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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we start denver 77 at 6:00 a.m. with breaking news we have been following all morning long for you. an armed carjacking, a suspect in commerce city, turns into a s.w.a.t. situation, in thornton. >> this case involves two women, and denver 7 reporter salll mandew is near where it all ended at i-25 and 84th avenue. sally? >> reporter: that s.w.a.t. situation has just wrapped up behind me. there is still a lot of police activity as you can see here. the car is still at the scene. the truck is still at thh scene. and we are now learning, new information on this. here is what we are told happened. police tell uu that around 2:30 a.m., they got a report of an aggravated robbery, with a carjacking neaa 60th and holly in commerce city.
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female, armed with a handgun, and they stopped a male driver and forced him out of his vehicle. police pursuit happened. and that pursuit spilled into thornton, with the suspect's vehicle crashing, right here at 84th and conifer. the female ex ited the vehicle and the s.w.a.t. team was called in. and when the s.w.a.t. team was on the scene, the woman came out of the vehicle. and taken into custody. righh now, no information on tte identity of the women or why they decided to carjack this car. live in thornton, denver 7. >> and unfortunately we do have some traffic troubles because of that issue here this morning. so let me take you from air tracker 7's vantage point. the intersection of conifer at 84th avenue with the police activity. this is where it is closed down right now. on the west side of i-25. it will remain load down, until they can get the tow trucks in here and clean up the cars, right here, that collided after that chase. so all of the traffic is going east, on 84th avenue. going down to confer. and all of these folks are
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around it. and let me show you on the map stay on conifer. this is the area right over here, you would stay south, on conifer and it takes down to highway 36 and broadway, which goes right down to 58th avenue, and back ovvr to i-25, and an easy way to get around it. but the highway is geeting a good eye full of it and that's normal traffic on southbound 25, and even your lanes are open, we are still seeing some slower-than-average traffic down through 84th avenue. and that is a gooddspot. if ou can avoid particular at least coming from the west, along 84th use the thornton parkway or highway 36. the only other trouble spot, hampden and tamarac. an accident investigated there. and chain laws with the snow -`coming down. >> we will talk about that. the storm that will move through denver on thursday. and right now, dry conditions. sunrise this morning at 7:21. still pretty dark for the next hour, hour and 15 minutes. temperatures right now, in the 20s in denver. and teens in fort collins.
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greeley, 7. and craig right now at 3. pretty mild afternoon. even warmer than yesterday. and we will be in the mid to upper 30s, by 11:00. and you will find some high clouds today. and that is pretty much it for the eastern plains and look at 48. 44. and we have some mid to upper 50s. down across southern and southeastern colorado. i-70. now the snow moving in ahead of this storm, that is now hitting the west coast, we will see some light snow today, heavier over the next couple of days coming up. >> thank you. 6:03. today the president will lay out his plan to address gun vvolence. he failed to get congress to approve new laws and says he will go it alone. lindsey watt has been look nook the spisks for us this morning -- looking into the specifics for us this morning and what will the impact here be? >> reporter: the president's plan revolves around universal background checks for those buying guns and that would not have an impact here in colorado because we already have a state
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it was passed here at the state capital in 2013 along with a gun laws. have. what we have already in place. aad it is why in some places you can go to a gun show, buy a gun from the private seller and other aspects of the president's plan would pay for more fbi examiners to do background checks, and more atf agents to enforce gun laws and also a $500 million investment in mental health treatment. and no surprise, that republicans have been quick to condemn both the plan and the use of an executive order. of course, that bypasses congress. and the g.o.p. presidential candidates, especially, this vowed to fight back. >> he is going to sign anothee executive order. amendment. and having to do with guns. and iiwill veto that. i will unsign that. so fast. >> my new yearr resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can. and that is esppcially true for one piece f unfinished
