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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  January 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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welcome to denver7 on playoff sunday right here in the mile high city. excitement felt around the city with just a few hours to go. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. this is ronco sunday and i am eric kahnert and i am dayle cedars. of course, eric brought in his gear. >> i decorated the set and this is what you get. what is the name?>> leroy, i
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>> we had le roy on during the 7:00 our. you may put them on at the 9:00 our. >> if you were headed up skiing today, you are not going to be taking loveland pass cousin is closed. the reason is because of the danger of avalanche. there is definitely a lot of traffic headed up there. a lot of peopleetrying to get to that fresh snow. they'll picked up 15 inches -- vail picked up 15 inches. unbelievable. i want to take you further east. this is known mountain which is 15 miles east/southeast slurring -- sterling. just light flurries now. look at th that will be a big factor. this is 10 miles east of dia thanks to our wireless cameras.
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downtown is not bad and we are still dealing with low lying clouds. we are dealing with snow to the west. it is light in the high country right now. as we zoom in just a little bit, you will see snow at the colorado/wyoming border. lowing snow is an issue and then off to the west is where we see the stronger wind speeds along the foothills. along 36 you will run into the possibility of fog and also blowing snow farther west head. in the northeast corner, you will notice that sterling is not picking up activity on radar. most of what we are seeing is light flurries. it has pushed further east and is pushing through yuma and ray. the eastern plains will dry quickly. let's look at the future ast and we will tell you how long the snow will stick around in the broncos take on the steelers this afternoon. the chase for the championship
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just over six hours now before kickoff. we have jahmai webster in the house. he got up early and is not used to this. it has to be important if you are here. it will be 9:02 and 55 seconds. i am live here in the studio on sunday morning and it must be the playofff. the bronco steelers -- bronco/steelers divisional -`playoff. espn reported that tiki five is expected to start in spite of the injured left shoulder. how likely he will be to be able to play with a sprained ac shoulder. ben roethlinsberger did everything asked of him. the broncos are not buying the injury report. they knew all along that tiki
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2:40 this afternoon, it is time. >> e are not worried about injured nobody. we are playing the pittsburgh steelers. we are not worried about individuals coming in hurt playing hurt. you are going to get 100% of the broncos d. >> he is a super player and you know he will be ready to go aad be able to do all the things he needs to do to win. we have a lot of respect for -`them.>> reporter: thht is one half of the equation and the other is already set. if the broncos win, they has to -- they hosted new england patriots. 27-20 over the chiefs last night. the pats are headed to the afc championship for the fifth year in a row. all right guys, defenses key today. broncos are set off to play against big ben. there is a renewed sense of urgency this postseason.
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>> i am pumped up . as we cheer on the broncos, we need to see broncos pride. >> we have blue and orange on and all week long we have been asking you to send photographs through facebook and twitter usinn #broncospride . i love it, it is not just the babies, it is also the four-legged creatures. anybody involved in broncos pride. remember to continue to send them to us. >> that is my broncos hat. >> she stole it and it looks -`could -- it looks cute on her.>> it is still warm. >> if you are outside at a broncos game, you don't care what you look like. >> that is the picture on the left in the middle. i love it. it is 9:05 aad already broncos fans are celebrating. >> they are out there tailgating at the stadium. we found out that those that
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there since wednesday. we have lindsay watts right there with them at sports authority field. morning. >> reporter: we have not been here for too long. tailgate area. but never to the parking lot before hand. we have some elaborate setups here with tents, decorations and a lot of food. take a look at this over here. my first question when i saw this was, is there candy in here? >> we are not going to break many before the game. are you crazy? all of this belongs to the war as family. these are -- jarez family.
