is focused on another win against rivals ted cruz and marco rubio this tuesday in nevada. democrat bernie sanders is hoping to defeat hillary clinton in this saturday's south carolina primary... after a narrow loss to her in nevada.and... the supreme court hears arguments in *two* cases today... its first action since the death of justice (ann - ton - in) antonin (scuh - lee - uh) scalia. (scuh - lee - uh) scalia *could* have been a deciding vote in those cases... which both center on the rights of criminal defendants. he was laid to rest saturday at the age of 79. 3 and be sure to check out siouxland news dot com all day at work and home for the
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3 and here is what the folks in studio 57 are working on that you'll see in an hour on cbs "this morning".i'm norah o'donnell. coming up, pushing the outer limits of math. meet the students with perfect scores on the advanced placement calculus exam. that's coming up, on cbs this morning. 3 "this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 good morning everyone and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise.thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob
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him move in starting late wednesday evening as rain showers and switching to snow as we get close to the freezing mark.we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures slowly warming into the mid 40s by saturday and then cool again by sunday in the 30s. 3 luther is considered dense fog, anything below there, be careful driving because some areas are below freezing. wolverine county is in the ice advisory so be careful on 29. below freezing and sheldon, storm lake in the mark is freezing but yankton is below freezing as well. it's going to be tough out there
6:01 am
above freezing today at 41. >> police on new york's long island has seen a lot of success since they employed license plate readers for one town. maybe too much. freeport attracts 17 million plates in the police chief is asking for state and federal help to handle the workload. >> reporter: you better not have anything to hide if you drive into freeport, new york. >> chief miguel bermuda and his 95 officers check every vehicle with 27 cameras that read license plate that all 11 entry points. if your plate shows up on a list of all vendors, and alarm goes out to the entire police force. why would
6:02 am
>> to reduce crime. >> reporter: in fact there may 28 arrests. but the hits keep on coming, and coming , mostly for suspended registrations. is that what you thought the system would mostly do when you got it? >> no. we were looking at store vehicles or vehicles involved in crimes. >> reporter: after only three months the cameras had tracked 17 million plates in a village of 50,000. in exchange for security the police are drowning in data, over time is up, and the chief is asking state and federal government for help. the raiders do make mistakes. this one misread the hundred number on this truck for the plate of a stolen car. and there is a question of where all this information winds up.
6:03 am
>> all of that is being stored somewhere, can be shared, sent to other agencies, can be breached by third parties . >> reporter: license plate readers are used in nearly every state. the acl -- the aclu has filed three losses, and there have been complaints about abuse. the chief is adamant the plate information taken in freeport is never linked to a person unless a crime as indicated, and it is dumped after 180 days. you know some people will be offended about being tracked when they are completely innocent? >> we are not looking at that data. there are so much coming in its impossible to look at that kind of information. >> reporter: so much information he needs seven more officers just to keep up. anna warner, cbs news, freeport. a stabbing in sioux city yesterday sent two brothers to the hospital.
6:04 am
around here street. police officer jeffrey mcclure tells us know two men were stabbed in the abdomen. their names have not and release at this point the men are not fully cooperating with the investigation. 2 about this -- two adult brothers. we are told injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. >> which is can be hard but what happens to the homeless in sioux city when temperatures plummet? >> what about when we see snow like this month? also we take you to the warming shelter for the homeless during the winter. locals when the shelter by poetsch -- by personal donations.
6:05 am
don't have have. can you imagine waking up and not being able to brush your teeth or not having clean clothes, not knowing we are next meal will come from? >> folks at the shelter are given laundry services, showers, sleeping quarters and snacks. you can get a special report on the warming shelter tonight at ten. a lot of us think of love in february but you really should be thinking about your heart all month long. mercy medical center had a heart exposes weekend. mercy heart center, they want to show us how to keep our heart healthy. we went to the facility and had some lectures with the in-house cardiologist. 1 of
6:06 am
was a teen expo two -- to teach teens about their hearts. they are teaching kids to do some different exercises, take some cpr and how to play active video games like sports game. >> there's a presentation at the betty strong encounter center. illustrated presentation was called a year on the missouri. that changes this is shows a historic changes the river has gone through. >> the unique biological features and biology, there is so much about the
6:07 am
the argosy riverboat casino former operator appeal will be heard by the iowa court of appeals later this week. the operator took the case to the supreme court to overturn a decision. the case challenges the decisions of the iowa racing and gaming commission. the argosy close in july of 2014 that it was so later to another group who moved to illinois. african-american voters turned out in record numbers this election year, like they did in 2008 and 2012. without barack obama on the ticket will we see a
6:08 am
of the black vote? here's our national correspondent. >> reporter: it is not clear if any of the presidential candidates can court the american -- african-american vote like barack obama did in 2008. >> it's going to be challenging for a candidate to decide who you want to vote for. >> this moment represents a political opportunity because it's different segments of the black comedy, the black voters are forced to figure out what black people want. >> reporter: that uncertainty showing up in national polling data. >> 13 percent are saying they would vote republican, another nine are saying they would not. >> reporter: as those percentages together and it more than triples the number of african-american --
6:09 am
romney. however in 1936 incumbent eisenhower garnered 39 percent of the african-american vote.