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our epidemic of gun violence. >> the president is expected to announce his plan at 9:40 colorado time. and we do plan to cut into programming. when that happens. to bring it to you live. lindsey watts, denver 7. 6:05 nnw. today, one of two teenaged girls accused of planning an attack at mountain vista high school in highlands ranch could find out whether they re going to be charged as adults. so far, investigators have not released the 16-year-old's names. they attended mountain vista high school. `olice arrested themmlast month, after an anonymous tip. investigators say they had a credible plot to attack students and staff, the week of their arrest. 6:05. and new this morning, fort collins police eleased the photos of two men they say stole from a best buy. take a look. see if you recognize them. police say these two men got away with two play stations last night around 7:15. smash and grab thieves are at it again. this time bashing their way into two stores in sheridan. we brought you these latest cases yesterday. as breaking news, here on
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looking for the thief caught on video now. and we can share with you, ransacking a verizon store, after breaking in with a rock early monday morning. >> front doors smashed in. and iphone display is torn down. 3 and one phone is missing. >> a nearby shop is broken police are looking into whether the cases are related to the nine smash and grabs on broadway early sunday morning and more than 30 in the metro area in the past month. >> :06. and this morning, the driver accused in the deadly four-car crash in denver is behind bars without bonn. police say 55-year-old samir dewitt may have been under the influence. the victims in the case are identified as 422-year-old anthony mills and 29-year-old jonathan nichol, both involved in the music industry and nichols a recording artist and father to a little girl. and the crash happened sunday at colorado boulevard and mexico and police say the driver was doing at least twice the legal speee limit when he
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>> it is horrible that someone's negligence, an carelessness, could take away a person whh is so caring. >> we did some digging and found the suspect was a limo driver with a history of traffic violations. this morning, the coroner will work to determine if a body found in the rubble of a burned out building in arvada is that of the counselor, john rutter no one has heard from him since the fire on stur, and he works at the creative treatment options clinic that burned down. crews have brought in dogs to search for dogs. it could take weeks to determine the cause of the fire. this fire at a greeley apartment complex started with a cigarette after all. we brought this to you in greeley, as breaking nnws yesterday morning. the cigarette lit a mattress on fire, on the fifth floor. firefighters had to pull one person out of the complex and now in the hospital. 6:07 now. the broncos have a couple more days off until it is back to work for the post season. tickets to the first playoff game, the one sunday, january 17, they are mostly sold out.
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you can find a handful of tickets to the broncos web site. but there are single tickets or you will be sitting alone. and the best bet, secondary sites and we have called up stub hub and a look at the tickets this morning. if you look up right in here, one of the cheapest we found is the upper level, 524, in the end zone, and it is 150 bucks a piece. some sellers are hoping to get $10,000 for some of these seats. the broncos will face either the steelers, the chiefs or the texans. again, january 17. so this weekend, you can watch the wildcard matchup features the chiefs and the texans right `ere on denver 7. kickoff is saturday. it is at 2:35 in the afternoon. again, you can see it right here. 6:08 now. aaa is out with the prediction for gas prices. we will tell you how it compares to the low prices we have paid at the pump this past year. >> a cautionary tale about social media. a woman rants about a restaurant and ends up on the receiving end of a lot of hate. >> and it is now 6:08. it is chilly this morninn. not bad. mid to upper 20s.
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at the bus stop. this afternoon, pper 40s. very nice. we have two more days of 40s. details coming up. >> and the big problem this morning, still remains the closure of 84th avenue, just west of i-25. screen, air tracker 7 on the
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southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations.
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is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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6:12. sad news to report this morning, greeley police are investigating after a 10-year- old girl was killed in a crash over the weekend. the cash she was riding in collided with another at 37th and greeley. and the wells county coroner is investigating this also. and a live look from air traffic 7 as we continue to follow breaking news this morning. an armed carjaccing ends in commerce city -- in commerce city, it ends at 84th avenue and i-25 in thornton. a s.w.a.t. team was called in to arrest the two women accused in the carjacking. 84th avenue is still closed at this time.