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tailgaters. they got here on wednesday. they always have at least one person in the rv. we are here with sunny -- sonny juarez. >> we enjoy it. we are great bronco fans and we are great fans and it's a lot of work. we have the fans and the kids come by. the grandkids and the whole family. >> reporter: honestly, with all of this, i think my favorite part are the heaters. they are extremely warm. how does the weather today compared to the coldest game that you have been to? >> today is a warm day. compared to when we played the baltimore ravens, it was below zero. this is a heat wave todaa. this is great football weather. the sun is going to come out
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bronco when -- win. >> reporter: thank you for being a part of this. it's a lot of fun. back to you.>> lindsay , there are great fans out there and is great to see. right now you can take a look at how gary kubiak prepared for all of the injuries this season including peyton manning. we also we hear from demaryius thomaa about having his mom see him play for the first time. we will have things that maybe you don't know. it is eight minutes after 9900 and there is more to come right here on denver7. first off we have the latest from iran. five americann that have been held for years are on their way
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welcome back everyone. it is 9:10 and you can see the sunshine peeking through the clouds over mile high city. we are looking at sports authority field and as you can see, we can't really see it. there are still low-lying clouds and fog out there. it is a factor in some locations across the front range. it is hit and miss and we are seeing fog more dense on the eastern plains. we will show you that in a little bit. right now we will take you to a developing story. this morning we are waiting confirmation that the man killed in a multicar crash on i- 25 and weld county yesterday morning was in fact the same man wanted for stabbing for family members just a short time before the crash. police say that the man stabbed his two children, and listen to this, they are just 4 and 6 years old. we are told that both are
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are now in stable condition. breaking news right now. concerning iran. world leaders have agreed that iran has held up sanctions that were imposed. there are also sanctions against individuals in the ballistic missile agreement. it is an agreement and now iran will not have their hands on a nuclear bomb. officials will conninue to work with leaders to make sure all enforced. colorado senator. , corey gardner, is unhappy iran nuclear eal. he says that the obama a tragic mistake whose ramifications will be felt world for years to come. he goes on to say that the message too bad actors around
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enough and your behavior will be rewarded. that is not what united states of america should stand for. right now, americans release from iranian custody are on their way home. their plane left earlier this morning. the obama administration will not say if all 4 are on board. all thhse who wanted to leave have left. sanctions were lifted which led to the swap of the 4 american prisoners for the dropping of charges against 7 iranians here in the u.s. it is a moment that loved ones have waited for for years. >> it was an amazing moment of running to them as i hung up on the call with my -- hung up on the call and i said, daddy is coming home. >> reporter: her husband has been held since 2012. another american is coming home whichhis separate from that spot. diplomacy in the swap. iran took the prisoners without reason in the firrt place in
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from the obama administration. that is what some say. and new political show on dimmer seven is -- on denver7 is called politics unplugged. they will be here each and every week to discuss pressing issues in our state. the show is on sundays at 4::0. you may think it is okay to walk out on ice with the cold weather. a teenager lost his life this week. take news on how to stay safe and how rescuers trained to help you if you do fall into i see water. -- icy water. first we will have some traffic and great snow in the
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it is 9:16 and the clouds are starting to break a little bit. we are seen some sunshine downtown and this is from our camera at lincoln and spear this morning. sports authority field at mile high, people are alreadd partying up. kickoff is at 2:40. go broncos. if you are not going to the game, the good news is that you don't have to be there in the cold, youucan sit there on the couch. there is a look at the tailgaters who were out there early. the first guys in lines -- in line have been there wednesday. lindsay watts was out there talking to them. going to be in that line. they have been in their rv since wednesday. they are very dedicated. the good news is that the clouds are starting to lift.
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sports authority field looking toward downtown denver. earlier on, there was so much fog you cannot see the downtown buildings. you can see a little bit of blue sky and we will have a mix of sun and clouds early on and then sunshine throughout the day. we still have a little bit of snow on the northeast corner of the state. there are light flurries in the foothills and the high country. it is light, as we speak. there are winter weather advisories n the purple and the pink is a winter storm warning. while the snow is starting to let up a little bit, we have those in place because of the blowing snow. the wind is strong in the high elevations such as the mountain passes and the foothills. that is going to blow a bunch of that snow and visibility will not be great. looking at the future cast what you see out east will push off quickly into kansas.
