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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. crime tape still in an apartment complex. a jefferson county deputy shot. >> reporter: colorado state patrol testing new devices to help them catch drivers driving under the influence of marijuana. >> new sense of urgency, and peyton manning hinting this could be his last game suiting up. an american nanny from colorado has been found dead in austria. that's according to the associated press. there isn't much information now. we know the 25-year-old was
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>> she worked as a nanny while studying abroad. her employer got worried when she didn't show up for work. the 25-year-old nanny from colorado has been found dead. her name has not been released. we want to get over to a check of the first alert weather with lisa. >> we promised you a nice warmup. starts today with temperatures well above normal. now windchills in the teens to 20s, even a few single digits. greeley feels like just 8. denver 14. closer to zero up into the mountains. but this afternoon we're in for with that sunrise this morning we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds and it will ssay mostly sunny through the day. by 10:00, 40. by noon 48. we'll get to around 52 here in denver this afternoon. anywhere from low to mid-50s today and tomorrow. even warmer on friday. there's 60s and snow on our seven-day forecast. we'll talk about both coming up.
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accident and stall-wise on and off the highways. police activity at 84th, here's the merge from 84th to join southbound i-25. it's that short merge, they still have that right lane blocked that usually is an acceleration lane, transition lane allowing you to go from 84th to highway 36, then that southbound side is feeling the effects of t. as folks are jumping on early here, we're getting backed up early back to heavy stop and go traffic, all the way to 84th avenue. you can see that theeheaviest drive by far. all the green except for this area here, 104th to 84th. 3 the slowest and heaviest commute by far. the breaking news we've been following this morning in aurora, a jefferson county deputy in critical condition after he was shot in an apparent robbery. >> there's a search for one of the attackers.
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us nottfar from rangeville high school in aurora. >> reporter: this happened right here in the parking lot of this apartment complex near iliff and buckley in aurora. police have been here all night long. i was just speaking to a resident who saw some of what happened here yesterday evening, when two young guys tried to rob this off-duty deputy and then started shooting. he saw the deputy as he was on the ground calling for help. listen. >> after the third shot he immediately started screaming, i'm an officer, off-duty, % please help. by the third shot he had that out. you could hear he was in pain. >> reporter: police say the deputy was shot multiple times in the stomach and chest. he is fighting for his life now in the hospital. even with the severity of his injuries he shot back at the suspects. he hit one of them in the leg, police say it was a juvenile shot. he was then taken to the hospital where he is now recovering. the second shooter is still on
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police from around the region were out in force trying to find him after this happened yesterday. but still no success. we have seen so many officer involved shootings across the front range recently. nearly 20 of them since halloween. that investigators believe this was a random crime. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. this morning administrators at warren village school in denver will be trying to reassure parents the school is safe for their kids. the parents are concerned after one of its teachers was arrested, accused of promising sex with underage girls in exchange for cash. this man here, david hocker, 35 years old, he worked as a substitute teacher the past eight days. the school says nothing happened at the school.
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this is including an employee of aurora public schools who works in a warehouse. new this morning, adams county puts off a vote on the future of oil and gas drilling. there was a special meeting on schools. it lasted nearly eight hours because so many people signed up to speak. adams county officials say six drilling sites are fully approved and six more are waiting for approval. >> we can't let these chemicals and capacities out into -- gases out into the environment and expect they'll be safe. >> ultimately the commissioners decided to hold another meeting next week. they should vote in two weeks. breaking news out of new orleans this morning, there's a 6 alarm fire that happened this morning. broke out about three years ago, in a popular area in new orleans. the legendary canal street. the video here posted by someone on twitter, a viewer there in that area. a few blocks away from the roosevelt hotel if you're familiar with that zone.
