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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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after a couple of weeks off, it's time to dig out all that broncos gear. we're celebrating orange friday, as the broncos get ready to take on the steelers sunday at sports authority field at mile high. >> you don't have to think about what to wear today, it's orange. >> good point. >> we're decked out in our orange and blue. >> get rid of that thing, andy! >> the terrible towel. >> i can think of other things to do with that towel. give it to me. >> all kinds of things. let's talk about weather, because today we can feel it's getting colder and will be nippy for the game.
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30s today through sunday. you can see that increase in cloud cover over the plains, over denver now. it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds for the start to our day. we should see a pretty broncos sunrise, though. any snow falling at this point, west of the divide. feeling like teens in some spots. kids will need hat and gloves. high in denver of 35. chance for light snow later today. few flurries and about 30% chance for a little snow. most of our alerts and heavy snow, moderate snow we'll see from this system, will be in the mountains. we've got a winter weather advisory that goes into effect areas west and east of the divide. snow on the way. i want to thank eric, he brought a crate of broncos gear today. good one. >> i like that one. >> you can wear that the whole time and it would be good. >> thanks.
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studio. traffic is just fine this morning. no major accidents. look from i-25 and 50th, both directions running fine. snow coming, hopefully it won't mess up the roads too much through the weekend. take a look at the maps, aurora drive is looking nice. i-70 near peea boulevard drive in the green. coming from thh north, south into downtown, looking okay. 36 looking okay along with 6th avenue. for now a good drive. eric, thank you. we're showing our broncos pride because it's orange friday. >> peyton manning looked pretty good yesterday at practice and his teammates say he's extra amped up,. >> pittsburgh say they're preparing roethlisberger for the game. but still no practice. >> we'll have details coming up in about 10 minutes. broncos' end antonio smith said
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of course he'll be in the game, it's the playoffs. >> good news, ticket prices for sunday's playoff game going down now. we found tickets from $133 to $750,000 on stub hub. >> people put that in there to get a rise out of everybody. if you're selling tickets, make sure you're selling to a broncos' fan, that's the request from all fans. ten years ago tte championship game here at denver, steelers fans were said to have occupied 35% of the seats. some players say the crowd noise was a factor in the broncos loss. this week fans are begging you not to sell to pittsburgh fans. >> if you do that, you should lose your fan card. you should sell to fellow bronco fans. >> there are close to 8,000
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the cheapest, 190 bucks. most expensive was something like $8,000 at some point today. patients at children's hospital are ready for the game. the team held a pep rally there yesterday. cheerleaders and miles the mascot was there. some patients had the chance to sit down one-on-one with some players. we want to see how you're getting ready for the game. debbie's granddaughter with the gloves. >> how about little barrel man in the making. stache and all. jen sanchez shared this pictures. share your photos on our facebook page or twitter, #broncospride. breaking news this morning, denver police searching for two men who shot a person then took off in their vehicle. >> this is an active search now near sheridan and west kentucky.
