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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 28, 2016 10:08pm-10:30pm CST

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centers around larry crammer and written in 1986. and it also folks on the first community action agency that worked to educate and promote the a.i.d.s.' epidemic. >> some of the stuff that happened politically and socially and health wise really did affect the reason why the epidemic spread as much as it did. and theater and other organizations can go hand-and- hand to help educate the public. >> part of literature, , you can get people to think and ask questions to help raise awareness. it gets people to thii. >> the play directed by michael, which went until march 7th. to find out more information and see the show dates we have a link onwelcome back, everyone. our website. an afternoon of american history and culture. special guests and college professor scott culpepper speak about the nation's first
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and his attempts to shine a light on the parts of his life described to be obscure. >> people like washington, they inspire us and educate us about what has been done in the past ananhelp us to learn. so as we are doing things now and addressing situations that may be similar today, we can apply the lessons more effectively. >> culpepper gave a look at the strength and weaknesses and how it relates to the presesential race this year. voting d d for a multimillion dollar bound to expand the fire department is two days away. on tuesday, march 1st, the public and vote on a bond issuance that would be in favor of updating the 40-year-old building. orange city fire officials are
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to code and need more space. the department has been located at the current station since 1973. the project would be funded through a bond issuance of $2,700,000 and fundraising through the fire department of $160,000. >> we're running out of room. specifically for the firefighters in the fact that we are out of training space. so we fight fires and respond to rescue calls all yearlong. >> and they're asking the orange city commmmity to help them meet their current and future needs. polls are open from 7:00 to 8:00 this tuesday. onto the weather. we had the nice warm temperatures yesterday and then a very windy day today here. >> yes. so a windy day.
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after that strong windy day today. that moisture moved out of the area quickly and leaving clear skies behind it. now, we're seeing a nice quiet clear night over there. can country temperatures 33 in sioux city, 32 in sioux falls. and tomorrow, we're going to see warmer temperatures, but more rain is on the way. more details in a few minutes. >> thank you. an army staff sergeant is facing murder charges after police are saying he killed his wife and opened fire on three police officers in a washington, d.c. suburb. the first day back on the job for the officer who was killed. brian webb reports. >> officer down. i don't know. >> reporter: also ashley
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saturday, on her first day on patrol in virginia. >> he is certainly haa passion to serve others. >> guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute on saturday night. 30miles outside of washington, d.c. police arrested 32-year- old hamilton, an active duty staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. she shot and killed his wife and opened fire on the officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots. >> reporter: yellow tape roped off the crime scene on sunday. residents paid their r respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. >> this happened over something -- it is sad. >> guindon was sworn in on friday. this picture wasasosted to the determe's twitter page welcoming her and another officer. it said, be safe.
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court on saturday. brian webb, cbs news. stuck in greece as austria introduced daily quotas. several camps are full. many families with children mostly from syria and iraq are waiting at this time. macedonia border. australians who were raped and molested by priests are hoping to learn the truth about wh a tom vatican cardinal knew about their attacker when she testifies before an investigatate commission at a rome hotel. thanked fooz a crowdfunding campaign, two dozen survivors and their companion traveled to be on hand when the cardinal
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we're seeing a nice, quiet clear night over oak boji.
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after this. welcome back. we're really getting mother nature. warm yesterday, really windy today. possible-- >> yeah. that is true. tomorrow night we're looking at a little bit of a chance of snow. but right now we're getting a little bit of a break. we have clear skies over in downtown sioux city brought to you by jc roofing and insulating and a nice quiet sunday night. with the temperatures and clear skies, 33 degrees with southwest winds at five miles per hour. now, the temperatures across the area are fallen fairly quickly as our warm spot is at 34 degrees. it is 30 in lemar and spencer. that's faiaiy much colder than it was yesterday at this time.
