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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 21, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MST

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reality star-turned-politician. you're fired. though he hedged when pressed whether he mate. >> i don't think she would want to do it and you know, i really don't get into the it right now. i don't even think about vp right now.
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>> reporter: putting on a brave face, senator ted cruz. >> i love sarah palin. >> reporter: cruz's answer to the palin endorsement, two rallies saturday with conservative firebrand glenn beck and this ad. cruz in camo, hunting with reality superstar phil robertson from "duck dynasty." >> ted cruz is my man. he fits the bill. he's the man for the job and he will go duck hunting. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, des moines, iowa. >> hilarious. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is struggling against glowing support for bernie sanders. she appealed to voters, pointing to the trump/palin partnership saying it was up to them to make sure it doesn't become a real-life version of a bad "saturday night live" skit. that's how she described it. she debuted a new ad highlighting her experience. >> the real issue is, who can
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who is prepared to do the job. >> sanders responded by saying yes, experience is important. dick cheney had a lot of experience but experience doesn't always mean someone has the right judgment. another slump on wall street. the dow ending up losing 249 points after being down more than 500 at one point during the day. the s&p 500 closed at its lowest point in nearly two years. investors are getting more worried about economic growth after oil prices had their worst one-day drop in several months. president obama was sounding upbeat about the auto industry during a visit to detroit. the president said one reason for his stop at the auto show was to look at new cars for when his term ends next year. on a serious note, the president said he was concerned about the water crisis in flint. >> i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids' health could be at risk.
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released by the michigan governor, his staff initially tried to avoid responsibility for the crisis in flint. a day after doctors reported high levels of lead in flint children, the governor's top aide told him the real responsibility for the city's water issues rested with local government officials. this proved not to be the case since the state treasurer was the official who signed off on the change in water supply. while the auto industry may be doing better in detroit, the school system is not. nearly all schools closed yesterday due to a mass sickout by protesting teachers. and the head of the teachers union is threatening another mass sickout for today despite the school district going to court to stop it. the teachers say they are trying to draw attention to the poor conditions of the schools including safety has affords and super sized classes. we've got a startling new video to show you about a snowboarder on a run as he triggers an avalanche. it's bringing some new attention
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to the dangers on the slopes and it's getting the guy in a lot of hot water. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: just seven seconds into snowboarder christian michael mares' downhill run, an >> christian? >> reporter: narrowly missing trees. alive. the west are ripe for avalanches. two people have been killed this week. bringing the recent total to seven. every winter, an average of 27 people die in avalanches. in california, the ski resort says he and his pals were trespassing in a closed area. the local sheriff says mares may be prosecuted. mares says he didn't know the area was closed. the avalanche last week near lake tahoe is in the same area where teams have now called off the search for a ski instructor carson may, missing since thursday. avalanche experts tell us the danger doesn't pass when the storm passes. some areas have seen deadly avalanches triggered in late
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>> and with bone chilling cold and a massive snowstorm for much of the country, it may be hard to remember but last year was the warmest year on record. 2014 had been the record holder and scientists predict this year will be even warmer than last year. that would make this the first time there have been three record years in a row. so think those warm thoughts as you deal with all this cold and snow. >> in the next couple of days. we'll see. so jamie keaton, a guy in illinois who is making a living off a mysterious medical condition. objects like cans stick to the skin. this is so weird. >> it's so bizarre. >> his doctor says he isn't sick and is in pretty good shape. >> his skin acts like the suckers on the tentacles of an octopus. he says his talent works with any nonporous material including keys, bottles and cell phones
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unique talent. how did he first learn this? this is just so fascinating me. >> apparently he learned when he was at a baseball game after he shaved his head, he tried to catch a ball, hit into the stands and he said let's go for drinks and he couldn't find it. it was stuck to -- it was stuck to his ahead. >> you're a man with all the answers. he makes a living. he makes like $1,000 a day doing appearances. >> good for him. coming up later, pants that can help you work out smarter and harder. >> but first, will these milk shakes bring all the boys to your yard? they look good but they're going to cost you. see why some think this shake craze is just too crazy. and the latest on the oscars' backlash. newest voices to join the debate on raisin including some academy members outraged at what some people are saying about them. also, check out our behind-the-scenes pics on
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all night... or all day. my milk shame brings all the to the yard crowds in new york seem to they're waiting in line in the cold weather as much as two hours to buy one of these. they're foot tall. >> oh, my goodness. >> they do cost $15.
