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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 17, 2016 3:05am-3:35am MST

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>> yeah, they respect him and soon the defense will be teeing off on big ben. coming up in sports, defensive captain demarcus ware i there is a renewed sense of you are jens si, something we didn't -- urgency, something we didn't see last year. thanks, arran. we are sharing all of your broncos pride, take a lookkat this picture, sent in from firestone. the guy behind him is sporting a jersey, a broncos jersey. please keep sharing them on the denver7 twitter pages and use #broncos pride. learning more about the man hit and killed by several cars on i-25 overnight. this happened north of fort collins. tonight, police believe this is the same guy who stabbed 4 family members in wyoming, including his own children. who are just 4 and 6. all of the victims are in stable condition. police are still waiting on confirmation of the man killed.
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sheriff's eputies are recovering tonight from inhaling fire. this happening at the town place suites on south chester street in centennial. room. two rescues on icy lakes in two days in the metro area, in parker, one teen was killed. another teen is still recovering. so what goes into rescuing someone who falls through the ice? denver7's jennifer kovaleski is live at wash park. you talked to a dive rescuer who says these ponds are misleading. >>reporter: aa first glance, this ice might look like it's safe to walk on. but rescue crews say it's often misleading. the only way to really know how thick this ice is to drill into it. which is why they're biggest message is to stay off the ice. >> 911, what's the address off3 the emergency? >> there's someone in the pond in my backyard, they fell in the >> okay. >>reporter: for dive rescuers, these are the calls they never want to get called on. >> you lose some sleep over it.
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called to this scene in parker, crews were able to pull out all three teens from the water. but 16-year-old patrick lance died at the hospital. and another teen remains in critical condition. >> i could probably get choked up thinking about it because someone lost theirrlife. that was somebody's kid. >>reporter: the teens made the mistake they see all too often. >> absolutely can be misleading, people think oh, this looks strong enough, it's going to hold me, it's freezeen rs it's been cold. but you really don't know. >>reporter: this is video of metro dive teams training last week. it gives a first-hand look at the challenges divers face when someone falls through the ice. >> if they go underwater, we really won't be able to see them because the water is murky. >>reporter: going under is their last resort. >> if we can't reach ttem withen a october, we're going -- with an object, we're going to throw this rope to them, i would literally throw this. >>reporter: they used a tree branch to reach one of the teens but had to go under to find
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for more than 35 minutes. >> you do the best you can do, if you have a bad outcome, you know, it's not the great feeling that we want to have. >>reporter: for comfort, his message is simple. >> number one rule, really is to stay off the ice. the number two rule is really stay off the ice. the number three rule is to really stay off the ice. >>reporter: now, of course, there are places where it is safe to fish or walk on the ice. south metro fire says that you should try to go to a place where the ice is monitored. it takes at least 6 inches of ice to old 1-2 people, 12-14 inches to hold a small suv. reporting live in denver tonight, jennifer kovaleski denver7. one of the country's ten most wanted criminals is behind bars after being arrested last night in thornton. mile low mason was arrested last night. mason is believed to have robbed two banks at gunpoint in the
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thankfully, both survived. cleanup is underway right now after a truck crashed into a home in denver. this happened earlier this morning on the corner of cal math and 7th. police say the driver ran a red light, hitting an suv, before% crashing into this house. fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. -` developing tonight, iran is releasing five u.s. prisoners and sanctions on the country are being lifted. iran has been found inn3 compliance on the nuclear deal. thhre's no word on when the prisoners will leave iran, a fifth one is on his way home. as part of the exchange, the u.s. will free 7 iranians from american custody. the president signed an executive order today, lifting the sanctions. >> iran has undertaken significant steps that many and i do mean many people doubted would ever come to pass. >> now, this means iran joined a special group of users of
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the new political show called politics unmroged. denver7 -- unplugged. anne trujillo and marshall zelinger will discuss issues most pressing to colorado, every sunday at 4:00, starting tomorrow. coming up on denver7, some deals on the internet maybe yous wonder. new video showing a dolphin jumping over a paddle border, but is it real? plus, arran anderson has a
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new video tonight, but is it real or fake? this video was posted to youtube, apparently showing a dolphin jumping over a paddle border in florida. raising a lot of questions, but the woman in the video says is, of course, the video is real. what do you think, stacey? >> i don't know. >> it's cooll >> it is. it looks real, but i'm skeptical there. >> i can see why. >> we have a lot of snow occurring up in the mountain right now, another batch coming through. we had just about a foot of snow around the vail area, but notice that this snow is blowing sideways. yes, those winds are gusting. up in the higher elevations and it makes for lower visibility at times.
