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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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america. >> good luck tomorrow with the powerball. this is already shaping up morning. >> it really wasn't the snow that was the problem there on i- 25 and hamden, it was more of
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lanes and that will be a big issue as a lot of standing water in parts of downtown, not a lot of snow, it's just wet. look at this and ken carol and kipling, very snowy and to the south in douglas county. c-470 and broadway, you can see a couple of lanes here. farther south you can see many lanes. as i was coming on i-25 it was tough traveling. accident southbound side of i- 25. there's the flashing lights there before you get to the outlet mall. and not that bad on pena boulevard, but slick. accident federal at i-70. up to the north, look at this picture from highway 119, west of i-25, it is like
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darryl orr, what are conditions like for you? >> reporter: we're on yale in metro denver now. snow packed and the snow plow in front of us is pushing the snow off the road. look at that glare. see where the tire marks are and his lights reflecting off the road? that is a sheet of ice and it's causing numerous accidents. if you're headed out the door this morning and you're getting in your car and will be driving somewhere, keep in mind there is ice underneath this snow, so use caation and you'll need washer fluid, because as you saw on i--5, wet condition. that's mad chloride. that will hit your windshield and make a real mess. take your time this morning and don't forget the washer fluid. >> great tips. light to moderate snow through the morning. through downtown denver and to
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where we had a good 3 inches of snow yesterday, you're looking at dry conditions. some of the heavier snow, light to moderate at times coming down along c-470 along 285, and 36 you'll find a little bit more. and farther north from i-25 north is where we've e cabcgot that snow camersome winds between abououi]15 miles per hour. again, one dry pocket there, but we're going to ica @a[@r see snow fall ha@a[@over a this mnec%few %` hours. winter weather advisory until h@this it covers s @a[@rthe metro area, south along the palmer divide and up into the foothills and mountains. looks like an th@aditional 1 to 3 * inches, which is going to put us at about that 2 toor`h@c6-nic mark. light snow early on. most likely seeing accumulating snow this morning over the next 3 to 5 hours and this afternoon flurries that won't add much to our totals.
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low to mid-20s this morning. same this afternoon. coming up we'll look at the weekend and when we could see even a little more snow. thank you. 4:33now. the tractiti`h@amisorlaws _ *in erning along i-70. cdot put that law in effect both directions. this will take you from c-470 to idaho springs, also in place eastboununamericr northern to the tunnels there. and that means you h@thishave c%@a*a thhave snow tires, , [@rh@or you could face a fine up to 650 bucks. taking a look at the misery map, things are looking pretty good. not everything is -- most everything is green now in denver as you can see. dia says it's keeping the de- icing operations, making sure the runways are clear. could see some delays because of the snow.
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with your airlines. here on denver 7 we're always keeping up with the road conditions. follow jayson on twitter at denver 7 traffic. the snow we're seeing in colorado is part of el nio. it happens when waam weather in the pacific ocean mixes with the atmosphere creating strong storms like the ones we're seeing in california. denver7 chief meteorologist mike nelson el nio's influence should last into the springs. >> heavy storms for denver in march and april, probably with big snows. probably will have an active spring in terms of thunderstorms.
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like this every five years or so. this one is tough, being compaaed to the ones in -- another three businesses % hit oveenight. eric lupher joins us to explain. >> reporter: there have been at least 40 smash and grabs in the last month. this is the electronic store off hamden, off of broadway south of hamden. you can see where the suspect smashed in, stole about $$,000 worth of electronics and another shop here, chinese restaurant, also smashed in. you can see the door boarded up. another smash and grab happened at a salon and we talked to that owner. that was first hit. police saw some footprints in the snow at that location.
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police followed the footprints to an apartment complex where they knocked on the suspect's door. the suspect claimed he was in all night but they saw his wet boots at the front door. that store is under arrest. we've been told he has a lengthy criminal history. we'll keep you up-to-date on this story, where the suspect looks to be under arrest. 3 news alert, new pictures of milo mason, a man the fbi says is very dangerous. he is the final suspect they say in the so-called scream masked robberies. he is on the fbi's 10 most wanted list and there's a $100,000 reward for information that leads it his arrest. this man is in custody after police say he kidnaped and sexually assaulted a 6- year-old girl from longmont. the two were found in alabama yesterday morning.