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time. sometimes a seasonal flavor. interest exploded when the owner posted pics on instagram. they look great. >> of course. oh, my gosh, when we were talking about this before and i heard $15 a thought that's kind of ridiculous. that's a lot more than a milkshake. that's a work of art. >> take me to the yard. that song is about something else. that song is about something else. we could take this conversation a whole other direction but we'll just move on. there are major changes coming to more than 50 prominent colleges and universities. >> as any recent college graduate or college student knows, the application process, of course, can be overwhelmingly stressful but the tide is about to turn. abc's juju chang explains. >> reporter: it's no secret, applications seem scarier than ever. i recent study showing teens even more stressed out than adults. a new report released by the caring common is trying to
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tackle the issue. the report endorsed by more than 50 colleges including the entire ivy league says the teens are taught to emphasize personal success rather than concern for others. >> achievement is clearly important but it has to be balanced with concern for others and concern for the common good. we can't just reward those who achieve. >> changing the college application process they say would send a strong message to young people. >> this is the first time in history that colleges have banded together across the country and said that ethical character is important. >> m.i.t., one of the report's endorsers, has already begun to make changes. >> you changed your essay question to involve community as opposed to some sort of achievement highlight. >> that's right. we want to know how have you affected those around you and made those around you better. because that's important. >> reporter: the report calling for reducing the number of a.p. classes and extra curricular
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s.a.t. scores optional. sherry falco's son chris is shooting for harvard. captain of the track and debate teams he volunteers oodles of hours and takes five a.p. classes. >> do you worry about the toll the stress takes on kids? >> yeah, he doesn't sleep. you see fatigue. you shouldn't see that on a teenager. i don't know if he knows how to have a good time. i'm hoping he knows what that means. regime juju chang, abc news, new york. >> kendis is still googling what that song was. >> let's hope he learns from that. wasn't. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. he learns from wasn't. technology... it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0%
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trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. . >> the direct remember spike lee weighing in director spike lee weighing in on the oscar backlash. controversy a misdirection play as members of the academy take offense as being labeled as racist. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: academy members are
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speaking out, some defending the now controversial oscar votes. actress penelope ann miller saying to imply that this is because all of us are racists is extremely offensive. academy board member quincy jones considers all-white nominees for the second year in a row is another embarrassing hollywood sequel. >> got to find a solution to fix it because it's been going on too long. >> reporter: oscar winner lupita nyong'o adding her voice to the growing chorus saying, "it has me thinking about unconscious prejudice. and what merits prestige in our culture." while many suggest the academy's 93% white membership plays a role, others suggest looking at the big picture. >> it goes further than the academy awards. it goes back to the gatekeepers. >> reporter: the studios? >> yes. the people who have the vote. what we're making, what we're not making. >> reporter: on monday, the academy president saying they're taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of the membership.
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the academy will take some time. there are more than 6,200 oscar voters, predominantly older white men, and they serve for life. linsey davis, abc news, new york. and this is a big deal. tune in or set your dvrs because later on "good morning america," will smith will talk about it. so we use k-y ultragel. it enhances my body's natural moisture so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get
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for anyone who for anyone who loves a good love story or who thinks the news is all negative. >> yeah. >> a really nice story here. >> you're into this. the day. there's a couple who dated during world war ii. they met in london. their romance survived him parachuting to normandy. they ended up breaking up up after the war. well, now, 70 decades later they decided to look each other up and found each other all these years later. this is them having their first skype conversation after all of
2:56 am
then decided it will be really nice to see each other face to face. she lives in australia and he lives in virginia beach. in. people raised money to help them fly to see each other. an airline gave them first class going to see each other and spend valentine's day together. >> what did his wife say about it? this is a really nice little all right. good. >> you're not feeling love? >> no, love is fantastic after seven decades. take a look at these pants. they talk and they vibrate. they are yoga pants that actually. actually -- >> why do they vibrate? >> it's part of this company that's selling them right now on presale. they're by wearable experiments. and when you do the proper form, whether your form is correct,
2:57 am
it will make the calming ohm. >> what if you do it wrong? what do they say? >> then it's like ooh. >> oh, really? well, then. >> make a completely different sound. i know how much you love the man bun. >> the man bun is cool. >> it's a look you have rocked before. >> yeah. >> that's a great look. well, now the man bun has some competition. it is the man braid. apparently this is a thing now. the guys are doing. they are braiding their hair. they say it's versatile, it's functional. i don't know. who decides that this is a trend? >> i don't know. >> apparently you do. you're an early adopter of the man braid. i could star in "hamilton." i have seriously worn more wigs than a drag queen on this show. what is the deal? >> please do the rest of the show. don't take it off. >> no, sorry. there is no hair after all. take a look at this really shot to get me out of this. >> change the subject.
2:58 am
>> look at this kid. this is the best trick shot you will see. he scores a basket off his has face. >> ouch. >> that is pretty cool. >> i mean, it's cool how but embarrassing for this kid. >> highway, he kept on going. i'm going to rock this out.