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building. now no word of any injuries in this fire in new orleans. also breaking, two people are dead after someone went into a homeless camp in seattle, started shooting. three others were injured. two in critical condition. all lived in that camp. police are searching for two people who may have been involved. colorado state patrol has a pitch to drivers caught driving high and they're trying to do this to fight crime. they're about to roll out a marijuana dui pilot program. this morning denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh is live along i- 25 with the details. sally. >> reporter: kellie, right now the only way law enforcement can find out whether somebody is driving under the influence of marijuana is through a blood test. but that could soon change. they're now looking at swabbing your mouth and immediately turns out the results without having to wait for them. now state patrol has been testing five different devices since marrh.
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these devices. when someone is arrested for driving under the influence and given a blood test, they ask that person whether they want to be tested again through this device. that has been a challenge for 3 them in itself, because troopers aren't getting thht many volunteers. the participation rate here is about 5%. even though using these devices will be voluntary on the road, it does nnt influence the decision to arrest someone. what this device is doing is help paint a better picture of how many people are driving high and mobile could come in handy in court for law enforcement. >> we're not even a year into this yee. what we're seeing is now some of these are starting to come into court, and we don't know what defense attorneys are going to bring up. obviously our portion of it is that these devices and the test results of these devices were not used in any way, shape or
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decision to make that arrest. >> reporter: state patrol does not plan to use any of the devices yet. they just want to test how accurate the devices are for at least two years before they choose to go with any of the devices, if they choose to go that route. in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. 6:08 now. broncos season ticket holders can ppck up their tickets for super bowl l. you had to go into a lottery system for a chance to get a ticket. the season ticket holders paad about 1500 bucks. that's pretty much a bargain % when you start looking at the third party sites. upper zone, 404, you're up there high, that's starting at 3850 bucks for one ticket. and it keeps going, gets crazy after that. especially to the suites. broncos fans traveling to the super bowl will not only spend an arm and a leg on
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airbnb says renttls in californna are going two times their normal rates. average price, 360 bucks a night. one woman is charging $600 a night for one room. this is exciting, the broncos' logo is being painted on the field at levi stadium. could be the last time we see peyton manning playing for the broncos. not just rumor, planning himself said it after the game this last sunday when speaking tt the patriot's head coach. listen carefully. >> i don't know if you could hear that, but manning said this might be his last rodeo. those were his words to coach belichick there. lionel will join us to talk more about the one liner
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we're still looking at your broncos pride pictures. this is the flatirons in boulder. obviously photo shopped, but thought it was pretty cool. >> look at this awesome picture. check out that view. keep sending us your pictures, you can post them on our facebook page or on twitter, use the #broncospride. we'll share them. donald trump says he's skipping tomorrow's debate, the fiial showdown before the iowa caucuses. one of his rivals is calling him out. >> hard to forget this heart stopping video we showed you yesterday. this morning that skier is opening up about her fears before she took that run. before it aal started. riiht now, 6:10. let's check in with meteorologist lisa hidalgo. >> we are in for a nice couple of days. temperatures this morning about 5 tt 10 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. this is a trend we'll see through the afternoon. this afternoon highs in the low to mid-50s. >> still quiet at least on the
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6:14. live look over the capital city this morning. jayson is helping you get through this. lisa has good news about the weather. >> i do. >> and she's giving it to us with orange aad blue nail polish. >> like that? >> she did this in the middle of the show. >> takes skill. i can only do it on quiet days. something going on outside, i can do it. i'm ready. i ought more gear yesterday. >> more orange and blue stuff? >> you missed it. >> i saw some of the stuff.
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the '80s that was a lamp. >> i still have a helmet, in the man cave. >> likely we'll see more blue and orange on the horizon. now still dark. 25 in denver. wind at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. it is a mild start to the day, compared to yesterday. a few degrees above normal early on. there. you're at 14. littleton now just below freezing. still pretty close to zero in the mountains. factoring in the winds this morning, feels like 20s, but by this afternoon it will be so nice. southwesterly winds will help to boost our numbers. upper 40s to low 50. puts us a good 10, 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. denver 52. castle rock tooay you're at 54. up in the foothills, estes park a high of 40, very mild there.
