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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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country, with a look at the latest conditiins right now. >>reporter: hey, mike, we've got just a few little light snowflakes starts to fall here in the golden area, kinn of moved down from the foothills there, but we're looking for that to -- as we go through evening here, we can see that it's kind of still in narrow area, but we're looking for something bigger here as that up slope wind cops in here and it will -- comes in here and it will cover a bigger area tonight. we'll be watching it out here for you guys. >> the last fiem we got a big -- time we got a big dose of snow, the streets looked like this, it was a mess. cdot tells us it got ahead of our crews. >> denver7's jaclyn allen is live. >>reporter: not a lot for them
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gotten i a lot colder in the last few heres and we're starting to see the freezing rain coming down. i-25 is behind me, you can see that the traffic is moving smoothly. but they're bringing the works out. all right. so take a look at this video. we also checked with aurora and denver, to make sure that the city streets are not a huge mess. they have got snowplow drivers on stand by for a long night. we saw one driver filling up his truck with deeiserer. so when this storm starts, denver will be focussing main stripes. >> we will be under full deployment and we will have our big snowplows out, around the clock, and they will be out as long as they need to. >>reporter: all right. so here is the count.
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ouu and about in the metro area, denver will have 70, aurora will have 76. it will get worse as the temperatures drop. and as this turns into some snow, so it's a good time to think about giving yourself more time in the morning or tonight out and about. jaclyn allen. so the low pressure centers areedown to the south of us, that will keep the heaviest snow south of denver. the snow will increase, slick morning. thanks, mike. we are going to continue for your tomorrow morning's commute. and before you head out the door in the morningg make sure to watch lisa with your first alert forecast, that starts at 4:30 tomorrow modern sglg we are tracking a developing story tonight in the case involving this former nurse, accused of
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appears to be a 5th victim in %- thhs case, lance hernandez is digging into this story. and lance, the latest victim is from nebraska. >>reporter: scotts bluff confirmed a second victim, also two in greeley and one in fort collins. now, under the nursing compact, thomas moore worked in nebraska with his colorado nursing license. tonight, there are questions about why it took the colorado nursinggboardd6 months to ssspend moore's license after he was fired from the hospital in greeley. >> the first time that situation is reported, is when something should begin -- should be looked at and action should happen. of the blue bench, denver sex assault and prevention center, says moore should not have been allowed to move from hospital to hospital without being red flagged. >> it's very disturbing to think that someone who is a nurse and in a care taking role has used that position to sexually assault people. >>reporter: moore was arrested in fort collins, december 21st
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the affidavit says the victim -`had been given morphine for pain at poudre medical hospital and woke up to find moore rubbing and kissing her chest. he had been fired for a similar incident in june of 2015. %- the greeley victim didn't want to proos pros cute. police say they had no indication there were other %- victims. should they have done more to find out? >> and former prosecutor karen stein houser tells me, that proceeding with an -- could have had a chilling effect on other victims, coming forward. now, hospitals are allowed to share information about employees without legal repercussions, it's not known if they did so in this case. back to you. >> very disturbing case, all right, thanks a lot, lance. good news tonight, this man wanted for kidnapping is now in custody. thomas ludwig fechtler was arrested in alabama this morning, police say he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a teenage
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she was found safe. police caught up with fechtler in coffeyville is, alabama this morning. law enforcement have had a busy 24 hour, a person was stabbed in southeast aurora this morning. police say the person who did it is now in custody. so far, inveetigators haven't stabbing. firefighters in arvada were busy with a fire this morning at the takeer apartments t the fire was -- tabor apartments. no word yet on how many people were displaced by the fire. police have two people in custody after an 8-hour stand off in wheat ridge around 3 yesterday afternoon. anthony scott was taken into involving drug charges. the other was inside of a home in the neighborhood, had wasn't caught until the police found him hiding under trash and debris in the basement. police had to break down the
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>> the fbi wants you tootake a good look at these newly released photos of myloh mason, robbed three lakewood police and shot people. the scream robbers have been arrested. >> but mason hadn't been seen for near will two months, he's on the fbi's top ten most wanted list after he robbed this lakewood first bank. the suspect shot a man for his van, and then shot another woman and beat up her mom while trying to steal their car. >> and the senseless violence is the reason the fbi put mason on their list, they now believe he's using some of the stolen cash to stay in hiding. >> he's going to run out of funds, he only has so much cash from his prior robbery,,3 eventually, he commit another crime. >> the fbi is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. more than 800 denver police
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police tell us the officers were wear -- will be wearing the devices tomorrow. the department says is it is trying to decide how it will handle open record requests. legislators are expected to meet this year to talk about state-wide recommendations and policies and procedures when it comeesto these body cameras. all right..3 broncos fan, we got our answer today, peyton manning will start in the broncos pllyoff game, coming up in just a couple of weeks. >> and lionel l is joining us now, lionel, brock is hurt, so that made this an easy decision, right? >> yeah, he didn't practice today, he's got a sore knee, gary kubiak says the healthiest and most experienced quarterback right now, is going to go. that's peyton manning. great practice today for peyton, take a look. make the 24th year playoff start, he's only 11-13 in the playoffs, 2-3 here in dove valley with 2 one the and dones. >> i'd be lying to say -- i'm not thinking about that, never thought about, that's probably not the case.
