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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  January 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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up that way. for the timing, it looks great around denver. we have the clouds royaling in the distance off the west into the mountains. we have a winter weather advisory in effect all the way until 5:00 tomorrow night for our northern and central mountains from steamboat back towards aspen and eagle. could have 40, 60-mile-an-hour winds at times. another 4, 8 inches. this is a secondary disturbance coming across colorado that state. as for our overnight lows they will be around 20. it will be another cool one for us. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. perhaps a few flakes of snow up through the northeastern portion of our state. but if you are out and about by 11:00 a.m., the temperature will be around 34. we'll talk more about the broncos forecast for tomorrow coming up. >> thank you. the chase for the championship charges into a pivotal weekend for our broncos. kubiak and the broncos have spent the week practicing hard
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the steelers. no room for mistakes. >> no. we're less than 24 hours away divisional playoffs. we learned that pittsburgh will have to go without their leading receiver and rusher. brooke is -- ben roethlisberger is expected to start despite an injured right shoulder. how effective with a sprained aac joint remains to be seen. mike tomlin said he did everrthing asked of him. officially, ben roethlisberger is listed as questionable. broncos knew all along big ben would be in the lineup and sunday it's go time. >> we're not worried about injuring anybody. we're not worried about playing hurt. whoever plays, you will get 100% of the broncos' d. >> he's had a tremendous year. he's a super player. you know, he's gonna be ready
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to win. got a lot of respect for him. >> yeah, they respect him but the defense tomorrow will be teeing off on big ben. coming up in sport, we'll hear from decar mus ware -- demarcus ware who said there is a renewed sense of urgency. that's later in the show. >> see new a little bit. check out this cute guy -- he's ready to cheer on the broncos. we love seeing your broncos' pictures. keep saying them. use theehash going tas broncospride and you may see one of our pictures. it's been a rough morning on the roads. we saw a rough crash. police say the driver ran a red light hitting an suv before punching a hole into a home. nobody was seriously hurt. police don't think alcohol was a factor in the crash. a similar crash happened last night.
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near southwest plaza. the truck crashed through a fence at the willow complex at crestline. it ended up in one person's living room. here. neighbors say crashes like this have happened several times recently. and one man is dead after crashing his car into a field and then walking onto highway. it happened last night north of fort collins. police say he was hit several times by multiple vehicles on the highway. authorities have not yet released his name. one man is in the hospital with serious injuries after slamming a truck into an rtd bus early this morning. you can see the damage it leff behind there. of alameda. investigators say the driver was driving the wrong way. the driver in the bus was taken to the hospital. but will be okay. police think the driver behind the wheel of the pickup may have been terrorisming -- drinking before the -- been drinking before the crash. the state just released an
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one city official wants a month extension for public comment. we're live along i-70. there have a lot of pieces to this project. kyle? >> reporter: yeah, c-dot they want to add an extra lane goes both ways on i-70. it's a project they've been working on for 13 years. they say it's been needed for many more than thht. one city council person said the public needs more time to comment on it. this is one heavily traveled road. according to c-dot, just today, there will be ten hours f congestion and that's only slated to get worse. that's why a plan is in the works to widen it. >> it's extensive, some of it is very technical. >> reporter: doing something like that takes many studies, many meetings and often many opinions to be heard. >> we think it's vitally important that the residents have the ability to be able to have the time to look at ii. >> reporter: debra ortega is feeling somewhat overwhelmed
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>> if you literally count the lanes, it will be about 21 lanes all the away across. >> reporter: this is less than half of c-dot's findings. ortega says there is a period of about a week for the public to comment. she sent a letter to c-dot on friday asking for more. >> we're just asking for an additional 30 days. >> reporter: c-dot hasn't had time to respond. but they got the message. >> this has been a 13-year process. we probably had 200 meetings during that period. been working closely with the community. >> reporter: the spokesperson rebecca what said they are hoping to begin construction in 2017 but haven't ruled anything out yet. now, c-dot officials haven't had a lot whole tight of time to consider ortega's proposal. we don't know whether or not they will do that 30 extension day period.