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all morning. jason will have more on how this affects your morning commute coming up in just a bit. just about 13 minutes after the hours. investors started the 2016 trading year in the red big time. we showed the futures yesterday at this time as the u.s. markets responded to the concerns overseas in china and the middle east and the dow finished the day, down 2276 points. here is a look -- 276 points. here is a look at the futures this morning. a little bit better but still see some red here. the s&p is down almost 10 points, and nasdaq is down 22, and the dow right now, it is down 83. so still starting off a little soft this morning. -`and hopefully, volkswagen has been saving. the german automaker could be hit with an $18 billion civil penalty from the u.s. government. both the epa and the justice department are suing volkswwgen, over its emissions cheating software. >> maybe have you been tempted to push the unfriend button after someone goes on a facebook rant. what is the reaction one woman
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at a restaurant, let it serve as a warning. a woman complains about her new years eve and her night was ruined she said after witnessing what a dead person was wheeled out and referred to and complained that the staff didn't care about her group's incorrect bill. one of the owners responded saying that junky was actually an elderly woman who had a heart attack. and defended the staff who were emotionally overwhelmed by someone nearly dying and shared the post and that's when things really took off. >> it was nice he took a stance. and no, this is my establishment. you won't treat my employees this way. and please donnt come back. >> so the owner says that the cautionary tale about what you put on social media. don't assume things. the woman wheeled out oo ressaurant is recovering from that heart attack. well, the next video will make you smile. a principal is showing, just because you're the enforcer in the school on occasion, you can
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>> he is almost as good. and this is ron clark, dancing with some of the students at the academy in atlanta. and he posted this video, earlier this week and it has had mooe than 1.5 million views. >> he has some move, doesn't he? ron clark's name may sound familiar. he was featured by oprah for his unique teaching methods to help disadvantaged students. he is a best selling author and a finalist for a global teacher prize. maybe some sort of dance award as well. >> i love this guy. he is good. >> that is impressive. practice to get them in sync. >> i was in cheerleading, it takes a long time to get that routine down. >> choreography, hello. >> yes. >> we have a nice day. and when you talk snow, we need a little bit more, because january, typically, our sixth snowiest month, we are usually at 6 1/2 inches this month and haven't seen anything bviously yet. we are still looking at decent numbers for both november and december so far this season and it puts us a couple of inches above normal. right now, clear conditions. some high clouds. the temperatures are right now, just below freezing.
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it is 28 in denver. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. youuve got a couple of teens and 20s to the north. fort collin, 23. greeley right now, pretty cold pocket, where that gauge is, we are right now in the single digits. morgan. heading up into the mountains, you will find temperatures now %- highs this afternoon, in the 20s, and 30s. we got another pretty mild day. upper 40s, today, and so far this is the warmest on the seven-day forecast. pueblo, 54. and fort collin, boulder, in the mid to upper 40s today. and very similar to what we saw yesterday. and mainly low to mid-30s. and if you're headed west on i- 70 and 20s and 30s for the southwest. where we are picking up more snow at this point. satellite and radar showing this. it is the snow that is moving ahead of the storm itself and the system will make its move over the next 24-36 hours and
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but we have a pretty dry day -`today and again tomorrow. most of the snow that we see over the next 12 hours, it is going to be across southwest colorado but by mid afternoon, closer o i-70, farther north and east. you will likely find some light high clouds tonight. and into early tomorrow morning. % by 7:00 tomorrow morning, snow is going pick up. we are likely going to see more alerts pop up in the mountains on wednesday. and then by wednesday night is when we start to see some light snow here ii denver. so talking about commutes this week, thursday mornnng, thursday afternoon, maybe even friday morning, there is a chance for some wet to icy conditions, and snow does look like it is going to be pretty light for the metro area. about 1-3 inches and a better idea of totals come early tomorrow morning. buu look at our temperature drop, fromm43 on wednesday. to 30s thursday and friday. and skies will clear. but it is cold this weekeed. and mid to upper 20s both days. >> we still have ssme traffic trouble spots, not only with
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with this cllsure, and 84th avenue, as you can see from air tracker 7, connfer at 84th avenue. and a little bit west. here you can see the accident. we had a chase after armed and then took the car and then ran all the way up here and ran into somebody else. at 84th and conifer. so that is why the highway, or the roadway is still closed wn. getting over to i-25. let me show you a good way to right now, all of that traffic that is coming off of 84th avenue at conifer, they are being detoured, detoured to -`83rd. a block south. and take a left. and another left. and it takes back over to i-25. the ramp on southbound i-25. so coming from the east side, going to i-25, you can get there. if you want to get across, you would have to use 88th avenue just to the north and over to huron to get aroundd it thissis the area that is closed. you can still stay on conifer and go all the way to where it turns in broadway and continue south h 58th aven. another greaeaget