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about who we're going to play. this weekend. and have the opportunity to contribute n some way. >> coming up later on 7 sports extra, we'll also hear fro brock and aqib talib about this. everybody is n board, they say, everybody is supporting, whichever quarterback is in there. >> just waiting for the opposition, right. >> yeah, see who we're going to play. >> game. >> we'll find out this weekend. and remember, this saturday, you can watch the chiefs versus the ttxans, right here on denver7, they could playing either team. pregame starts at noon. and kickoff is at 2:35 t. wwnner could play here at the mile-high stadium. after the game, we have a special edition of denver7 and 7 sports extra. former broncos player brandon stokely will be in the studio with lionel nd jahmai webster will be live in houston. i'm not sure who we would rather play at this moment. >> we're just going to win. >> yeah, it doesn't matter. >> that simple. >> confident.
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stories for you coming up after the break. . a new emergency vehicle hitting the streets of the metro area, life saving techniques these people on board use to help stroke victims. >> and we're a little over a
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welcome back. we're back with live pictures now, tracking the changing conditions ffr you across the metro area. snow has been kind of falling off and on throughout the day. sticking to the streets in some places, this picture, this is near i-225. and you can see the snow there on the side of the roads. and definitely some wet roads out there. and it's coming, folks. be ready. it's called a die verging
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it is finished. over u.s. 36. now, we were there for the ribbon cutting today. this has been a long time in the it separates superior and louisville and the point of this change is to allow you to merge stoplight. >> powerball fever is growing, `he jackpot will be more than 700 million dollars by the time the winning numbers are drawn on saturday night. american history. last night's drawing went off without a winner. if a colorado person wins the drawing n saturday, it means big money for the state economy. the state tashgss the winnings, adds up more than 28 million dollars. >> that's a big tax. it's a first of its kind in colorado, a mobile stroke unit, that could save lives when seconds count. it's designed to treat stroke patients on scene and on the way to er. kristen skovvra got an exclusive ride-along as they trained. it looks like a typical ambulance.
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the mobile strokk unit is so much more, it's a specialized emergency room, on wheels. it's a trip we hope we never take. a ride to the hospital with symptoms of a stroke. >> 45 minutes to go, sounds like she had what sounds like -- left sided --. >>reporter: now, the university of colorado hospital has launched their mobile stroke treatment unit. designed to deliver expert stroke care anywhere. >> what the difference is the doughnut with the blue shield, it is a head cat scaner and it allows us to bring potential treatment to a patient. >>reporter: dawn king is a registered nurse, one of the specialized crew who will arrive on scene and start patient care immediately. >> we can actually start their treatment wherever we pick them up. and a ideo monittr on board, so field crews can communicate with the doctor, using tele health technology.
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is critically important. >> if you are having a stroke, you're losing nearly 2 million `ur rons every minute until you get treatment. >> it's changing people's lives, it's saving their lives, and it's making their quality of life so much better than it could have been had they had to wait to get to a facility for treatment. >>reporter: every year, nearly 800,000 people suffer from a stroke, there's only 2 other mobile stroke units like this one in the u.s.. live in the newsroom, kristen skovira, denver7. a new discovery, a at dinosaur ridge is sharing light on the mating habits of dinosaurs. >> they believe were part of a mating ritual. the scrapings are believed to be where groups of dinosaurs would meet and males would prove their ability to dig nests. >> what it's showing off, the
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most -- best display. >> this really is a big deal, because this habit is remarkably similar to what some modern day birds do, scrapiig the ground to build nests, in this case, it's an old fashioned love story. >> just before valentine's day. a former broncos kicker was the grand marshal for the today's stock show parade. the last one to play in history with a barefoot, led the parade. >> the most iiportant thing is to make sure you can wave. you don't want to mess up the wave. i think you've got to keep the thumb in. you know, and i think that's it. you know. >> that's excellent technique, if you ask me. the national western stock show is enttring the 110th year. january 24th, tickets still available, you can ffnd a link with more information on our website, it's a big storm, we have thunderstorms over the central and snow all the way back into arizona.