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with clouds while we have clearing across i-25. off to the west, more snow which will continue through the day. by 1:00, you can see if breaking apart. that means it is quieting down quite a bit while we have sunshine in the metro area. there is a chance for light flurries later this evening, late afternoon and evening in the northeast corner of the state. it will be dry for the broncos game, which is great news. this is moving forward tomorrow and this is 4:00 where you see a week disturbance moving through. that will bring more snow to the high country. we will be dry in the metro with a few clouds. if you are going to the game, make sure you bundle up. in the teens in denver and 21 and fort collins in greeley. colder temperatures on the eastern plains because of a cold front that has backed into our state. warmer in the high country. at 2:00 it will be 40 degrees which will be the high. then we cool things off. game time kickoff will be about 40 degrees for folks in denver
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the sun will feel pretty decent. it will cool down by the end of the game. and okay day today -- tomorrow and then 51 with clouds. it will be nice through the week with temperatures at or above where we should be for this time of year. with the cold temperatures, some of the ponds around town are frozen. we know how dangerous that can %- be. most think it is okay to walk on the ice. a teenager died earlier this week after becoming trapped under the ice in parker. we have reporter jennifer kovaleski who spoke to a advice. stay off the ice. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> there are kids -- there is a pond in my backyard and some people have fallen to the ice. they can't get out. >> reporter: justin was one of scene. the crews were able to pull out
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water. patrick lents died at the is in critical condition. >> i cut -- i get choked up thinking about it. somebody lost their life and it was somebody's kid. >> reporter: is something may see too often. >> absolutely. people think it is strong enough to hold me. it haa been cold., you really don't know. >> reporter: this is video of the metro fire teams training must week. it gives a firsthand look at the challenges that divers face when somebody falls to ice.>> really aren't able to see anything because our water is murky. >> reporter: going under is the last esort. >> we are going to throw this rope to them if we cannot reach them with an object. i wrap this around my hand and i literally throo this.>> reporter: the firefighters used a tree branch to reach ne teenager. than a diver had to go underwater to reach lance who
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is not the outcome we want to have. >> reporter: the message is simple. >> the number one rule is to stay off the ice. number two world is to really stay off the ice. the number three rule is to really stay off the ice. there you go. of course there are places where it is safe to walk on and fish through the ice. make sure youugo to a place where the ice is monitored. >> it takes up to 6 inches of ice to hold one-two people. 12-14 inches to hold a small suv. you saw that they walked just a few steps and then a cracked and opened up. very dangerous.
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it is 9:24 and i am here with jahmai. and, what did you call it earlier?>> this is leroy. >> this is leroy louver.>> we are five hours away. >> it is getting closer and closer to game time.>> time does pass. i'm happy to be here with you guys. the championship is underway nearry. the broncos and steelers square away for the playoffs. it is the eighth time they have met. three of the teams have come home with the sports holy grail and the lombardi trophy. wouldn't that be a perfect game for peyton manning? a super bowl champion, you couldn't write a better script. john elway way back when. gary kubiak says 18 looks and feels as good as he has all season.
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scenario for what many believed -`is his last run at the lombardi. >> i'm happy to be able to play. i feel fortunate to be one of the 18 still playing. it's an exciting time and i never take for granted this opportunity. i am looking forward to sunday being here. >> that's what i see from him all the time. a nice preparation. it has not only been one week, but too good weeks. i think it has been good for him coming off of what he went through to have extra time to get ready for this game.>> reporter: at one time the broncos were not ready. they had one of the worst playoff defeats in franchise history. if followed with john elway's kicking and screaming. that brought in new coaches and a new attitude. there was a sense of urgency, something they say was missing last year at this time.>> you can see it in the guys and you can see the tenacity. you can see it a little different here and there.