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this morning on "world news now," going nowhere fast. a traffic nightmare in d.c. as cars and trucks slide all over the beltway. the roads an absolute mess and only an inch of snow and now two feet could be on the way. we're live from the capital. and the january stock slump continues. the average 401(k) losing thousands nearly every day this month. but can americans find relief elsewhere as investors hope for a turnaround. and new this half hour, cracking down on hoverboards. >> yeah, absolutely. we've seen the dangers of the popular toys which have burst into flames.
3:00 am
drastic action. and "star wars" fans will have to wait a little bit longer for their next intergalactic fix as the release date for episode 8 is pushed back. the whole story is ahead in "the skinny." it is thursday, january 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we've been talking about the big winter storm that is coming up. but dc had barely a trace, and it has crippled even at this hour. that is our big story. we're starting with the winter weather bearing down on the east coast. about 50 million people you mentioned will be impacted this weekend. >> washington, d.c. already got a taste with a smaller storm during evening rush hour. the 1.6 inches brought traffic on area highways and city streets to a standstill.
3:01 am
residents complained the public works department got a late start on treating the roads and then its trucks couldn't get around all of those stuck cars. >> and look at this. the president's marine one helicopter was grounded. the presidential entourage had to drive back to the white house and even that took more than an hour. >> oh, my goodness. the limos and vans added to the mess. but the accidents and problems were all over the washington area as this is app showed late last night. all the red lines where there are backups and accidents. >> all those dots indicative of accidents in the d.c. area. tom roussey of our station in washington, wjla, joining us now. good morning. is it looking? >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately, it is still looking bad, evening rush hour essentially has not ended in the washington, d.c., area. the d.c. beltway, the big interstate that goes in a circle around the city, is still a mess in many places. interstate 95 south of d.c. still a mess. other interstates throughout the
3:02 am
things are getting better but in just a few hours evening rush hour is going to bleed into morning rush hour. and what happened, as you said earlier, their crews were caught totally unawares. a lot of roads were untreated. even though it was a very small snowstorm, the cars drove over the snow, turned it into ice, that caused a huge amount of accidents and fights and ambulances couldn't get to the accidents to clear them. it turned into a giant mess. folks have been sitting in their cars for six, seven hours and have barely moved an inch. >> and yeah. >> this is something nobody really expected either. so they weren't prepared. people probably didn't have water and the things they would need to sit in their cars for that long. >> yeah. >> they weren't prepared at all. i mean, everybody's been talking about the big storm coming for the weekend and it's almost like people including the crews that are supposed to treat the
3:03 am
roads kind of overlooked this one. yeah, it's been an absolute mess. obviously if people had known this was coming, they would have left work early. nobody knew it was coming. p.m. rush hour hit and all of a sudden it was the worst thing ever. worst evening rush hours ever and it's still not over. >> tom, this doesn't bode well. we're talking 1.6 inches that fell overnight or fell late during rush hour. nearly two feet of snow that's expected in the next 248 to 48 hours>> no, that's what a lot of folks have been saying. i mean, if you can't handle a little over an inch, how on earth is d.c. going to handle two feet. i will say over the course of growing up around here and reporting around here, it's always the ones that catch you unaware that are the worst. i've seen very large snowstorms in the past and generally as long as people have ample warning they stay off roads.
3:04 am
weekend mostly. and also the crews are red did when you know in advance. tonight neither the people who drive regular folks or the crews were ready. i think that's why it was so bad. i think this weekend, hopefully, it may not go as bad as tonight has. >> what a mess it is, even in the early morning hours in the washington, d.c., area. crippled, people still stuck on highways there. tom, thank you, my friend. appreciate it. >> and that really big snowstorm begins moving into that area later today. and then wallops the rest of the east coast. >> let's get all the grizzly details from justin povick at ac accuweather. >> good morning to you. as we go throughout the next 24 hours, we will start to see our storm system off the southeastern coast really organize, pull back some moisture and within a very cold air mass, we are concerned about very heavy snow from southwestern virginia all the way into the coastal portions of central new england. how much?