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the middle of all of that. this is what it looks like outside the sttdios, snow is starting to fall lightly, tte roads are getting a little shiny. the high today was 35. 28 the low, the normals are 18. records are 69 and 18 degrees below 0, back in 1913. 33 currently. 32 out at the airport. 88% humidity, winds from the snow direction, from the north-northeast at 3 and the pressure is holding steady. futurecast for the next few hour, light snow over the metro area for now, and that will continue for the next few hours, in the evening, picking up between 10:00 p.m. and between about 4400 a.m. `n friday. that's when we get the brunt of the snow, 2-4 inches expected. overnight low temperatures, not all that cold, around 20 degrees, some upper teens. because of all the cloud cover. and the snow, lit be teens primarily off to the west in the mountains. across the state tonight, nobody really cold. 6 at gunnison, 10 at alamosa. tomorrow, that moisture
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and southern colorado. a bit lighter up towards the border with yoming, but we'll get snows pretty heavy over the southeastern part of the stashths later in the afternoon. high -- southeaatern part of the ssate later in the afternoon. 20s to low #30s out west. as far as the amount of snowfall, this is going to be a pretty good one for southern colorado, getting down to las animas, they'll get a good 6-8 inches of snow. 3-6 south of denver, and some of the heaviest towards rocky mountain national park.% zooming it in close e along the front range, a little bit lighter up towards greeley and fort morgan, heavier from aurora southward, parker and castle rock and the primary reporting stations might not have as much. but the mountain locations could see well over a foot of snow. zoom your forecast down to your address, with the iphone, type in your address, that tells youu3
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search snowcast, and you'll find it. tonight, so 2-4 inches likely. cold temperatures through the weekend. with readings just in the 20s by day. single digits at night. maybe a few flurries. it will climb up above freezing tuesday can and in the low to mid 40s on wednesday and thursday, we'll ut our bright spot right there. >> on the 40s. >> yes. >> although, i'm kind of anxious to get fresh snow.
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peyt manng wcomeack. `he arti quaerba fhe bronintohe pyoffafte ga kiak me t disio thword tm ce u t peon, orrock b w and us. >> the games we've won have been -- have been we win, us ins, whatever you want to call it, everybody has done their part and that's the only way that we're going to be able to have a chance, in the post-season, everybody doing their part, and i'll do my part. >> i'm a big team player, if the coach feels that peyton gives this team the bbst chance to win in the playoffs, i fully support that, i stand behind this team. >> all right. peyton provided the spark in the san diego game, but kubiak had -`to stick with the hall of famer into the post-season. broncos players told us that the big announcement today was not that big of a deal for them.
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we could careless, we know what peyton can do, we've seen now what brock can do, all we can worry about is the other offense. >> we couldn't ask for another leader o lead you into the playoffs, like i said, we've got two phenomenal quarterbacks, we wouldn't be here right now if brock hadn't have done a great job. >> kickoff wildcard weekend here on denver7, chiefs-texaas, the winner could be coming to denver. after the gaae, the extended broncos coverage on 7 sports extra. brandon stokely here in the studio. late last night, avs and blues tieded in overtime. here he cops. mitchell to land -- he come, mitchell to landinn. at practice today. he's back in goal. patrick has got to get in playing shape against the red wings at coors field february 26th.
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seriously, i think. >> i bet he is. >> a lot of streeching involved. >> now, what was the impersonation of us. >> that's what we all do, when we mention peyton and brock and the broncos around here. >> all right. the weather tonight, mike, it's changing. >> snow comes in tonight and tomorrow, not a huge storm, but a nice one to freshen up the ski resort, long range, it could bb -`cold and snowy. >> oh.
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and celebrity training secrets. three fat blasting methods that could work for you. plus it's big business but not for everybody. we have a look at the little guys. hello, welcome to the show. i'm teresa strasser. it's start by counting down the three stories at the top of the list. here's bradley hasemeyer. >> moms, be careful when you let your husband choose your child's name. claire smith loves the name her husband chose for her daughter, n lenezra. but she had no idea it was the name of her husband's favorite team spelled backwards. the english premier soccer team arsenal was the inspiration. so if your husband is an nfl fan
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