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what should people be on the lookout for this morning? >> reporter: right now police are looking for a white chevy silverado, colorado plate qeu 389. what happened out here around 3:30 this morning, a carjacking, two males described as hispanic approached this vehicle, shot the driver in the leg a couple of times and took off with his vehicle. direction of travel police are not sure at this time where this vehicle is. they are still looking for it. once again, it is a white chevy silverado, colorado plate qeu- 389. the victim was transported to the hospital and he's expected to live from his injuries. the victim may have known one of the suspects. the scene has cleared up. crime scene investigators were out here taking evidence and
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the two suspects continue. >> daryl, thank you. breaking news overnight, clear creek county sheriff's %- suspect accused of kidnapping his two daughters. deputies say they tracked down alex perez, found the two young children in his car here in colorado. perez was wanted out of michigan for a double homicide, parental kidnapping. our abc affiliate in michigan we've been talking to this morning says the murder victims are the children's mother and another relative there in michigan. the two children now thankfully are in protective custody. students and staff return to a douglas county high school with heavy hearts. two teens from legend high school on an icy pond in parker yesterday when they fell through. sadly one of of them died in what's being called a tragic accident. denver7 reporter lindsay watts is there where the rescue took place just east of parker road. >> reporter: the boy who died
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for about 35 minutes. rescuers desperately tried to get him out. we'll give you a closer look at this retentton pond. you can see it's covered by snow and ice right now. weedon't know exactly what the thrre teenagers were doing here yesterday, only it was about 4:30 in the afternoon when they ended up in the water. rescuers got hereequickly after a neighbor who spotted what happened called 911. thissmorning one of the teens who survived is already out of the hospital. the second is in critical condition at children's hospital. agaii, these were students at legend high school and there are going to be grief counselors available at that school today. parker's mayor calls this a tragedy for the community. >> the lesson heee today is be cognizant of what's around you. be aware of your surroundings. understand where you're at, what you're doingg we live in a climate where you can have sub freezing temperatures at night and
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the ebb and flow of ice, it's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: back out here live now, the water under this ice is so frigid, that divers who were trying to rescue the teenagers had to rotate in and out. reminder to be careful around ponds and lakes. keep your pets on leashes and warn your kids about the dangers of thin ice. live in parker, lindsay watts, denver 7. thanks. now crews are waiting for `unlight to pick up their search for a plane crash that `appened in rio blanco county. it happened about 8:00 last night, west of meeker. the search crews found debris, but so far haven't found the people. %- the plane was on its way to no word how mann people might have been on the plane. it can seat six. denver police chase ends in an ironic spot, right outside dog the bounty hunter's office. his wife, beth, told us "apparently they knew they were
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police tried to pull four people over for prior felony cases. police say the suspects sped off. police explained why they decided to chase them down. >> many chases are more dangerous to the public than just simply letting the suspect go. so when we make a decision to allow a chase to occur, it's because the danger the suspect is to the community is so great that we can't just let them go. we have an obligation to attempttto stop that behavior. that's definitely the case here. >> the chase ended when the suspect's car crashed near sheridan near 25th. police arrested two people, took two more to the hospital. they say no innocent people were hurt. longmont police officer is out of the hospital this morning after his cruiser was involved in a crash. this is a picture from our partners aa the boulder daily camera showing the damage here. the crash happened last night at highway 66 and main street. the other driver involved remains in the hospital.
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but they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. prosecutors charred a second teen as an adult in the plot to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. they say brooke higgins and sienna johnson planned the shooting. prosecutors say higgins told a friend she sent her a text warning not to go to school the day of the shooting. ten minutes after 6:00 now. if you've not checked your powerball ticket from wednesday, it's time to check it. these are the stores where tickets were the 100,000 were sold. there's a king soopers on 50th avenue and brighton. also a 7-eeeven here off of 14th and carr in west denver. and a 7-eleven near craig hospital in englewood. as far as that jackpot, just a
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we know who at least one of the winners is. they'll get $428 million if they opt for the lump sum payout. biggest winners in colorado lottery are state programs, including great outdoors colorado. programs in on this pot will split $21 million from ticket sales. on wednesday the lottery sold more than $60 million worth of tickets. that's just in colorado. $60million. this is five times the previous %- record. 11 minutes after 6:00. llt's check our firsttalert weather with lisa. >> 20s and 30s now. what it feels like outside is teens. denver now a windchill of just 10 degrees. we've got a cold start to our friday, as we're heading into the weekend if you have plans, a chance for light snow off and on. we'll talk about it coming up in just a minute. >> might be a little bit of fresh powder up at vail right now. you can see on that frontage
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it is orange friday. as you pop in the closet this morning, look for your broncos best to show your pride. the rodriguez family from evans is ready for the playoff game. all morning long. share of them with us on social media using #broncopride. the first super bowl was played on this day in 1967. green bay packers beat the kansas city chiefs 35-10. at the time it was called the afl and nfl world championship. super bowl. the broncos made their first super bowl appearance in super bowl xii, 1978. we lost to the cowboys. you may recall. >> bummer. today is not only orange friday, it is free coffee friday. this morning we have that coffee brewing in lake wood. >> denver 7 reporter sally
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at the king soopers off kipling and florida. let's try not to repeat what happened last time. she had about five to 100 cups of coffee. >> reporter: the party starts only when you get here, mitch. it hasn't started yet. i am drinking some of that free coffee now. and check this out, the doughnuts are here, guys. they are here. we've got lots of free coffee for you to come and if you need a little pick me up this morning. and not only coffee and doughnuts, we've got broncos spirit. check ttis out. >> it's free coffee friday. 100.3, whoo! love coffee. pet it for good luck. >> reporter: last time i had the christmas hat on, santa hat on, i might have this on for the next hit. have. back to you guys. >> don't leave him hanging, sally. he says pet it for good luck. >> reporter: oh.
