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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. >> hey, i told you guys, we got four, right? >> two. >> that's two, so i will see you boys next week. >> well, you heard coach kubiak, all that stand in the way of the patriots. thanks for joining us and victory monday here at denver seven. alert weather. >> reporter: today we are not
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degrees. you can see the winds about 12 and there'sssports authority field right there off in the ddstance. we still have to celebrate about that win yesterday. may not have been the prettiest, but you know what, a win is a win. fort collins 12-degrees, greeley at nine. teens and 20s in the high country, the down loping winds are going to bring the temperatures in denver topping out at 51-degrees. there is more snow moving into our state that we'll check out in a little bit. >> reporter: i have seen a couple of problems including northbound i-25. you can see the flashing lights, denver police off to the side. as fflks are moving over the left, it's just basically a
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aurora is getting to this accident at sixth and sable along i-225. you are going to find the flashing lights and inconvenience for that. little bit breezy out to that west side. thank you, it is 5:32 and we did it. the broncos beat the steelers. >> they take on the patriots at home at sports authority field at mile highly. let's look at yesterday's performance. started off a little sketchy. we dropped passes, gave up some big plays on defense, but the 40 quarter broncos picked it up and scored a touchdown finally, 23-16. some say peyton manning's performance wasn't that good. but it was a turn around from
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it was a special game for demaryius thomas, his mom saw him play for the first time ever. she's been in prison for the entire time he's played football. there was no pressure on her. she was just excited to be here for the first game. >> fun to see him smile aad her smile. the game was important for a colorado springs woman who is dying of cancer. >> cindy harris' dream came true last week when she got a phone call from peyton manning. he couldn't make it to colorado springs but he said he was so glad he got to talk to her. so tickets go on sale this afternoon for this weeeend's game. >> reporter: mitch and kellly, if you want to best prices for
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to want to be in front of your computer or smartphone at 12:00 this afternoon that's when tickets go on sale at you know people are going to be refreshing that site in the seconds leading up to going on sale. when the tickets went on sale against the steelers i think they sold out in about 15 minutes. if your heart is set to going to this game, there are other sites like stub hub,er the ticket exchange. the price range from about 350 to $400, so they are going to be pricier. the broncos are limiting sales to people who live in the rocky mountain region, so if you do
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going to be ranging from about 100 to 360-dollars for reserved seats, we are going to see a new england invasion next weekend, hopefully the fans are going to be smiling on tonight here and crying on the flight back. >> this is likely to draw people from all over the country with two great quarterbacks. >> yeah. we're ready. you might see the morris family at the games. they started camping out days before the big game. they say their big tradition is expensive and time consuming, but it's all about football. >> we meet new friends. >> i love tailgating. when it's time to go in the game and the tailgate is done, i kind of get sad.
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everything they cook especially police officers. police know exactly where to get a delicious hot meal. so don't forget to keep your broncos pictures coming. look at this little guy flying into the afc championship game. and ttis pup is probably a little sad. but the game did get better in the second half. don't forget to watch the orange and blue review. we will talk about the broncos performance and want to hear all your thoughts on it so you are invited to call in when the show starts at noon, you can watch it on our free app as well as denver there was a plane west of meeker.
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we're going to learn more about the homemade bomb found under a bridge in colorado springs. there is a man who lives in the area who has confessed for making and detonating that bomb. he was cited for using fireworks and dry ice. fortunately this bomb did not cause any damage. one of the 10 most wanted criminals was arrested in thornton. milo mason was arrested at a motel six on friday. police believe he robbed at least two banks in the last two months. moms listen up, a gang is resurfacing in colorado targeting mothers. the lane gang is hitting arapahoe county areas right
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family and friends of michael lee marshal attended an emmanuel ame church in denver. >> we will not allow them to rest until we see that video and the family gets justice. >> the denver jail -- the man died in the denver jail. money collected from yesterday's service was donated to marshal's family. this morning thousands of people are expected to come out to honor dr. martin luther king jr. there already a marade which is the largest march and rally in the country. supporters will gather starting about 9:00 and then march over
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it should last until about 1:00 this afternoon. should people be allowed to ask you for money on the street? one local -- says no. and meeting adelle. and we are starting to see a disturbance moving in on the western edge of the state. a little bit of snow and it is going to move a little bit closer to the area. >> reporter: and ww are not
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it's 5:41. back with how the city of denver is celebrating the victory over the steelers, by turning downtown orange and blue of course. if you have pictures shend them in. a family is okay this morning after a car came flying into their wheat ridge home. denver reporter sally mam du joins us. >> reporter: the driver backed out of his own garage taking his own garage up. you can see it has been boarded up and he backed right into the other house right across the street as you can see right
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there were three people inside. the homeowner's randson says it's a miracle no one was hurt. >> if you look in there it's completely destroyed. i took a picture. there's just stuff everywhere. >> reporter: now police believe alcohol might be the reason behind this crash. they are not releasing the name of the driver as of yet. denver seven. 5:43. now. the last debate beeore the iowa caucus. hillary clinton supports the affordable health care act. >> i'm not sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in congress thasnonsens. we are not -- that is nonsense. we are not going to tear up the
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a proposal to end side underway. a -- panhandling is underway. in a letter to the city and attorney says this mesh would effectively prohibit panhandlers from hitting the street. violaters could be slapped with a fine or 300 days of jail time. >> fi he's talking about -- if he's talking about me yelling -`at people asking for money, yeah, that might be an issue, but if i'm holding a sign, i'm not hurting anyone. adelle fans are going to be pretty jealous of this story. a girl and her friend
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were a little bit tipsy. jamie kerkerchner and her friend met adelle and thought they would just say hello. my mom said we're big fans, we tried to get tickets to your show and it sold out in like 10 minutes. and she said oh, i hadnnt heard that yet. the next day they had both gotten their e-mail addresses, so they are just hoping they'll get tickets. well, they haae sort of
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she's listening, they put that nudge in of remember us? the sunshine yesterday made a huge difference, today much. we're going to see a little bit of snow in the high country over the next couple of days. we are already starting to see some of the snow making it's way in on the western slope and into the northern mountains. very light. but we are going to be dealing with mostly cloudy skies. the futurecast here at 10:00, we'll put it into motion. there's the snow in the northern portion of the mountains, that's going to get it first and then sink down in the central mountains. the other location we'll be corner.
