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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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if you drop the kids off at daycare you may notice some differences. some new rules are in effect the give your kids apactive lifestyle. and peyton manning did it. what's next for the team and how you can score some tickets for the playoff upcoming game. good morning, everyone. finally we are warming uu. the game was nice yesterday. >> oh, it was nice. >> great for fans and players, and we have a very warm start to 2016. you are going to find a little bit of wet weather in the southwest, but right now we have temperatures in the 20s. that puts us well above normal. thattwas not our low this morning, i wish i could say it was, no, but we are going to be looking at temperatures that are close to normal.
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denver, almost double that between 11 and noon and then in the mid 40s this afternoon, very mild, denver 45,,greeley and sterling some pockets of colder air up to the northeast but then mid to upper 30s in the mountains. a chance of snow not only the mountains, but across the plains later this week. >> reporter: there's a lot of blue on this screen for no apparent reason. this is the camera here at i-25 %- and 44 avenue. this is the southbound traffic. you can see the headlights, the folks driving a little bit slower, starting to get a little bit congested maybe 15 minutes into downtown denver. that green is going to be getting a little bit slower, it will start getting slower here
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santa fe on the south side look good down to dia. the broncos are looking great this morning. >> a big win over the chargers, we have home field advantage. some to have highlights. five tun overs into the third quarters, which weren't the fault of the quarterback osseiler. almost half way into the third quarter coach kubiak brought in peyton manning. they won 27-20. still time to talk about the quarterback situation. >> we have two weeks before we play again. i have to see how i feel tomorrow, see how my foot feels, we'll enjoy this win tonight and the bye week will come and give guys a chance to get healthy.
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the offensive line played great, the back played great and that's what it's all about. coach always preaches it takes all 46 guys on game day and today that was truly the case. we won the afc west and count be happier. and couldn't be happier. tickets for the game on the 17th go on sale at noon today. you can get them at ticketmaster locations. tomorrow if there are any tickets left you can pick them up at the broncos ticket office. they range to about $230 you are limited to four tickets per household. you can get a free doughnut from king supers and a small coffee from conkoe.
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roast beef sandwich for just a dollar. you can find the details on all these steals on our news app. don't forget our orange and blue review. we want to hear from you and be ready to call in today. the show start at noon. peyton manning's big comeback could be marred by the reported. the report by al-jazeera linking him to human growth seccnd report. the claim is that his wife receivedmultiple shipments of
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of hgh. >> . >> reporter: when search crews arrive here later this morning they will be bringing with them canines and heavy equipment to go inside the building to search. the fire was so intense the firefighters had to back off and now say the building is unstable and is in danger of collapsing. that's why they still have not %- a counselor john rutter is still missing. he is a father to two sons as well as a grandfather. we were able to sit down with his one of his clients who describes him as one of the best people he's met. he always makes his clients feel worthy and ready toohelp. >> i would guess he made sure everybody was out and then
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that building went up really quick. >> reporter: firefighters tell us that this building did not have a sprinkler system. two people were injured in a bad accident, two were children. a man was initially found sleeping in his car and when he -`was woke up police tell us he just sped off causing a terrible accident. >> reporter: a terrible accident that took the lives of two people and injuring six others. if you were driving in this area yesterday you were
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police investigated a 4-car wreck. first responders say this mess was caused by one drive who was sleeping in his car on yale and colorado boulevard. he took off. they say he was driving fast on here. >> this black suv came raising past me at an accelerated speed and continued to accelerate and that's what really capturered my attention. >> reporter: right now there's still a lot of unanswered questions here. we're still waiting to find out why the driver took off and if this driver will be facing any charges. we don't know the extent of the victim's injuries, but we know unfortunately among the injured in this terrible crash were
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for now live in denver news 7. police are looking for two men who attacked a man with a fire poker on atwood street early sunday morning. they got away with a car and some pot. police are looking for a red 2001 jeep grand cherokee. police believe there could be a third suspect in this. and police are looking for a robber that hit up a walgreens on east center avenue. and our state's provision to banned sugary drinks in `ined child care centers. -- licensed child care centers. and people planning to vote need to register today.
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to reeister as either democrat or republican. and some of us are so annoyed by the weather. >> but this fireebroke out in a remote area. firefighters had to walk with their gear about 2 miles out. crews don't think it will spread any more because of all the snow on the ground. . a dog is safe this morning because of firefighters in arvada. they tweeted out this picture showing crews using oxygen on a puppy. it happened at a fire near sixth street and salisbury. when you think of advocates you probably don't think of nones nuns. >> reporter: we do have some
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the end of the week. today some high clouds. highs in the mid 40s. >> reporter: look at downtown
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to the end zone.
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there you go. that's sealing the play to make the win. 27-20. home field advantage now in the playoffs. the broncos are the playoff champions again. want to talk about the nfl wild- card game between the kansas chiefs and 2000en texans. it's on saturday, 2:35 our time. ed to people returned to the -- today people returned to the work site at san bernardino. this week bill cosby's wife will give a deposition in a defamation suit against him. the case involves seven women accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them.
