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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, the heated showdown. donald trump versus the clintons. the sprint to iowa and new hampshire now. trump says bill clinton's past is fair game. this evening, the former president, out on the trail and our correspondent asking him, is trump right? should clinton's past matter? >> is it fair game? >> how the president answers. at this hour, the armed militia standoff. the american town paralyzed. schools closed, the armed protesters saying they're prepared to use force. the stock market freefall. the plunge on this first day of trading in the new year. how it affects your money. the major chill.
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in the east. and the massive storm system about to hit the west tonight. and the showdown at starbucks. the mother who says her credit card number was stolen and used. she returns to find the clerk. and you're about to see what happens. good evening. and happy new year. it's great to be back with you tonight. and we begin this evening with the all-out sprint to iowa. one month now until the first votes, and new hampshire, of course, shortly there after. tonight here, a decisive moment. with donald trump doubling down on his belief bill clinton's past does matter, we hear from the former president himself. all eyes this monday on the former president, for the first time this campaign, bill clinton on the trail, by himself for his wife. so many wondering, going in, would he bring up trump? and our correspondent getting a moment with him, asking, is trump making a fair argument? we begin with abc's cecilia vega.
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kicking off 2016 in new hampshire. >> it's kind of scary this year. >> reporter: taking some not so subtle jabs at a certain republican front-runner. >> when there is discrimination against african-americans or hispanics or muslims, just because of who they are, i don't like that. >> reporter: but he didn't mention donald trump by name, or trump's tactic of dredging up the former president's past sex scandals. great abusers of the world? give me a break. >> reporter: so, today, i asked about trump. donald trump says your past is fair game. i've got to ask you, you keep coming up on the trail with him, is it fair game? a long pause, and then an answer. >> the republicans have to decide who they want to nominate. i'm trying to tell -- now, the democrats, and the country, why i think hillary would be the best president. and i think there's always attempts to take the election away from the people.
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backing down. >> i think that, you know, hillary was an enabler and a lot of things that happened that were, you know, obviously very seedy, i mean, he was impeached, >> reporter: but 15 years after leaving office, bill clinton's popularity numbers are sky high, much higher than his wife's. she calls bill her secret weapon, especially in new hampshire, where both clintons have enjoyed political comebacks. >> i listened to you, and in the process, i found my own voice. >> reporter: this year, new hampshire is pivotal once again. the only state where clinton trails vermont senator bernie sanders and where she needs that not so secret secret weapon more than ever. >> and cecilia vega live from new hampshire tonight. and you reported there that the campaign is very happy where the former president stands with his own popularity. clinton on his own will we see out there? >> reporter: well, david, the former president just wrapped an
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it was a packed house. and that is exactly what hillary clinton's campaign wants to see. an aide to the former president telling me, if you can hear me, an aide to the former president telling me today that we can expect to see a lot more of bill clinton out on the campaign trail over the next few weeks, david. >> folding up the chairs right behind you. how quickly they all move on there. cecilia vega tonight, thank you. president clinton being asked about donald trump, and tonight, trump is being asked about a piece of video shown in his first political ad out today. in it, talking about building a wall on the mexican border, and in the ad, you can see people running for the border. but it turns out that piece of video is not here in the u.s. they're the same images from a video posted in 2014 of migrants in morocco. tonight, how does the trump campaign explain this? abc's tom llamas on the trail, >> i'm donald trump, and i approve this message. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump out with his first tv ad, and that striking image of people scrambling like ants across a mountainous border.
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on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> reporter: it turns out, that video is not from our border with mexico at all. it's from 5,000 miles away in morocco. tonight, the trump campaign telling abc news they used morocco images on purpose, quote, "to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat americans face." but watchdog website politifact, which first reported the story, gives the ad a "pants on fire" rating on its truth scale. it was trump's immigration crackdown that first rocketed him into the lead. >> and, you know, we're going to build a wall. we're going to have a real border. and mexico is going to pay for the wall. and they'll say, thank you, thank you very much. >> reporter: now, his new ad highlights the latest trump promise in the headlines. >> he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: trump, sticking to the hard line that took him to the top and kept him there. but david, trump's critics say
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highlights how he plays fast and loose with the facts. and more importantly, they point to recent studies that show more mexicans leaving the u.s. than coming in. david? >> tom llamas, covering this campaign straight to election day. tom, thank you. we turn this evening to the tense standoff in one american community in the west tonight. and to breaking developments just moments ago. the fbi leading the investigation into that standoff in oregon now. heavily armed militia seizing a federal building that they say belongs to the people.tonight, digging in. arguing americans should have more access to federal lands. but many in that small town now caught in the crosshairs. school canceled today. some neighbors saying "go home." abc's neal karlinsky tonight on the group saying, they are prepared to use force, and the sheriff, just a short time ago, asking them to leave. >> reporter: tonight, inside the standoff. abc news given a look past the guard tower. interestingly, they actually have their own fuel pumps here for their cars. the few dozen held up here mainly come from out of state. one member posted an emotional
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joining up. >> i am 100% willing to lay my life down. >> reporter: we found him inside. do you fear that this could turn into something serious enough that you would not be able to return to your family? >> there's always that chance, but that's not what we want and i don't think that's what they want. >> reporter: within the compound, bunks the militia members sleep on. a woman preparing meals. >> whether you're armed or unarmed, you get up here. >> reporter: tonight, the group saying they're fighting for nothing short of the liberation of thousands of miles of federal land. the group seized the unoccupied federal refuge saturday, protesting prison time against two ranchers convicted of arson for allegedly lighting fires on public land. the pair surrendered at a california prison late today. meanwhile, in oregon, the standoff continues. >> it's time for you to leave our community. go home to your families. >> reporter: schools in the area remain closed, but there is not a shred of police presence out here, and these people say authorities have assured them there will be no confrontation.
