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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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news. >> how come terry moran hasn't grayed over several years? >> he hasn't. >> timeless. timeless gentleman that one. and that's what's making news in america this morning.
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she has links to isis. things are heating up on the korean peninsula. south korea fired warning shots after a north koreaen drone this follows the north's nuclear test that happened last week.
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out on the poststate of the union tour to nebraska and louisiana. he focused on more ong-term goals and less on policy last night. >> the future we want, all of us want, opportunity and security for our families, a rising standard of living, a sustainable peaceful planet for our kids. all that is within our reach. >> some of the presidential hopefuls were there. senatoos marco rubio and bernie sanders. south carolina's governor nikki haley did the republican response. >> the president's record has often falling far short of his soaring words. >> she did, however, share one thing in common with the president. both took shots at donald trump without naming his name. one of the things ppesident obama unveiled in his speech, a new role for vice president joe
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>> tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done and because he's gone to the mat for all of us on so many issues over the past 40 years, i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. for the loved ones we've all lost, for the families that we can still say, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> he calls his mission a moon shot. biden has a special connection to the cause after losing his son to brain cancer last year. today is the first day of work for colorado's lawmakers. the governor says his priorities are keeping tax money to fund road projects and expanding education. you can jjin us this weekend for the debut of our new political show called politics unplugged. anne trujillo and reporter
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indepth looks at the issues phaging colorado. facing colorado. it's at 4:00 in the afternoon on sunday. before you give the kids cough medicine, several being recalled because the medicine cup is labeled wrong. this includes the cherry and grape flavors. for a full list, go to our web site, it's 4:38. most broncos fans would probably e ecstatic to meet peyton manning. >> for one colorado woman, ii's an urgent wish. >> denver's housing market is doing really well. when it comes to the value of growth, we're ranked number one in the country. >> first, let's check in with dayle. >> our bus stop planner, give the kids some layers. definitely cold. temperatures in the 30s. this afternoon they'll want to
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big changes in the nfl. the st. louis rams are moving to los angeles. this means the rams' owner got his way and gets out of a lease dispute in st. louis. some fans not happy about the move. >> first of all, i'm very sad to see them go. i mean, i've been a huge rams
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my dad has been a season ticket holder 20 years. it's depressing to see a team i loved and poured all my sundays into for years just leave. >> it hurts. i've been a rams fan my entire life. any time anybody asks me, what nfl team you do you like, i say the rams. >> he is deeplyyrooted in denver. she is one of the most remarkable i've ever met and i think consistently and deeply good. i don't think it's all about peyton manning. i think when he finishes football he'll go out and do great things. >> colorado governor hickenlooper the latest to weigh in on the broncos quarterback situation. he agrees with the decision for manning to start sunday. players say the whole thing about which quarterback to go with is blown out of
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the question is how many will steeler's ben roethlisberger be able to play? >> they kick off 2:40 sunday at mile high. >> he's got to play. >> i'm sure he will. many of you have been sending pictures of your bronco pride, like ellie here. we want to see that orange and blue out there. use the #broncospride on twitter. 4:43. meeting peyton manning is the only thing on a dying colorado woman. she was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and doctors say she only has about a month to live. her friends and family are on a mission to help her dream come true. >> we all have ddeams, but to
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think is amazing. >> her daughter posted it on facebook. >> you never know. let's talk about the weather, because it seems pretty okay this morning. fantastic. oh, my gosh. it's going to be wonderful. this morning a little windy in some locations. early on this morning and later this evening. but midday today will be gorgeous. i was just downloading broncos fan pictures someone sent me. coming up in the 5:00 hour i'll show you. we are getting great photos from our friends out there. satellite and radar, it is nice and quiet now, as you can see. no moisture really state-wide. few clouds over the foothills. we do have quite a bit of clear skies above us here in the metro area. our temperatures are really mixed. this is kind of standard for this time of year, especially when we get some of our winds. in greeley, cold, 9 degrees. single digit there. teens in fort collins and 20s
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up in the high country single digits and some locations, gunnison it is cold again, 18 below for you. 8below in craig. better than we were yesterday for most of our cities. here's warmup and it will be a quick one. we'll see the temperatures climb into majority of us upper 40s, low 50s for the front range. few locations, greeley and sterling, you're going to top out a little bit cooler. not mid-40s for fort collins. but boulder and denver, both in the low 50s. it's going to really be a nice afternooo. winds quieted down by then. and that's going to bring us the warm temperatures. if you're skiing tooay, pretty nice. be advised it cooud be windy, definitely once you get to the top of some of those peaks. 24 in eagle. 22 in steamboat. 32 for the high in aspen. on the eastern plains in southeastern corner of the
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into the 50s. while it's quiet today, we have quite a bit of moisture. several disturbances that will move through over the next couple of days. futurecast today, really nothing to show you. until early tomorrow morning, the northern mountains will start to pick up a little bit of snow. we'll stay dry today and tomorrow. but the mountains will see more snow tomorrow. this is that first disturbance that will move through. that's going to clear late thursday night. friday, a little bit of snow, another disturbance moving bright spot on today. temperatures in the 40s and gorgeous outside. enjoy it if you don't like the coming. >> that's awesome. highways this morning, i-25 this morning. here's another look, this is from i-70 and monaco. camera is a little foggy, but traffic is running freely. hardly any cars out there yet.