6:10 am
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
presidential we're checking up with moose again on this thursday morning.
6:14 am
. >> i ended up with a kid that has strep throat right now so that was fun. it was an eventful weekend. >> a ventral and interesting are pretty good descriptors. >> pretty much yet. we will get into more of that this morning with three words to describe your weekend. . >> what do you think i would say is interesting? >> what? >> paying $35,000 for some hair. >> that is an interesting way to spend your money. it is john lennon's hair. >> i heard about this. >> it was
6:15 am
"how i \won\one the war" first, it's creepy that the hairstylist had the hair. >> that's crew. creepy >> creepy part number two is that the hair still stayed intact and hasn't disintegrated. >> then creepy part number three is somebody willing to pay $35,000 for. >> where did he store that >> i don't know, is a block baggie in the back of a drawer? >> in the back of a drawer? john lennon's hair. and mick jagger left his hair as well. >> we were asking to make our tax payments so we could do all
6:16 am
>> we are also talking about another natural feature at yosemite national park. it's called the firewall. it's a waterfall, and i guess the sun hits it just right this time of year. >> and the light goes through the water and the lauder reflects light very much like windows, so it looks like it is fire kind of dripping off the cliff. >> that looks like lava. >> yeah it does go i think that would be neat to see in person. >> that would. that's yosemite? >> fozzie. is kind of a long drive. >> that will be worth it. >> february, you've got to go in february. . >> take some instagram pictures. >> laser cat pictures with lava water. >> ugoh. >
6:17 am
do it again guys. >> winter on the line is brought to you by sioux land grenadine. >> we're looking at a soggy day. looking at the camera in ottawa you see it is pretty foggy across the region. current visibility across the area has dense fog in yankton and a quarter mild visibility in storm lake. if you are headed out be prepared for fog. and it is freezing so be prepared for freezing. national weather service just issued a dense fog advisory for counties in sioux land until 10:00 a.m. this morning morning. we could see freezing fog in areas that are freezing like wayne at 32, yankton at 30, storm lake at 32. we could see freezing fog with that's fog so not just hard to see,
6:18 am
we head into tonight there is a chance of a wintry mix as we head overnight from anywhere to a trace too about an inch, clearing out by tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon we will see at least a little sun but the clouds come back by tomorrow night. by cloudy sky but by wednesday night we will see another chance for a it is foggy but it could be slippery as well. today up to 41 degrees so not dead but we are going to see mostly cloudy, calm winds at five to ten. tonight a light rain snow makes and 33 degrees for a low. as we head into tomorrow we are expecting a breezy day but lingering through the first few hours of the morning
6:19 am
43 for the high so not too bad. then there is the next chance for rain coming tuesday night through thursday. good news is we will be back up to 47 by saturday. >> we are heading to the mountains west the board -- skiers and snowboarders treat us with their antics. now go pro cameras make it look even better. we are on a ski slope in vermont . we have all seen videos like this, extreme athletes pulling insane maneuvers in otherworldly locations. but have you ever thought about how they capture these images? for every one of these daredevils in front of the lens, there's often and equally adventurous adrenaline junkie behind the
6:20 am
athlete, doing the same stotts but with one eye fixed on getting the shots. >> when you see those shots, we are literally 6 inches to 2 feet in the air. >> meet this man until -- who want till just a couple years ago was just another engineering student with a hobby. >> i was making videos and we had the original go pro, and i was putting videos up online on my youtube channel and the ceo e-mailed was doing and would love for me to come work for them. that was go pro founder nick woodman hired him as one of the camera companies earliest employees. . >> he also tapped his fellow usc's ski team grads. pretty much our entire ski team when we were sophomores and juniors
6:21 am
story. you guys are doing something you love just for the fun of it and now it's your career. >> yeah, it's pretty awesome. i don't feel like i'm going to work in the morning. the idea is to stay close and stay on them. >> reporter: on the day we caught up to them going to their office meant they were going to the winter x games in colorado. and their job was to shoot point of view action footage of competitors, like these champion skiers. >> they need to know what they're doing so they should have a lot of props for doing what they are doing. to be honest, when you have the camera you are just following them them. you are not moving, your keeping steady. you don't really process what they are doing. i couldn't tell you hardly what
6:22 am