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>> neal karlinsky tonight in oregon. neal, thank you. and now, to the white house tonight, and president obama about to take action on gun control, on his own. vowing to use executive action to close the so-called gun show loophole. it is highly controversial, and abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on what could change at gun shows across this country. >> reporter: at gun shows just like this one over the weekend in virginia, hundreds of firearms are sold. often with no background check. >> this is considered an assault weapon. >> reporter: sales brisk in part of that executive action planned by the house. >> obama's the reason. >> reporter: virginia today not much different from when "20/20" watched as the brother of one of the virginia tech massacre victims, trying to raise awareness of the loophole, legally buying an armful of guns at a gun show with no back ground check. >> went up to him, how much do you want for it, 450 bucks, here's the cash, thanks, see you later. >> reporter: but tonight, the executive order being considered
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sellers who supplement their income with gun sales. calling on them to register as federal firearms dealers. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it will potentially save lives. >> reporter: critics took aim out. >> now this president wants to >> and pierre is with us now live. this argument before, but this proposed executive order on gun shows would not have prevented the purchase of guns used in many of the recent shooting rampages, including san bernardino? >> reporter: that's right, david. the gun show loophole would not have affected most of the recent mass shooters. those sales were through federal gun dealers and background checks were, in fact, done. david? >> all right, pierre thomas in washington tonight. pierre, thank you. now, to the extreme weather on both coasts tonight. an arctic blast in the east causing chaos on the roads this evening. a pileup in pittsburgh, and this in fairview county,
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meanwhile, the west bracing for a parade of storms bringing drenching rains, snow, ice and possible mudslides. so, let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano tonight. the winds are so cold, they are generating snow off any large continue for the next couple of hours. this is the coldest air of the season for the northeastern third of the country. morning. the wind chills. 3 in new york. 12 in chicago. so, bust out the layers. good news, though, it will be short lived. we have several cold storms that will drive into the west here. the first one comes in tomorrow morning. significant rains for los angeles and san diego. then another one comes in wednesday morning, hits san francisco first and then drives to the south and east. this will bring rain anywhere from two to four inches in the cities, more in the hills, so, this is welcome rain, but we could see flash flooding and mudslides. we'll have to be aware of that. >> all right, rob, thank you so much. we turn now to the economy, and your money tonight. 2016 getting off to a rocky start on wall street. the dow closing down more than 276 points.
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correspondent rebecca jarvis on the floor of the new york stock exchange tonight. and rebecca, a lot of people wondering, is this a sign of things to come this new year? >> reporter: david, it was bad news today, but surprisingly, it could have been so much worse. i've been speaking to a number of veteran floor traders here today and they tell me, this it started with a sharp selloff in china. fears that a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy could have a ripple effect here on the united states and our economy. the other big factor, oil prices, which are lower, it's great news for consumers. you pay less at the pump, but bad news when it comes to energy companies and the jobs of people in this country working at energy companies. there's a saying here on wall street. as goes january, so goes the rest of the year for stocks. it's true, 70% of the time, david, so, we have another 18 trading days to set the tone. >> let's hope it's not today. rebecca jarvis, thank you so much. the white house tonight is responding now to escalating
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middle east. saudi arabia cutting ties with iran. protesters attacking the saudi embassy in tehran, burning the saudi flag after saudi arabia executed a prominent shiite cleric, backed by the iranians. the u.s. concerned this new conflict will only complicate the efforts against isis even more. meantime, there is a major development tonight in the fight against isis. you remember the killer known as jihadi john -- the mask, the british accent. over the weekend, a new isis video showing a man authorities call the new jihadi john. and tonight, they think they might know who he is. abc news has learned one of the men they're looking at, we've sat down with before. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: this is the new isis version of evil personified. his face hidden by a black mask, speaking with a british accent. >> we will continue to wage jihad, break borders and one day invade your land. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. and
5:43 pm
the voice and physical characteristics to this well-known british radical, who fled london to syria a year and a half ago after being arrested on charges for supporting terrorism. shortly before that, he talked with abc news. >> will never come, until a group of muslims rise and conquer the white house. >> reporter: he was interviewed by correspondent llama ama hasan in 2014, as he urged young muslim men in london to push for sharia law. >> i think that would be the beginning of the end of the united states of america, of britain, of europe and the entire world. >> reporter: and tonight, british officials say, he is a leading suspect, as new isis executioner, which, if it is the case, will put him on the same list that led to the drone attack against the previous isis face of evil, the so-called jihadi john, who executed four american hostages, david. >> all right, brian ross on these new developments tonight. brian, thank you. back here at home, new developments in a deadly police shooting making headlines across the country. bail now granted tonight for
5:44 pm
set at $500,000. the incident caught on camera, he's accused of fatally shooting walter scott eight times from behind after he ran from a routine traffic stop last april. scott's father objecting to the decision, calling slager a danger to the community. tonight, the ntsb is releasing haunting new images from that mystery at sea, the "el faro," the cargo ship that went down during hurricane joaquin in october, killing all 33 onboard. we have new video now of its final resting place, taking us onto the deck. there tonight is still no sign of the black box or the victims. abc's linzie janis with the >> reporter: tonight, the "el faro" three miles underneath the ocean's surface. twisted and mangled by hurricane joaquin. its equipment and cargo scattered. a vehicle with a sunroof. a microwave. and a printer.