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hill. mlk. and that is a bad accident. two separate problems reported on highway 85 in the north side of brighton. one, a northbound rollover crash that they say is near weld county road 44. and he otherrone is the southbound accident, near 168. just in the north side of brighton. >> all right. jason, thank you staying on top of it for us. busy morning. good news for those of you with ng commute. aaa says gas prices will stay pretty low this year. a little higher than what we are paying right now. an national e is $2.25 and $2.45 a gallon. gallon. it is mile high. during the game last week. and you can see all of the fans in the stands cheering on the team and the victory. if were you there cheering on the broncos, they secured that top seed in the afc, you are in here somewhere. this thing rotates as we have shown and you can zoom in and
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perhaps you see me, i'm the one wearing orange. easy to find. weather at the game, we are watching tv, and the biggest talker has to do ith who is time. about the switch-up. >> good morning, everybody. the most compelling interesting most talked about story in the nfl yesterday, this. 17 and 18. peyton and brock. it is amazing. the broncos finished in afc. controversy. it is raging on social media. twitter all hot and bothered with the debate. all this hahaafter peyton came againsnse chargers with the second hax points and won. and brock under center for five turnovers, not all his fault but no denying peyton provided the spark the broncos needed. they took control and won. gary kubiak told us yesterday the players will know what is going on soon and that's all that matters. >> our players will not be in the dark. i will never put them in the dark. we will know exactly what we
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we are heading. i think our players deserve a lot of credit, because they have responded to both. just very proud of both of them. and the job hey have done. and now we got to get ready to go here. we got a big secood season coming up. looking forward to it. >> what would you say about the starttr for the playoffs? >> i won't say annthing. >> nothing about the starters yesterday. and now brock says all of the right things. he will prepare the same way. whether he is backup or starter. all that matters is the team and winning but was he upset about that? list ton his answers after the game, after he thought pate. peyton might get in. >> usually you don't talk to the backup and say hey you might be going in. and that was not a conversation that took place. >> usually pate en is not a backup. >> next question. spark coming. >> i wasn't on the field, i didn't necessarily feel the spark but it seems like the offense got going. ong as this football team ng games, shoot i don't who playsys >> feash -- quarterback. >> we will find out who plays quarterback on thursday when
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much more coming up on 7 sports extra. until then, have a great morning. 6:21, as we head to break, a live look from air trtr over the scene of the breaking news thhs morning. an armed carjacking that started inncommeece city. ends up with thii tht 84th and conifer. just west of i-25. in thornton. >> the s.w.a.t. team was actually called in to arrest two women accused in the carnalling. a live look from the ground right now. lots of police activity out there. 84th avenue is still closed right now. so jason is tracking th. he is watching it very closely. will tell you at pect for the morning
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h@ch@c]%cclos cda_` ed@kda]h@c cledosed circh@cabc% ed c_h@c p@h@abc%h@c
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h@c h@` cclososed^ * >>itadmission and apology, caught on camera, at a starbucks drive through. this is a video shot by an ] angry mother the day she says, or the day after she says that cashier you just saw stole her credit card information and went on a shopping spree. it happed ed@ap@ *in caba _closarbucks in california and the video has caught the attention of police. starbucks calls the situation
6:25 am
says thh employee no h@longer works at starbucks. we continue to follow breaking news, let's get it@kover to jason. >> and the aar tracker 7, the @aabcclosure closedremains %cin ircuitplac ] 84th avenue. at conifer all the way to i-25. the folks are going a block south to 84rd. the left turn and abc%then ]ed c@kda_ left, and joining i-25. the other trouble spot. north side. `here we have two accidents. one on the north, and one on the southbound side, just north of 168th avenue. with some lanes that are blocked. >> thank you, jason. 6:26 now. hope you didn't rurve rush out to buy an s.a.t. study book just yet, juniors in colorado may still be required to take the a.c.t. college placement exam this spring after all. last week the state department of education announced it would move from the a.c.t. to the s.a.t. now, a change of plans though. in an e-mail to superintendents the department says it is workinggwith a couple of testing providers to keep the a.c.t. for one more year. and no time line, and we will
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but when we get it, we will certainly pass it along o you. all morning long, denver 7 has been updating breaking news. two women accused in a carjacking that ended in a crash, this is just west of ii 25. so you can see where this ended, at 84th avenue and conifer. both on the ground and air tracker 7, sally is looking into i
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it took joel silverman yeaea a master dog trainer. but only a few commandssr depositing checkck at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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good morning. 6:30. breaking news we have been following all morning long. two women are arrested after an armed carjacking turns into a s.w.a.t. situation in ttornton. 84th avenue closed, just west of i-25, a live look from air tracker 7 at this hour.. denver 7 reporter sally mandew is where it all ended aa i-25 and 84th avenue where it all ended. sally? >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. situation wraps up but a lot of police activity behind me near 84th and conifer. we are now learning new information on this, and this is what we are told happened. police tell us th2:30