run. >> reporter: in fact they really know what they have until the end of each run. while they are working they try to stay out of the spotlight but every once in a while they accidentally get some attention. my cat lacks years x game when caleb was following an olympic gold medalist. >> it was a live broadcast and i knew i was on and that they were see my feed. it was a little embarrassing but we were getting cool shots. on live tv we saw you go down. >> these are the big dogs in the playing field so you get some butterflies in your stomach. >> but for these guys those butterflies usually disappear with a rushing wind
6:23 am
>> if you had to tell people what to do, what would you say? >> follow your passion. >> reporter: and although at the end of each slope is a paycheck, these guys believe the real reward is up in the air. >> we have the best team in the house and up in the air with the athletes, so it's pretty rad. >> fire chief get the international award over the weekend. 6:24 and your sunrise entertainment is after the break. >> good morning, sheldon, you are above
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
humidity at 100 percent. 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" . >> first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor. >> good morning, we are looking at a foggy and misty start. it's pretty foggy out there and not only that but in some areas we are below freezing. like in yankton you could see some freezing fog. we are seeing decreased visibility in sioux city. we are 34 degrees in sioux city right now with some fog. here's how
6:27 am
fog will go away midmorning into likely see a chance for rain storm, anywhere from a trace too about 1 inch. as we head through wednesday we have another chance for a brief rain in which the snow showers could put a bit more accumulation possible. we would give you an update on that tomorrow after a quick cool down for thursday all the way into saturday. here's what it looks like on your extended forecast. 39 thursday but a slow warm-up and saturday at 47. >> a film striving to take an authentic look at autism hits the theaters this week. correspondent terry okada has your review. >> a movie coming this weekend takes on the challenges of autism. it's about a teenage runaway who passes herself off as a caretaker to make money in the film, "jack of the red heart." she forms a
6:28 am
11-year-old autistic girl. both the writer and director have autism in their family. johnson plays a mother and says finding caretakers that are experienced and affordable is a big concern. >> i think that the burden that you must feel as a parent is the what is going to happen when i'm not here. >> reporter: the movie based on the boston globe's two dozen one investigation of sexual abuse within the catholic church and the church's subsequent cover-up. spotlight is up for three academy awards including best picture and best supporting actor and actress. the film that took the top fries that the
6:29 am
festival also offered free tickets to refugees. that's your eye entertainment, terry okada, cbs news los angeles.
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3 good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat taylor. 3 after morning >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us. >> let's talk a bit about what's going on out there. >> not just for but dense fog, and on top of that freezing fog in some areas. >> not good. >> if you are heading out the door to take it easy on the road, you can see we have quite a bit of fog out there this morning and some could be freezing on the road so take it easy. satellite in the area is looking pretty cloudy and that won't change throughout the day today but this ability is changing. we have about a quarter-mile in yankton as well as storm like. those areas have dense fog and on top of that it is also freezing so that is why national weather forecast
6:33 am
morning. it could be hard to see but could be freezing so be extra careful on the roads. we will see 34 degrees start to go away by about 10:00 a.m. and by dinnertime getting up to about 42 degrees today. >> virgin galactic is back in the race to become the first major private company to blast into commercial space travel. founder richard branson showed up friday more than a year after a fatal crash that destroyed one of the original models and killed the test pilot. karaoke to has more from the virgin galactic facility in the mojave desert. >> reporter: service or branson rolled out bridging galactic's new spaceshiptwo. >> it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. >> reporter: his
6:34 am
granddaughter and could be the first one to take tourists into space. the vss unity looks identical to the original spacecraft. it crashed in october 2014 during a test flight in the mojave desert, killing one of the pilots. branson questioned whether it should carry on but the team stood firm and its resolve. engineers say the spacecraft has new safety measures in place including a device to prevent pilots from breaking too early, one of the causes of the 2014 crash. seats six passengers and can 562 miles above the earth. there are already passengers waiting for a cost at the cost of $250,000 each. harrison ford was there to support the project .