5:45 pm
faro" from jacksonville to san juan when it sank on october 1st. but still no sign of the ship's crew. 33 in all. perhaps the most haunting? this video of the top two decks, including the bridge, where the captain and some of the crew would have been, found half a mile away. also still missing tonight, the voyage data recorder, or black box, that may have provided answers for family members. >> they are most concerned of why did they send them out there, knowing it was some type of storm? >> reporter: for now, hope that these images of a final resting place will provide some closure. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. you're about to see the showdown at starbucks. the mother who says her credit card number was stolen and used. well, the confrontation now, as she pulls back up to the drive through window, returning to find the cashier. you'll see what happens and what starbucks is now saying tonight.
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soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. we're going to turn next tonight to the mother who says her credit card number was stolen and used at a starbucks. through window. abc's clayton sandell with the heated confrontation, and authorities tonight with the latest scams involving your credit cards. >> reporter: juana martinez says
5:49 pm
her $212. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: at a california starbucks drive through last week, martinez claims this cashier stole her credit card number and went on a shopping spree. the next day, martinez confronts her. >> you know what you did, right? >> i'm sorry that i took money from you and your kids. >> reporter: police say they're now investigating. experts say credit card numbers can be stolen by thieves, simply writing them down or using high tech devices called skimmers. this fast food employee was caught using one. that stolen data can be used to make forged cards. >> it's very, very difficult to prevent somebody who has one of these magnetic stripe readers, which are very small and portable. >> reporter: experts say you can help protect your money by frequently checking your bank statements. don't let anybody see your pin number. and don't use an atm or card reader if it looks like it's been tampered with. >> how would you even make a copy of my card? >> reporter: tonight, the coffee company calls the situation "completely unacceptable" and says "the employee no longer works at starbucks." clayton sandell, abc news, denver.
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works for me. can it work for you? ask your doctor about prolia today. to the index of other news tonight. country music singer craig strickland, who went missing two weeks ago during a hunting trip in oklahoma, tonight, authorities have found his body north of tulsa. strickland's wife revealing he likely died of hypothermia, tweeting, "he is safe with his father in heaven." black monday in the nfl tonight. head coaches and a general manager given the sack for a losing season, including the titans, 49ers and browns. the eagles firing their head coach last week. the biggest name on the list tonight, the giants' tom coughlin. stepping down today after 12 seasons and two super bowl championships. eli manning choking back tears. and powerball fever. the jackpot now at $400 million. expected to grow even larger by wednesday night's drawing. your odds of winning, by the way? 1 in 292 million. when we come back tonight, a
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citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. finally tonight here, america strong. and who could forget the story of bella and one really great dane? you met bella and george right here. bella in the fifth grade, 43 pounds. george, 131 pounds. >> he acts smaller than he actually is. >> reporter: bella was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that attacks the bones. before george, bella couldn't walk on her own.
5:58 pm
met george, from the service dog project in ipswich, massachusetts. he helps her get from class to class on her own. >> how you doing, bell? >> good. >> good. >> reporter: she gets to work, he gets some sleep. then it's off to gym, through those doors. >> oh, he helps me walk. i lean on him like a crutch. >> reporter: and look what happened after we met them. >> in the category of service dog, we have george, a great dane. >> reporter: george receiving the american kennel club service dog of the year award. a standing ovation for george and bella. and tonight, a new year's arrival. 32 puppies at the same farm. 18 of them are related to george. and already training to be just like him. we thought you could use a smile to start the new year. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night.
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we have a lot of news tonight. we know more about it deadly crash on colorado boulevard including new details about the suspects past as a limo driver. plus there is a backlog in our state. , evening over downtown denver. high temperatures today and snow this week. we are continuing to track raking news in arvada. a body was found in the rubble of this burned out counseling center near 64 the wadsworth. >>with our investigator saying about this fire? >>reporter: with the help of searrh dogs and heavy equipment they say they found the body in the rubble aaout two hours ago. the corner is working to


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