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sexual assault in pennsylvania over alleged in 2004. two self proclaimed nuns are fighting to keep their marijuana based -- going. they are part of a religious order but consider themselves nuns as part of their spiritual endeavor. all of our prayer goes into our work. >> their mission, growing marijuana. some people still have to go out in the mess. >> that includes doctors.
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bad. so he decided to ski into work. >> i got to get here somehow and so i had to walk a mile and faster. to trip. they were pretty tickled by it. >> he forgot to bring an extra pair of boots so he spent the day in his ski boots. >> listen, doctors have patients, so. >> puts you in a good mood. >> reporter: we will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s, some sunshine. normal low 17, we're pretty close to normal the first three days of the week. temperatures right now in the low the mid 20s. denver 22.
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beautiful we are expecting a broncos sunrise with clear skies out east. it's 22 in burlington. limon and greeley oth coming innbelow 10-degrees right now. but in boulder 23. nice start, you can see out east a few clouds. we will get some clouds developing and a little snow developing across southwestern colorado by tonight. this is a system that is going to bring light snow for the mountains. 1:00 this afternoon by that point we'll be in the mid 40s, a few light snow showers starting to creep into the southwest by 8:00 tonight and then a little farther east tonight into early morning morning. dry across the plains with some mild temperatures.
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going to be in the low to mid 40s. sterling and greeley a touch colder. upper 30s today. closer to freezing near grand junction. still pretty cold near craig and steamboat teens to 20s. parker 44, and in fort collins again 42. tomorrow i put the right spot on tuesday, a few degrees warmer, 52 on tuesday, then still in the 40s on wednesday. a chance of one to 3 inches of snow in denver, will likely see a few more alerts in the mountains on thursday, still pretty chilly saturday and sunday. >> reporter: still accident and staal free along highway 36.
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going to boulder over to church sheridan. this is over at parker road. the northbound side looking very nice. well. easy driving across 225. easy. 15 minutes north or southbound across 225. thank you. it 5:48. learning more about what l.g. is expected to unveil at the consumer's electronic show. here is more on your tech bites. >> reporter: it is a 98-inch sell vision. they willlannouuce it's 98-inch hg television. four times the resolution of a 4k t.v. no word on a price though.
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of a tinny sound it might be the ear buds. at $99 it is less than top quality headsets and much smaller solution for you. >> reporter: it is the time for online dating sites. yesterday is usually the busiest day, if you are looking for love, plenty of others are as well. >> reporter: it's a good time to swipe to the right. those are your tech bites. if you still have your christmas tree up, you might want to get it out to the curb. >> it can be turned into recycling for mulch which you can actually get for free in the spring.
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a touching video of an army
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hot oo the internet today it was a scary scene outside washington d.c., a sheet of ice and snow smassed this guy's windshield. the piece of ice flies perfectly up in the air end over end smmshing into the windshield t. drive was not hurt but -- the driver was not
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>> oes anyone need the services of a snowplowing squirrel? looks like he's knocking off inches of snow. best way to get from point a. to point b. i hear he works for peanuts. i dance like this. this is me dancing. i like that the way the cat dances right there. it's actually had some better moves than i have. and this video from australia has the internet by storm. look at this. they are calling this boy water melon boy because he was -- water melon boy was he was eating skin aad all at a cricket match. he said he thought it was cool that everyone was cheering for him. he's famous now. he even has his own twitter page now.
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he was on t.v. and showing other people that well. >> maybe him taking somee peptobismol afterward? >> he dddn't finish it. thank you, jason, it's 5:54. the good news here, nobody hit the jackpot. your next chance to win is wednesday. tickets are two bucks a pop if you don't power up. your chance is almost one in 300 million, but by golly give it a whirl. we are hearing from the
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this is army sergeant crista coy-- re-iteming with her two great danes. >> they're the two people that are always happy to see me. and it was hard. probably harder than i thought it would be. i don't have any children. >> she says the deployment and separation was equally as difficult for her dogs. well fans get excited, the bachelor is back tonight. ben higgins which is from denver is on the show. >> group hug? >> yes. 25 girls with compete for the guy'' heart. we know mitch is excited. >> i never started -- i watched it and then about three seasons ago i got a little hooked.
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it time for you to go to bed? >> some of theegirls are from denver? >> why didn't he invite two of them to a bbr, pick one and then the show one over? >> because then there would be no tears and drama? >> reporter: some of the site streets will greatly improvee over the next couple of days by thursday this week. enjoy the next few dayy, we're going to be in the mid to upper 40s and then some snow on thursday. >> reporter: it's still farley fairly quiet. there's an accidents on the west side of town on hampden, at river point where at santa fe.
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tech center. but over all pretty decent the worst down town around 20th avenue. laying claim to a federal building and not letting anyone in in oregon. we'll tell you about it. and a nightmare at a b and
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