6:29 am
of an aggravated robbery with a carjacking. nearr60th and holly in commerce city. and we were told it was two females armed, with a handgun, who stopped a male driver and forced him out of the car. a police pursuit happened and the police pursuit spilled into thornthon when the suspect's car crashed into another car at 84 84th and conifer. they did not come out of the vehicle and s.w.a.t. was called in. once s.w.a.t. was on the scene, they were taken into custody when they came out of the car. no word on why they carjacked the car. and as you can see, there are a lot of portions of 84th and conifer blocked off and that is causing the traffic tt rerrute. jason, what does it look like out there? >> you can see from your picture, and air tracker a moment ago, there are tow trucks now on the scene. so we are hoping in the next half an hour, we will get lanes open. but until then, especially the folks that are coming from the west, and going east on 84th avenue, over to i-25, they are
6:30 am
and this is how most folks are doing it. they are coming off of 84th avenue making the right turn on conifer and left turn on 84rd and going to acomoa and then the next block over. you can stay on conifer to 58th and turns into broadway at highway 36. and you can see use that all the way down to 58th avenue and `et on i5. as you can see, heavy ststand already place as folks are the flashing lights from the highway. we have two separate accidents. up on highway 85. one north and one southbound. just north of 168th avenue. the rest of the ride around towns iet. not seeieiother big a little built of delay here and. there for the most part the big issue is on 84th avenue. >> viewers should know that you study these map books and you memorize the streets. if there is a way arounn, jason ind it. take this little he gets you there. a live look from a beautiful start to the day from our wireless camera.
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roads are and dry ,across the plains for thnext two days. any snow today in of the weststslopes, southwestern colorado. inches. staat. mid-20s by afteenoon. wedouble the numbers. clouds. and the te well above normml. fort collins, you're at 44. and the springs, 50. 30s for the mouutains. another mill day. chance of snow on thursday, this is not going to be a big system, but it could bring a few inches. we will talk about it coming up. >> thank you. 6:33 now. this morning, president obama will detail a series of executive actions he plans on taking to address gun violence. >> this will include a call for universal background checks which we already have herr in colorado. lindsey watts is outside the capital and a local lawmaker will be a part of this. >> reporter: kelly, aurrra representative rhonda fields is in dc, right now, she was invited to be part of a round table iscussion, about the
6:32 am
fields' son and son's fiance were both murdered and she went on to be a key player in tightening up gun laws here in colorado in 2013. one of the changes made then requires universal background checks, for anyonn buying a gun. and fields saas the rest of the nation needs to catch up with colorado, nd the president agrees. he wants to close what is known as the gun show loophole. there are states where private gun sellers are not required to `erform back ground checks. and that meeps people with walk into -- that means people can walk in a gun show and walk out with a gun and never get checked. and other parts of it would be more fbi examiners to do background checks and more a.t.f. agents to enforce gun laws and a $$500 million investmenttin mental heth treatment. no surprise at all that republicans have been very critical of this plan. both the plan itself, and the use of an executive order. which would bypass congress. houue speaker paul ryan for one
6:33 am
the president will be making his announcement at around 9:40 colorado time. reporting live, lindsey watts, denver 7. >> 6:34 now. a judge has rejected another defense request in the ccse of the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from another woman. this is the woman charged in this case. dynel lane. her lawyers wanted a search of her husband's truck to be % thrown out saying investigators didn't have a proper warrant but a judge has denied that request. her lawyers have other requests to throw out the search of lane's home an also the statements she had made to pollce. and a judge hasn't ruled on those just yet. just last week, the judge died the trial would not be moved out of boulder county. states are looking at a backlog of mental coopetency evaluations and more inmates are sitting in jail, just waiting and costing you the taxpayer. we first reported last week, the backlog for evaluations is six to nine months. an that's keeping inmates in inmates.
6:34 am
and the state has asked forbe $7 million in the -- for $7 million in the next two years to address the backlog. the new legislative session starts in e week and we are hear from both sides abouu their plans and they want to make changes to the taxpayer bill of rights and without changes, the state would not have enough money for education and roads. and redd republicans say they are putting the focus on business and the economy. and expect affordable housing prices to be one of the first issues they put forward. republican presidential candidate visits denver today. and marco rubio is not holding a rally in the public but rather a private fundraiser, it is in downtown denver. ticks range from $500 to $2700. and new this morning, a woman who ran for denver city council this past spring may have gotten some not so legal support from sesame street. for forgery. this is her campaign page. she didn't get enough signatures to appear on the ballot, but she did register as a write-in candidate. the denver d.a.
