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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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years, pot use has gone up by 20% in young people. to bank xg pot, a week after a judge dismissed federal approval for the first pot credit union in colorado, governor hickenlooper has a plan to try to get the marijuana industry out of the cash business. >> denver7's jennifer kovaleski is looking into this. he's hoping to use strength in %- >>reporter: ann, and eric, governor hickenlooper says that he plans to get support from other states who have pot. so that he can try to put more pressure on the feds to allow governor hickenlooper says he will address this issue during on thursday. last year, during his speech, the governor called pot banking a top priority, all efforts to get the industry out of the cash business have failed. he hopes backup from other states will help convince the federal government to take action ft right now, more than 20 states where some form of pot is legal. all doing business strictly in cash, because the feds won't allow banking.
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governors in our states to reach out to call of the legislators and say, all right, let's just have a -- is it a credit union, whatever, but some sort of small kind of test baby to make sure that these you know, these legal commercial operations don't have to go completely in cash. >>reporter: now, of course, it doesn't help that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. but regardless, governor hickenlooper says it's just a terrible idea to have people walking around with suitcases full of cash, so a solution is needed here. reporting live in denver tonight, jennifer kovaleski, denver7. 8 massachusetts senators are hoping to take a page from colorado book, in colorado this week, and touring a dispensary, a cultivation facility and visiting with top law enforcement officials about how they've handled the legalization of marijuana. at this point, there is not a
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today, we talked to the governor about this year's legislative session that starts to tomorrow and the potential for budget >> marshal zelinger is here. >> this will make this make sense, what i'm about to show you, you're going to hear the term hospital provider fee a lot this year, any of us who go to the hospital pay this fee to help cover the cost of uninsured patients, the state collects that money and can puts it in the orange section, the cash fund section, the federal government matches that money and it also goes into the bottom part of the bucket, all that hospital provider fee is helping to push the budget over the limit, that's good, right. well, the governor doesn't think so. because if t wasn't part of this bucket equation, we would never get a refund and if we don't get a refund, then programs wouldn't have to get cut, such as education, or transportation. >> that extra 150 million dollars we've got to refund it
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the whole package is 370 million dollars. so it's serious. >> the governor hinting about 370 million l in cuts that we might hear about on thursday when he gives the state of the -- state address. he wants to not impact our budget. we'll have the state of the state live on denver7, 11:00 o'clock on thursday. thanks, marshall. and your bucket. president barack obama's state of the union is tonight. several coloradoans will be there, including a small business owner, from greeley. a man whose veteran son committed suicide, a 12-year-old with seb ral palsy. you can get a complete wrap tonight at 10:00. this sunday, we debut the new political show, politics unplugged. the issues facing colorado today, that is this sunday at 4:00, right herr on denver7. we are tracking breakiig
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are holding ten u.s. sailors after two small navy boats entered territorial waters t two ships were travelling from kuwait to -- when u.s. officials lost contact, no distress called made by the ships, senator corrie gardner calls for a halt of the state of the union. mike is tracking the first alert forecast, mike, we'll have temperatures in the 50s tomorrow? >> all depending where you are. we had some today, as a matter of fact. lucky folks, higher elevations like boulder and lamarr had the cold air drain off to the northeast, 25 at greeley. you want to the cold spot, down at gunnison, 3 was f the high temperature and right now, it's already 8 below 0 there. while greel sli already -- greeley is already down to 16. high clouds, but no moisture for right now. here's what's going to happen. chilly pockets, again, in the mountain valleys, not the south platt valley. milder for tomorrow. and then, some snow on the way,
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thank you, mike. we are working on several stories for you right now, fort collins, police say these two men tried to rob a woman in the creek side park area. just before 2:00 in the morning on yan 5th -- january 5th. a 20-year-old woman reported an attempted robbery. two men ran up and threatened her with a gun and tried to steal her purse. they took off in a white suvv3 with a black top. a man involved in an offiier `hooting here near 26th as has died. we brought this shooting to you yesterday on denver7 news at 6:00. denver police tell us that ramone -- got out of a stolen vehicle, with a gun, and they say when he wouldn't put it down, he was shot several times, two officers are now on leigh pend an investigation -- leave pending an investigation. police in southern colorado are looking into human remains, found between colorado 17 and u.s. 285, now, at this point, they don't know who the remains belong to or how they got there.