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decision on monday. ii colorado springs, three people are hurt after a shooting in front of a bar. this was the scene early this morning off north union boulevard and east van buren street in front of it union station. suspect's identity but say he suv. if you think you know somebody about this call police. the fbi has one of the most wanted suspects in jail. milo mason, the last of the so- called robbery suspects was caught last night in thornton. they found him stayth at a motel 6. s.w.a.t. team surrounded the building. they called over a loudspeaker for mason to come out. the fbi said he came out with his hands up and was arrested. mason is believed to have robbed at least two banks at gunpoint in the past few months. in one of those two bystanders were shot. both survived.
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colorado supreme court. they are asking details to be unsealed in the plannee parent hood shooting case. deer face as long list of charges, including murder. three people were killed in the novemberr 7th shooting. hunting for treasure, missing. randy bloomfield said he planned to travel on the rio grande river nearly two weeks ago. his dog and raft were found along the river about nine miles downstream from his car. search crews are working by air and on the ground to find him. this boulder immigration attorney was disbarred by the california supreme court. emily cohen was convicted of cheating immigrant families out of thousands of dollars. she promised visaa and work work permits and never delivered she collected around 41,000 but never produced the documents.
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since the supreme court ruling america. prorally supporters held their rally. in addition to peaceful protest, they also provide support for dealing with unplanned pregnancy. >> it is an adoption. some people are not head -- not ready to have a child and adopt. >> abortions have dropped by one third in the past two decades. the overall break nancy rate is seeing a similar decline. increased use of birth control is cited as a factor. this among is martin luther king. state offices will be closed. other administration offices are on the list of closures. it's official, governor hickenlooper is a married man.
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were hitched in a private ceremony today. he tweeted this picture saying pringle has made him the happiest man in colorado. they got engaged over the holidays. our new politics show politics unplugs premieres tomorrow. here is a preview of wwat you will see. >> a lot on the line now that the legislature is back in session. we sit down with both parties to take a look at what they hope to accomplish between now and may. >> what did you learn last year from a split senate house that you can avoid running into this year? >> you know, this is -- this process is a -- it's definitely more of a journey than a destination. we've been down this road before. and colorado has a strong history of bipartisanship at the legislative level. we've been in split legislatures before. we always get our job done and
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those are the top two issues. i am looking forward to continued copration with my counter parts in the house and with my colleagues in the senate. >> i think we have a great reputation in colorado and working would both sild of the have a split body. but i'm hoping that we can continue to talk about this and as we move through the budget and as we begin to see what the issues are and how we may address them, that we can reach some resolution as to how we funds. >> that and whht the upcoming caucuses can mean for the candidates for both parties. and much more coming up. moms. we will tell you know why and for. exploration.
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aims to head to earth in one piece. and heading out to the national stock show, why the show has promising futures for denver. and more snow making it way through the higher elevations.
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we're back with a news alert. a gang resurfaces here in colorado going after moms. the group known as the felony lang gang targets women stealing pushes and cashing checks. lance hernandez talked to one of the victims. >> victims. >> it's amaizing how much time this. >> reporter: she said her window was shattered before christmas. >> five checks in the amount of $5,000. >> reporter: the problem so bad that law enforcement has forced a task force and created a facebook page with pictures and
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cashing checks. this map shows the major city where they've been operating. >> we're working three days right now. >> reporter: investigators say the gang has been targeting moms at several daycare centers, open spaces and gyms in arapahoe county. >> as soon as i heard what was going on, i wasn't gonna be a target. >> reporter: this woman walked out to her car and grabbed her purse after we told her that two moms that used the same daycare she did had been targeted. going on, don't leave stuff in the car. be vigilann out there. >> they are known to return to areas where it's been lucrative and we thinkkthey are in the area right now. >> the arapahoe county sheriff's office said the gang operatives wwo will take the fall if they get arrested. we have more debails on how the gang operates right now on the denver tomorrow is another big day
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to have another successful launch and upright handing tomorrow. space x pulled it off last month with the falcon 9. this is crucial when it comes to spending for space travel. the same rocket can be used again. and a weld countyman is upset after a bald eagle county's nest was removed from his property. despite the man angee this was all done legally. that's because the developer went through proper channels, applied and was granted a permit. we tried to talk to the developer but weren't able to get in touch with him. the super bowl of livestock shows is happen right now in denver. we're talking about the 110th annual national western stock show. it brings in hundred of thousands of visitors. russell heythorn has more. >> reporter: on a bitter cold
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heart of the city. >> we raise registered angus cattle. >> reporter: the old west is alive and well. >> we love the yard shore because -- well, a lot of it is history. let's face it. this the world's preclear show. >> reporter: for vince,,it runs deep. really deep. >> my grandfather and great grandfather used to come to denver. they used to put their bulls on a train and bring them out here. >> reeorter: the national western stock show has been called he super bowl of cattle shows. >> the national western is the only show in the whole world that has these shows. it makes it the largest livestock show in the world. >> reporter: the 11 october 11 -- 11 -- 110th annual is living up to that.