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totals for the first go around, expecting 4-8 inches more. 13 inches for telluride in the last 48 hours. 11 inches for vail. rabbit ears pass at 10 inches, steamboat at 8, siiverton at 7 and copper mountain at 6:00. skiing or snowboarding plans this weekend, perfect weekend for it, we're getting the snow, exactly where it needs to be. now, we also have some snow moving through the eastern plains. just a few flakes here and there, almost the same setup as what we had last night, as the system is moving through our area. at this point in denver, not too bad, 23 degrees right now. 68% humidity and the wind chill is only 12 degrees. it feels very cool outside. we officially got up to 37 for the high today. 44 is normal and 11 our low last night. tonight, it looks like our lows will be around 20 degrees for this evening. the current temperatures are mostly in the 20s here between denver and fort collins, across the plains from limon to
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down toward alamosa, 5 below. now and 17 for leadville. we have a wind chill factor in leadville of 8. it feels like 12 in denver and 0 for limon. as i mentioned, last night, we had snow come across the northeast portion of colorado, again, that's the case for this evening, and as this system rolls on through, it's going to keep the snow going, up through our northern and central mountains, that's why we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow night here and we could have the winds around 40-60 miles per hour with 4-8 inches of snowfall and that means that the visibilities will be much lower, the roads also be icy, travel mayt times, especially as you're headed on up into wyoming as well. between steamboat and up towards wyoming, that's going to but one of those critical areas r, but the winter weather advisory goes to dillon and con feshgs but not the denver -- conifer, but not the denver area. that clears out..3
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through tomorrow and into monday as well. so our highs tomorrow, right around 40 degrees, looks great for game time. here's our broncos game planner, few clouds in the morning. we'll have our temperature at 1:00 o'clock, right around 38 degrees, and by game time, close to 40 during the afternoon. the same thing for denver. 40 degrees. that's a little redundant. 40 degrees at the game and in denver. we'll have the 50s on monday and they return again into friday and saturday. >> tonight's playoffs, they left us all a little wooz si is, so let's gettright to it. spx starts right now. this is 7 sports extra. >> hey, there, welcome to the show, i'm a ran anderson, the chase for the championship, about to get underway, broncos steelers square off tomorrow in the divisiinal rrund, the 8th time these two have met in the post-season.
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the winner went to the super bowl. wouldn't that be the perfect ending to peyton manning. a super bowl champion. couldn't write a better script. shades of john elway. manning will be the healthiest quarterback on the field. gary kubiak says number 18 looks and feels as good as he has all season. best case scenario for what many believe is peyton's last run, at that lombardi. >> i certainly am glood to be available to mra -- glad to be available to play and looking forward to be out there and we feel fortunate to be one of 28 teams to be flaying -- the 8 teams to be playing. looking forward to sunday. >> he's dialled in, but that's what i've seen all from him. his preparation has been excellent. good for him, coming off of what he went through to have extra time to play this game: hey, one year ago, the broncos were not ready, got embarrassed by indy in the divisional round, one of the worst playoff set
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prompting john elway's now famous, kicking and screaming ranlt. he cleaned house, brought in a new heed coach, coordinators, new attitude. broncos back in the divisional round with a sense of urgency. >> you can see the tenacity of the guys are bringing at prak tis, they really want it. >> everybody knows the opportunity that we have, to go and do something special. everybody knows the the type of team that we have, the special team that we have. opportunity. >> we are playing the next person up, win or go home, and we know we've got to win two games to make it to the big game, you know, all we're worried about right now is the steelers and when we win that game, we'll go to the next. well, it's the defending champions, tom brady and company, heading to the afc championship for the 5th strait years. if the broncos take ccre of business tomorrow, the pats are