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>> nice. i don't think bo owns a solid color shirt at all. planet. >> i saw him when we were ringing bells for salvation army during chrrstmas, he was >> no. >> no. >> he wasn't feeling well then. he's a colorful dresser. with. going to be a nice morning. pretty quiet. heading out for free coffee friday, no concern for snow. but we need a little bit. so far this month, 3.5 inches. so far this season we're just over 26, puts us close to normal. we've got a couple of good months to go, especially march, ally most of our snow in town. wind speeds this morning between 15 to even 40 miles per hour in the foothills. you might be holding onto the steering wheel a little bit tighter this morning coming in from the west. in denver those winds making it feel like just 10 degrees right now in denver. we're at 22 and you can see off into the distance there the
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it's going to be a nice start to your day. we're going to talk about what to expect in just a minute. 21 in fort collins now. 25 in castle rock. 15 in elizabeth. it's a chilly start to our day. we're not going to see a huge jump. by about 3:00, calling for hiihs in the low to mid-30s. denver 35. fort collins just above freezing. and low to upper 20s in the mountains today. estes park 27. one of the warmer spots usually south and southeast, trinidad and lamar in the low 40s. if you're heading up into he mountains, 20s today and snow is already moving in. this storm, this is a series of weak waves of snow. it's enough that we'll see a good 3 to 6 inches of snow in the mountains. across the plains, very light. i paused this at 1:00. around lunchtime you're going to ind more cloud cover and through the afternoon chance for a little light ssow. likely along i-25 we'll be at maybe a half an inch to an inch at best.
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east where it gets a little bit heavier overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. again, probably around an inch, inch and a half. by 7:00 tomorrow morning skies start to clear out. but the mountains will pick up another wave of snow and we could see even a little more move in on sunday here in denver for the game. it would be pretty light. winter weather advisory at noon today. 30s from today through sunday. on monday gets warmer. eric. >> drive is looking good. >> good. >> i-25 and quincy, where you can see the volume picking up, but traffic flowing smoothly. one minor issue, a stalled semi on westbound i-76 approaching vasquez. backups for about a mile, maybe less than a mile even. then through thornton iss looking okay and 36 okay.
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our broncos are in the chase for the championship and we're supporting them with broncos pride. >> this was sent in by rudy, that's his wife. >> that's a massive man cave. >> i hope my wife is watching. instead we have about 3,000 pillows. >> manning practiced yesterday and looked good again. i would love to see him go out winning the super bowl like joon elway did. three more games until ultimate glory. i want to see him play great sunday and beyond. i want to see 18 lifting that lombardi trophy and riding off a champion. i just can't get over the first nine games of the season. peyton still the worst rated quarterback in the league, with started four games at mile high this season. one touchdown pass, eight
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did you get that? 1 td pass, eight picks at home this season. can he turn that all around now? i can only hope. yesterday peyton went through emmanuel sanders saying peyton looking good. ball zipping through the air. in the steelerslinebacker arthur moates in pittsburgh was asked about manning. locker room black>> it's peyton manning. it's peyton manning. black black blab it's peyton manning for a reason. everybody knows when you say peyton manning, that's an elite quarterback. you don't even have to watch to know who he is. it's because of his body of work. you have to make sure you execute at a high level, because all it takes is something to heat up. if he heats up, what then? that 30 something-year-old killed us in the playoffs. big ben didn't throw yesterday, but is expected to throw today and play sunday. antonio brown didn't practice,
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day. he told us why he was sick. combination of star wars, fried cheese sticks and an icy. >> mozzarella sticks. can't put regular gas in a ferrari. i learned that yesterday. i'm back to normal now. i'm ready to go. >> bad fried cheese? >> just the fried cheese and iceee at the movies. i learned my lesson. >> i don't know what kind of cheese was in thooe mozzarella sticks. please don't eat those again. i thought malik ate them too, because he was a little bit sick yesterday, also. i hope those guys, i believe they flushed those sticks out. i said stick with the popcorn and goobers at the movies, okay. >> no more movies until after the game. we'll have the latest on 7 sports xtra later today. until then, have a great morning.