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nobody, denver residents overwhelmingly supported bolot measure 2-c, authorizing $476 in million to overhaul and reblild the complex. >> obviously, with new families there comessa lot of improvements. >> i think it will bring a lot of opportunity and a lot of excitement. >> reporter: history farming and lan -- and ranching. >> thh thing that's not changed is the people here. >> reporter: alive and well in the heart of the city. >> what makes the national western unique -- >> reporter: russell heythorn denver 7. we were talking about how the stock show seems to be a signal to mother nature that yes, the temperatures are oing to drop. that's exactly what's happened in the last couple of weeks. we also have another disturbance comiig through colorado. it will bring more snoo. it's already started to pull the snow in through the western rtions of our state. we've already had quite a bit
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last 48 hours thanks to the first system. telluride had over a foot of snow. vaal got 11 inches. rabbit ears pass about 810. even copper mountain at 6 inches. now, we are expecting more of it to move on through in the next 48 hours. at this point looking at a picture from edwards, cloudy skies, we've had snow off and on throughout the area. nedderland, this cloud of snow sticking over the hhgher elevations and copper mountain nice fresh powder for your saturday we had a little bit of snow move through last night. here in denver, it looks great. we've had all of the snow showing uppin the mountains. 28 in denver t 55% humidity. the winds out of the southeast at 8 miles an hour. but hour windchill factor right around 20 degrees. not too bad out there at this our current temperatures, mostly in the 20s along the
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plains, 20s and 30s. 31 for grand junction. 20 for craig and 28 for eagle. leadville, 15. our chilly factor right around 20 degrees from colorado springs up towards denver, 23 into fort collins is what it feels like and 22 for alamosa. not bad for you. we had a windchill of 18 below. satellite radar picture, snow coming in through the western portions of colorado. % 285 around fairplay that was closed for high wind. that's what we're going to experience here into the next 48 hours thanks to this winter weather advisory from steamboat down into the higher elevations towards boulder county into included in that. the winds can be around 40, 60 miles an hour and up towards
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shy an cheyenne and wyoming. our future cast keeping that moisture off to the west until % early tomorrow morning. we could see a few more snowflakes here for northeastern colorado and then that gets out of the way very quickly. we clear on out into monday and tuesday. perhaas a few more snowflakes up in the higher elevations. but highs tomorrow around 40 degrees here in denver. i prompt missed you a forecast for the broncos' game as well. a few clowped by 11:00 a.m. it will be chilly but around game time, 39 degrees. 38 and dry by 3:00 and 5:00, about 32 with partly cloudy skies. really not too bad at all. 40 will be the high tomorrow. you remember a few days back, we had the models saying that our high would only be about 31 degrees on game day. so this is quite an improvement and now we have a lot of as in the forecast. our normal high this time of year is 44.