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request from the district attorney in jefferson county. he's asking anyone who may have witnessed a dead lar live -- deadly car crash on i-285. alvarado survived the crash. he is charged with vehicular homicide. they say this was completely preventable. we are tracking a developing story right now, the lawyer from one of the teenagers accused in a high school murder plot says his client, sienna, johnson, thwart of two separate case. his client has not been identified yet because they have yet to announce whether she willl3 be charged as juvenile or adult. . aurora police took a student into custody this morning after
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the school was put on lock down. now, we're hoping to learn more about what that threat was in the next few days. heros from the planned parenthood shooting were honored by the state's attorney general today. the university of colorado police and colorado springss, the el paso county sheriff's office, and the colorado springs fire department were all recognized. students in boulder valley schools could see some changes to their school day, if a committee's proposal is adopted by the district. proposing the high school start now, on the elementary school level, the recommendation is to lengthen lunch and recess. >> getting the children out and get fresh air, physical activity, so when we have a condensed school day, then sometimes those things get shortenned or even eliminated can we want to get back. >> the committee is also recommending that some of the music offerings be shorted,
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no final decisions have been made just yet. now, to our chase for the championship, the broncos will take on the steelers this weekend, two of the steelers top players, ben roethlisberger and antonio brown are injured and coaches hope they'll play this sunday. >> tomlin says roethlisberger has a chance after injuring his right shoulder in last weekend's game. he sprained a joint in his throwing arm. >> an toe you brown got a it shall -- antonio got a concussion. you've got. the orange and blue love. a lot of you already started showing us the broncos spirit, lined the hallway, chanting denver broncos. please, continue sending us your pictures by going to the denver7 facebook page, and you can also
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using the #broncos pride. we'll continue to show pictures here on denver7. big blur of orange going down the hallway. everyone has got the orange jerseys on. >> we're working on a lot for you, the warm temperatures in colorado, causinggsome scientific concerns. how one glacier is on course to completely disappear in the ear future. >> plus, it's kind of like a rubber band ball, but this is stickyier. a colorado company is trying to break ape guinness world record. >> and the powerball jackpot is at 1.5 billion dollars. one colorado town is getting inundated from out oftate
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new at 6:00 tonight, researchers in boulder are in the middle of a research project, on global warming, it's
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denver7's kristen skovira tracking the state's loss of ice. >>reporter: the mountains, west of boulder, are louing ice -- losing ice and it's not at a glacial pace. >> we're in a situation where glaciers are going to disappear in the next couple of decades. >>reporter: mark williams is a professor at cu-boulder's institute of alpine research. the ridge. with t glacier has been thinning one meter eveey year. >> we've been doing long-term research there funded by the national science foundation since 1980. >>reporter: the research began long before, in the 1960s, williams says for many year, no cumulative change was noticed. >> no change until 2000. and then, that was when the drought started here. in particular, very high summer temperatures. and it crashed. >>reporter: a series of
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>> we're seeing changing in the hydrology, changing in glaciers and alpine vegetation. >>reporter: the decline of ice and snow is not going to slow down. >> it's locked in at this point. we've had a couple of good snow years over the next four yeaas, three of them good snow years, a little bit of the mass balance, but it's still going to go down over the long-term. >>reporter: for denver7, i'm kristen skovira. >> now, we are seeing these effects at higher elevations first, but researchers say they will gradually move downhill and affect all of us. a small business here in colorado l is stuck on a very big idea. they're trying to set a guinness world record, there is an official category for the world's largest sticker ball. they hope to break a record with this ball, made of 150,000 stickers, they need to be 220 pounds, the ball already weighs 230 pounds. sticker giant's founder john fischer started the company 15
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it's a 10 million dollars company with clients all around north america. >> we printed over 10,000 miles of stickers. lined up all the stickers, go back and forth across the country. >> now, guinness will officially measure the sticker ball tomorrow, which just so happens to be national sticker day. who knew, right? denver is now beinggcalled the hottest housing market in the country. zillow just announced its top ten hottest market ts in the country, taking in account home values, recent income growth and the current income rate, the zillow home value index forecast and they think that the value index will continue to go up, raising at least 5% every year, rising at least 5% every year as long as unemployment rates remain low. the hottest neighborhoods in the denver area is del mar parkway, forecasted home growth. the list of the other hot markets
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now have to worry if their children were exposed to tuberculosis. health officials aren't saying if a student was infected, just that a person was infected over the holiday break. the patient was taken to denver health. at this point, the doctors say there's no risk of tb spreading at the school. tuberculosis is a bacterial infection, mostly found in the lungs. %- denver health diagnoses about 60 people a year, with act tuberculosis. the possible jackpot, 1.5 -- powerball jackpot, 1.5. >> a lot of utah residents who can't get powerball tick tickets -- tickets, they are driving across the border on highway 40 to dinosaur, colorado. the owner of christy's liquor told the craig daily press he had $48,000 worth of powerball tickets sold. >> $2 a ticket, christy sold $22,000 lottery tickets.