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evergreen we'll be in the low to mid-30s. farther south, puublo, trinidad, lamar close to 60. boulder at 52 and around freezing in the central mountains. normal high is 44. we're going to crush that number. -`low to mid-50s and plenty of sunshine. little cover to the north of us. weak system ttat grazes parts of northern colorado. other than that, dry. state-wide our futurecast shows a few hiih clouds rolling in this afternoon. we'll stay dry not only on the plains but also in the mountains through thursday. by friday we get about a 20% chance for snow in the high country. then a better chance into the weekend. heading up to the mountains this weekend could get tricky. stay tuned for details on that. with a chance of snow there friday into saturday. we get our shot of snow the first of next week, sunday into monday. until then, look at our seven- day forecast is so lopsided, 50s and 60s to end the week. friday we're at 60 degrees. we really drop next week.
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bring a decent amount of snow. >> not going to be fun on the commute. really good commutes over the last several days. and you can see that continuing here along i-70. this is the junction of i-70 and central park. here's central park there. that would take you to northh field over that way, and then the south side through stapleton. this is the eastbound side of i- 70 heading over to havana and eventually over to dia. `hat's the westbound, headlights are the westbounders going over to downtown denver. you can see on the overall map a lot of green on i-70, where they're getting out to dia and i-25. you can see all the red. it's confined to this area here. southbound side of i-25 to 84th avenue. this is the commute time, 20 to 25 minutes already. and it's with that short merge, you can see on the cdot camera is. short merge that will be in place at least another week if not longer at 84th. so plan on extra time coming in from the north side to
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hard to forget this video. we showed this yesterday. captures a skier, she tumbles 1,000 feet. this is in alaska. >> as we watched this yesterday we couldn't wait for it to end. the skier spoke exclusively with good morning america and said she had fear before she did that run. >> i feel like professional skiing and a lot of sports is knowing the difference between shouldn't do something and the nervous fear we always have. >> the fall happened last week while filming. >> this was filmed as part of their safety week. >> that makes a statement, doesn't it? >> it kept on going. again, she's fine. >> i wait watching -- hate watching that. >> i would have snapped in half. today broncos' gear is getting loaded up, starting the journey to levi stadium.
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>> here's what is cool, you can follow it with the #broncostruck. the gear is stored away. let's talk about the team. here's lionel with more. champiinship. you might have seen this video exchange between peyton manning and bill belichick. it's on my facebook page if you peyton saying it might be his last rodeo. it might be in denver, but he hasn't made plans for after the season, which has one more game, super bowl l. listen to peyton after. does he sound like he was saying thank you and goodbye? here he is on stage and at the >> it's been a special four years playing here in denver for these great fans for this going to our second super bowl in four years is very special. >> kind of staying in the moment, taking it one week at a time, not assuming this is how % it's going to be, this is a final, final decision here one
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try to take it one week at a time, stay patient and i think that's well. >> stay tuned. von miller on the cover of 3 "sports illustrated" this week, sacking tom brady. it reads, orange rush. peyton manning will be the narrative, but broncos' soul crushing d is the story. got that right. miller crushed brady and also did the same to cam newton in 2012. went in carolina and sacked cam seven times, beat the panthers and von stole cam's super bowl celebration. but now a few years later, cam has developed into the biggest threat in the nfl. >> i've never seen anything that size, you look like typical nfl quarterback, sit in the pocket and throw it,,and then you can run with it. probably could play any position in the nfl that you wanted to. he's definitely a unique player. like i said, he's probably the most dangerous quarterback in the nfl right now. >> the uniforms just about ready to go.
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these pictures sewing the super bowl 50 logos on the the white jerseys. they're off today and practice thursday and off to santa clara sunday and we'll be with them every step of the way, denver 7 sports xtra chase for the championship. until we see you again, have a great morning. did you go to the game sunday? if so you have to check out the broncos fan cam. you can find yourself and tag yourself. >> you can zoom around and go to different places and zoom in. actually it's a pretty good shot. youucan see, let's go around here. because i know right over here somewhere is our producer. there she is right there. >> boom. >> check her out. >> she's on her phone. of course she's on her phone. >> i'm not on my phone. >> what is that? >> she's just standing. >> oh the person next to you with a beer next to your head. cool. you can go anywhere in the stadium and find yourself. it's kind of hard a little bit.
