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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 8, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MST

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the train is coming toward a truck stalled near the -- >> flashing red lights. >> think you know what's coming next. >> oh! >> ready? >> the camera is rolling as somebody tries an epic trick. >> known as an over/under. >> why they should called it the do-over. >> today's weather is beautiful but not as beautiful as you. >> a godsend for any traveler. >> trying to learn the language of the country you're going to. >> how one guy used a new translation device to his definite advantage.
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to fend off one naughty little mink. and a guy leads his girlfriend to a romantic setting complete with rose petals. >> this is a big question, i'm asking you. >> see how this proposal scene takes one sinister twist. >> no! there are some key ingredients to the soup that we call "right this minute." certain things we cannot live without. crazy stuff happening on the roads. this first incident from belarus, up ahead, flashing red lights, clearly a train crossing and here comes the large locomotive bearing down, a tractor and trailer, stuck on the tracks. >> oh, god. >> oh! >> smashes right through that farming tractor and trailer. what happened here was the tractor had tried to go over the tracks before the gates and lights had come on. the tractor stalled right on the tracks.
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train is coming and just wipes it out. >> some of the aftermath from this incident pretty bad. the tractor sheered in half. there's the back end of it. the trailer with all the farmer's goods completely scattered down the tracks. that's a dangerous situation but this is a dangerous situation done on purpose. >> what are you doing? >> come on. >> young girl riding on the roof of the car holding the hand of the driver that's in the car. no word as to what the heck is going on here. the driver with the camera noticed how dangerous this was, grabbed her camera, started rolling on this situation. as soon as the car with the person op top noticed they were being recorded they sped up a little bit buts the woman that recorded this video turned it in to police. they could face fines if police catch up, but they also say in order for fines to be levied they have to sees this happening
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what to know what else is dangerous, flat out stupidity. >> wait a minute. the hood of the car is up and driving with the -- is that an -- >> driving with the force? >> who knows how she's driving but according to the poster, she was doing at certain points 50 miles per hour with the hood up. see the flashers are on. come on, there has to be a safer solution than to drive like that. action cams are great because they're so prevalent and it means you can go out and capture buckets full of wins. like his buddy hayden, the slopes are epic, going out to perform a little trickery. >> make sure the video looks perfect. make sure it catches all of the epic -- >> i'm with nick on this one. >> the irony of putting a wide angle lens on a vertical video. >> they're going to the edge of the drop and perform what is known as an over/under because, wee -- >> oh. >> there you go.
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one of you jumps over, the other goes under and it looks great because practice makes perfect. at least that's what they say because the great thing about cameras as well, they catch all the fails. this is run number four. run three didn't go so well. so dangerous, in fact, almost lost his head. literally. >> shooting it from the chair lift as they set off. it's going to be great, everybody is watching. the camera is rolling. >> yes. >> as the over part realizes that his under is almost his landing point, kind of pulls up and that causes the landing which means he's so heavy and goes tumbling down the hill. a close call for everybody involved. . >> oh. >> as you saw run number four. win. the year is young and yet we already have candidates for the dumb criminals hall of fame. we start in brazil. this first one starts at a medical office in the federal
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notice this man sitting right there in shorts. that is a patient waiting to be seen by a doctor but the man who just walked in is the dumb criminal of the year candidate. because he has a gun in his hands and wants to rob this place. according to authorities. but that patient right there, that is eduardo enrique, doesn't want that to happen, watch what he does. boom. pushes the guy down the stairs and they both go rolling. the guy still got his gun. the suspect didn't fall, but enrique did and broke a finger and he says, he regrets what he did because he could have left his child fatherless, but what he did was save two other patients and the doctors and nurses in that office. >> who robs a doctor's office? >> was he going in for drugs? >> they don't say what the man was attempting to take from the place but call it an attempted robbery. could have been drugs, money from co-pays, combination of both. this next group of people, they ellipse that first guy. what you have here is a woman starting her car, on her way home and notice this, another car drives up.