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mike is tracking the first alert forecast, mike, we're hitting the the jackpot weather-wise with he temps. >> you are the queen of segue, that was great. >> right now, quiet weather conditions across colorado, a while before we see the showers p coming in. this sunset this evening and the color coming in right about here. i tell you, a great broncos sky. maybe that's a harbinger of good news for us by sunday. 45 was the high officially today at dia fttwe hit the low 50s here at denver7. 11 was the low this morning. normals are 44 and 18. the records are 70 and ten years later down to 25 below no 1963. right now, it's 40 degrees wn. 28 at the airport. 50% humidity. lows tonight, 7 below at grand lakeke10 at estes park 20 in the denver area, and then tomorrow, you see a rim of
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south. whwh benly 39 ey,, on the western and southern sides of town. mountata 20s and 30s. across the state tonight, still some real cold spots. li 20 at gunnison, 199 below at alamosa. 14 below at craig. single digits and teens on the plain, tomorrow, it's 30s, 40s and 50s on the eastern plains. a mere 8 for a high at gunnison. 18 expected up at craig. the winds aloft are going to be changing a little bit as we get closer to the weekend, starting to get stronger flow of wind coming in from the west coast, that will bring stormy weather. nothing major, but there will be a front coming through thursday into early friday, a few inches of snow, maybe an inch on the plains. pacific moisture coming our way. tonight, mostly clear and cold. the air quality is poor because `he winds are not sweeping the pollutants out of here. 48 tomorrow.
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and west side of townnn the low 50s. to the north and east, just around 40. looking ahead, pretty good stuff. clouds on the increase, maybe a little bit of snow. hang on, you guys. i hate when i do this. but i'm going to give you the right forecast. i don't know what's going on today. with mike nelson, but i'm going to get my days of the week. there we go. see that? i have wednesday on it. this is what it's supposed to be. friday, a front comes through and a light snow. 35 and 17. not only the forecast for the weather, but the score on sunday. here's your official broncos forecast, look at that, 35 degrees at 2:00 o'clock, maybe a couple of flurries in the game with temperatures dropping in the 20s ft but i think 35 broncos, 17 for steelers. >> okay. >> i'm going t go with it. >> by the time the flurries come, we will have a so it shouldn't matter much. >> indeed. >> chill them out. >> how badly is big ben injured?
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>> plus, the rockies make a move
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welcome to 7 sports extra, the chase for the hampionship. we all want to know. will big mile-high on sunday. the steelers quarterback that shoulder right there, saturday in cincinnati, he's not a doctor, but he did give a medical report today. well, doctor, you going to play on sunday? here's what doctor ben told a pittsburgh radio station today. >> i'll go in tomorrow, with the intent to see what i can do.
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tried to throw a football, you know, since the game. and maybe that's not even the rrght thing to do right away. see the doctors and trainerss tomorrow, we'll evaluate kind of how i feel. >> he's potentially available to us, we're going to take care of him medicallyn an a prop yacht way. >> the broncos -- appropriate way. >> the brons could love to see landry jones, the trfs in, the december 20th, 380 yards passing. with ben releasing all of this medical information today, is anybody buying it? -`broncos say no, they expect to see him in the game on sunday. >> come on, man, ben will be there, he will be there. i mean, we want him to be there. >> we'll get a chance, he's got to get to them -- hit him, try to hit him. that's all there is.
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>> all proreceiver antonio brown. the rockies signed outfielder gerard do, three year deal, 23.5 million. creates a log jam of lefty outfielders, charlie blackmon, corrie dickerson, one of hose three expected to go. so stay tuned. we will see. >> big ben, you're not a believer, huh? >> he might be hurt, but i believe he's going to be there there. maybe not a 100 percent, ut i
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settle down, the list starts now. this meme is firing people up about the powerball. there's one problem. >> one can expire. a number of things you didn't
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plus, love netflix's making a murder? you're going to love our list of crime dramas that have america obsessed. let's start by counting down the three stories at the top of the list. >> in our newsroom, here's bradley hasmeyer. >> generosity from one pn to anher. we could all learn two from joey resto, during a subway wide in new york, he man. the passengers on the train sat away because of the odor. joey took the shirt off his back dress the man. >> he looked so weak and frail that i had to help him. if i was going to give it to on. >> another rider recorded the tender exchange and posted it on ok, where it's been seen nearly 14 million times.
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