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>> fun, check it out. >> if you know where you're 6:21 now. there will be a big hole front and center for tomorrow's gop debate. you'll hear from donald trump himself about the boycott. >> the new teen challenge going around the internet and a
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good mornnng. it's 6:25. first alert weather tracking a beautiful morning. live look in akron, and you can see enough cloud cover to give us a beautiful sunrise. dry conditions today. air quality is moderate. we're expecting a high in denver of 52 egrees. 52 today, even warmer by friday. we're about 5 to 10 degrees warmer with a high of 60 to end the week. >> pretty easy drive. 225 and you can see from airtracker 7, there's mississippi, iliff.
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i-25 creeping along, barely moving from 120th to 84th. it's that short merge in there. 25 minutes to downtown at least right now. just about 6:26. tomorrow fox news holds the final republican presidential debate before the all important iowa caucuses. there will be an obvious absence, and that's donald trump. he is refusing to attend because of who is moderating. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. i think she's a third rate reporter. i think she frankly is not good at what she does. and i think they could do a lot better than megyn kelly. >> fox news says they stand behind kelly. ted cruz called him ducking donald, and wants to challenge him to a one-on-one debate. president obama hassinvited senator bernie sanders to the white house. obama has not endorsed a candidate at this point, but has praiseed hillary clinton. the white house says the
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this morning the search continues for the man wanted in the shooting of an off-duty jefferson county sheriff's deputy. >> we're live with the latest on this search next. then, how you can prove denver
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6:30. we begin with breaking news. we received more information to the story we told you about at the top of this news hour. american nanny from colorado has reportedly been found dead in austria. police are treating this as a homicide. this is a 25-year-old found half naked inside her apartment in vienna, after her employer got worried when she didn't show up to work. her body was found next to a considerable amount of blood. she was working as a nanny while studying abroad. more breaking news, or one of two men who shot a local deputy after
6:25 am
the shooting happened not far from rangeview high school in aurora by buckley and iliff. it's where denver 7's lindsay watts joins us live. >> reporter: police have been at the shooting scene all night long. this is where it happened last night. in the parking lot of this aurora apartment complex. police say two guys tried to rob that off-duty jeffco deputy and started shooting. the deputy was shot multiple times in the chest and stomach, but he was still able to return fire. he shot one of the suspects, a juveeile, in the leg. because of that, the teen was not able to get away and he is now in the hospital. the second suspect took off and is still on the run, despite huge effort by police to track him down. as terrible as this is, something outstanding about what happened here last night. neighbors rushed to help the deputy, even as shots were still being fired. thissis a resident i just spoke with this morning. >> by the third shot, even though he was still shooting, there were still people coming
6:26 am
>> reporter: as the shooting was happening? >> yeah. there's a young lady, she lives on the bottom end, she was the first one out and immediately on top of it and trying to help him and assist him in the situation. >> reporter: he also told me that right after this shooting the deputy started calling for help and saying that he was an off-duty officer. again, he is ow in the hospital, fighting for his life this morning. we have a limited description of that shooter that's still on the run. police say he is a black man who was wearing a brown jacket when it happened last night. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. we're seeing law enforcement all over our state putting their prayers and support behind that jefferson county sheriff's deputy. one of their deputies is in critical condition after a robbery and shooting last night in aurora. this is one of the messages on twitter from the douglas county office. the entire jeffco sheriff's office family there. a lot of people reaching out
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taking a live look outside now, 6:32, that sun is coming up and looks like it's going to be a gorgeous start ouu there. let's see what we can expect with first alert meteorologist lisa hidalgo. >> from this vantage point, another orange and blue sunrise, beautiful start to our wednesday. a few clouds this morning. temperatures this morning are warmer than yesterday. we're in the mid- to upper 20s. denver 25. colder near greeley and fort collins. single digits chills in the mountains this morning. by 10:00, 40 degrees. by noon, 48. you'll likely see a lot more people outside this afternoon. great day for the play ground. 52 by 3:00. we are looking at sunshine and again a very nice afternoon. coming up we'll take a look how warm it gets through saturday. then a chance for snow. >> our drive is really quiet. overall you'll start to see heavy traffic building in the usual spots.