6:35 am
the may 5th ballot included sesame street characters. our partners at the denver poet says signatures including bert and ernie and big bird with sesame street listed on the >> oh, my. a driver takes off after hitting a 10-year-old near colfax and yosemite but a tow truck driver stopped the guy. jessy followed the van and blocked it until police got happened. >> how i caught him is i was going through the traffic, and i had my lights on my tow truck, because we have the safety lights, and so i had those on, and people started moving over, and i was honking my horn, and then i finally, he kind of like glanced over a littleebit and i got around him and i cut him off. >> so police say the child was waubing with his mother when he was turning. the boy will be okay. skiers and snowboarders competing in this month's x games in aspen will not have to dodge any drones overhead. ccmpeting. >> espn is banning the technology but says it has
6:36 am
during a december world cup event. hard to forget that video. a drone comes crashing in the track feet away from the australian skier. the international speed federatton has banned drones from the world cup races. `> and espn says it has never allowed drones and made the decision not to allow drones months ago. it is 6:38. did he or didn't he, a lot of are you putting your support behind a convicted murderer, following a netflix tv series. we found that there is a connection though, right here to colorado. >> a makeover in minutes. wait until you hear how many pounds this sheep lost instantly. >> as we head to break, a live look from air tracker 7 over the scene of some breaking news this morning. two women arrested after an armed carjacking and a s.w.a.t. scene. this is where it ended. 84th and conifer west of i-25 in thoonton. the s.w.a.t. team was called in to arrest these two women accused in the
6:37 am
we continue at 64:41. following breaking news at 84th avenue. closed down after a high speed chase, after an armed carjacking ended here at 84th avenue. just west of i-25. and you can see all of the police activity. still here. there are some tow trucks on the scene. all of the traffic is being diverted down to 38rd avenue and wacoma and 84th and then i- 25. and the other map, the detour for folks heading from the east to west on i-25. and i-25 to turn around. and then grant avenue and then turn around. and southbound i-25, very typical slowing for us. veey typical slowing in most places but mitch, delays on the north side of brighton. two separate crashes and the traffic lights are out on 168th avenue. >> thank you, jason. 19 minutes shy of 7:00 a.m. this morning, we are monitoring
6:38 am
first, to eastern indonesia. officials have increased the alert level from two to three, and that means the locals are on stand by to leave their homes. ash spewed more than a mile of the sky. no one is allowed within a mile and a half of the mountains. in guatemala, officials are watching the volcano there closely and so far no evacuations although ash % blasted four miles into the sky. it is still safe for the airport. it has been active in the last month for the volcano. if you haven't heard of the netflix series, making a murderer, you have been living under a rock. everybody is talking about it. check it out. more than 245,000 people have signed this petition, to free steven avery who is the subject of the show. >> so there is a guy from arvada who started the petition `aying he is outraged by this case, without giving away too much here, avery is serving a life sentence in wisconsin, for a 2007 murder. in the documentary, again, on netflix, his family says he was framed. being released from prison, for
6:39 am
and now his lawyers are now speaking out about what they think would happen. >> steven's realistic hope lies in new evidence being discovered. and that might be,you know, either someone who has been carrying a secret, for 10 years, he or she has not disclosed. >> in addition to the petition, there is a petition on the white house web site. you can see it right here, it has more than 57,000 signatures so far. >> so this petition right here must reach 100,000 signatures in the next two weeks to actually get a response from president obama. >> still 57,000 people. >> yes. as we head to break, a live look from air tracker 7 over the scene of the breaking news this morning. two women arrested after an armed carjacking, and then it turned into a s.w.a.t. scene. this is where it ended. 84th and conifer. just west of i-25. this is in thornton. the s.w.a.t. team was called in to arrest theseetwo women, accused in the camping. so 84th avenue -- carjacking. so 84th avenue is still closed.