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because they wanted. >> everybody knows the opportunity that we have to go into something special. everybody knows the team that we have. we want to take advantage of %- this opportunity.>> it is win or go home. we know that we have to win two games to make it to the big game. if we win that game, we go to the next. the nfc last night with the cards up 7 with five seconds left. the packers from a distance.. struck twice to jeff janice. you have to be kidding me. and onto ot. this is the first plate in carson palmer and fitzgerald off to the races. get off me. 75 yards down to the 5 goes unbelievable stuff. into place later, it's a lockup
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cards escaped 26-20 in overtime. they go to the nfc championship to take on the seahawks or the carolina panthers. i know he picked. >> fitzgerald, what a great guy for that to happen to. >> absolutely. one of the best in the nfl. more football today and we will
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it is 9:30 in time to look at the top stories first. first, the iran nuclear deal. some nuclear sanctions will be lifted. -- some sanctions will be
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sure that the sanctions are fully enforced. this is in sarasota, florida this morning after severe storms came through the area. you can see extensive damage. right now two deaths are being blamed on the storm. forecasters say that there were at least two suspected tornadoes that came through. the biggest story of the day at home is the broncos. the orange and blue face the pittsburgh steelers this afternoon. kicking off the drive for the championship. we will have team coverage this morning. we have lindsay watts at the stadium and jahmai webster previewing the game at the studio. welcome everybody to denver7. i am eric lupher i am dayle cedars and we have lindsay watts who is at the stadium hanging out with tailgaters.>> right, dayle and eric . the number one tailgater belongs
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juarez family. they are the first peoppe in the tailgate line. they spend days waiting for the -`game. they say they got here on wednesday. i know that the food is a really big part of the tailgate parties. i am here with joe juarez , what you cooking up? >> right now we have breakfast and then later on we will have fajitas for lunch. we always have breakfast burritos or something. this is really good. >> reporter: very good. i know that you said that you offer everything that you have here working the games. how many do you typically see? -`>> between 20-30 every game. it all started with two police officers that came by and we after that, they all started coming because they knew that we had food. it is always mexican food. you know, we like to get back. we appreciate what they do. in fact, tony lopez junior, the
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shot a month ago, he is one of he comes all the time. he owes me a ride because i am supposed to have a ride along after he made sergeant. after he made sergeant. i think he did that yesterday or the day before. tony lopez junior is a good friend of ours. his dad is in charge of security. he is the district commander. and, he comes by once in a while. he's pretty busy. but, we love the cops and we -- service people like the marines when they are walking by. >> reporter: you are generous.>> they are always welcome.>> reporter: thank you for what you do here. and, for being so sharing. even offering to share with me. i haven't gotten to taste the food yet, but i'm going to do that now. i'm going to toss it back to
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chow down here. >> it looks good. again, kickoff for the game is at 2:40 this afternoon. if you are going, allow plenty of time to get through the security. you are only allowed to bring clear bags and clutch purses into the stadium. if you are bringing food, it has to be in plastic bags and you are not allowed to bring alcohol. scammers are trying to sell fake tickets. while technology makes things easier, it makes it harder to make sure that you are really purchasing a real ticket. you could have real ticket in your hands and the seller may have sold the same ticket to someone else.>> i think thee broncos organization has made it clear that you buy from somebody that is legitimate and from. >> reporter: this week, the denver police put out a warning warning about scammers like the men who sold online. a search on craigslist shows many tickets and a -- available
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few hundred dollars to $1000. there will be police officers out looking for scalpers in front of the stadium today. how warmly do you need to dress? dayle has the forecast. if you are headed out right now, it is chilly. the temperatures inndenver are 19 degrees. at 11:00 which when more of the tent -- which is when more of the tailgaters will get there. it will be breezy and it will climbed 40 degrees which is where we will be at kickoff. there will be a mix of sun and clouds early on and more sunshine after the game starts. by 3:00 it will be 39 and by 5:00 it will be down to about 34 degrees. the good news is that it will be drive. it will be breezy and that will be a factor. it will feel colder than what we see right here. by the end of the game, we could be closer to freezing, if not into the upper 20s.