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she gets out immediately because you notice she immediately goes to the back seat. there is a child in that car. she's taking her son out. the partner who is supposed to steals the car forgets to sets the brake on her car. jumps out. >> the stolen car stole itself. >> the suspects both realize we need to get out of here so they both go jump in their car and leave. it is not a smooth getaway. listen up, travelers of the world. you no longer need to spend hours on end trying to learn the language of the country you're going to. just get one of these. >> i'm going to try to kiss girls i've never met before using this translation device ili. [ inaudible ]. >> that thing is brilliant. that is a device called ili. you speak into it and it automatically translates back to you or to someone else what you just said. >> hello.
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>> this first generation only has english, chinese and japanese but they will be adding more later. let's test it because they sent out this guy around tokyo to see if he can use this device to convince girls to give him a smooch. >> i know this is sudden, but, can i try to kiss you? [ speaking foreign language brx [ ] >> this girl doesn't like it so much. she actually smacks him with a purse. >> i can speak japanese. [ speaking foreign language ] >> yeah. >> the japanese love their technology. you saw them go oh! >> every single person in this video loves the technology. but the offer for the kiss, he's not unlucky. >> i want to try to kiss with you. >> she's a cutie and also in for as kiss. that was a kiss on the cheek. this girl was more game. she goes all in. >> i hope this becomes mainstream.
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>> i could use it with you guys and you could understand me finally. >> do you understand? firefighters are hard at work until one of them -- >> oh! >> disappears into a ball of flames. >> but see how some quick thinking gets him out a-okay. and the shocklees use a justin bieber hit to reveal some baby news. >> some say a girl but some say a boy. >> the reveal that hits a high note. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims.
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is, i bring you two videos. the first one from gardner, maine, one firefighter on the ladder, another one just behind him on the roof of this house. this house is 125 years old. it is large and it is a working fire. watch what happens as he approaches that. >> oh! >> disappears into a ball of flames. but this firefighter grabbed on. >> oh. >> to that roof material, reaches up, thankfully his buddy is there, to lend him a hand and they pull him out of that inferno. this fire. not even that guy. the family was already out of the house. sadly, though, this fire burned for hours and it is a complete and total loss. >> it might have been a total loss but no loss of life and that's a win for everybody. >> is anyone inside? >> this video from rogersville, alabama.
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structure fire inside and it's a difficult job to do. >> when it's crawling across the ceiling like that, it's almost like it's coming across like an animal. >> busted windows to ventilate the place, make their way in, doing their best they can to try to bring this under control. >> it's super tricky. they say they've been fighting the fire so long and even then they're faced with a wall of fire in front of them. >> rely on your gear, and training, and the guys that work with you to save your butt and other people's butts. >> and they do this every single day, not knowing if they're going to make it back home. just going to play the song. you guys will tell me what it is about. >> justin bieber. i mean justin bieber. >> well, it is set to the tune of justin bieber's "what do you mean".
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i had no idea. >> that's a good song and i'm not afraid to say it. >> what do you think? some think maybe a girl most say a boy what do you think yeah we can't wait to know so we can pick out what do you mean >> mom is soulful. >> this is the shocklee family expecting their third baby. mom is a good singer. known as becca shay. she's a professional singer. >> oh. well that would explain it. we can't wait to see a little baby you're going to be we want to know if you're team blue or team pink do you think bow tie or bowa do you think >> what do you think? >> is it going to be justin or justine?
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>> i knew it. he's a girl dad. that's just what it is. >> another girl. and he starts thinking about his life. >> what am i going to do with myself? >> time to get a dog. >> yeah, exactly. >> how many women are in that family? >> yeah. >> doesn't look like there's hardly any men in the group. >> i was noticing that as well. i think men just don't run in the family. >> wow. >> good luck to you. >> yeah. >> mr. shocklee. times square is a magical place and this magician is about to -- >> pull a pretty cool trick. >> why he isn't the only one working his magic next "right this minute." still to come -- a big cat creeps towards the car. >> let me just say, the people are okay, the side mirrors, not so much. >> the close encounter that had them holding their breath.
