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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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welcome back, we're following breaking news at 530. a home right here catching fire overnight. this happened around 3:00 this morning at federal and 29th. >> there were people inside the home but firefighters tell us they got out. so no injuries reported. firefighters had the pull back a little bit but they have it out now. they're on the scene just checking out the hot spotss no right now i want to talk to eric on the traffic. >> right now i wanttto talk to eric on the traffic. >> reporter: there was a report that a firefighter was taken to the hospital for
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if you are going north on spear just turn onto irving or zuni. we'll keep an eye on that and take a look at our cdot cams, cdot is kind of moving the camera now at 29th and federal. still some smoke coming from the roof top, but that's why they have got this closed. they are blocking the streets so they have got it closed off for safety. some sad news out of holly woods. music legend david bowie lost his battle with cancer last he was 69. it doesn't matter what you wear just as long as you are
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grab a girl everywhere around the world, we'll be dancing, dancing in the streets. >> bowie spent more than 40 years making music. the 60s. he inspired the glam rock movement in the 70s. he just released his last album last month on his birthday. he was 69 years old. >> this morning queen tweeting. david bowie the cleverrist most -- >> i don't know where i'm going from here but i promise it won't be boring. a quote from david bowie. let's go to lisa. >> reporter: right now we're looking at single digits and
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out to work and school you will need some place and jackets. winds out of -- layers and jackets. % eight in deever for wind chills. gunnison right now 20 below and alamosa a wind chill of 36- degrees below zero. we do have a little bit of cloud cover. we'll seeesome sunshine later this afternoon. by noon we're at 37 and by 3:40- degrees. so it's going to be a warmer afternoon today and we'll kkep back to you. all right. thank you. it's 5:33. right now aurora police need your help to find suspects in a robbery.
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chase him down, pepper sprayed him and then fired at the robber's car. the robber still managed to getaway. police have summoned a -- for the shootings. police are tooking for two men who held up a -- looking for two men who held up a gas station. colorado second oldest police department may be shutting down. they say it's all about money here. they can do ittfor two thirds of what it costs for police department. >> we need our central city police officers. they care about us. i'm so mad i'm almost in tears. >> we're a very close knit community and we know our officers very well. -`they look out for us and we
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>> the timeline has not been announced at this point. about six officers and command ssaff and the city says they will be able to apply at the sheriff's office. saying goodbye to a man in iraq about two weeks ago at the brother jeff's cultural center. family and friends athered together to honor anthony mills who was killed over the weekend in a car accident. he was the owner of the all real radio internet sensation. >> i didn't know he had this much love. >> tomorrow is not promised so you have to make sure that you check on your loved ones and that you stay present and that you live your life and that you don't just exist. >> the driver expected of
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numerous charges of vehicular homicide. a snow boarder has been found logan aaviano. he was -- saviano. >> our state is getting ready to welcome about 1,000 migrant children to the state. the problem is state workers say not much has been done to get ready for that. >> reporter: on december 30th, lawmakers told us ttey had just learned that children fleeing central america would be coming here to colorado to stay at a facility. however we realized no characters have been hired to get the city ready for the children or where the children will be staying. we learned that about a thousand children would be staying at the federal center. the children would be taught,
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however that hasn't started yet. the facility is supposed to be rrady by april but some worry it won't be ready if the department of health and human seniors if they don't hire the crews necessary to make the preparations. the children will live in that facility until they are responserred or fostered. aspiring firefighters are learning some valuable lessons that could save llves in colorado springs. they're learning how to handle wildfires. learning how to build a shelter wildfire. >> things to recoonize situations that are hazardous to them an others, how to be with others. >> these firefighters will be in colorado springs learning new techniques through friday. today the colorado department of education will
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college entrance examines. the state is moving away from the act and moving to the sat exams. this has teachers and parents upset around the area however they say it will not affect people plying for college this year. the stock show broke records already. the show had more than 50,000 visitors. this is 3,000 more than previous records set last year. it is at the western national complex. no one hit the powerball jackpot this weekend. billion. after taxes you would come home with more than $800 million. even though you didn't it it. you maybe could have still won something. screen. the next drawing is wednesday night and mitch may even buy a ticket this time. >> iimight. we'll have to get video of this.
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that much money, let's give it a whirl. what's two bucks? >> the broncos are getting this year. and now we know who to expectt if this is your first ticket ever and your win i'm going to lose it on you, man, i am. >> reporter: a cole start for the kids. -- a cold start for the kids. we're pretty close to zero wind chills. by this afternoon the sunshine is going to help. upper 30s to near 40s.
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it 5:42 back with some 29th. still have crews on the scene trying to put hot spots out. good news is the people inside got out okay. one firefighter had to be treated exhaustion trying to fight the fire. denver seven director joins us with a look at the chances for the game. >> reporter: the stage is set for next sunday.
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mile high to play the number one defense in the nfl with a 39 year old quarterback making his first start in a long time. nothing to do but kick it off, right? well we have a week to do it. brock osweiler had a touchdown run, remember the wheels came off the wagon, flew off the wagon, big ben, thrre touchdown passes in the second half. broncos got nothing, the no fly zone was thh high fly zone steelers one it 37-27. getting a second crack at steel town is great. >> i'm looking forward to it they leave a sour taste in our mouth. they celebrate so much.