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needed for the game. that will be nice. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready square off for the first debate of 2016. clinton and sanders are in a dead heat nationwide with sanders having a slight edge in new hampshire. the ddbate is hhapening in charleston, sc and it starts at 7:00 our time. it is the fourth debate for the demmcrats. it is now 9:35 and the oldest african-american church is hosting a service. the homeless man who died at the sheriff's detention center detention center, marshall was just recently ruled a homicide. the restraint used on him directly led to his death. the family will be at the surface and it is open to the public -- service and it is open to the public. tomorrow is martin luther king junior day and all government offices will be closed. parking will be free downtown. a lot of events are oing on. the biggest is the parade that
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center park. homicides in the mile high year. 50 people were murdered which is the highest number 2006. 37 of the victims were shot. the only possible good news here is that the denver rate is largest cities. the un says it is in the middle of aiken merited -- humanitarian funding crisis. they estimate that they need $40 billion per year to help the growing number of people who need it. that includes people who are displaced by conflict and natural disasters. it is 12 times what was needed in 2000. there is about a $15 billion funding gap. turkey farms in indiana are dealing with ape outbreak of bird flu. all are near the first farm which was identified to have the disease. they working to identify what strain of flu the turkeys have. last year -- last summer there was the death of 48 million
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have been euthanized. the state of michigan has a drinking water. now they can get federal aid to try to fix the problem. flint, michigan switched water supplies in 2013 when a new pipe was under construction. lead was leached from the old pipes. the state never did anything about it even though some say they knew about it. some are calling for the governor to resign.>> he is sticking other people up in the beginning to say that they are responsible. he is responsible.>> that is the governor there. flint, michigan for the next 90 just two days after her husband died of cancer, she is
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brother as well. dion ciline's brother also died of cancer at just 59 years old. per husband was 79 when he died on thursday. you may knoww im as screech on saved by the bell. now he will just be known and is inmate number for the next 120 days. `ustin diamond turned himself in last night to serve a four- month sentence for a bar brawl in 2014. it is 9:39 and five americans are home and headed to -- are headed home to the u.s. for the first time in five years. four americans and a marine who was in iran visiting family were swapped for iranians here in the united states. publicans and democrats alike are praising the releases. as the families of those five americans celebrate, the family
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that he was not included in the spot. this is bob levinson and his family says he was left behind in all of this. he is a former fbi agent. his family said he was part of the discussion for the prisoner short -- prisoner swap, but the iranian say they don't know wherr he is. 3 he has been held since marchh 2007 in iran. most of us cannot imagine what it is like to be held a prisoner like those in iran all these years. >> some former pows can imagine it all too well. one is now been in colorado springs. he was captured by north korea while serving on the uss pueblo in 1968. he was held for 11 months and endured constant abuse and torture. now we focus is on the good things that he gained. >> not many people get a chance to be tested like that, lifter wedding come back.>> every day is a blessing. he went on to say that the koreans released the prisoners, but never released ship. coming up on denver7, how you can enjoy some of the best
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enjoy, all for free. the i-70 extension project has been in the planning stages
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welcome back. it is 9:42 and here is a look at i-70 near vail. many of snow has fallen and it will be a treacherous drive, especially not part of the mountain. keep that in mind. we are back here with terry from the foothills animal shelter. we have sailor here today. >> sailor is a one-yeaa-old chihuahua mix who came to our shelter about a month ago. she loves being around people and less to have her back rub. she will be a great pet. her adoption fee is $150 and she's ready to go home with somebody today.>> she is a
9:37 am
>> she is a little bigger. some families are afraid of chihuahuas with small children. she is a little more hardy.>> we need to keep our dogs active, even if it is cold. they get in trouble if they are born in the house. the best thing you can do is to dashboard -- board in the house. the best thing you can do is play games with them. you need to make sure they are protected with coast and booties if they go out on a long walk. just playing a few minutes out tired. >> know that my dogs love the snow.>> it's also a good time tricks. you can lso take them to puupy daycare and things like that. to keep them busy. >> and don't be them to many treats or they get fat. >> absolutely. >> sailor needs a new home.
9:38 am
to adopt sailor, you can call 303-278-7575 and you can find a link on her website, it is on the -- it is under the lifestyle tab. i will put it on the website right after the break. we have been talking about the fog and we will -- so, let's take you out east just west of sterling. a littll bit of light snow is continuing to fog and the fog -- to fall and the fog is really big.
9:39 am
welcome back everyone. it is 9:47 and this is a look at i-70 east of vail. the snow is definitely still coming down in the roads are i see. blowing snow -- icy. blowing snow is the issue. visibility not so great. you can see the snow landing on
9:40 am
visibility is in and out. getting ready to start on a %- long-awaited plan to expand i- 70. the pubbic should have more -- one official says the public should have more time to comment. this comes after the environmental statement was released. >> this has been a 13 year process. we have probably had upwards of 200 meetings over that period. we have been working closely with the community. >> we think it is vitally the ability to be able to have the time to look at it.>> reporter: the road will have 21 lanes across which is a lot. concern about congestion, safety and the ease of getting on and off the highway. a decision about whether or not to extend the public comment period could come as early as tomorrow.>> of course we are seeing a lot of that traffic headed up to the mountain.