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breakinn news we're looking into now. the honolulu coast guard has responded to reports of two miliiary aircraft down. they say they were two marine corps aircraft that collided and landed off the north shore island. searchers have spotted a fire. they see a debris field. no word now if there are survivors. we know there were a total of 12 people involved. -`two helicopters belonging to marines crashing in hawaii. defenseesecretary ash carter says sailors were not on a covert mission when they crossed into iranian waters. he said they had a navigational error. iranian tv has aired the video
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in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, is the nonstop destination thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back. (sfx: clap, clap, ding) 6:26. broncos are in the chase for the championship and we've been celebrating orange friday with all of you. check out these cutying.
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sharing this photograph on the denver 7 facebook page. %- >> we'vv got a look out at the airport and you'll find a few clouds. we're going to see an increase in clouds as it's day goes on. 35 for lie today. definitely colder than the past few days. air quality today moderate. tomorrow in the 30s. we'll stay there through broncos sunday. sunday highs around 33 for the start of the game.
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it's 6:30 on this friday. taking a live look in denver now. it is orange friday as we celebrate the broncos' chase for the championship. >> starts sunday when they host their first playoff game. steelers are coming to town and we want them tt know how much we love our broncos. we are decked out in orange.
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>> i have a question. >> yes. >> am i overboard? >> no, never. >> i thought that was your middle name. this is normal, actually. >> a lot of fans waking up this morning that may look just like you. make sure you share your pictures with us using the #broncospride on twitter. we'd love to share your pictures on air. >> absolutely. we can feel the chill in the air. let's check our first alert weather, because the game on sunday, good football weather, right? >> could see a few flurries. 30s, but really not that bad. not going to be hot or cold. pretty good. at this point today temperatures dropping. this is the first in a series of weak waves that will roll through the state. few more clouds early this morning. low to mid-30s by noon. between noon and 3:00 we're tracking the chance for a few flurries.