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>> you said it will be breeze for the game. it won't be too bad. >> it shouldn't be too bad. not like we have experienced the last few days. >> i took my dogs to the park. they almost got blown away. 10 pound apiece. when we come back, the deal weekend. and a legendary colorado 3 olympic athlete. what sets her apart in the
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>> reporter: today we met some great volunteers, coaches and athletes. >> yes, we did. wonderful athlete. >> for more than three decades been inspiring all of us. >> i better have a story. been in it for 36 years. >> reporter: milin is one of the most decorated speth athletes in the -- special athletes in the u.s. >> i love the athletes. >> reporter: han nonand conner
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this legendary athlete swimming in milon's favorite sport. besides boarding, she excels at track and field. you've been on the board -- >> she does it all. >> we do everybody. >> reporter: milon was born in vietnam you can sell by her snowboarding skills she's a colorado native. came. i would say i was about 3 years old. >> reporter: she says she wouldn't be here without her coaches. >> withouttmy coaches pushing me harder and saying don't give up. i know you can do it. they push me the hardess because they know i can excel in the sport. >> wildlife has a desire to go to the world games. >> just go out and try your best. if you fall, you don't fail. you just get back up and do it again.
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for all of their stories go to the and check out their stories. back to you. >> back to you. >> back to you. >> i like that sign off. i'm gonna steal that one. if you are still using windows 8, time to app-- time to upgrade. the company recommends that you update to windows 10. if you are interesting in getting an amazon prime membership now is the time to do it. the online retailer is offering a big discount. >> the prescription fee is $79. the deal end tomorrow afternoon at:00. only new customers can take advantage of it. and another reason to hurry, you will start to pay sales tax. right now, colorado is one of 23 states where a sales tax isn't applied to amazon purchases.
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supposed to pay a youth tax to the state for those online purchases but few of us do it. tonight at 10:00 with two ice water rescues in the past two deys, one taking the life of a team. we talked to a dive rescuer about the challenges they face when someone goes under water and why it's never a good idea to it walk on the ice. >> once you enter the cold water, it will literally take the breath out of you. it's a complete shocker. >> and more ahead on denver 7. whe we return, a deadly attack that lasted for hours, comes to an end in west africa. and the battle between gop front-runners ted cruz and donald trump is heating up on the heels of thursday's debate.
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in west africa at least 27 people were killed and 33 people injured in a terrorist attackk this is a look at the aftermath. four extremists were killed after gunmen attacked a hotel popular with westerners. al qaeda militants have taken responsibility for the attack. the president says the people killed in the attack were from up to 18 countries. a survivor describes a horrific scene. >> it's horrible. everyone was panicked and laying down on the floor. there was blood everywhere. point blank. >> a u.s. official said embassy and u.s. personnel were accounted for but they are trying to pinpoint the locations of other americans. in iran, four prisoners have been convicted. according to local media four prisoners were freed in some
5:26 pm
the u.s. would not immediately confirm the iranian's report. and also in iran, the u.n. atomic agency says the country has met all of it obligations under -- its obligations under aanuclear deal with six world powers. now they will be certified with the atomic energy. that means they can recap $100 billion in assets. the company will see huge benefits from oil trade and rtunities. search efforts in oahu continue after two marine helicopters collided during a training exercise k each helicopter had a crew of six from a marine corps base in hawaii on board during the time of the crash. one of the missing marines is from oregon. the coast guard is telling everyone to report ny sightings of possible debris. still disturbed weather for us up in the higher elevations. more snowfall coming through
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miles an hour. here we already have snow moving through the area and in through today -- or tonight we're gonna have some of that colorado. but here in denver it looks beautiful outside. we have partly cloudy skies. a few high clouds pushing through. advisory. it was extended for the northern and central mountains from steamboat, outside boulder frisco. this is 4, 8 inches. 40, 60 mall wind. driving may be treacher 0 us up here especially through rap bit ears pass up to steam boat springs. tonight's lows, they will be another chilly night. 18 for black hawk, 22 for boulder and 15 for grand lake. here in denver, 20 degrees. we'll have a little bit of snow off across eastern colorado and in the mountains. we'll talk more about that and >> thank you.