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and 12 in sioux city. that cold front that passed over us and brought us the windy conditions and brought us the cold temperatures tonight and the winds have started to calm down just a bit, we are seeing southeast winds at five miles per hour and sheldon at six miles per hour. so thoseseinds have ststrted to calm down. we are still seeing clear skies throughout the day. nice, calm evening. it will continue, as you can see, a few more clouds are moving back in with moisturere so as fafaas tonight into tomorrow, the high pressure system is allowing for the clear skies. as of right now to the south of us, it will continue to push south with the cold front that will push south and bring in a little bit more cloud cover by tomorrow morning. but this low pressure system has a little bit of moisture associated with it. this cold front here is going to push a little bit more south and a little bit more moisture
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allowing for snsn to start tomorrow evening and then it will continue throughout the evening into tuesday morning until a little bit more cloud cover for tuesday morning. and then more high pressure is going to push into the area along with cloud cover to clear up just a little bit bringing partly sunny to mostly sunny for tuesday during the day. as far as tonight, though, onto your sunday, the temperature 27 degrees for a low and northwest breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies during the day. increasing clouds through the day and bringing in the snow showers for tomorrow evening to tuesday morning. temperatures on the rmer side with a high near 48 degrees and north winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. and the rest of the week. another chance of snow. aslight chance we're seeing flurries for wednesday night. and the rest of the week, the temperatures fairly warm and --
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evening, the temperatures are staying on the cold side. >> all right. thanks so much.
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the 3 3 more than a dozen states and terrrrories will hold primaries on super tuesday, the biggest contest so far welcome back. more than a dozen states and territories will hole primaries on super tuesday. the biggest contest so far in the 2016 election season. the democratic presidential
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stops in memphis, tennessee, after her big victories in south carolina. we have the story. [ applause ] >> reporter: cheers and excitement when hillary clinton made appearances at two memphis churches. the democratic candidate's first stop in memphis where she asked for their support days before super tuesday. pastor bill blacken told the crowd he learned on thursday hillary clinton was coming, but didn't tell anyone, not even his wife. either. >> i thought. wow. you know, this is the political season and, and -- surprising -- i wasn't expecting to see the candidates right now, but
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hillary clinton come out after that great win in south carolina. >> reporter: hillary clinton made a stop here at the christian church and received a standing ovatiti here as well. >> what was so interesting is the cheers and the amount of enthusiasm. people are just real serious about this election. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a lot of support after telling members of the congregation saying she wants to perform the criminal justice system and make sure that it protects people and talked about tackling gun violence. >> we have an epidemic of gun violence. [ applause ] did you know that gun violence is the number one cause of death of young african- american men? more than the next nine causes combined. >> reporter: hillary clinton also told members of the congregation she wants to make
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that hits close to home for sheryl. >> i have two children. one in college and one that is about to go to college. >> hillary clinton is not the only one makes sts in hillary clinton. republican presidential candidate, dr. ben carson was at a private conference. we have more. [ applause ] >> reporter: ben carson had a private tour at veteran services on sunday. >> he has been working since the '80s. >> reporter: this is just one person not allowed in the building and hoping for a glimpse of the presidential hopeful. >> she knows there are people here that support him. >> reporter: at the end of
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poll, now he is at the bottom of the republican pool. >> recognize that -- you know, nothing has changed about me. >> reporter: inside out poll made dr. carson with his wife by his side, privately address the media. >> after the debate on thursday. i mean, it was lili -- oh -- this is great. >> reporter: a sentiments shared by some of this supporters outside. >> its nice that candidate -- have different positions and doesn't just make fun of the other candidates and other people. >> reporter: sunday's visit was carson's second trip last year. last month he was in memphis. and with super tuesday around the corner he was not the only candidate making last-minute trips. carson is the fourth presidential candidate in the number of days to visit to mid south. >> the really shows something
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i'm grateful that they choose the city. >> reporter: carson is hoping tennessee and arkansas voters choose him on tuesday. >> people are willing to meet me and stand up. still to come -- positive for the virus....right after the break.3 3 oh. hello there. i'm mark hyman.i'm moisturizing. this lotion has aloe vera in california you may not be able to do this. because the state may soon ban aloe vera.why, you ask? because the state's environmental protection agency decided aloe vera - a completely natural ingredient - may . . . may . . . cause cancer.this decision was based on one united nations- sponsored study in which laboratory rodents were fed ridiculous amounts of aloe vera. others call this study
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comments were filed regarding the e-p-a's proposed actions. not a single comment - filed by individuals, . . . healthcare entities . . . and trade associations - supported the e-p-a. they noted there's not one documented case of anyone getting cancer from aloe vera. some even included scientific studies that support just how safe aloe vera is to use.the california agency responded it "cannot consider scientific arguments." even one of the most prestigious cancer treatment centers in america doesn't believe aloe vera causes cancer.there's a second reason trial lawyers. a lawsuit is filed against a california business owner every two days. this action by the california e-p-a opens the door for trial lawyers to sue anyone or any business that ever had anything to do with aloe vera.
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california comment,


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