3:05 am
well, over a foot of snow florida excess of 18 inches the possible toward baltimore and also d.c. heavy amounts down interstate 81, as well with significant amounts all the way toward boston. the potential there of up to 6 inches of snow and pounding surf, dangerous surf conditions along the eastern seaboard along with gusty winds, beach erosion possible, as well. kendis, marci, back to you. >> thank you. on the campaign trail, another day, another positive poll for republican donald trump. 34%. his biggest lead yet in new hampshire. ted cruz is a distant second at 14% followed by a slightly surging jeb bush, tied with marco rubio at 10% senator on her first full day as trump supporter in chief, sarah palin was at last -- was a last-minute no show at a morning rally in iowa and rejoined the campaign later in tulsa where she talked about war veterans and problems adjusting to civilian life alluding to her son track's
3:06 am
arrest and calling it the elephant in the room. >> i can certainly relate with other families who feel these ramifications of some ptsd and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. it is now or never for the sake of america's finest that we have that commander in chief who respect them. >> no word yet from the trump campaign why palin missed that earlier event in iowa. >> hillary clinton didn't waste any time using an image of trump and palin hoping to fire up her supporters. the question this morning is, will that be enough to surpass the surging bernie sanders? here's abc's cecilia vega. >> are you ready for a commander in chief? >> reporter: the clinton campaign hoping to raise big bucks from that big endorsement. sending out this plea. donate to make sure this is nothing more than a bad "snl" skit come to life. >> how are you? >> reporter: but it is no laughing matter for hillary clinton.
3:07 am
especially with the new poll showing bernie sanders with his biggest lead yet in new hampshire. bill clinton right there the assessing the damage. >> we're on a home field disadvantage here. >> the implication? sanders from neighboring vermont has a leg up in the granite state. >> you've been good to me. you've been good to our family. i trust you. >> in a new ad, hillary clinton highlighting her experience. >> the secretary of state who stood up for america and stared down hostile leaders around the world is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. >> reporter: but sanders says experience isn't everything. the candidate who promised to run a positive campaign now says this. >> experience is important. dick cheney had a lot of experience. >> reporter: in the homestretch, clinton hoping to capitalize on president obama's popularity with the democratic base writing
3:08 am
>> than essay published on wednesday when exactly one year from then, a new president will be sworn in. cecilia vega, abc news, des moines. >> analysts are hoping wall street has turned a corner. the dow down 565 points at one point yesterday but then turned the corner and ended the day only losing 249. the latest wave affair was triggered by the biggest drop in oil prices in month. crude is now selling below $27 a barrel which some see a sign of slowing economic growth. there could soon be drastic new action over the safety of hover boards. some are now under investigation after they caught on fire. latest in northern california just this week. the head of the consumer product safety commission is now calling for a suspension of all online sales of all hoverboards till there's better testing and proof of safety of the devices. he is calling into question the safety of all hoverboards, even those not actually under investigation. well, president obama is already getting pretty emotional about an upcoming major milestone for first daughter malia. >> the president told his lunch companions in detroit that he
3:09 am
turned down an opportunity to speak at malia's high school graduation. >> malia is a senior at the private sidwell friends school in washington, d.c., and expected to start college this fall. we still don't know where she's going to go. she's still deciding. > very cute of the president. coming up, an impromptu concert by john legend. >> why the grammy winner sang outside of a detention center we'll give you an exclusive look. first, why a tennis player stopped the match to help the good deed on the court going you're watching "world news >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by airborne dual action. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by airborne dual action.
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french tennis star wilfried tsonga is a huge hit on social media this morning after coming to the aid of an ailing ball girl at the australian open. he stopped play and escorted her off the court after noticing she wasn't feeling well. he says offering a helping hand is just the normal thing to do. and temperatures in melbourne were upper 80s. pretty warm to be playing tennis. another sports celebrity is being credited with coming to the rescue of a woman involved in a three-car pile-up. new england patriots reserve fleming says that he got 22
3:14 am
result of the rescue last week. he says he saw the woman struggling inside her smoking car and when he couldn't open the doors he kicked his foot through a window to pull her to safety. and the actor who turned into a good samaritan got a visit from the father of the man he rescued. >> hollywood hero jamie foxx, saving the day in real life. he was given an emotional thank you. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> got to move your car. got to move your car. fiery crash outside his home, oscar the role of real life hero. >> he was inside on fire. we pulled him out. you need to send an ambulance please. when i get here the truck is over on its side and it's in flames. i just had to do something. >> reporter: foxx rushing down his driveway to find the 32-year-old driver trapped. >> we pulled him out and as we pulled him out, within five up. >> you saved my son's life.