6:35 am
adventures, the incredible achievement that moves all of our allies forward in ways we never anticipated. >> reporter: there is no timetable set for the first commercials these plight plight. -- commercial spaceflight. . >> they will start test flights very soon. virgin galactic is one of a few companies such as spacex and blue origin working and setting people and cargo to space. >> it was a full house for the reopening of pretoria fresco. the restaurant is taking its flavor of old italy into the howard johnson hotel on fourth street. the owner says he is excited about the turnout before this shop
6:36 am
long booths. >> the italian restaurant also had deliver and carry out during all business hours to route week. you can check out a menu by clicking the story on our website at sioux land new. >> the police to come visit custody suspected of passing counterfeit money to at least five businesses. fernanda morell as is facing a counts of forgery and two counts of theft. he has been passing dollar bills. clerks caught the fake cast at least at the end of september they found morass' fingerprints on a device used to make fake money in a hotel room. now. >> good news for the city pothole repair
6:37 am
passed more than 3200 potholes using more than 67 tons of asphalt since the beginning of the year. pothole repair crews worked day and night and expect to see a higher amount this year because of the above average snowfall. if you have a pothole in your neighborhood, you could reported to the city online or the field services department. the contact information is in the story on our website at sioux >> a sioux city business is going on with an expansion. pronger foods will serve as a company's notice of vision center. >> great reputation, we are growing, successful, we could have gone anywhere in the midwest and they chose to stay here. that's important to sioux city. we are proud of the fact we could work with them.
6:38 am
size of the warehouse right now and it will create about 60 new jobs. >> a new center health watch, when someone a shot, seconds matter, that's why a team in oregon came up with a device to help prevent excessive bleeding. we show you how it went from the battlefield to the store. >> 32 degrees right now with dense fog but you could see freezing fog. take extra care if you are driving this morning. >> you are watching trenton
6:39 am
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6:41 am
14. this is 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 after morning patchy fog, clouds will stick around today with temperatures in the low 40s. this evening another rain system will move into the area and transition into snow by tuesday morning. >> we have a few more hours of fog. you could see a lot of fog out there this morning, some freezing fog in areas that are below freezing but sioux city is not one of those at the moment. we are looking at clouds and fog across the region and that will continue throughout the day. we are down to about a quarter-mile of visibility in yankton, to came a -- if you are going outside and
6:42 am
because it is hard to see and the call -- the fog could be freezing. there is a dense fog advisory until about 10:00 a.m. this morning. 34 and sioux city, 34 and sheldon, yankton seeing freezing fog at 30 degrees. if you look at the next 72 hours we look at more wintry precipitation coming in the form of a rain snow makes tonight. up to 8-inch is possible. heading to tomorrow we see some son with clouds come back by evening. wednesday night we are looking at another chance for a rain snow makes in the form of showers as we head wednesday night at the thursday as well. foggy out there, freezing and foggy but it is also chilly so you want to bundle up on your way to the bus stop. also, it could be slippery. 41 degrees in wins coming at
6:43 am
and tonight a rain snow makes up to trace to 1 inch of snow. southeast winds picking up at 50 miles per hour. tomorrow a lingering mix for a few hours and we will see some son, or e3 for the high, and lots of rudy miles per hour. once we get to the rest of again by thursday and warming up again by saturday >> a new day to suggest teenagers who are heavier and taller might be a greater risk of developing non-hodgkin's lymphoma. researchers in israel found that overweight and taught an average teenagers face a 25 percent higher risk of cancer in the lymphatic system later in life >> researchers say a blood test to make it easier to diagnose tuberculosis.
6:44 am
could now help detect active tv. -- active tb. >> infections from human papilloma virus are down 60 percent. the cases have fallen sharply since the vaccine for the cancer-causing virus was introduced a decade ago. if someone a shot minutes count. depending where the bullet enters a minute, mean life or death. a team in oregon set out to find a solution, and their timesaver could be a lifesaver. >> you insert the applicator into the world. >> reporter: if looks like a turkey bast >> sponges are deployed this way. >> reporter: it is designed to save liv >> they immediately begin to expand and put pressure at the si
6:45 am
that an applicator filipe 92 sponges meant to absorb blood and put pressure on trauma wounds to stop bleeding. this was approved for military use in 2014 and special forces operations purchased thousan >> sergeant major kyle sampson is a combat medic with special operations. simms said it's a tough are two pack a wound using traditional methods to stop the bleeding >> it could take four or five minutes to get that taken care of whereas with this it takes about 25 seconds to get all the dressing in place. >> reporter: at the end of last year the fda
6:46 am
>> you increase survival by a couple expect but if you expand that now to the civilian population you are talking thousands of people that don't lead to death that would ha >> xpack apparently costs several hundred dollars per applicator, that's a price the company hopes prices will start to go down once it is start fresh
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> if a $4 smart phone seems good morning, (sioux city)... it's (34) outside >> good morning, sioux city, it is 34 degrees outside at 6:50. caterpillar -- yes caterpillar -- has a new phone.