9:41 am
opened up the eastbound express lane already. >> that is only four eastbound people maybe wanted to get back to watch the game. others are headed up to watch this -- to enjoy the snow. we will talk about the snow totals in just a minute. let's show you the stadium. here is a shot from the rooftop camera. just on the horizon you can see the silver just now showing. earlier the cloud and fog was -- the clouds and fog were so thick that you cannot see it. you can see a nice layer of clouds over the mountains. talking about the snow, 15 inches of snow in vail. this is in the last 24 hours. they have had 2 feet in the last two days. steamboat 9 inches and winterr park is there as well. copper mountain was 6 inches of fresh snow. that's why there is so much traffic headed to the high country. east of the divide, it is not
9:42 am
will still see some snow falling . also with the wind, blowing snow will be a factor, especially as you head over the higher mountain passes. robert it -- rabbit ears passes one of them. the fog has lifted a little bit on the eastern plains, but there is still fog as i showed you a while ago. any snow on the eastern plains does begin to die off quickly. we will still have light snow, however, through the day in the high country. through the day, in the afternoon, you will see a break apart and quiet down. in the metro area, clearing skies with some clouds. we will see more sunshine. late afternoon and early evening hours, we could pick up snow in the northeast corner which will be light. for us, tomorrow should be nice with increasing clouds through for the mountains, this is the next disturbance which will move through. it will bring a little bit of snow to the mountains and it will be late monday night and
9:43 am
craig at 38 and you will not warm much from here. this is where you will stay. 26 and steamboat and 27 at eagle. in the metro we are in the teens and 20s and 20s on the plains because of the cold front that has back into our state. we will warm to 40 degrees in `he metro area and then we cool down. i the into the game, it will be quite a bit colder. i will show you the forecast anddjust a little bit. lynwood springs at 34 degrees. we got a report on twitter that they have about 7 inches of fresh snow overnight. the roads look pretty good and once you get hat far west, it is closer to vail pass. there are i see -- icy roads. tomorrow at -- for mlk day, it will be nice and warm. first let's go to the forecast. here are the temperatures for
9:44 am
to freezing and we warm up to 40 degrees for game time. the sunshine will make a difference for those who get to sit in the sun. you will be happier than those sitting in the shape. [ laughter ]. you can even try to hide that. >> my computer is going crazy. >>'s computer is talking. what are you watch it -- his computer is talking. what are you watching? >> it is a youtube page that automatically runs a blooper video. i was caught. -`>> i will call you out too much longer. we will be back and talk about the broncos.
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this morning we have been hanging out with denver's top tailgaters, the juarez family who are consistently at the
9:46 am
broncos games. they tell us about all of the food that they make here is for the police officers who work the game. these are some of the officers and one of these guys is the father of tony lopez junior, the dps officer -- the denver 3 police officer who was shot . he says he expects to be back at work by christmas. something else i want to share about we told you about the woman who had a dying wish to meet peyton manning. manning gave her a phone call on wednesday and chatted with her. he told her that he was thinking of her and praying for her. it is great news for cindy harris after that. centrals -- a central city casino gave her two tickets to the broncos game. she will be here today and she will get to sit and watch peyton manning and hopefully
9:47 am
the kickoff is at 2:40. go broncos. i am jahmai , denver7 . that broncos scarf is nothing compared to this. look at this. >> it is kind of like a neck brace. i have to be like -- >> it has sticks connected to it. >> it is like, llt's go to sports now.>> it is little ridiculous. i'm sorry for you if you don't know there is a big game going on today. the broncos meet the steelers and the winner will be headed to the conferenceechampionship. that is interesting stuff. let's look at thhs video really quickly. check this out. broncos fans, you guys -- all right, i will just wave the flag. here we go. check this out. % i will give it to you steelers
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you can't even go to the gym and sometimes the enemy lives among you. we have a defender. molly hendrickson with go broncos, go. at 2:40 today, the broncos take on the steelers where they will host the -- and trying to get to that championship where they will host. >> so you can use the green screen for other things. >> the enemy lives among us. >> this is really getting uncomfortable.>> let's see her run.>> you want to see the game day planner real quick? let's see it. at kickoff it will be 40 degrees which is kind of perfect football weather. clear skies later this afternoon and then by the end of the game it will be cold. if you have plans for mlk day tomorrow, it will be gorgeous at 51 degrees.
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