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to the extreme. they're probably the worst celebrating team in the nfl. >> any time you gettbeat by a them back. who else beat us this the chiefs. >> we played these guys, they're familiar with us, we're familiar with them. >> reporter: so big ben has a shoulder injury, antonio brown has a concussion, and the broncos go back to practice today. until then, have a great morning. cheer leaders work up a sweat on the sidelines next to football players, so should they be paid more? >> a judge says maybe. the buffalo bills, jill's team
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anybody before 2008 could join this suit. the jills say -- the undefeated clemson tigers take on the alabama crimson tied. crimson has only won once. the hopes are all on the quarterback deshaun watson. he has been compared to cam newton. kickoff just after 6:30. this one is being played in glendale, arizona. >> my entire facebook feed is the colors. i'm a gamecock, so. >> it's fun to see.
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spot, a few teens and 20s. winds coming in out of the per hour. nine. longmont 11, that is nothing compared to the high country. aspen a wind chill of 16 below. bitter cold in the high country early on. we do have a little bit of cloud cover creeping in north eastern colorado this morning. it's not going to be quite as sunny early on, and you are going to see some patchy fog early on, but skies clear out through the day. then through the afternoon and evening we stay dry ssatewide. overnight into tomorrow morningg clear skies. upper 30s to right around 40, fort collins 30s, greeley and sterling closer to freezing.
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and 20s in the mountains. estes park near freezing, conifer 32, parker the high of 39. mostly sunny and warmer, it's unhealthy air quality today. a little breezy in the foothills today, not bad though, speeds this morning at about 15 to 30 miles per hour. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, more 40s. overnight lows teens to 20s. i put the bright spot on wednesday. thursday we start is it see more mountain snow and this next system there is a chance of light snow on friday. but look ahead to sunday broncos game chilly, 36, not bad, so i think we're going to be okay come sunday. >> reporter: a little bit of progress at federal and 29th. crews are going to start leaving hopefully soon. federal is still closed
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are being told. no cars going through right now because of that fire. sally is out there as well. 3 i-70 is in the green in and out of aurora and denver and you can see from theedrive times % about 10 to 15 minutes in both directions. also through the aurora all in the green 225 and parker and creek reservoir, up on the north siie thornton that drive looking good as well northbound. accidents. and 29th. volkswagen is expected to make a big announcement at the detroit auto-show today. we have thht and more on this morning's tech's bites. >> reporter: the german auto- maker is introducing the new
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motors to pour the front and rear wheels. and a turbo charged gasoline extra oompf. nearly half as many older spotify which crossed the 20 millioo mark in june. >> reporter: the golden globe t.v. series. >> reporter: look at ladygaga walking there. >> i love that leo deodar denardo moment. students and teachers were stunned to find preserved chalk boards from 1913. >> principal says its like
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>> sttdents are proud because their school was already all over the news because of what they found. >> so students at the school are used to getting these kind of history lessons, during renovations last year similar images were found. >> they found these behind the old walls. >> interesting. from 1917. a little girl with cancer getting a dream come true by getting to play in the snow for the first time. >> and as we head to break we
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there's a place in denver that makes it happier for seniors and homeless. >> i'm a case manager in denver colorado. >> reporter: there's barely enough time the sit down for volunteers and staff at denver's senior support >> it is a day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors. >> reporter: this non-profit serves three nutritious meals per day. it's also provides seniors internet access, socialization, transportation, health
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important help in navigating get the aid they qualify for. >> that's where this particular organization is helpful because it can be an advocate for people when the system starts to fail. >> reporter: john cotton said he was the manager here for 13 years. he retired in 2013 but started to volunteer here. >> if you care about these folks you just can't say, too bad, i'm gone. % >> the man has been a god send. without him i probably get to the doctors couldn't get groceries. >> they have the pay your rent and other expenses but the biggest problem is we don't have any place for you to go. >> reporter: john is so knowledgeable senior support services often assigns him the toughest cases and the clients ask for him specifically.
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pee tick memory -- encyclopediaicick memory. >> reporter: for all your years of service here for helping the communiiy 7 news and trusted choice the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a seven every day hero. >> to learn more about senior support services go to our website. a dream comes true forra three year old cancer patient in iowa. she couldn't go ouuside to play, so her nurses took her outside. >> she is being treated for sarcoma, her favorite character is olaf from the disney characters. >> these wonderful nurses had a surprise for her, took her in and was playing do you want to
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when she walked in with a big huge pile of snow and she built a snowman. >> she did a good one too, didn't she. >> she has a gofundme page to help with treatment. it has already raised $8,000. crowds gathered to check out this massive sea creature. they create a different snow culture to raise awareness of the water crisis in haiti. >> i didn't realize that was that huge. >> snoktopus. that's the name. that's not good. >> reporter: we have really a pretty mild afternoon.
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really through most of the week. mostly sunny a little breezy today up through the foothills but a nice mild start to the week. colder by friday. details coming up. >> reporter: still dealing with the fire at federal and 29th. fire crews are still there. federal is closed right at spear. `o if you are on spear you can't get on to federal. avalanche work being done at loveland pass causing some closures. police taking a man down without lethal force.
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