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donald trump and senator ted cruz heats up on the campaign trail. plenty of heated words were exchanged by candidates. here's how neither side is letting up. >> reporter: the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating. cruz wasted no time taking a stab at his former friend after getting stuck in an elevator. >> who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? >> reporter: trump started the day ripping into cruz on twitter, saying he was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 monthh ago. lawsuits have been filed with more to follow. i told you so. cruz fired back. >> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy and for whatever reason donald doesn't react well when he's going down in the polls. >> reporter: he doubled down on his comments questioning new york values, a line of attack
5:29 pm
debate on thursday. >> if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill deblasio have hurt new york, which of those policies do you a gree awith? >> he finally went off the wargen and went -- wagon a little bit. and went crazy. >> the two are locked in a heated battle and trump is expecting unexpected support. hillary clinton, a new york resident and former senator from the state, tweeting just this once trump's right. new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resill juns and building better lives life -- resilience, and building better lives for our family. when we return, a du student and her friend bump
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technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday.
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welcome back. a university of denver student and her friend met singer adele while she was tipsy. it sounded too good to be true until adele herself confirmmd the story. %- tennessee and both met adele in a ron done restaurant a few day -- london restaurant a few days before the new year. they thought they would say hello and that was it. but adele had drinking wine and thought they wanted to get tickets. >> we are big fans. we wanted to get tickets to your show. it is sold out. she said i had not heard that.
5:33 pm
she got both e-mail addresses and now they are keeping their eyes on their mailbox to see if they get ickets. denver, colorado. >> reporter: there's barely enough time to sit down for denver's senior support services. >> it's a day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors. >> reporter: from a small kitchen, they serve three nutritional meals a daa. >> it also provides seniors internet access, socialization, transportation, health screening and perhaps most importantly, help in navigating government systems so they can get the aid they qualify for. >> that's where this particular organization is helpful because it can be an advocate for people when the system starts
5:34 pm
he was the manager here for 13 years. he retired in 20134. but then started volunteerinn here. >> because the -- if you care about these folks, ncan't say too bad. been a god send. without him, i probably couldn't get to the doctor's, groceries. >> they have to pay your rent and other expenses. but our biggest problem is we don't have any place for you to go. >> reporter: john is so knowledgeable, senior support services off assigns him the toughest cases. and the client asks for him specifically. >> a memory about clients and about services available to clients. >> man knows everything i think that there is in the world to know about seniors and how to help them. >> >> reporter: for all of your
5:35 pm
community, we woold like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero. congratulations. [ cheers and applause >> thank you. 3 >> and to learn more about senor support services go to the and click on our community section and then 7 everyday heroes. we have snow moving through colorado. and it looks like we'll see some of it move through eastern colorado.
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of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. we've been tracking snow making its way through colorado over the last 48 hours. another batch is making its way through noo. and it will continue to cause trouble. we have a winter weather advisory. you can see some of the snow coming in from the west already. thaa's on top of some significant snow totals we had yesterday and the day before. so in the last 48 hours, telluride has it over a foot, 11 for vail. rabbit ears, 10. steamboat springs around 8. overton, 7. copper at 6 inches of snowfall the if you had snowboarding or skiing in your plans this weekend, this is a perfect weekend for it.
5:39 pm
morgan where we had a coating of snow last night and in morning, looks like there's system chances for that tonight and tomorrow at least for the northeastern portion of colorado. not so much here in denver. we have partly cloudy skies out there now. 28 degrees our current temperature with a humidity level of 55%. our windchill is around 20 degrees. not quite as dramatic as it's been the last few days. our high today, 37. 44 is normal and 65 the record afternoon high. our current temperatures are in the 20s for the most part from eagle to aspen towards gunnison, 31 for grand junction. 20s from denver to limon, 30s around burlington and lamar and 301 for trinidad. you factor in the wind. it feels cooler. from denver to colorado springs, 16 for limon and 18 for greeley. only 4 for leadville and 18 for gunnison. here comes more of the snowfall. there's also some coming through wyoming. this upper level disturbance is
5:40 pm
it will be bring hype winds along with the snowfall. in the purple shaded areas, that's 4, 8 inches of more snowfall and winds around 40 to 60 miles an hour. if you are gonna be up from estes park to steam bet springs, keep an eye out. our futurecast bringing in more snowfall for our higher elvavations -- elevations. 7:00 a.m., we have a chance for a few more flurries. by sunday night, everything is clear here around the metro area. if you are planning on being out for the game tomorrow, it doesn't look bad at all. we actually are expecting a high of 41. here's your broncos's planner. a few clouds by 11:00 a.m. it will still be chilly, 38 degrees. 39 at 2:40 and it will be cold
5:41 pm
temperatures troughing in the 30s. tomorrow, 40 degrees expected around denver and on the seven- day forecast, i love it when wee start to see a few more 50s gets into the seven-day forecast. 5 on monday, that's the bright spot. 50s on friday and saturday. pretty dry forecast. >> i'm ready for so. sunshine. >> yes. >> at least the forecast is looking good for the big game. >> looking forward to tomorrow. >> i'm ready for some football. stick around to hear why the players say they this year is a sense of urjen is i. comeback. did they pull it out?