6:25 am
and light snow tonight, doesn't look like much. maybe half inch to an inch across the plains. winter weather advisories for the mountains going in effect at noon. `y 1:30 you can see that snow, and as you're driving home later on today, 5:00, 6:00, could see a little light snow, so roads could be wet in spots. over to eric this morning, sunshine most likely the biggest issue for the drive. >> traffic isn't too bad. talking about the high country, georgetown doesn't look too bad. we'll keep an eye on the cameras. let's go to the maps, dealing with a stalled semi, really the only issue now. this is i-76 westbound approaching vasquez. slowdowns there. typical slowing through thornton and not too bad yet. 15 minutes from 120th to colfax. i-76 drive is the slow one now. to the south, i-20, 2 225 through aurora is looking good. i-25 between 470 and colfax
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directions there. not bad now. we'll keep an eye on things. thank you, eric. breaking news we're following, keep your eyes open on your commute today. look out for a white chevy silverado. police are searching for two hispanic men accused of shooting a man in the leg, stealing his car overnight at west kentucky and sheridan. the victim is expected to be okay. if you see a white chevy 389. new see that call police. legend high school will today. >> three teens from the school fell into a pond yesterday afternoon. one of of them died and the other remains in the hospital. denver7 reporter lindsay watts joins us from the pond where it happened. >> reporter: this highlights
6:27 am
can be with temperatures fluctuating. park irroad. three teenagers ended up in 3 afternoon. a neighbor spotted it happen and was able to call 911. rescuers say that two of the teens were able to be pulled quickly. the ice. it took divers nearly 35 minutes to get him out. parker's mayor is asking for prayers for that boy's friends and family. >> this is a tragic event. and right now the best thing we can do to start the healing process love each other a grab your loved ones. before i left to come down here, i stopped by, i have two teenageed sons, a freshman and junior, i stopped to tell them how much i loved them and how
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>> reporter: very sad for this community. we still don't know the names of the three students. this morning one of them is already out of the hospital, and the second teen who survived is in critical condition right now in children's hospital. we are expecting to learn more later today. live in parker, lindsay watts, denver 7. >> thank you forrthe update. a father who tried to save his son's life as their home went up in flames still doesn't know he didn't make it. ralph andrade senior is still fighting for his life. neighbors came to the rescue of the elderly couple. they couldn't save their grown son, ralph andrade, jr. who of us bed ridden -- who was bed ridden and had ms. >> the impact vastating. emotions are high. you cry one moment. you try to keep everybody
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>> the family called the angels. today the denver city council will hear about the denver safe street initiative. a lawyer is spear heading the initiative to stop panhandllrs. he said he's open to suggestions. now panhandlers aren't allowed in denver in the medians or middle of the roads. new mexico plans to sue our state, epa and owners of the gold king mine after that massive spill this summer. the spill in august sent thousands of contaminanted water into new mexico. governor hickenlooper put a folks on growing -- focus on growing colorado's economy yesterday, and how to afford maintenance on roadways. the governor borrowed a line from taylor swift.
6:30 am
sometimes it's uncomfortable and ugly. haters gonna hate. >> the governor got a special yesterday. lawmakers threw rice at the of the house chambers. he is getting married this weekend to robin pringle. holidays. join us this sunday for our new political show so yyu can keep plugged in. politics unplugged. marshall zelinger and anne trujillo will sit down with lawmakers, policy makers, taking a look at the issues facing our state, our country. great way to stay informed. first show is this sunday at 4:00 here on denver 7. 6:37 now. a couple says they were denied their dream home because of their sexual orientation. they're filing a federal lawsuit. tonya and rachel smith have been married more than five years, have two children. rachel is also transgender and they say a boulder county landlord would not let them rent the home because she
6:31 am
relationship will jeopardize her standing in the community. >> friggtened and paniced, because we had been looking for some time. >> the property owner says her decision had everything to do with peace and quiet, saying in kids would be too much. a live look as we have the beginnings here of a broncos sunrise over denver.
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6:40. time to rise and shine as my mother used to say to my delight each morning. leave early so you can have free coffee on us. >> the coffee is brewing at king soopers in lakewood. sally mamdooh is there on coffee number seven by now, probably, right, sally? >> reporter: two.
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how can you tell the second one? i'm wearing now the broncos hat. >> looking good. >> reporter: it's official. every person that walked in here has orange on. it's orange friday. i'm new to this. but loyal fans right there. take a look at this -- >> omaha, omaha, hut, hut, hut! whoo! >> reporter: i think he's on me. come out here, we're on kipling and florida. doughnuts. i know eric is probably drooling, because i know he competes with me on who gets to do this assignment. eric, don't be jealous. you're indoors doing traffic today. yeah, you guys will be out here, too, right? >> yes. >> reporter: people can come and talk to you celebrities. >> we'll be out there to cut you off. no more coffee. she's only had two, but each one of them had 10 sugar cubes.