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i-25, well, we did look at i- 25. we'll get to that traffic story here in just a minute. the worst of it is i-25 coming down from 84th. i'll give you another update ii just a minute. it s 6:33 now. cdot may shock you with a new campaign. every wednesday they'll post the number of traffic deaths so far this year. denver7's sally mamdooh found one of these signs. cdot hoping this will reduce some crashes. >> reporter: that's right. how do you change how drivers drive? you bring the message to the road, which is why you can expect to see these signs, some highways here with traffic crash fatalities numbers on them. this is just a way to encourage drivers to drive safely. just last year 545 people died % in crashes on colorado roads, which is about a 12% increase
6:29 am
cdot, who is behind this, is hoping this will drop the number of car crash fatalities as well as send a clear message that there is a problem with how people are driving out on the road. as you can see now, the traffic is picking up out here on i-25. you can imagine that everybody out here that's driving by this sign is taking a look and if you just looked at the sign, it said on it 13 traffic deaths so far this year. that's a high number. we're just still in january. hopefully this could change how drivers are driving on the roads today. for now we're in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. 6:35 now. colorado law enforcement trying to get the word out about illegal puffer cars like the one behind me here, idling and sitting on the street. they put their keys in the car, leave it running and unattended. thieves see this as an opportunity to steal and they get away with this. this is what police say led to the home invasion yesterday in
6:30 am
brought that as breaking news yesterday. 3 thieves stole the car a few days ago and returned to the into the house. the homeowners caught one of got away. denver police hope someone has information about the shooting death of this man, station. crimestoppers is offering $2,000 for information. 6:36 now. supporters of planned parenthood want a colorado state representative to resign after what she said about colorado springs shooting at the office in november. we were there as the group gathered at the capitol yesterday to ddmand representative windholz step down. she posted on facebook planned parenthood was the true instigator following the shooting that left three dead.
6:31 am
condone the murder of a policeman and iraq war veteran and mother in the name of right to life. >> she has since taken that comment down. supporters have collected more than 62,000 signatures world wide on an online petition. more than 100 people lined up this time yesterday morning to get into an affordable housing complex in aurora. they camped out for hours in freezing temperatures yesterday. some missed their jobs. school, only to be turned away. miss said that meadows at dunkirk canceled the event because of an overwhelming response. this goes back to the shortage metro area. >> we have looked over a year and cannot find anything. >> we have growing housing demand and supply is not keeping up, given the amount of growth we have ouu here. >> at first this was a first come first serve thing.
6:32 am
decided to take applications by fax after canceling this event. we went back out overnight and didn't see anyone lined up. it's official, levi stadium is painted for the denver broncos. we found this before and affer photo. stencils down. there it is. in 11 days the broncos' number one defense takes on the carolina panthers' number one offense. we have a team packing up, heading to the super bowl this week, and that will include eric lupher, nd lisa will be heading that way. >> whoo! >> that's why she's buying more `ear. follow them on twitter. >> hard work, but they have a lot of fun. we want to prove denver not only has the best fans but the most generous as well. our city is going head it head against charlotte in a food drive. this is part of the united in
6:33 am
you can drop them off at one oo 80 donations. areas are listed at a new viral challenge involving duct tape, that left one teenager fighting for his life.