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people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, that switch to progressive promotional consideration provided by -- whoo! i mean, whoo. it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. this is in the sanctuary in india and as you can see that is a pretty big cat that comes up to their vehicle. let me just say, the people are okay. the side mirror not so much. >> objects in mirror ares closer than they appear.
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car are big. >> should we not be driving off at this point. >> no. i don't think that's a god idea od idea. >> they like to chase things. they don't want to look at the tiger to give its the idea. just pretend like you're invincible. >> say nothing, don't breathe. >> the tiger walk off but then we see the face of the man with the camera. >> look at his eyes like -- >> he borough urrowed into my shack. >> that mink notices keith has walleye and smaller fish. guess what the mink goes for? >> he smells them walleyes. oh, yes. look at him go -- you little -- >> like, what do you do? >> he's in my shack. get out. look at that. >> luckily, that mink has a mink coat because it falls into the
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but then climbs out. according to keith, he left the shank and the mink came back and stole more fish. >> look at him. hey hey. >> one of my favorite father/daughter duos is back. >> my name is giveaway cross la guardia cross and this is my 1-year-old daughter amalah. >> he started doing interviews with her when she was 6 weeks old and the interview gets better. >> in all that time of experience, why do you still refuse to sleep through the night? [ inaudible ]. >> can we just get one. >> they say new parents have to feel that. i think he tried to steal one
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>> what animal makes this sound. [ inaudible ]. what do you call these things here? [ inaudible ]. >> what is the playback medium introduced by sony in 1987. >> dadded. >> all right. let's talk sharing. >> where did you get that food from? piece? oh, my gosh, thank you so much. i was -- oh, wow. >> psych. >> denied. >> took way to long. quickly. >> time to talk it finances. financially contribute to the family? >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is the part where she just bats her eyes at daddy. everything is okay. he hands over the credit card. >> and you wonder why us dads -- >> hey, oli, this is the new father chronicles. in.
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>> this father/daughter duo is to die for. want to see this video head to and click tv show or use our mobile app. he set up some major romance for his lady. >> he pulled out all the stops. >> he has pulled out every stop he could come up with. >> see why his loving gesture
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on the toilet and relax. ever again. >> nope. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm bringing you guys a huge viral video from the other side of the pond which is about a special moment in this relationship. neil and alex. see at the beginning, alex is home and she's come to a pretty special surprise. >> oh. >> see the candles going up the stairs. as she comes into the bedroom it's the same thing. all candles and petals on the floor and on the bed. >> so sweet.
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bed. >> while she's reading, he has to go back downstairs to get the other surprises. he comes back up and by this point she's sniffy fingered and emotional. they are getting married. >> this guy is like a nicolas sparks novel here. >> then he directs her attention to this. >> pulled out all the stops. >> he has pulled out every stop he could come up with. >> [ inaudible ]. big question -- >> over [ bleep ]. now read number five. >> no! >> yes! >> he caught her cheating? >> he busted her going around with another guy for weeks. he had known for weeks. he found the dirty text messages, the photos she was sending from the bathroom when they were both out.
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this is the moment she realizes. what does he do? >> who is thomas rue? >> ladies and gentlemen. he dropped the mic. everything in the entire 34 -- >> what? >> that is just a big like hand grenade. >> it's seen as the greatest dumping in history. 10 million views so far and he's put it all behind them. clean break. they didn't put it behind them. there's a second video. eye of the tiger by survivor playing the rocky theme. why? turns out neil has an offer for thomas. >> on the 3rd of april, 2016,
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going on and it's called ultracolor boxing where anyone can join. they teach you to box and allow you to fight. three two-minute rounds what i'm asking you mr. thomas is, sign off to this. >> april 3rd, mate, boxing he side up for it in december. you want to make an issue out of it, let's get it all put behind us for charity. >> come on, beat me for charity. that's all i'm asking you to do. >> [ bleep ] thomas rue. >> peace out, everyone.
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