3:15 am
right there. >> reporter: that driver's father, just thankful foxx was there. >> just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i could fathom. so i just -- it's all tears of joy. >> reporter: his son is in the hospital but alive. jamie foxx saying god had his arms wrapped around all of us. no heroes, just happy fathers. >> kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> very humble about the whole thing. when we come back, john legend's impromptu concert outside a detention center. little longer to see the next "star wars" movie. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. e to wait a >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new
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skinny, so skinny skinny, so skinny well, topping our headlines for "the skinny" this morning, music legend john legend lends his powerful voice to a controversial issue. >> the grammy award winning singer joined forces with colombian rock star juanes to perform outside of the eloy detention center in arizona yesterday. their aim to raise awareness of the connection between mass deportations and the disproportionate incarceration
3:18 am
it's all i ever had all i ever had >> well, the eloy immigration detention center is located about 100 miles from the mexican border and holds an estimated 1500 people. >> right next to some disappointing news for star wars fans. >> you have to wait an additional six months for the next movie episode . it was originally slighted to debut in may of next year. now it's not going to be released till december of 2017. >> insiders within disney say the decision comes after the blockbuster's success of "the force awakens" over the year end holidays. they say they have decided to give episode eight the same christmas treatment. that makes sense. >> it gives more breathing room to "rogue one," about the heist of the original death star plans.
3:19 am
that comes out on december 16th of this year. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. totally lost me. >> a lot of people too who are looking forward to all of those, yes. next, controversy is brewing for "trainwreck" star amy schumer. >> the comedian is accused of joke theftd by someonea -- theft by someone who compared her jokes to the gags of other comedians like kathleen madigan. she took to the airwaves on sirius xm to vigorously deny the accusations. >> and she thinks that i in 2006, again, that i saw that or that i saw wendy's joke in the '90s and thought okay, if i just wait this out or that i referenced old sets, that's so crazy. >> so schumer says "i'd literally take a polygraph to prove her innocence." >> i see a whole bit being made out of this. >> and it's going to be very off-colored language i'm sure from amy schumer. >> absolutely.
3:20 am
jokes that they're saying are similar. >> whether they were worth it if they were plagiarized jokes. >> or if it's maybe just a similar theme or i don't know. we'll see. all right. finally, kylie jenner has broken her silence about that omnipresent cartier love bracelet. >> she says she's been wearing it with everything because she's been locked inside of it for four years. what? the 18-year-old jenner revealed on snapchat that one of her many love bracelets has been stuck on her wrist forcing her -- >> oh heavens. >> -- to head to a cartier store to get it pried off. the $5,000 bracelets are designed to be opened and closed with a small screwdriver. >> but do not worry, people. i know you are so concerned. she has more where those came from. in all she has three 18 karat yellow gold and three white gold versions of the bangle.
3:21 am
lot of i don't care. >> you pretty much summed it up. we tell you all about it. you're welcome. coming up, "from motown to off the wall." >> the title of the new documentary about how the king of pop first spread his solo wings. you're watching "world news now." your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. because lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. including those that can make for a healthy home this cold and flu season... lysol that. there's moving...
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everyone loves how they feel in dark clothes. and to keep those darks from fading... there's woolite darks. keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. i want to love you, pretty young thing >> oh, we're on camera. >> well, "pyt" was -- awkward. you look great. was the sixth single from michael jackson's record breaking album ""thriller" in 1983. >> the pop sensation managed to navigate the war between disco and rock and now a new documentary by spike lee takes a closer look at just how he did it. here's abc's chris connelly. >> even before "thriller," those sensational dance skills, those special songs and that
3:25 am
spectacular voice. it already made michael jackson's pop's premiere entertainer. now director spike lee is shining a spotlight on michael's early 20s on his documentary "michael jackson's journey." this 1981 performance from the triumph tour just one example of the never before seen stuff that spike's found. >> like michael's impossibly soaring original demo of "don't stop till you get enough," recorded at the jackson family compound in encino. bringing viewers back three and a half decades. >> spreading his solo wings, ready for superstardom as a man. >> what i do, i don't want it labeled black or white. i want it labeled as music. >> reporter: this music, sophisticated.
3:26 am
sold 30 million copies worldwide and influenced so many of today's biggest names from john legend to quest love. >> that's the first time we heard that iconic yell. that's his free at last, free at last. >> the artists sharing how michael's talents helped them find their own. >> i always use michael first and foremost as a vocal inspiration. "off the wall" was definitely the one that made me feel like i could sing. i found my falsetto because of "off the wall," "don't stop till you get enough." >> reporter: timeless music still brimming with the youthful excitement of its time. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> and kendis has now abandoned me for the dance floor. >> it's my medley of michael jackson dances. >> that's crazy. >> i'm not going to grab my crotch. >> it's the middle of the night. you can get away with it. >> i'll just moon walk off this. how long is this break. >> we'll be right back. how long is this break? >> we'll be right back.
3:27 am
>> we'll be right back. iyou can get away with it. how long is this break. >> we'll be right back.