6:40 am
welcome back. 6:45. we continue to follow the
6:41 am
air tracker 7 at the closure of 84th avenue at confer. at the top of the screen is where the closure is. those are the headlights, the folks making the detour down conifer to 83rd and the left to acomaaand then back to i-25. there are two tow trucks on the scene. hopefully in the next 15 to 20 minutes maybe, but still no % activity there. we will keep you posted. >> you had a dull morning, huu? >> tuesdays, typically, they are. statistically, too. >> terrible tuesdays. >> the worst traffic commute day of the week. >> living uppto it today. >> my glass is half full over here on this side. >> good weather? >> in the weather department, things are looking good. beautiful this morning. look at the shot. sunrise officially at 7:21 in a bright one. 3 beautiful start. and our temperatures for the most part, a little warmer, at least two to about even 15, 20 degrees warmer cross the state, compared to yesterday. and especially down across the
6:42 am
it is right now 28 in denver. and 21 in fort collins. and a little colder to the north. both greeley and steriling in the single digits, and teens. and we've got the springs right now at 23. our highs this afternoon, double where we are at right now. mid to upper 40s. denver, 48. and again, a little coolee to the north east nnar sterling and greeley. and low to mid-30s in the central mountains. so a really very pleasant afternoon. and even warmer than yesterdayy and it is the warmest day, right now, on our seven-day forecast. with denver at 48. and castle rock at 46. and in longmont this afternoon, foot hills. looking ahead to the next stoom, it is already spreading slopes. and it is a little heavier down around the four corners this morning and gradually move farther east and north. we will not see any snow across tomorrow. but wednesday night, we will % get a shot at some of it. by 1:00, we've got light snow there, along i-70. central mountains.
6:43 am
cloud cover here in town. and then by early tomorrow morning, that snow is going to pick up a bit more, near telluride and durango. under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 there this morning and likely more pop-up alerts still dry here wednesday. but wednesday night into thursday, we get a chance for some snow. it looks pretty light. but our commutes could be a little trickier thursday morning, thursday afternoon. snow totals so farrranging around the 1-3-inch rage. and the temperatures also dropping. closer to freeziig by friday. some sunshine returns this weekend. but it is going to be chilly. highs only in the 20s. jason? >> aad still the big problem, the big story, it has been 84th at i-25, a little bit west of there, over at conifer. we have been talking a lot about this. you can see, this is the ramp that comes from 84th avenue and obviously a lot of heavy traffic in here and the highway is heavy. you can see the flashing lights.
6:44 am
to go west across the bridge, you can get to the highway but not past conifer. you have to, as you see on the map, use grant north to 88th avenue and cross the highway to huron and back to 84th avenue. the folks that are going east toward the highway, just going a block south to 84rd and on up. you can stay on conifer to 58th avenue. and then join i-25. you can see how heavy the i-25 drive is. way into downtown. very typical stuff for us. not so typical is all of the activity up here around brighton. just north of 168th avenue. not only the traffic lights 0 ut there but two separate accident, one northbound, one southbound and that's why we are seeing the extra delays through brighton rrght now. everything else, 225, i-70, a little bit busier and mlk and oester, there is an accident there as well. >> all right, jason, thank you. so as she achieved her new years resolution, by losing a lot of weight, so get this, she lost 50-pound, in a matter of minutes. >> hard to miss sheila the sheep. she is the one with all of the wool there. sheila escaped from an
6:45 am
and she was found in tasmania last week. she got a much-needed and very overdue haircut. you can see they shaved off about 50 pounds from sheila. >> wouldn't it be nice to get a haircut and lose a pounds? >> no joke. >> looking good sheila. we have the freebies today. if you're trying to stayyin shaae, or get in shape, check out the westminster rec center for free this week. we will try to pull up the graphic for you. and also a free yoga plas tomorrow evening. and the credit union is offering two free lift tickets for loveland when opening a checking account. we are having trouble putting up the graphic. and we havv $2 off admission at the boat show in denver this week. and we have more on and the denver 7 app. >> saving you money. and get you caught up on the big stories of the day. in the morning sprint coming uu. including some breaking news we are following. take a look at the scene on the 3 left. the ground here, this is 84th near i-25.
6:46 am
scene. two women carjacked a man at gunpoint in commerce city and ended up in thornton. jason has an idea of how to get around that.
6:47 am
6:52, a lot to get to include the president's man to address gun violence with new environments. >> we start with saaly, sally?
