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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 13, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MST

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. a village has a massive avalanche. what happens as it heads for the houses below? little boy is caught in a revolving door. why drastic action soon leads to a cinch solution. a lion tries to tell his lady. >> i'm ready, are you?
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plus the video e step step to help order. >> what it was exactly that got her a little bit unhinged. >> the dude is like i told you she was crazy. >> exactly. it's something so peaceful in the world. there's a small space between the snow flakes and they get absorb absorbed. >> thank you. >> it's an incredible video and this was in the perfect position and as the mountain just goes, it's all snow and starting to in very well lope the count.
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still dangerous once it got down, it was a moving cloud of snow. it creating that winter environment if you would. nick, before you say anything, what you're going say now is positive of how vertical and horizontal video can pay off for you. while it starts off and you can see the mountain, you just get a very very tight look at the mountain and it's going outside and including in. you now, you can see it. >> oh my goodness, somebody getting it. >> i don't think that it's going to be the last ones that we get
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>> when it's mating season, it gets a little nosey. the male starts to honk and the sea male can remember his call and give him a call. >> if he got called after the first one, he would not have to go through this. >> it's the same all over the world. the same complaint. >> that's the noise. >> once the girl comes over, they have to dig a hole to go in for them to lay the thing. if the girl does not like it, later. she is out of there. >> high maintenance. >> where do you live? >> did you see that, she was out of there. she is like talk to hand.
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this the they're very versatile. you have to swim, walk on land and dig with no hands. >> that's what makes them more interesting than humans. y'all don't move that well. >> e hoo hey. hey. >> if they do like each other and come back together, they will raise the young together. it's really really beautiful. i only want to observe the lion. we start with the park. >> that's the main man. >> he gets up and he is like hey, put on the barry white. >> she is like i am out. >> exactly what my wife does. >> she is like i am walking out. >> kind of like an attitude. that ought to teach him. imagine being a guest walking down the lobby and then
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>> oh my goodness. >> how do they do this. >> this kid was with his mom when he got caught in the revolving door. >> i guess if you are completely stuck, cannot rock it back were forward. they can not do anything. they slide it between the glass and the foundation. that's a big piece of glass. you will see it start to shoot and release them. it took them 30 minutes to rescue them and he was unable. >> moving over to india, this woman was walking to the train station when he tripped on the tracks and then the train was coming. she falls on the graund into ound hoping to make herself skinny, and it
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>> well, something tells me that she should have not been that close to the tracks. >> it's not advised to walk that close to the track. some were taking video, but when it cleans, they ran to help her. she only got cuts and minor scrapes and bruises. >> a rot of the time people just commute across the railway line as well. she got caught at the wrong time. i am glad that she is okay. >> not only did she make it out okay, but she made the next train. i can take a poll and say to go the other way. he is going straight for it, and he is going for it.
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he finds the dusty one off the coast of florida and immediately he sees that and then in the sharks mouth. right away he goes and doing that old thing where he rubs the sharks nose and put it into a trance and just disrupting it. they know and it gives you the opportunity here to reach it and go full for it. >> yeah, that's what i do. yeah, they do that. this video put out by grind tv and all part of a video called spear head. they're swimming and diving and trying the show people and putting out videos like this. they're not a bladder thirs erie monster that they believe in. >> yeah, he is is facing it everyday to go and do it for a good reason. >> i love to see the moment that you can tell it.