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go broncos. >> here are the details. king soopers over off kipling and florida in lakewood until 9:00 this morning. >> will be a bit of a party. mitch, eric and lisa will be out there. >> that's after a couple of cups of coffee, what's she like after a couple of beers? beautiful start. few clouds. 35 degrees for a lie this afternoon. air quality today moderate. there are no indoor burning restrictions, that's updated at 4:00 this afternoon. 30s today through sunday. chance we could see a couple of flurries in spots sunday with our temperatures in the mid-30s for the start of the game. eric. >> thanks, lisa. nottmuch to talkkabout now. maybe slowing up at pena boulevard approaching the airport.
6:35 am
york, a lot of volume, but no accidents to report. still one on i-76 westbound, a semi on thh shoulder causing minor slowing. it's really not even that big of a deal. thank you, eric. 6:42. we're rooting on the denver broncos as they start that chase for the championship. how about this broncos fan? she's got the pick 10 grip down, ready to toss the long bomb. you can share your photographs
6:36 am
welcome back. new concerns about dog flu is spreading across the country. past month in the chicago area and more than 1,000 dogs now are sick. >> there's a new strain, there's a new vaccine out there for that. >> it cots arrund -- costs around $20. vets say the best thing you can do is avoid large groups of dogs right now. imagine wwlking in a flight and seeing this. a passenger on a delta flight
6:37 am
the turkey is a licensed emotional support animal. the turkey got a seat in the passenger and was wheeled around the airport like a v.i.p. guest. we'reecelebrating orange friday. we want to see your broncos pride. check out this iguana. her name is big mama. and she is a big broncos fan. thanks to dawn. >> does she know she's dressed up like that? thissis another great picture, you can see the smiling faces there, wearing their broncos jeesey. you can post your pictures to our facebook pagg, send them to us on twitter, #broncospride. >> look, kids, you're on tv. >> awesome. >> there's electricity around the city. but i get nervous. >> don't say that. >> i sometimes can't watch the game, that's how nervous i get. >> that's what you said yesterday. you're going to miss it. you're going to miss great
6:38 am
>> 30s the start of the game. chance for a few flurries, but nothing crazy. this morning winds upwards 20 to 40 miles per hour in the foothills. on the plains 15 to 20. little breezy early on. makes it feel colder. now 22 in denver with a windchill of just 10. mix of sun and clouds this morning. teens to 20s as you walk out the door. in parker, we're at 23. black hawk colder, 17. in greeley 16. yesterday the kids kind of got away without a hat or gloves in the afternoon. this afternoon low to mid-30s. 35 by 3:00. mid- to upper 20s for the mountains. a colder afternoon at the bus stop. mild to the south. 20s heading west. heading up into the mountains today, your drive is likely pretty quiet now. pretty dry. but the snow moving in, this is just the first wave. we're going to see a couple of
6:39 am
our mountains will pick up 3 to 6 inches of snow. about 1 to 3 inches each day. nice totals for the mountains. by 1:00 you can see it's cloudy out east, but still dry at that point. between around 3:00 and 5:00, we'll probably start to see a few flurries and light snow develop in denver. again, pretty light. anything that we see here in town likely less than an inch. might pick up a touch more out east near limon stretching into the plains. clear out. mountains get another round of snow in the afternoon and evening. and another probably 1 to 3 inches by late saturday into early sunday. winter weather advisory goes in effect at noon today. 37 saturday. still chilly sunday. with that next wave of snow we could see a few more flurries across the plains sunday. bright spot on monday,
6:40 am
for the holiday looking at highs in the upper 40s. i see the hat still has not come off. >> when i took it off earlier, my hair was staticy. >> more product. >> bad hairror wear the bronco hat? i choose the hat. there was a truck, still semi, the shoulder. we've got backups aaout 3 miles, even onto highway 85. big trouble on i-76 westbound. also typical slowdowns on i-25 through north glenn and thornton. keep an eye on that. rest of your drive is good. 25 and looan it's wide open. just the north side we're seeing issues. the first otes in iowa are cast in a few weeks and gop candidates want to stand ouu. seven of of them, one debate stage. they took aim at each other, but did find common ground in their disapproval of president obama. >> president obama didn't so
6:41 am
that had been captured by iran. >> on tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama. >> hillary clinton will join bernie sanders and martin o'malley to debate sunday. donald trump's rally in florida before the debate is getting a lot of attention. >> it's because of a performance before he ever stepped on stage. take a look at this. are you serious apologies for freedom i can't handle this freedom is on our shoulders, u.s.a. enemies of freedom >> cute little kids are what's known as the u.s.a. freedom kids. they're singing what's being dubed now as the official donald trump jam.
