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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 20, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MST

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ow ow keep him away from me. >> a dog owner is confronted by an anger neighbor. see what started the dispute and the moment her boyfriend steps in. it's action on a film set. >> where something that did not go as planned. >> the explosion scene that blew up big time. walk don't run from this snow blob. >> this is a slow motion avalanche. >> the national disaster that
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plus josie's version of the biting incident. >> i didn't even notice. and another bridesmaid bites the dust. >> girl, you should see me. another one of those where as soon as it hits our facebook page, the comments section is going to explode. and it's about responsible dog ownership. this guy has the camera. >> i asked you to clean it up and you're just not doing it. >> clean it up right then and there. >> relax. maybe he did have the intention of coming back. >> at the same time the video is being made because it's repeat
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>> keep your dog away from me. keep your dog away from me. but clean it up. >> she actually walks over, you can see it right there, that is the station where you can get the bag. >> she pulled the bag out of the station, starts heading back towards it, done. mission accomplished. >> you need to clean that up. you need to clean that up. you stay away from me. >> the guy with the camera, as right as he might be, really starts eating away at his ability to feel good about it because he's just, go do it. >> he needs to knock it off. >> and he doesn't. he keeps going. >> once they're shouting over each other, it looks like it might be about to be finished. >> oh, wait, there's another person. >> you need to clean up the dog's poop.
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at you, it's a problem. >> at this point i feel it's harassing this woman. >> eventually, you clean up the mess. then the guy with the camera makes a somewhat ironic statement. >> you think you can just bully people, you can do what you want. >> i want to hear what you guys think. in this situation what should have been done? as great as it is to see an action movie, there is a lot of planning that goes into it when you have big explosions. not all of them are cgi. you have to have experts on the scene and be careful because you have people and actors.
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in china on a film set. you have people standing on it and all of sudden you see explosions go off in the water. here it is from a different angle. watch what happens when they run off the bridge into the forest. you hear what sounds like automatic gunfire. you also hear people screaming and see them running. >> yeah, it looks like this is all part of an extremely good shot. >> they said at the beginning it appeared that maybe what started in the water may have been planned, but the way people were running into the forest where all those explosions were going off, they said that did not appear to be planned, according to local reports. sadly, three people were injured and one person had to have their leg amputated. >> you're kidding. >> all for a stunt gone wrong.
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happened on the bridge scared some people and they ran into the woods where they wouldn't supposed to be when the explosions went off. >> it looks like the bridge started to collapse as well because it's rubbish after a while. >> the british did not dge did not collapse, you can see what's left of it. >> there is a huge amount of danger when it comes to practical stunts. this guy looks like he may have spotted something in the fresh powder. what does he see? what has he spotted? keep an eye on what's about to come down this mountain. oh, that's an avalanche. >> it is, but it's slow motion, more like a mudslide than a typical avalanche that we're used to seeing. watch it work its way across
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just flowing in a solid form. >> it's like a lava flow. i've never seen snow do this. >> and scary, how did he know it was going to stop before hitting him? >> you do see him back up a little bit. it was done intentionally because they were concerned the snow was going to come down and block the hill, so before it happened to some unsuspecting motorist, so they triggered it. >> it proves their fear was well justified. listen to just the trees cracking. >> it sounds like popcorn's done.
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>> fascinating to watch. even when following the rules of the road, you're not immune to the possibility of being involved in an accident or at at least being superclose to being in one. this guy is trailing behind this truck. you see it starts merging over to the left lane. he says he saw gas coming out of one of the tires. the tire completely comes off the truck. the tire keeps going right in front of this guy. this driver keeps going. we don't see what's happened to this truck. >> a close call, especially in those road conditions. that could have been really nasty. >> that weather could also be the cause for this next accident. you see one vehicle merge into the lane right in front of him, kind of out of nowhere, then he's hit by a different vehicle.
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>> it happened off-camera, maybe somebody pushed into him. that's tough. >> fortunately it doesn't look like anyone was seriously injured. >> this accident kind of happens out of nowhere. >> keep an eye on this vehicle. the driver starts fish tailing. he hits a vehicle head-on before turning around and smashing against the divider. this driver pulls over, another truck pulls over in front, possibly to render aid. i think that driver just reached out as this vehicle got maybe a little too close. >> then they overcorrected. there's blue sky, loads of lanes. just one of those things. >> a terrible driver. ladies show up to get their
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many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. a quiet suburban street in brazil. this woman gets out of her suv. her house mate doesn't stay quiet for long as this man puts a pistol in her face and runs off with her back. before you know, he's back on the bike and gone. >> you know what's sad about this is before she even sees the bike when she first gets out of
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>> situational awareness is key. she had it. there was just nothing she could have done. >> you can see how quickly it happens as well as some of the aggression involved as well. within a second he's there, all she can see is this pistol, and he's gone. apparently there was a whole series of these robberies by the same guy with the same m.o. you may notice from the video, he's wearing a rather distinctive shirt. he was still wearing it when the cops picked him up and arrested him. >> good, hopefully she got her bag back. >> police have the gun he used in custody. from this aggressive crime, we go to a passive aggressive crime, in the home of pass ive ive aggressiveness, england. for some people these guys are throwing paint into this person's garden.