5:42 pm
the chase for the underway. broncos and steelers square off round. this is the 8th time these two postseason. three of the teams came home with lombardis. wouldn't that be the perfect ending for peyton manning? rides off into the sunset a bole champion. couldn't write a better description. manning will be the healthiest staating quarterback on the field tomorrow. gary kkbiak says number 18 looks and feels as good as he has all year. it's the best-case scenario for what many believe is peyton ape last run at a lombardi. >> i certainly am glad to be available to play and looking forward to be out there. we still fortunate to be one of the teams still playing.
5:43 pm
i look forward to sunday being here. >> he's dialed in. that's what i've seen all of the time from him. preparation has been excellent. not only been one week but it's been two good weeks. i think it's been good to have extra time to get ready to play the game. >> one year ago the broncos were not ready. they got embarrassed by indy. one of the worst playoff defeats in franchise history, prompting john elway's kicking and screaming rant. he cleaned house. broncos are back in the divisional round with a sense of urgency, something they say was missing last year at this time. >> you can see it in the guys and you can see sort of the tenacity of the guys, you see bickering here and there, guys pushing each other around because they want it. >> everybody is in the moment. ve knows the opportunity that -- everybody knows the
5:44 pm
the special team that we have. >> it's win or go home and we know we have to win two to make it to the big game. >> all right. who has next? well, this jumbled mess gotta lot clearer at least on the afc side. patriots, 27-20 against the chiefs. game just wrapped up. highlights on the late show. if the broncos take care of business tomorrow, the brady bunch will be here next week. collegiate hoops, utah state up late. chris smith, deadly. step back jumper. he went. back came the rams. game wasn't over. later it's john guillen pick and roll. and that's daniels. rammies on an 8-1 run. utah state won it at the free-
5:45 pm
the rams fall to 10-8 on the year. wyoming back in the old stomping grounds. he was an assistant at new mexico. josh adams looked to shoot down the lobos singlehandedly. the senior had 16 of the cowboys' 29 first half wins. played like a man possessed. adams off the dribble. unconscious. bagged seven triples finished with a career high 38. wyoming wins by two. they won for the first time in new mexico since '03. tigers 12-point second-deficit. 68-67. later on it's harris with the jumper. auburn ends an 18-game losing streak to kentucky. knocking off the wildcats 75- 70. tonight, yet another century
5:46 pm
we'll ride shot gone and robert garner, a real life fireman from fort collins. on game day, he drives a custom fire truck to mile high. that story tonight. the century link tv, fans of the week. i had a chance to ride in that thing. that's one of the coolest tailgating trucks in the entire country. >> is that because you had a whhle back of women chasing -- >> that and there was a siren. i mean, how many people drive into the stadium with a siren. >> we will tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@
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absolutely beautiful weather for the game tomorrow. our high will be 40 ith partly cloudy skies. look at how we warm things up into next week. 51 on monday. dropping in the upper 40s through the middle of the week and back in the 50s to take us into friday and saturday. >> this is broncos' countrr. the only days that exist is
5:48 pm
the following by operation smile. every year, hundreds of with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems
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