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her mom called police when the girl told her she and feckler were having a sexual relationship. president obbma took his message on the road. during the event he took questions from people on both sides of the debate and talked about his support for the second amendment and gun ownership. >> the way it is described is we're trying take away everybody's guns. i've been president over seven years and gun ales don't seem to have suffered during that time. >> if anything >> they've gone upi've been very good for gun manufacturers. >> the president admitted he's never owowgun and has xperience with them, but says his policies make since. a poll found the majority of
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measures. a corateenager is to makegun ownership safer, developing technology that requires a fingerprint to unlock firearms. he's talking about his invention at the consumer electronics show. the college board confirms this year's 11th graders will not be required to take the sat this year. they'll be llowed to take the act, but this is the last year. so next year's juniors will have to take the sat. let's talk about the broncos. the quarterback situation, it's over. manning will start for the broncos for the playoffs. >> glad it's over. `he future hall of faaer is rested, foot is healthy. but brock osweiler proveed to be an impressive starter. going anywhere either. with all this talkk how
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woold you know them if theys thated you on -- they passed you on the strret? you can put your knowledge to the test at our web sitt, you can watch the game between the chiefs and texans here tomorrow at 2:30. then brandon stokely will be instudio with lionel. as much as we'd all like to believe looks don't matter, a new colorado based study shhws it's not necessarily true. >> a study found more attractive women are getting better grades. >> we are looking at more snow east as well. a live picture from limon, the roads there covered. 1to 3 inches across the plains. typical out of the alert area. heavier snow in the foothills and to the south.
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about the time it takes me to eat a cookie. oh, that's really fast. centurylink is rolling out 1 gig internet service near you. call to check for availability. let's download the sequel. delicious. welcome back. i'm sally mamdooh. we're out here at c-470 and bowls. the highway heading eastbound we saw snow, maybe one or two plows, but for the most part icy conditions out this. we felt the car slip a little bit. this is why, because when the snow hits, it's about 30 degrees outside. it really looks like once it
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this on the surface right over here. mainly water. give yourself extra time to just, when you're driving to slow down a little bit because the roads are slippery. two plows are plowing now. on the residential side of it, we're off on the feeder, a lot of snow on the ground. not much plowing here. give yourself plenty of time. back to you. thank you. when i came in it wasn't too bad. >> it denver. on the south side was whoa, okay. just enough snow to mess you up. >> around c-470 and around the loop and ken caryl.
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this storm lifting to the north and east so we're likely going to see only accumulating snow and this afternoon mmin flurries. additional snow around the 1 to 3-inch range. some heavier totals will be on the south and western edges within the next few hours. to the south and sangre de cristos into new mexico good snows there and mountains around the 5 to 10-inch range. futurecast, i'm going to start it at 6:00. still very act. the next hour, in our and a half you'll find spots of light to moderate snow. and things clear up by 5:00. midday today, noon to about 2:00 we'll still be seeing a few light snow showers, but not going to be much to add to our totals. main flurries this afternoon, putting most of denver in 2 to 6-inch rain total by late tonight, early tomorrow mooning.
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bit of cloud cover. temperatures really cold. we're going tt hover in the 20s today. now it's 26 in denver. 25 in greeley with single digits and teens in the mountains. cold in the high country this morning. you'll find 30s to the south and these are numbers that will bounce up and down. looks like they'll drop a few degrees by sunrise and by this afternoon mid-20s. single digits near aspen and leadville. unsettled through the weekend with a chance of a few flurries late sunday. monday into tuesday we're pretty cold. we'll start to warm up by the middle of next week. overnight lows in the schedule through this weekend -- single digits this weekend and teens next monday, tuesday. a little more snow. most of our accumulation will be this morning. >> let me show you something, i'll give you a cdot tour. we'll start with i-25 thornton parkway.