6:48 am
have been covering all morning, just wrapped up behind me. but as you can see, there is still a lot of police activity near 84th and confer and this is the information that we were told by police that caused all of this you are looking at. police tell us around 2:30 this morning, they got a report of an aggravated robbery with commerce city. and we are told it was two females armed with a handgun to stopped a male driver and forced him out of the vehicle that spilled into thornton, right here, where the suspect's vehicle crashed at 84th and conifer. the fee mailings -- females would not exit the feel. the thornton s.w.a.t. team was called in and when they arrived the two females came out and were taken into custody. no information on the women and why they decided decided to carjack this car. for now, live, denver 7. happening this morning, president obama will address the nation and reveal planssfor executive action on gun control. a major part of that plan would include universal background
6:49 am
that actually would not have an impact here in colorado. we already have a law requiring that. passed at the state capitol in 2013. and other aspects of the president's plan would pay for more a.t.f. and fbi agents to both conduct those backgrrund checks and enforce gun laws. and the president also wants to pump millions of dollars into mental health treatment. republicans have slammed the president's plan, both the plan itself, and his use of an executive order, which of course would bypass congress. the president is expected to make his aanouncement at 9:40 this morning. denver 7. two men killed in the crass over the weekend in denver were both in the music industry. they are identified as 42-year- old anthony mills and 29-year- old jonathan nichols. suspect 55-year-old samir dewitt may have been under the influence according to pooice. he is in jail, being held without bond. new this morning, fort cottons police released some photographs of two men they saa
6:50 am
they are hoping you might recognize these two, around and they got away with two play stations last night around 7:00 15. take a look at your screenn surveillance cameras at a verizon store, captured a smash and grab. this thief broke in early monday morning using a rock. there are more than 30 smash and grabs in the area in the past month. and today, the two teen girls accused of planning an -`attack at the highlands ranch high school could finddout whether they will be charged as adults. so far investigate verse not released the 16-year-old's names because of their age. they are minors. police arrested them both last week after an anonymous tip. credible plot to attack students and staff at mountain vista high school the week of `heir arrest. jason? %- tracker 7's view, where we were talking with sally a few intersection of conifer and 84th avenue. closed down. you can see the active. the crash there that ended. trucks here. we are waiting to get the all clear to let the tow trucks do their work. and clear the accident.
6:51 am
take a look at the ap, you can see some heavy stop and go traffic on the north side of town. i-5 down through 84th avenue. a half an hour. two separate incidents there. and brighton on highway 85, just north of 168th. four minutes before 7:00 and this morning, the coroner will work to determine if a body found in the rubble of a burned out building in arvada is that of a missing addiction counselor, no one has heard from john rudder since the fire happened on saturdayy he works at creative treatment options ccinic, the one that burned down. crews have brought in heavy equipment and brought in dogs to search for the remains, and the fire department says it cculd take weeks to determine the exact cause of the fire. this fire at a greeley apartment complex yesterday started with a cigarette we are now learning. news yesterday morning. the cigarette lit a mattress on fire in the fffth floor of that firefighters had to pull one person out oo the building. he is now in the hospital. 6:56. this lafayette woman, rebeccc jones, is facing attempted murder charges, and it involves a case of domestic violence, during a new years party.
6:52 am
argument with her live-in boyfriend at a home on princeton place. officers say she pulled out a gun to use against himmbut he 6:57. we have a really nice start to up along i-70. a live look at copper mountainn right now. and the central mountains could afternoon. most of our snow this morning, down to the south west, though, and that is going to be a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00. and here in denver, and 48 now, it is going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, and we have burning restrictions, indoor restrictions until at least 4:00 this afternoon. and 40s today and tomorrow. and then come thurssay and friday and a chance for light snow and highs in the 30s. 6:57 now. and bronnos coach, gary kubiak has a couule of weeks to make a tough decision here. `e says he has no time line to decide who will start in the quarterback position during the broncos first playoff game. that is the one that comes up on the 17th. kubiak says his gut told him to put peyton manning in against the chargers last sunday and when the offense started struggling and he says he still
6:53 am
and he says the broncos would not be in the position they are in today without him. >> so the broncos returned to practice, come thursday, and they are getting ready for the big playoff run and some single tickets to the game, on th. and you have to be willing to sit with strangers. they are single seats. >> maybe there are singles out there that want to buy a ticket. and thousands of playoff tickets are popping up around $150 on the secondary sites. -`they could face the chiefs or the texans or the steelers. and that would be determined by the wildcard matchups and one of the games is on denver 7, the chiefs versus the texans facing off saturday t 2:35. you can see it right here on denver 7. >> thanks for joining us today. % have a great one.
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