3:28 am
good morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for reena good morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." in the race for the white house, donald trump gets yet another boost in the polls. while hillary clinton struggles for new support in her battle with bernie sanders. details in a moment. new visa waiver rules could be announced today designed to make it harder for europeans who have traveled to isis hot spots to enter the u.s. the head of the consumer product safety commission calling for suspension pension of all online sales of all hoverboards until there is better testing and proof of safety of the devices. this after a number of the
3:29 am
and the nfl has its first female assistant coach. kathryn smith will help the bills special teams. buffaloired the first female scout in the nfl 30 years ago. those are some of our top stories on this thursday, january 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we're going to begin this half hour with the presidential candidates and where they stand less than two weeks before iowa's kickoff caucuses and the new hampshire primaries. >> it is getting here soon. on the republican side, the donald, well his road show debuted its opening act sarah palin bringing all of her conservative firepower to voters in tulsa. abc's bazi kanani on the campaign trail. >> donald trump back on the trail solo after his big endorsement from sarah palin. telling supporters in iowa that it's the white house or bust for him. >> even if i won the nomination and didn't win, i would consider that a major loss. >> reporter: the former
3:30 am
trump in oklahoma. >> you deserve the best. now, our candidate, he is from the private sector. he's not a politician and here is where you say hallelujah. >> political analysts call palin's endorsement extremely valuable. >> keep in mind sarah palin is more popular than any republican candidate running for president right now among republicans. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a stunning new poll shows busy with a nearly 30-point lead over hillary clinton had in new hampshire. and another shocker, 91% of new hampshire democrats view sanders favorably for clinton, just 65%. the vermont senator is also within striking distance in iowa. >> i think we have the momentum. and i think we stand a very good chance to win in both states. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign agrees, sending out a plea to donors that concedes there is a real possibility we could lose those contests. clinton's top surrogate, her
3:31 am
new hampshire on his home field advantage since he comes from a neighboring state. >> the real issue is, who can win the election, who is prepared to do the job. >> clinton urged his wife's supporters not to worry. would be competitive. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> well, there wasn't much of a race in washington last night. a surprise snowstorm coated the city with more than an inch and a half of snow and ice. traffic came to a standstill even on major roads and highways. and even for the presidential motorcade bringing mr. obama back to the white house from andrews joint base andrews. suburban maryland authorities said they were getting more than one emergency call a minute. virginia police report dozens of accidents and at least one fatality. and it wasn't any better from are the busy -- from the busy city streets. there were many accidents in west virginia including at least
3:32 am
in another accident a car slid into a storefront shutting the businesses. luckily there were no injuries to report here. experts say a light snowfall like this is more dangerous than the big one because drivers are overconfident. drivers in west virginia and washington will get a chance to find out if that's really true because a big one is on the way. >> let's get the details from accuweather's justin povick. good morning. >> we are following developing severe weather on then thursday more so over the western gulf states from louisiana back into alabama and mississippi. threats here going to be damaging winds and tornadoes. and then later on friday into friday night and saturday, we will be following a heavy snow threat evolving throughout the middle atlantic states and into portions of the coastal northeast. there is the potential for over a foot of snow for some. kendis and marci, back to you. >> justin, thank you. moving on, newly released e-mails indicate top officials in michigan tried at first to
3:33 am
avoid responsibility for the water crisis in flint a day after doctors reported high levels of lead in flint children. a top aide to the governor told him it the real responsibility for the city's water issues rested with local government officials. then later emails acknowledged that it was the state treasurer who okayed the water supply switch. he has since resigned. u.s. stock market is opening lower this morning after another wild ride there are signs some investors are panicking after a really bad start to the year. others are sitting on the sidelines until this is over. more now from abc's rebecca jarvis. >> wall street's wild swings, stocks slammed by plunging oil prices. tanking today to just $26.55 a barrel, the lowest price in more than 12 years. great news for consumers. the majority of americans paying less than $2 a gallon at the pump. but a significant blow to the energy industry, which already lost 100,000 jobs last year. and now risks losing even more.
3:34 am
slowdown in china, the world's second largest economy, could trigger a slowdown here in areas like construction, technology, and manufacturing. >> the market can handle bad news, but it can't handle uncertainty. >> reporter: so far this year, the stock market turbulence has wiped out more than $2 trillion from share prices. for the typical retirement savings account, that's a loss of nearly $8,300. >> stocks so far this year are that is a market correction. retirement savings account, know this, the hardest thing to do is over time. the stock market does bounce rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. well, the now-infamous drug company executive martin shkreli has been subpoenaed to testify before a house committee.