6:34 am
6:41 now. one person is dead and group of people under arrest as the standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge comes to a head. it began with a traffic stop last night which led to a violent confrontation between the group, fbi and local law enforcement. the group has occupied the land since january 2nd to protest federal land policies. the affluenza teenager could be coming back to the u.s. soon. his lawyers say he wants to
6:35 am
allow him to be deport the. police found couch and his mom in new mexico last month after they disappeared. he was wanted for a probation violation. he avoided prison time after killing four people in a drunk driving accident because his lawyer argued he was too spoiled to understand right from wrong. there's a new challenge going all over the internet, it's called the duct tape % challenge. one teenager said it almost cost him his life. >> before we show you what happened, we wanted to warn you some of his injuries are pretty 3 severe, so not good for the weak stomachs out there. it involves teens wrapping duct tape, wrapped in duct tape and trying to free themselves. skylar fell as he tried to `reak free. he crushed his entire eye sscket, and suffered a brain aneurism and needed 48 staples in his head.
6:36 am
when i think about it, i become sad and then, like, very happy beccuse i'm happy because i survived it. like, i almost died. >> he is now headed tt children's hospital in washington to finish his recovery. it's not known yet if he'll be able to see out of that eye. this morning we have taiwan's take on american football, including a wheelchair bound manning. >> what in the world is that?
6:37 am
quarter to 7:00. live look, beautiful sunrise. 25 degrees outside. should be a nice day. 100-year-old miami woman wakes up to find a really weird looking animal sleeping on her chest. >> this story is so strange.
6:38 am
in-law at 2:000in the morning. turns out, it was an animal that usually lives in central america but thhs was a pet that got escaped. >> this happened in miami. >> at least it wasn't a -- [inaudible] >> those are even uglier. >> didn't seem to want to hurt her. just wanted to snuggle. >> that will wake you up. don't need a cup of coffee. >> who has that as a pet? >> apparently someone in miami. >> we have a cry out for help, for our polar plunge. most of our morning show team, denver 7 a proud sponsor. jason has been running around almost naked in the snow daily. i jumped in the snow in steamboat.
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for more info or o to special olympics colorado to their web site. i like how i'm standing in my armpit in that picture. that's weird. live look from akron, it's gorgeous out there. lots of color in the sky. teens and 20s this morning. denver now 25. greeley 12. parker 32. mitch mentioned it was warmer than yesterday. he's right. we're a good 5, 10 degrees warmer than the same time tuesday. estes park you're at 37 now. little breezy up and through the foothills. speeds 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's that southwesterly wind that surface wind that will help push our temperatures. denver 52 this afternoon. greeley 45. parker 53. we promised you a nice warmup `nd it starts today. we'll be closer to 60 across southeastern colorado from pueblo to lamar. low to mid-30s in the mountains.
6:40 am
above normal today. even more so tomorrow. you're going to find across the colorado. few clouds to the north. we're going to see a few of today. futurecast shows overall it's really very dry. next 12 to 24 hours. hoping for more snow in the avalanche danger is high. good timing for the weekend, they'll get more. across the plains we're going to stay dry until early next week. dry and warm. the first half of our seven-day forecast, 50s and 60s, bright spot on friddy with a high of 60. still warm saturday. then we'll start to cool down sunday. next chance for snow, sunday into monday. we're keeping a close eye on this one. seen the models bounce all over the place. >> you mentioned avalanche danger, that's why we have loveland pass closed. you're looking at 225, the 9- mile park and ride there, and the light rail station.
6:41 am
that is going down to quincy, northbound side at peoria. easy drive, typical traffic. flashing lights going from parker road southbound on i-25. the helicopter can't hear me, want them to point that way. % i'll take a look and get in their ear in just a minnte. drive now up to the north side of town. i-76 is really packed in. heavy stop and go traffic. i-76 nearly the entire way. i-25, well over half an hour from 120th to downtown denver. it's all that short merge at 84th avenue causing the delays. i-70 is busy. south side busy. might have something here at 225 and parker. i'll look at that closer in just a minute. thank you. about 10 minutes before 7:00. new this morning, the zika virus has arrived in europe. a danish tourist has come down with the virus after a trip to central america.