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rumors of the demise greatly exaggerated. 80 yards, 11 plays. gronk for the touchdown, the knee we heard so much about this week, doesn't appear o be an issue. another week, another vicious head jock. ddnny, teeing off on flemming. unnecessary roughness, resulted in a 2-yard penalty. yikes. that set up a 98 yard drive. capped off by brady who snuck it in. 14-6, pats, and intermission, we found them. in the third, no stopping that. a touchdown. patriots advance, 27-20, the final. >> pretty cool. pretty cool, it's hard to do, man. you've goo to grind. throughout the entire year. and you know, only 4 teams playing next weekend, and we're one of them, and that means -- that game means a lot. so we've got to try to get as healthy as we can and see if we cannput together the best game
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man, that's what it is, it is what it is. so we go to denver or they come here, whatever it is. >> that man is a philosopher. crazy ending, green bay, 41 yards, what could possibly go wrong? how about this, aaron rodgers, that's a touchdown. got to be kidding. packers tied this game up in the final game in regulation, to overtime. the first play, you know, you couldn't make this up. it's like a -- palmer to larry fitzgerald. off to the races, cuts it back with room to run. fitzgerald all the way down to the 5 yardline. two plays later, walkoff, cards exscape, 26-20 in overtime. arizona is on to tte nfc championship. nuggets were off and you can argue hah the avalanche took the night off. that's exactly what happened tonight in columbus.
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first shut out. tonight, gave up a goal, 58 seconds in, the first shot of the game. the avs would answer in the second, on a chris wagner deflection, the fourth of the season, tied up, still tied. jack johnson, i got you. crazy bounce, you've got to see `his again. the puck bounced off cody mccloed's foot and into the net. yikes. it's how it ended. avalanche fall, develop 3-4. and are now 1 back of nashville for the final wildcard position. all right. time for the first time out. when spx returns, we will introduce you to rescue robin, broncos country engine 7. our fans of the week. plus, a pep rally featuring some familiar faces.
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welcome back. time for the century link fan of the weevenlth rescue rob, a real life firefighter, with one of around. engine 7. you're going to want to turn up the volume for this, this is this week's century link, prism tv fan of the week. [ music ] . >> it's a blast, we get here early, we get here about 6 hours
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and turn the siren and the lights on. we come in, honking. there's not a lot of people here at that time, so it picks up later in the day when everybody gets here and i'm just taking picture after picture. it's a good time. >>reporter: robert garner is a fireman. from fort collins, on game days he goes by the name rescue rob. this super fan drives to mile-high in a fire truck, he and wife emily discovered on a family vacation. >> when we saw this for sale, on the side of this gentleman's property, we looked at each other can and there was a twinkle in both of our eyes, we smiled and said, oh, my goodness, we've both been broncos fans all of our lives. >> we test drove it, talked to the guy, got him to come down on the price a little bit can we drove it home, all the way from south dakota. >>reporter: with an orange vehicle wrap and logos, broncos country, engine 7 was born.
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the siren on, and everyone gives high fives, you know, slow going lots of love. the fans love it and it's just a realll positive experience. >>reporter: this is aagreat team. but what about following their favorite team to super bowl 50? >> i would love to, but four miles to the gallon costs a lot of money for me to get there. if you know anybody who could low boy it out there, i would take advantage of that. >>reporter: well, we may be able to ship this with the right people. >> [ music ] . >>reporter: it's code 3 for broncos country, engine 7. all the way to the bay area. >> yeah, next stop, santa clara, jahmai webster caught up with fans at the boogie down bar and grill. ly month driver, this is a pep rally included a car contest. the kus p m orange and blue -- custom orange and blue ride was the winner.