3:35 am
>> he gained notoriety for hiking the price of a lifesaving drug by about 5,000%. not sure whether he'll show up, though. reporters about me appearing for their chitchat next week. haven't decided yet, should i?" guitar. >> i guess so. upset over a suspended driver's license drove his rv into a utah municipal building. authorities in taylorsville say the driver then shot himself but somehow managed to survive. no one in that building was hurt. okay, so you may have to relearn everything you thought you knew about the planets. astronomers have discovered new evidence of a possible ninth planet at the far edge of the solar system well beyond pluto. they say it's huge. >> huge. >> huge. about ten times the size of earth and it orbits the sun once
3:36 am
>> sorry, i didn't take your bait there. >> i fail all the time on than. the vatican has offered a place to stay to a homeless woman who gave birth near st. peter's square. a police woman says she immediately gave her uniform jacket to the new mom and her baby on a freezing cold day. they were taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. officials say the pair could stay for up to a year in a vatican-owned building, but mom hasn't made up her mind yet. >> really? that's kind of odd. >> okay. >> cool. well, you know some twins are the best of friends and some actually never hit it off. but there are signs these two australian kids will get along just fine. >> goodness. >> they're preemies born at 28 weeks and weighing just two pounds, christian and christina are doing well. >> christian holding christina's hand while snuggling on dad's chest. their mother says he reached out to hold his sister's hand.
3:37 am
old. already a romantic maybe. a nurturing little guy. that is so precious. >> we were talking about this in our meeting earlier. one of our producers was saying had he too much chest hair. i don't see a lot there. >> doesn't seem to bother the baby. >> it's very cute. really? >> that's where i go with the cute things video. >> oh, my goodness. struggle. about her year's long battle with ms. what she was keeping from friends and fans on the set of the hit show. and get ready to work plan. i'm teaming up with shaun t. we're going to learn the secrets and do some moves with you right here. >> oh, boy. >> you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex. mucinex. o you by mucinex. where do you think you're going?
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3:41 am
oh, yeah. you're watching more than 50 oh, yeah. you're watching more than 50 years of north carolina coastal history crumble in a heap. this 170-foot silo was built in 1954 in the town of newburn. it was a beacon of the area's agricultural golden age. but has since outlived its usefulness. down it came and floated to make way for inevitable progress and growth. >> this is the most excited i've heard you all morning. why do guys get so excited about things. >> we like blowing stuff up. >> a medical miracle. doctors reviving a man in pennsylvania found unconscious and frozen after a night out in the sub zero temperatures last winter. and get this, he had no pulse. >> yeah, but today he's alive and doing well thanks to one
3:42 am
here's our friend t.j. holmes. >> reporter: 26-year-old justin smith is grateful to be alive. after nearly freezing to death. >> i started shaking his head no, no, you can't leave me. you can't leave me. >> last february, don smith found his son unconscious in a snow bank. he had been there overnight where temperatures had dipped to 4 degrees below zero. >> he was blue. his face was lifeless. the coroner was on the scene doing essentially a death investigation. >> all signs lead us to believe that he's been dead for a considerable amount of time. >> reporter: but dr. gerald coleman didn't give up, refusing to pronounce his him dead he and his team performed cpr for two hours as they slowly started warming his stiff cold body. over the next few days, doctors say his brain went from show nothing activity to normal activity. >> we knew we needed a big, big miracle. >> reporter: using a special machine that pumps, warms and provides more oxygen to his blood, his heart
3:43 am
started beating on its own. >> i've never even heard anything like this. it's amazing, something i've never heard of. >> reporter: smith lost all his toes and both pinky fingers but has since made a clear complete recovery. >> it's like i woke up from a dream, but it wasn't a dream, you know. >> reporter: t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> he was in a coma for 15 days after that but doctors were shocked because he woke up without any signs of brain damage. >> amazing. he's making a recovery. coming up, getting back into shape. can't wait for this one. >> i caught up with shaun t. who told me how even insomniacs can have a ball getting in shape. next on "world news now." i am just out of rhythm there. >> there? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:44 am
3:45 am
sexy and you know it. we're awkward and we know it. this guy we're talking about here is shaun t. after tearing it up with his insanity workouts he's taking on a new challenge right here on abc on thursday nights with his new show "my diet is better than yours." >> let's they're address at elephant in the room. >> don't say it.
3:46 am
i recent recently caught up with him at the new york racket club for some workout strategies that even insomniacs can love. >> the first time i ever saw you was with that wonderful infomercial for hip-hop abs. >> you see how it engages all of my muscles. >> i feel like the whole midsection is tight. >> i don't know why we're laughing about it. >> first of all, what you have to understand at one point i was 50 pounds overweight and i lost weight dancing and utilizing shawn t's tilt tuck and tighten, and the more you work your lower half of your body the more calories you burn. that's how i lost. i want to create something amazing for people who don't think they can lose the weight. >> tell us about your plan. >> my plan is called the super food swap diet. >> so i have a new show called "my diet is better than yours."