6:42 am
1917 war song which was written to encourage young american men to enlist in world war i. >> i want to see the crowd's reaction. >> i don't know. >> there you go. we'll have your morning sprint coming up. a man carjacked and shot. he's recovering in the hospital. bronco fever.
6:43 am
we're following breaking news, keep your eyes open for a white silverado. this happened at the scene here west kentucky and sheridan, a carjacking and the man shot. he should be okay. if you see a white chevy silverado call police. >> reporter: this is the icy pond in parker where three teenagers fell in yesterday. two of them did survive. the third didn't make it. he was trapped in the ice nearly 35 minutes. rescuers in dive suits went into the frigid water trying to get the boy out. this morning one of the teens that survived is in critical condition at children's hospital.
6:44 am
these were students from legend high school who fell in. they'll have grief counselors this morning. surely a sad day for students and staff, and a reminder how dangerous ponds and lakes can be as temperatures fluctuate and ice starts to melt. lindsay watts, denver 7. 6:54. clear creek county sheriff's deputies tracked down a double murder suspect. deputies say they tracked down alex perez, his two young children in his car. he's wanted out of michigan for a double homicide and parental kidnapping. the children are now in protective custody. denver police say they've arrested a man wanted for murder in atlanta. bill shay stafford was arrested at dia yesterday afternoon. police say he is one of three an apartment. the man who lived there was
6:45 am
off his third story balcony and died from his injuries. 6:54 now. an air force colonel that used to be stationed at sheaver air force base faces charges of reach and dullry among other charges. they say the rape charge could come with a life sentence. four people in custody after their suv led police on a chase last night. police say they were tracking this vehicle in connection with a pair of felony cases. when the police pulled the suv over it took off, so the chase ended with the suv crashed near 25th and sheridan. dog the won't hunter's wife beth says it happened not far from their office. crews are awaiting for sunlight to pick up their search after a plane crash that of meeker. crews have found some debris, but so far no people. granby.
6:46 am
have been on that small plane. let's check your weather. >> clear skies here in denver. you'll find building clouds there. today. we get a shot at a little light snow in denver later today and tonight. totals will be really light across the plains. today 30s. we stay in the 30s through sunday. much warmer by monday. back to you. >> all right. 6:56now. we're showing our broncos pride friday officially. peyton manning apparently yesterday. his teammates say he had a little extra zip on the ball. practiced. official broncos change will happen across the street from the city and county
6:47 am
eric, you may want to take the prize for most spirited fan, but you may have tough competition. too hot in this studio. stalled semi on westbound i-76 causing backups more than 3 miles on highway 85 and several reports of someone walking on i- 70 between colorado boulevard and york. you can see the slowdowns. take a looo at the highways now. i-70 and york, not seeing anybody on the highway from this camera. we'll keep an eye on that. eric, thank you. breaking news, the couple from tennessee has just come forward announcing they have he winning ticket in the $1.6 billion ppwerball jackpot. man, to be them this morning. this is john and lisa from tennessee. they appeared on national tv a few minutes ago holding that ticket. >> reporter: we're here at king
6:48 am
where you can get free coffee. come join us. not just free coffee but doughnuts and lots of broncos pride as you can see. we're going to be out here for a couple of hours and mitch and kellie and lisa will come out here as well. if you want to talk to them or me or have free coffee or just have free coffee, that's it, you can come out here and join us. we're at king soopers in kipling and florida. sally mamdooh, denner 7. >> i'm trying to read all the signs. we're not prepared. we need to make some posters. >> what's in that coffee you must wonder? you need to visit us. >> we'd love to see you as well. go broncos. >> go broncos.
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