6:50 am
. a phone cannot be the same price as a cup of coffee but one smartphone maker in india is getting a lot of attention for introducing an android phone that only costs about $4. it is a freedom to 51 and that it because it comes out that 251 rupees, around $4 here. for starters, the company says it is made in india but it is in fact made in china. when the phone was unveiled, reporters were given samples that had the chinese name covered in white out. you see the paint that was reporter also said she had trouble getting the review model to turn on. the
6:51 am
off from apple. this company is being investigated. when you break down the cost of the parts, they cost about $40 to make. the freedom to 51 is said to have up to eight gigs of storage and running android lollipop. the company does not yet have a manufacturer in india and, yet this phone promised to start shipping orders by the end of june. the company told the economic times of india that it are ready for the phone before the site went down. we still have to see how this plays out. in the meantime there are other unique forms popping up but this new phone call the robin comes from a new company and is a new approach to storage. it comes with 32 automatically archive's that
6:52 am
stored them in servers online. yes, the cloud. you download them when you need them. a finger print censor unlocks the phone. the phone is not perfect. it costs $400 unlocked. and caterpillar, yes the construction brad has a ultra- rugged phone call the s60, and is the first with a thermal imaging center built into the camera. it comes out this year for $600 and will be unveiled at the mobile show taking we will bring you lots of tech news over the next few days so stay tuned for continuing coverage. we've got fog in sioux land and even freezing mist making travel a bit dicey out there.
6:53 am
hard rock casino hotel. you can't even see the areas down below from the camera. we have about 2 miles of visibility in sioux city. that's not too bad but it is down to a quarter- mile in yankton so in those areas be prepared for freezing and dense fog. the fog is also slippery if it freezes. we are seeing fog in sioux city at the moment. this is what will happen once we get asked this afternoon, rain stonemason night. wednesday night another chance for all rain snow makes in the form of showers. moving up thursday, we warm-up in the draft that 39 than 47 by this
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> looking for traffic it's now (time) >> it is 6:57 on this monday, trying to take a look outside at the state park through the fog courtesy of our hard rock camera >> stick around with us until
6:57 am
morning. >> good morning. officers will be running radar on's own and morningside avenue. have a safe drive to work and school this morning. >> here's a look at your news to go this way, a michigan man expected to be in court on multiple murder charges after a deadly shooting in kalamazoo. 8 uber driver shot and killed six people at three separate locations. the driver was arrested early saturday morning >> on the campaign trail the candidates are turning their attention to the next
6:58 am
with this week. trump is focused on another when against ted cruz and marco rubio in nevada. had -- sanders is hoping to beat clinton in saturday in south carolina after a narrow loss to her in nevada >> supreme court hears two cases for the first since the death of justice antonin scalia. scalia could have been a deciding vote in those cases. >> be sure to check out sioux land news for the latest in news, weather and sports. let's talk whether one more time. will we see the fog much longer? >> for a few hours. it is really dense out there in some places, and on top of that it is freezing and is missing on some roadways. if you are heading at the doorway, please take it easy. we
6:59 am
again tonight but it looks like we will see more freezing stuff tonight as we >> we will keep an eye out for it, thank you cat,
7:00 am
wonderful monday we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. these we. >> these were very matter of fact killings. they weren't rushed. they weren't hurried. he just walked up and shot people. just walked up and shot people. >> a deadly shoot spree in kalamazoo. >> really heart breaking. take me a long time before we move on. >> we won with highly educated and pretty well educated and poorly educated. short people, fat people, skinny people, just one. >> the candidates for president right back at it after south carolina. and the nevada -- >> our message is resonating and, obviously, the proof of that is that hillary clinton is more or less echoing more or less of what we are sayinging. >> supreme court returns to work today without justice antonin scalia. >> the battle over filling his seat is just beginning. >> we are


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