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tooks month get that paint job down. nicely done, young man. what the broncos need to do to punch their ticket for super bowl 50. >> broncos are making the playoff run here shortly, got to ask you, does this team got what it takes to make it all the way? >> oh, yeah, number one defensee defense wins super bowls, man. number one dfdz, we got it -- defense, we got it. >>reporter: for the broncos to have success, what is it going to take. >> running game, peyton manning can throw the ball whenever he wants. >> 20 years old, isaiah, defense, and the running game, man is wise beyond his years. when spx returns, we're going to hit the hardwood, antwon scott hit for 35, was it enough?
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college hoops, csu forced to circle the wagon, chris smith, he went for 33, aggies by 9. a minute four left. back in the ram, he had a day. this game was not over. later on, pick and roll with teal daniels, rack him. rams on a run. the league down 1. the closest as they get. utah state won it. 96-92 the final. wyoming's larry back in his old stop r stomping grounds was once an assistant. single handedly, knocked down 16 points. played like a man possessed and finished strong. pokes by 2. under 2 to go, adams up to drip l. he was unconscious.
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wyoming wins by 2. the first w in new mexico, albuquerque, since 20003. a big game tomorrow. stacey gave the forecast, my forecast is it's going to be a good day. >> the big benncan lift his arm to here. >> i bet you he plays -- i think he's going to play well tomorrow, but the broncos are going to play better. >> we're going the ut play them. >> i hope. >> and the weather will cooperate. >> thank you. >> the weather will cooperate. >> fingers crossed, go broncos! have a great night.
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coming up on "beatiful homes and great estates" -- >> hello, and welcome to palazzio de l'amore. >> marvel over a palatial estate touted as one of america's most exclusive properties. >> 25 magnificent acres. and a compound of six buildings. each one introducing a special lifestyle. >> meander and discover the etherial and majestic grounds of villa. >> on a clear day you can see from century city all the way to unparalleled. >> delight in palazzio de l'amore's lush vineyards. then tour the grand cellar and private wine tasting room, which spotlights the estate's exclusive wine label. >> we have the 3,000 bottle
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we also have a 10,000 bottle cellar below with barrels. >> indulge in an entertainment center masterfully appointed with a performing arts stage and movie theater, bowling alley, and secluded weekend retreat. >> it makes this entire place feel like a resort. you never need to leave it. >> and revel in the ultimate in pampered luxury with a bedroom closet worthy of royalty. and a his master bath fit for a king. >> they had artisans on the property for many months handcrafting all these wooden details. and it has a fireplace. >> all that and more starting right here. on "beautiful homes and great estates." >> this palatial estate located
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one of the most exclusive properties in the united states. >> the name of this estate is palazzio de l'amore, palace of love. it sits in the heart of beverly hills. on a clear day, you can see from century city, all of beverly hills, all the way to the ocean. upparalleled. >> it's a classical mediterranean style of architecture. 25 magnificent acres. and a compound of six buildings. each one introducing a special lifestyle. the six structures comprise approximately 53,000 square feet. >> this house is really the epitome of southern california's architecture, that mediterranean style that's just blended with this. it's really a timeless style. >> the property includes 12
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>> really to find the privacy of the 25 acres and the quarter mile private driveway that leads you up to this grand estate is really what makes it unparalleled. >> the main house is approximately 35,000 square feet. in addition to that, you have a 27-car garage. you have a large staff and chauffeur's lounge. you have a guard house. you have a guest house. and you have an enormous entertainment complex. hideaways are sprinkled throughout the exclusive grounds. >> the gazebo is really just a statement of romance and love. you really get that feel when you can see the gazebo from the interiors of the house. you walk out to the property, it really helps give it its name,
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>> there's so many little hidden great little facets of this house. you have these wonderful lavendar gardens off the entertainment area. it's just a great little area to the view. but it's very tranquil. >> the lush and etherial gardens provide both sanctuary and privacy. >> one of the wonderful parts of the landscape plan is the reflecting pool. with the fountains and the gazebo in the distance, and you look through all of that to the city of beverly hills and the ocean. one of the things i love about that backyard is you're constantly seeing the birds flying around and lighting in the trees. and the trees frame that gazebo, and the view comes right through that gazebo, which is fabulous. >> this extravagant and luxurious property has every
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>> the swimming pool is infinity
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