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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am MST

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a tandem sky dive with a rookie starts off fine, but he learns very quickly something's about to go down. what goes horribly wrong and the frantic moves to fix it as they hurdle towards the ground. a cabby tries to reason with a grumpy rider. >> he just seems to want to have an argument with somebody. >> why bad language isn't the worst thing coming out of his mouth. >> oh, no, he didn't! walk, don't run from this snow blob. >> this is a slow motion
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>> the natural disaster that takes its sweet time. >> and did you break it? >> mom puts her little boy on the spot, but he goes into statue mode when he gets in trouble. see a standoff for the ages and how he aces the victory. [ laughter ] the kid is genius! >> this is a tandem sky dive. the guy in the back they call him wild man. his real name is adrian. he's an expert tandem sky dive jumper. right there is his passenger and they seem to be having a good time. >> he deploys the canopy and everything is going okay and all of a sudden there is a tension knot and you see that canopy not fully deployed. >> and you see the dude in the front has no clue. a big smile on his face is amazing. >> he learns very quickly
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>> he deploys the spare canopy and has some skin. >> i hate those tension knots. that reserve canopy is how they're going to have to get down and at one point, one man instructs the passenger to pull down those lines and he has to help with that landing. now the guy in the front appears to be taking it all well in hand because again, he's just along for the ride, but then things get scarier as they get closer to the ground. >> listen to this. [ screaming ] >> the person who is screaming is the passenger that's along for the ride. he was unhurt and the wildman broke his back and is currently recovering. >> oh, man! did wild man take the brunt of the impact for that guy? >> it had to be wild man who was the one who took the brunt of it because the other guy is unhurt because you can hear them talking after they've landed.
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>> it shows how little control they actually had because they ended uplanding in the suburbs. >> i have to say having a passenger who was unhurt, it takes an expert to pull that off. [ screaming ] >> you never know who's going to get in. unfortunately, one of the worst parts about driving a cab, you never know who will get in and this comes from the uk. the beginning of the video is chris. she's a freelance cab driver and she's been doing it for seven years. >> and it all seems to start so well. the guy who gets into the front passenger side making jokes and how they're all part of the same group. >> yeah. they're all there together. >> and he says that there's still one more to go which is why they've got the back door open, but chris because it's raining has a simple request. >> it's cold, it's raining. she doesn't want the water to get inside. can you close the door?
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>> and then he just gets a bit insupperable straight off the bat. >> and -- excuse me -- and you can get out. >> funny enough, about the exact response chris had. >> we're ready to start. >> so everyone's been through a lot today, but he just seems to want to have an argument with somebody and by this point, chris is just over it. get out. >> you can actually leave my car, please. bereavement doesn't give you a license to be rude. he's just a jerk. it also doesn't give you a license to be disgusting. [ bleep ]. >> oh, no, he didn't! he did not! >> that is the worst thing you can do to a person. that's legally something you can get in serious trouble for. this is why the video is getting
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you see the shock on her face. >> and that's going to be there. >> and she did report it. she reported it to the police. she had to take the next couple of days off, she was so shaken by the experience she didn't want to go to work. >> that is so distasteful. >> over a simple request to keep the door closed, this guy was sporting for some sort of fight lines. >> i'd say rich german is having a pretty spectacular morning and he was out on the water of victoria beach when these gray whales joined them. >> i'm amazed at how people are that this happened. the ocean. >> it's a little like winning the city lottery and to see a majestic animal like that to come so close to it, it is pretty epic. >> i said he was having a pretty good morning because that wasn't
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these are bottle-nosed dolphin and they're animals of the water, nice and peaceful. it's amazing to have one of these encounters. he had both. these ladies in tampa see something, but they didn't catch it on purpose. at first i'm, like, what am i looking at? pay attention. >> you didn't get any of my pictures? >> oh, my gosh. >> did that she's over there trying to capture the perfect shot when she captures the perfect shot. >> it seems too perfect. >> you didn't get any of my pictures? obviously this discussion is going nowhere fast. i say real, they say fake and just agree with me.
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this guy looks like he has spotted something in the fresh, powdery snow, what has he spotted. keep an eye on what's about to come down this mountain. >> oh, that's an avalanche, it is, and this is a slow motion avalanche, and it's more like a mudslide than a typical avalanche than we're used to seeing. just watch it work its way across this road like a monster blob just flowing in a solid form. >> you're right. it's like a mud flow or lava flow. i've never seen snow do this and also a little scary because even though it is moving down, some of it is coming toward him. stop? >> you do see him back up a little bit, but they're aware of intentionally. they set this off because they were concerned that the snow was going to come falling down the hill and block this road.
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unsuspecting motorist, they triggered this slow-moving avalanche to make it safe for everybody else. >> the amount that comes down proves their theory. speak of the power of this. hear how the trees snap. >> if they're getting ready to take on the microwave. >> it's quite fascinating to watch. ladies show up to get their nails done, but they have no idea what they're in for. >> hey, girl. >> my name is taquila. >> see what happens when taquila gives them the vip treatment. >> i call them fun ons for the bunions. >> plus pizza gets a make ore in the wafflemaker. see the steps to serve it up in style.