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dropping in. overnight, chance for some of the snow to make its way here into tte mote row area. we -- metro area. we could be picking up flurries tonight. tomorrow, it's going to be a little bit cooler and there's a chance for snow to move through. this is not going to be much accumulation at all across the metro area. somewhat chilly in the teens and 20s and 20s across the front range. greeley you are still that cold spot. limon, not much warmer at 10- degrees. warmupcomes by noon t. clouds will increase, denver should top out in the afternoon right about 51-degrees then we'll cool things off. so we are going to be see -- seeing the 50s.
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in the foothills because of that wind though, that's why the temperatures are going to warm so nicely. the next system, our temperatures are going to cool off. we are going to be above averages throughout the week. >> reporter: one incident on northbound i-25 after alameda. all lanes are open, all delays are now gone. no delays from the denver tech center. take a look at the overall picture. a couple of side street problems. this crash at sixth and sable on the east side of i-225. the at syracuse and quincy that takes you across i-25 that
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monica, otherwise a pretty's drive. ed to a new express bus connecting long mounted and fort collins. -- longmont and fort collins. sorry apple fans, likes like you have to wait a little bit longer for your next gadget. >> but google is looking at a robot to help us with our chores. >> reeorter: a delay for the next generatiin apple watch. >> an and line report claims the company pushed back the date. this is the wireless ecothat controls smart devices around your homee
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it does sound a bit robotic. his name is ian, 6'3", he is good at rearranging furniture, sweeping, and he ill be working on cooking next. even doing laundry. >> i would like a robot to do my dishes, please. >> ground hog day goes quite wrong with the ground hog.
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hot on thh internet today. little animals are like little people. they'll fall asleep anywhere. that was the case of this baby elephant in belgium. mom nudged him a little bit and down he goes. mom was there to pick him up and get him going again. here is a life hack you can just. if you want your kids not to drag the snow into the house squeeze their boots together and lift. along at that. one hand. no more snow the house. this dog loves cookies. i want one of those cookies. jumping so much probably burning out tte same amount of calories in one of those cookies with all of those coo keys.
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if you haven't seen it, ii's just like that. i do find this mildly grows, but satisfying all at the sometime. if you are eating breakfast i hope it's not like this. this guy is daring enough to drive on this bridge in brazil. you can see him in his pickup truck there. he is towing a boat. watch as he tries to drive over that rickety bring. they say there are steel cables holding this thing together, so mitch, i don't know if i would want to drive on that. i think i would rather just take the boat across. >> no kidding. and i notice the guy holding the camera is like, yeah, you >> that's pretty brave. >> it is. that's a lot of weight on 3 there. we have coast guard
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they were able to pluck the men out and they are okay. a new study by oxfan. 62% of the richest people in the world own half as much as -- this has people at the annual world economic ffrm trying to figure out how to handle the growing gap between the rich and the poor. you would never know what happened when doing a show with live animals. and that would include with groundhogs. >> remember this right here? yeah, the ground hog bit the mayor's ear last year. because of that the city is thinking about doing something different. and the new mayor says he doesn't want to get bit. >> we might have something that
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hog, maybe not in the form of a life animal. it's a long he would tray addition and we took -- long held traditional. >> they will love the new mascot which will be a person in a costume. they could still bite. >> i might bite too if you pulled me out of the warm slumber. >> could you maybe just not put the ground hog next to the guy's face? it's kind of the rule that we do with dogs. a live ground hog is kind of cute, though. speaking of ground hog day and cold, we are just right on the edge of frigid temperatures here in denver.
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this afternoon the warmup for us is going to be nice. 51-degrees here in denver, but yes, our friends up north in frigid. >> reporter: we have a decent drive on the highways, there's an accident at sixth and sable still being cleaned up and even a report of a car hitting a building near quincy and syracuse, not seeing any delays because of that. we'll get more details on that coming up. thank you. it is 5:57. one more game between the broncos and the super bowl. we're hearing from coach kubiak
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