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open this morning. one more stop here, dry creek, i-25 and dry creek in the green this morning. keep in mind what's going on near the western national stock show complex, fatal accident overnight. looks like that scene is cleared. 58th was closed between yorks and washington streets. this is a look from that scene here. you can see police still out there, about to clear the scene. daryl is keeping us up--o-date on that. another busy spot, convenience stores. powerball tonight. >> reporter: we're here at the 7-eleven on broadway where the powerball is at $1.5 billion. the largest it's ever been in its history. this store is so busy, they sold thousands of tickets yesterday, well until midnight.
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so far we've had two winners here in the denver area. $150,000each. no one has gotten the lucky six numbers that they need. it's gotten that high just because it's been rolling since november, and people just out here buying tickets. remember, 6:00 a.m., you have until 7:30 this evening. people think the odds are in their favor. about. thank you. it's a good time to be a seller. home values keep climbing and denver is leading theecountry. values in the mile high city went up 16% last year. this year experts predict they'll go up another 5%. aurora has five neighborhoods on the fastest growing list. >> doesn't surprise me, because as the prices increase in denver and naturally people coming into the metro area want to live in denver, you're going to see people moving to some of the suburbs and the suburbs
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>> the flip side is low income americans will have a tough time affording even the least expensive houses. rent also expected to soar. the average right now in denver just over $1,900 a month. so-called selfie drone is selling like crazy. sales have toped 34 million bucks. buyers have purchased some 60,000, which are slated to arrive later this summer. looking at the markets ahead of the opening bell. now the markets world wide are actually on the positive side. more exports helping out the situation in china. oil prices down low. no bottom in sight, that's not helping matters. >> good morning. topping america's oney, oil prices in free fall. >> barrel of crude below the $30 threshold. in asia a 12-year low.
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or ten dollars are possible. >> it's forcing been and others to cut thousands of jobs. papa john's is the first pizzz chain to get rid of artificial flavors and colors. >> last month they said it would remove all antibiotics from its chicken products by this summer. >> starbucks' menu includes three special valentine's day drinks. >> in arizona a barista created them and posted the recipes on reddit. you can order them at any starbucks if you know the recipe. >> that's a big catch. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day. denver public schools celebrating the opening of the new smart labs. the district is getting six thanks to a generous donations. the first opens in samuels elementary. the ribbon cutting will be this morning at 10:00.
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to fund the labs. some kids could sleep in next year in boulder valley school district. the changes aren't approved yet, but if they are, they won't go in ffect until the 2017 school year. we've had plenty of chilly days in the mile high city and that's good news for those looking to play on their skis in town. >> hey, remember the game when i set the rookie passing record? i mean, you only mentioned what, 50 times... how about when i had three events in one night? well, i' ve been working on my new superhero move all day! we' re non stop, we' ve gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable.
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finally time for you to hit the slopes here in the city. ruby hill rail yard is open for the eason. the park just opened yesterday. this is near jewell and santa fe. you can play there for free and rentals are available. it's open starting t 5:00 a.m. meanwhile, in breckenridge it's time for theeullr fest. >> this is the 53rd year for this celebration of the snow. ullr is the viking king of the snow. let's take off work and go. >> that looks like a lot of fun. good news is they're about to get fresh snow moving their way. little bit thursday, even more friday. we've been talking about your broncos priie photos. check out these two kids in their nice do they have going on. send us yours by tweeting us
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some temperatures closer to freezing down south. highlands ranch and castle rock a little bit warmer. we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s. temperatures will be a little strange later on this afternoon, based on the winds. either way, sunny and warm, so enjoy it. eric. >> thank you. the drive looking just fine this morning. we're in green everywhere you go. from i-25 and quincy traffic is running smoothly. daryl orr told me east 58th is now open between york street and washington street for that fatal near the national western complex. good news there. you can see here from i-25 and quincy we are in the clear. we'll keep an eye on things. no major accidents to report. the governor isn't wasting time after getting engaged over christmas, he and his fiance will tie the knot this weekend. they say it will be a small wedding and didn't want to wait and plan a big wedding. won't get your invite, i guess. >> too bad. >> just close friends.
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his 5-year-old daughter leah has officially beattn cancer. >> this is such great news. the pair turned to instagram to announce it to everyone. still posted this picture of the two celebrating their victory. isn't that great? then this one with all of leah's stats on it, including 41 days of chemo and 19 days of radiation. the stills thank their friends and followers on social media for their support. >> she's a tough one. a virginia woman is turning to quilting to beat an illness. debbie francis needs a double lung transplant. she's had the disease since 1997 but it's starting to progress. >> i did really well up until a couple of years ago and then the last eight months have been really challenging. transplant. >> my goodness. she's been making these quilted bowls and selling them online. her daughter started a gofundme
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coming up next, millions of americans oping to be the biggest jackpot winner in history. $1.5billionup for grabs. >> we're live in southwest denver where investigators say it could take weeks to figure out what caused a house fire. this killed one person, injured several others. thanks for watching denver 7 at 4:30. we're back in two minutes with
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