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apparently, people think i closed captioning provided by -- g you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i'm taquila, how you doing? >> i ain't even that ugly, man. >> the girl is a hot mess about everything and i am here for it. these ladies set up a nail appointment. it's a bride and her bridal party. >> how are you doing? >> wait, wait, wait. taquila makes a really good manicurist. >> remember you said that, okay? >> taquila is in the business of beauty and her beauty is like that? >> these ladies are trying to keep it together and going along with all of this. >> hold on, girls.
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the boobs! >> i thought i heard them dogs barking. >> that's cool. i like a manicurist that's funny. that laugh -- i don't know if that's, like, you're funny. get me out of here. they all seem to be smiling, but their eyes are saying a different story and every one of them are thinking oh, gosh, i want to get a picture of this so bad and i don't want to be rude. >> my special sauce, i call it. i bathe my dog chalupa in it. >> chaluppa? >> yeah. he used to have hair and then he turned hairless. >> the beauty of this is what a moment these girls will have now. they've got a funny video to present, to show all their friends and they'll never forget this moment. >> this is a little concoction that i made up. >> that's right.
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>> i would go more. [ laughter ] >> i call this funions for the bunions and what it do is some of the acid in the onions is a toe cheese preventative. >> the flowers for the lovely bride. >> here's your tiara because you're the win or my new tv show. >> and the bath master has struck again. >> taquila -- >> uh-huh. >> neighbors like this just drive you insane. just making a ruckus and all kinds of noise on his quad in the middle of the street does not belong there. gosh, if only, if only someone could get him to stop or something! >> i saw that coming about 720 degrees before it happened.
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the guy smacks pretty hard on the ground and hopefully that headache will remind you not to be a jerk face neighbor anymore. unintentional wheelie. this guy along with his two other buddies out on dirt bikes enjoying their day. they're not bothering anybody and what better time to practice skills. for wheel, nobody else around and it's a quiet road and this is where you're supposed to do it although it looks a little bit icy. >> ooh, ahh! >> i meant to do that. that went right as planned. did i get that on video? >> i really want to get rid of my rear fender. >> thankfully it looks like that's all he sheared off because he got the protective gear on. he says he's not hurt. >>. >> awful, yummy, pizza,
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what if we put the two together? >> you get some pizza dough and you roll it out and then watch what they do with it. they put it in the wafflemaker. yes. you spread the wafflemaker with some pam, put in pizza dough, some sauce, cheese, meat, some more choose. >> i'm digging this. >> sold!hey top it with more dough because this is like a waffle pocket and watch what happens! >> oh, come on! >> as the italian in the group here i don't like messing around with pizza. pizza is good. pizza! >> this is more >> or hot pocket. >> you are so authentic. >> and the final reveal, guys, money! look at that. >> glory? chlt. >> there's more joy coming out of the wafflemaker here. i say just listen.>> there's more joy coming out of the wafflemaker here.
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[ laughter ] >> so stupid! a farting wafflemaker! >> you could pay extra! >> all of the different waffle items and that one for the farting feature. >> who cares if the waffle it is s are any good? this is the experience you're after. [ laughter ] >> b.a.s.e. jumping taken to another level. >> they've got a very special plan for this hot air balloon. see how this hot air balloon comes into play. >> i never would have thought that was possible. >> me either. >> these cuties know the true meaning of sharing is caring. >> they want to make sure that sarah gets plenty to eat. they can still fill the heart. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em!
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many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash
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promotional consideration provided by -- with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. mike swanson is awesome. >> in the desert they did all of this for urban armored gear. they're setting up in enormous hot air balloon and they've got a helicopter there and they go up in the helicopter first and they do a couple of jumps and they go super awesome and go down about 118 miles an hour. but once they get the jump done and out of the way they start blowing up the hot air balloon and start pressing it and they'll actually get on top of the hot air balloon, but they
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still blowing it up. >> they climb on the balloon itself? >> yes. and they'll attach a slide off the top of the balloon so they can slide off. >> they inflated the balloon with them on it. i want to do that. >> it's quite fun. >> they start going up into the sky and while they're at altitude, i think about 2800 feet they get the okay, yo, jump. >> he kind of gets stuck. he recovers and continues walking closer to the edge and eventually takes off. >> what a really cool idea and then to find the people to say, hey, we want to sit on top of it. who agrees to that? these guys are well-respected athletes and they know they're working with them. >> all of the many joys of
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and we start with these two cute little girls. sarah and watch how ivy tries to play mommy. there is nothing on that fork, but ivy wants to make sure that sarah gets plenty to eat. >> see, it's like getting it. they're practicing, but i just thought that was mono because there is nothing on the plate and it's not like she's pretending not to take anything off. >> look at this. nothing. >> aden broke something and his response to his mom is unlike anything i've seen from a kid. just watch. >> did you break it? did you break it? >> maybe if i stand here long enough and just blink and not move mom won't notice i'm here in the room. [ laughter ] >> he looks to me like wild. >> i like how she says he goes into statue mode when he gets in trouble and you guys, this goes
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>> are you going to pass out because you're just so scared? >> he hasn't blinked yet. >> after this, there's finally resolution. hello? aden? [ laughter ] >> the kid is a genius. at the very end he reveals my comedy face, mom. >> i'm going to try it, next time i'm in trouble i'll just stare at her and just smile. >>. >> perfect proof that men, children and women are just patient. see what happens when a girlfriend walks in on her pigeon head boyfriend. >> what kind of a freakish thing
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