3:47 am
this show is so fun because it the show fun because it represents real life people. we're not at a camp. these people are in their houses and trying different diets. >> a lot of a.m. newsers. what can they do if they're up wide awake and trying to make the best of a bad situation? >> all right so some of the best exercises you can do are sitting down. in the middle of the night it's hard to stand up and jump around.first thing you can do, we're sitting on resistance balls which i think is best for your back anyway. if you're sitting in a chair, put your hands on the edges of the chair and just start to lift your knees and really engage your core. now, what i want you to do is hold your right leg up, right. >> and extend out and in. and then we're going to hold that leg out and just lift up. all right, but we're going to move on. so we have these balls so we have to be careful. if you're home sitting in your chair it's the best way to do squats. all you have to do is a set of 20.
3:48 am
stand up, sit back down and do it as an fast as you can. now push your hips forward as you come up top. now stand up. now just hover over your chair. don't quite sit. >> i'm going to pause you like i do at home. >> you can't pause me. do like that. stick your chest out and do little but don't sit on your chair. three, two. now put your arms out in front of you just like this what this is doing, it's really enhancing his heart rate. it's getting his heart rate up. he's starting to sweat. i can actually feel the sweat coming off him. you're working your largest muscle groups and you can burn calories in the middle of the night. in the meantime, i'm just going to hang out with kendis. >> come on, y'all. live. are you ready? >> what is the most fun workout that you do? >> the most fun workout that i do is jive. what does everyone love to do? people love to dance. >> awesome. side to side.
3:49 am
take it out. >> what about the people who can't dance like myself. >> you can dance. everybody can dance. >> i'm just black. i can't dance. >> there you go, come on. you can't tell me you can't dance. >> i don't feel my abs. >> not yet. ready? >> come on. back, back, squeeze it together. rock right left and do it again. yeah, kendis. yeah. you got it. >> wow, you got some moves. >> i'm sorry. let me give you my black card right here. okay, so if you're up at these hours, a couple of things he says are key -- number one, hydrating yourself. >> okay. >> having water all the time. that's sort of like it's workout in itself. the other thing, he says there are three exercises you can also do that are pretty easy. do a minute of push-ups. >> do i have to do them with you? >> no. >> do that for a minute. >> i'm not wearing my workout attire. >> you can do that for a minute. you can also do a minute of
3:50 am
>> i can handle that. >> like that. >> and. >> oh, my gosh. are you making this up as you go? do you have any idea what you're doing right now. >> do some tricep pushes like that off a ball or a chair you're sitting at right now. shawn t is safe. >> i want to learn those dance moves. >> those dance moves like back, back, forth, forth. back, forth, forth. 's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. today you can do everything
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3:53 am
well, this morning we're learning new details about what really was a secret struggle of one of america's most watched actresses back in the early 2000s. >> she was best kboep as nown as tony and carmella's daughter meadow. during the show's run what fans didn't know was jamie lynn sigler was waging a silent war on ms. here's abc's jesse palmer.
3:54 am
>> it wasn't my fault. >> she's best known for her role playing tony soprano's daughter meadow. >> we're under a lot of pressure, okay? >> reporter: but during her time on "the sopranos," actress jami lynn sigler given a heartbreaking diagnosis that she kept secret for nearly 15 years. >> i was diagnosed with ms when i was 20 years old. it was a shock. >> reporter: seigler revealing to "people" magazine after struggling with a case of lyme disease at age 19, she says she was left with feelings of heaviness and tingling in her legs. diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a year later she confided in one of her famous co-workers. >> jamie lynn seigler would never people she worked with but did confide in james began gandolfini because she trusted him. >> i don't want to hold a secret where it feels like i have something to hide. it's part of who i am. it's not who i am. >> reporter: also part of her decision to speak out, her 2-year-old son bowe.
3:55 am
>> she didn't want her son to feel like he had to keep the secret for her once he went to school and had people asking about his mom and why she was tired. she wanted to see if she could help people with this. >> reporter: she told "people" over the last decade her symptoms gradually getting worse saying she can't walk for a long period of time without resting. i cannot run. no super hero roles for me. despite her disease, seigler doing her best to live life to the fullest recently celebrating her wedding to cutter dykstra, the two married by singer lance bass over the weekend. >> she just married somebody who she's deeply in love with. they have a beautiful son together and she's counting her blessings. >> and that was jesse palmer reporting. > and she seems to have turned things around. so good for her senator well, that will be the news for this half hour. thank you for joining us, everybody. >> remember to follow us on facebook at >> we'll be sure to post our workout tips there. >> yeah. to post our workout tips there. >> yeah.
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