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that's awe some some. do it gain. >> yeah, they work with the animals and the video is pretty short but good. all is well on the road. >> and then out of nowhere. >> why the driver behind this wheel got extra lucky. and the land well. >> my lips are too big. >> big hair. >> celebrities are talk about internet hear how the big names handle the haters. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car
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one accident and one on camera in australia. >> they caught all of you on cram. >> the first video follows this drive ner the car and following the rules of the road and then out of nowhere this. >> didn't even look. just blindly driving. >> it blows my mind. we did see a different look. how did you not look just in case. >> now, the driver of this vehicle is 32 weeks pregnant. >> how is the baby. is everybody okay? >> yeah, the baby is fine. okay. the next video. >> daddy it's opened. >> i say that something is wrong
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>> it's come pletely missing. >> it's leaving sparks. >> the people in this car is cracking up and why is the driver er still going? maybe they think that i cannot aafford the toe truck. it's cheaper were to take it myself. it won't be when he get the repair bill. >> we do not see it here but it says that police were called. >> it makes you wonder if there was something physically wrong with the driver or mentally wrong with the driver. was there a medical condition causing the weird behaviors to happen? >> you hope that maybe something beyond the drivers control was happening. >> that's also -- >> we have a lot of food and recipe on the show, but this is fascinating. i cannot insure that no animals were harmed in the making of the individual video. >> i like it. this woman can make
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she starts with a basic dough and this is labor intensive. she makes it and starts to separate it out. you have to make the different parts of the bread different colors and for the black she uses black food coloring. you start with the brown piece and roll it out and then you get a black piece. you roll that out and you grab the brown piece in the black piece. then you're not done. you have to wrap all of that and then you're done wrapping. this is what it looks like when you get it all rolled up. after it bakes, and once you slice it, when row get closer to the middle. >> this is so cool. >> overall, you won't taste the
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as we all know people on the internet and social media can say some pretty mean things but they would not say it to my face. most of this video of celebrities taking on trolls. >> i have heard every f bomb and a hole. >> my personality is take. >> i am a land well. >> my lips are too big. >> big hair and big bobs. >> i really yelled nasty things. >> actors. >> youtube ers. >> and getting the take on what people say to them and their responses. the thing with social media is that people think that they can say what they want and won't get caught. >> it's easy to hide behinded the keyboard. >> yeah, that happens to regular people as well. >> you you have
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that out. >> i had really bad held when i was on the bachelor. going on. people were hating on my hair. back. >> i try to make this comment about my weave. >> the thing is it's all on how you react to them. >> did you vaulz a resnons. >> some of them responded with the kindness. the old saying goes that you can kill folks with kindness. that works too. >> not taking anything personally from someone else. >> if you like to see this video, it's going over to our video. >> if you're going to be meeting them -- >> no response is the best.
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see why the high school reunion is essentially dead. >> shut the front door. next on "right this minute." still to come. some guys take the boards to an empty water park. >> make it and see why summer has nothing on their fun. >> oh yes. >> plus, she just had had surgery. something else has her upset. >> and it's just like that. >> yeah, i would like to say so. it h a order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change! if only we had pockets... what? purely decorative. get a large,1-topping pizza for when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. add our new brookie for just $6 p
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there's a big concern that's making a cry. >> her friend apparently likes mashed potatoes, and that's a reason to cry. >> yeah, i like them. >> that's so >> by the way you don't have to say so. >> that's the thing. there's a difference between
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>> the video goes on for three minutes and the entire time she is just crying her eye balls out. >> usually it's after the dental work. >> she had surgery to fix a deviated septum. >> the good news is that she's in the hospital and mashed potatoes will be the first thing that she gets. the perfect combination of fun and excite m. >> it's truly a summer activity. during the winter there's no fun to be had. >> action park, i work there when i was a teenager.
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they go out and make it a winter wonder land. they go and attack it. the snow has completely covered the spot: . the really fun thing is when they start to attack the huge tunnel. >> oh yes. isn't that awesome. one of the huge tunnels and you see families going down and sorry. these guys have created a half, and it's amazing. >> you know what, red bull gave them an idea and turned it into a winter theme park. >> yeah, attraction all year
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>> i love that there's offering of the garden tower. safety is number one. a genuine reaction when she sees the girlfriend to the guy that she was in love with.
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pretty.%h@c eght letett this m be mch@c utrigh that skmovmt thethis min reaction is very feeling. h@is m, i blocked them. >> oh, that's a good thing. >> no rngs i am like i feel sorry for that dude. >> yeah, it's different and the reactions when she sees the new girlfriend to the guy that she was in love with. >> this is the guy that i was in love with during high school. i just found that in high school
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>> she is laughing and acknowledging that the new one is pretty. >> this has gone viral because people are cracking up. >> she makes really willy good water color paints too. >> i think that i understand. it's just the honesty. like you were saying these are all things that happen inside of our or head.
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it out there. >> she tweeted that she should get a boyfriend out of had this whole thing. she's a smart girl and a writer. show. go and get a snack and hit the
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