6:42 am
disease has been transmited so far. the areas you see in the purple. hospital isn't releasing a lot of information so far about that person. they say there's little risk of the virus spreading in denmark. cdc is expanding the list of places affecting by it, adding the u.s. virgin islands and dominican republic. pregnant women are told not to go to these countries. the cdc is asking doctors to screen infants whose mothers visited countries affected by this virus. we'll get you caught up in your morning sprint coming up. a jefferson county deputy shot
6:43 am
this morning. >> we start the morning sprint with lindsay watts following the search for a robber who shot an off-duty police officer. >> reporter: police are still here now at iliff and buckley. an off-duty deputy was walking through there parking lot last night when two guys tried to rob him and started shooting. the deputy was shot multiple times and he is figgting for his life. police continue to search for one of the shooters who took off. the second guy involved in this
6:44 am
caught because he was shot in the leg. the deputy was able to return fire after being hit, so that juvenile was detained and he is in the hospital now. i was just talking to a neighbor who saw some of what happened here last night. he says that residents here rushed out to help the deputy, even as shots were still being fired. 3 everyone now just hoping the deputy does pull through. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. thank you. substitute teacher on the job at a denver school only eight days is now behind bars. investigators arrested david hocker and nine otters as part of a human trafficking sting. he worked at warren village school in denver. he's accused of promising sex with underage girls in exchange for case. administrators say he was never alone with children and nothing happened at the school. aurora man behind bars in
6:45 am
a 13-year-old girl at a hotel. investigators believe nathaniel smith met the girl on an app, planning to bring her to colorado with him. the man who shot david martinez says he and another man tied him up, robbed hhm after he posted an ad on craigslist. police say the homeowner broke free, shot at one of the suspects as he took off in the %- victim's suv. prosecutors haven't yet announced if the homeowner could be charged in that fatal shooting. >> reporter: cdot is hoping to encourage drivers to drive safe on the roads. it's why you'll see these signs in the denver area. it's a reminder of how many traffic deaths are happening every week. they're hoping this sobering reminder changes the behave of drives. last year they had about 445 people that died in crashes on colorado roads, which is about aa12% increase from the year before.
6:46 am
affect how drivers are driving and make them a lot aware and drive safely on the road. for now, we're in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. unfortunately, we have an auuo/pedestrian accident. this is leetsdale and quebec. there was a person hurt by a car in the roadway and that person is there laying on the ground. police and paramedics are there trying to help out now. you can see traffic is getting by, but they are still trying to elp that person out who looks, appears to be hurt going to put him on the gurney and take him in the ambulance to the hospital. lane restrictions at least there for the next at least 15 minutes. eastbound drive is about to get righter, too -- brighter, too. beautiful sunrise. i had to show you this from akron again. it's gorgeous.
6:47 am
coming ii from the north. won't see much moisture over the next two days. mild, 52. air quality moderate. 50s today and tomorrow. 60 friday and close to 60 saturday. tough to hear, but that's the exchange between peyton manning and bill belichick. this. manning is heard saying, this might be my "last rodeo." if he retires after this season, super bowl l would be the last time taking the field in the broncos' uniform. he said hees still taking it one week at a time. we're taking a look at some of your broncos pride pictures. this was sent to us by carla.
6:48 am
dogs, remi. else. sorry. well. made us laugh. yeah, that's me. that's lisa, big old broncos' hat there. you stole eric's hat. keep those pictures coming in using #broncospride on twitter. >> were you laaghing hard there? >> yes. this is taiwan's take on american football. it shows peyton manning with a walker, calling on his teammates to beat down brady. comes out n the motorizeed wheelchair to throw touchdown passes to owen. brady was seen crying multiple times in the video. >> kind of weird.
6:49 am
le. tsdale on quebec. we had a person hit by a vehicle here in that turr lane on that southbound side of leetsdale before quebec. we do have lanes stricted. the person in that ambulance hospital. %- you can take a look at the overall map. lane restrictions there. heaviest traffic by far up to the north sidee it is rock solid. almost 40 minutes from 120th just to get into downtown. >> it's getting harder to get around, isn't it? >> it's the construction zones. that's one of them there. and it's temporary, at least another week, if not longer.
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