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>> i don't know. a well-dressed older gentlemen starts checking it out. when he's far enough -- >> what do these neighbors have a problem with the person living in that house? >> they're dealing with it in the most passive aggressive way. girl is a hot mess everything. i am here for it. >> it's a bridal party. >> tequila makes a really good manicurist. >> remember you said that, right? >> tequila is in the business of beauty, and her beauty looks like that? >> they try to keep it together
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>> oh, my gosh. >> i thought i heard the dogs barking. >> i like a man who is funny. >> that laugh from the bride, that's like, ha ha ha, you're funny, get me out of here. >> they're smiling but their eyes are telling a different story. >> tequila. >> my special sauce i call it. my dog chalupa, i gave him a bath in it, it turned him into a hairless dog. >> they've got a funny individual to video to show all their friends. >> this is a little concoction i
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>> i would go more. >> i call this funions for the bunions. >> flowers for the lovely bride, because -- >> you're a winner for my new tv show. >> he strikes again. what is it really like to have a bird's eye view? you. that's the name of this eagle. he's going to fly down the court as a 2016 ski flying championship in austria, a little mini cam on the shoulder of alexandria. i love seeing his eye brink, the deep brow over his eye, the
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power of this bird. they're waiting for alexander to complete this run. now he swoops and starts to spiral down. he sees the falconer. >> he's got the timing down. >> you can't beat an animal selfie. >> alexander's instagram is blowing up right now. here he comes, right down into the runout area of this ski course. and wait for the landing here. there's the handler. this looks like a movie set. alexander made two runs. you'll see his wings come forward as he catches his dive. that's shot i've never seen before. a gold medallist, in my book. a video that will have you
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see how far they dare to take it, next "right this minute." and a guy makes a special book to pop the question. >> but it starts in the future. >> why this is a proposal worth flipping for. >> this is perfection. plus what happens when robbie gordon gets a little off-track. it' s olive garden' s new take on lighter italian fare. three new mediterranean inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi saute ed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories.
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>> that's sweet. >> it starts in the future. it's a reverse idea of their marriage. this guy decided to create the story 70 years if now. as you start flipping through it, they start getting younger, then you see the kids, then you see the right now, then he asks the question, will you marry me. >> isn't it? >> we've seen proposals, but i think everybody is getting their game up. >> to have a proposal, you have to have a wedding. the bride is about to throw the bouquet. one of the guests gets knocked out. in the end, the girl in the white dress --
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ready to play football. >> you should see me at bouquet time. he's about to go fast. >> a world 5.77 seconds. you see the speed is 399 kilometers per hour. this was the world's record. >> i wish i could do that. i want to know what that feels like. >> our second video is at the end of the rally, the hardest rally in the world. they are on their way back to the presentation, the podium. >> they're not even racing at this point. >> there's awesome things in between with the guys in the hummer. this is robbie gordon's race car on the left.
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he was forced to withdraw because he gets too close to the hummer, hits it. they then get involved in an accident. as the video cuts out, two people are injured and robbie from the race. he had already finished. this little cutie is making a concession. you bit somebody.
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screen saver. it's story time. and josie has got the floor. [ child talking ] >> that's pretty funny. her vocabulary is on point here.
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having a bit of a problem with. >> back up. it was on purpose? >> we've got that much. let's get to the bottom of that. >> well, i bit andrew but i didn't even notice. >> she's mastered dropping the ball and walking away from it. >> the redirect. >> she knew biting something, that's not good, so let's talk about something else. >> because he doesn't even like miles. >> when did you bite andrew? >> she rolls her eyes and her head back. >> i love that too, the hugest eye role l you've ever seen. >> 24 hours.
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>> what hour? >> 1:00. that means it was morning time. >> oh, wait, wow. >> and then it was 2:00 in the afternoon. 3:00. >> i don't think we really get the complete story here from josie. but it doesn't matter, does it? because the whole thing is cute. >> i didn't even swallow it. thanks for watching, everyone. we love you.
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