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it isn't horrible for us. a lot of blowing snow in longmont, loveland, greeley, don't be surprised if you see very slick conditions. wet conditions at i-25 and alameda. farther west and look how many areas we have that are snoww covered, including through parts of golden and through morrison, c-470 is a bit of a mess. very slick across 285. traction law if you're heading up to the west. wet at i-25 and yale. parker. you don't have to go very far to find changing road two accidents in douglas county, one on it's southbound side, the other one by plum there are some problems. the worst to the south, to the west and east plains. thanks, jayson. big things happening in the government set to release the first monthly jobs report of
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this is coming after a lousy day on wwll street yesterday. asian markets volatile today. look at the green over here in the futures trading. s&p up 14 now. nasdaq up 37. right now the dow at 16519. a study done here in colorado reveals attractive young women get better grades. a professor at metro state at denver did the study and used a random assortment of college i.d.'s rated by volunteers they researchers looked at the grades and found the most attractive women saw about half perrent increase in grades. some say it could come down to conffdence and social skills. >> the same individual that is mottvated to get a better
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brooming might be more -- motivated. >> the data shows no difference in grades based on looks for those taking online courses. the study builds off previous research which has shown for get paid more. a's. >> i don't know about that. i wish. next on denver 7, high school ing work well beyond their years. our digestive systems handle a lot over the holidays. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cooking for family meals of turkey and sides. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so try activia for 2 weeks! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. try activia. dannon discover card, you can use freeze it
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welcome back to denver 7. winter weather advisory in place until about 2:00 in the afternoon. you can see what it looks liie downtown. some of you will see wet roads, few puddles. others will find ice and snow. we'll help you get through it today. in the meantime want to check in with jayson. other stories around the internet. sometimes you have a really bad day and it's all captured on camera. a tv station in san diego was 3 covering flooding at a parking mall. and recorded a man reacting to his car being underwater. [bleep] >> he's frustrated. nothing he can do about his car that's so completely soaked in that parking lot. yep, we've all been there.
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great wildlife shots from traffic camera. this video comes from western montreal. a wildlife expert says the camera is a perfect spot for the owl spotting open prey. put a fan on your back and strap your skis and off you go. looks fun and effective at the same time. i'm definitely a fan. >> my gosh. >> a ouple of weeks i showed you several videos where people set off either 500 or a thousand sparklers at one time. i present you with a guy n russia who uped the ante big time. 10,000 sparklers together going off at the same time. look at that name, it's shooting 50 feet in the air. it burned so hot, that it lit the ground on fire.
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the way, that was mitch. >> awesome. >> yet again, they parked their vehicle a llttle too close for comfort. >> that's cool. >> that's pretty. i'm going to mitch's house for the fourth of july this coming year. >> excited. decent snow falling in pockets. it will be hit or miss when it comes to conditions. north along i-25 heading north of e-470, closer to firestone, snow falling there. winds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. at times it might look like it's coming in sideways. winter weather advisory until 2:00. expecting additional 1 to 3 inches in pockets. to the north, noh@ i-25 rcb@7 they're not under ^nserh@cabadvisory. you'll be likely around 1 `haz3 %^es of total accumulation. heavier stuff to the south and west, where we're still looking
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willlcontinue, most of our accumulating snow within the next few hours. >> depends where you are how the road conditions aae. i-25 north of i-70, wet, splash back, standing water. look at i-70 and havana. you can see negee snow ertsfha* around. you see the snowy roads down, and very slick through the denver tech center. i-25 and arapahoe road, with all the snow and slush that way. depending where you're traveling this morning, will find the different changing road conditions. thank u. ttme to talk debbie's deals from you can get a family four pack of ickets to one of the 10 shows, hot dogs, chips, sodas for $89. two pack deallwith tickets for a beer or dafor $39. you can get free admission for the ground on tuesday, january 19th. for all the details go to our
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or the denver 7 app. big event kicks off tomorrow. we've met a lot of great young people who are 7 every day heros, volunteer a lot. most high schoolers, i was more worried about what i would be -`doing on the weekend, not trying to help amputees or struggling farmers in southh africa. >> some students in douglas county are oing phd level experiments and working to solve real problems. one student noticed while working at a prosthetic clinic over the summer that many amputees get rashes so she's looking for the cause and cure. >> another student looking at ways to help future alzheimer's patients. >> the worms we're analyzing have plaque buildup in the brain. >> the students are getting help from decorated scientists. >> interest in the program is growing so fast, next year students will have to apply
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>> future is in good hands there. >> i'd say so. a live look on the snowy conditions. denver7 your source for all the latest. >> we have crews across the area this morning checking on snow, so the team coverage continnes in two minutes.
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