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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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right now, snow or shine, the rally will go on behind me, and these are some true broncos fans. they don't care how cold it gets, they'll be out here, guys, back to you. >> they sure will, sally thanks. we'll check in with lisa.
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super bowl, there is no known threat for any events leading up to it but want to be prepared. >> you're not going to see a please state where officers are hovering over people with rifles but we're going to be present and not too far away from large crowds or anything that could be threatening. >> the fbi set up a joint operation center nearly by stadium to monitor, or respend to any threats that may -- respood to any threats that may pop up. 90 k9 units will check for explosives. this year's lombardi trophy is in gold to celebrate the win made by tiffany and company. it weighs a whopping 73 pounds. >> when you think super bowl we want you to think denver 7. our coverage starts saturday
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don't miss the hour long special right before the news at ten. >> melvin taylor and marquez are wanted for a shooting at 88th and grant. multiple men face first-degree attempted murder and multiple other charges. and a teenager survived being pulled from an icy pond, but his friends did not. >> lindsay watt joins us with more on this video that was captured by the officer's body camera, lindsay. >> reporter: kelly and mitch, the officer was the first to get there after he fell into the pond in parker. let's get you to the body camera footage. you can see officer biles picks up a large branch expanding it towards the pond. the woman onshore saw the boys go in and is running towards the icy water. two of the boys were submerged but the third, cole robinson was struggling closer to the edge of
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the sound is tough to make out, but the officer tells him to grab the stick, and hang on, buddy. it only takes a few seconns and he's ableeto hostile himself out of that -- hoist himself on to the water and on to land. this is what officer biles tells us when those moments. >> one of the more heroic things i've ever seen is cole grabbing on to that branch because he had no dexterity in his hands, and he was able to grab it with his foremans and be pulled -- foreerms and be pulled on to shore. >> the officer says he was heart broken he was not able to rescue those other boys who fell in. patrick lance and max gantney were pulled out but they were just submerged too long. patrick died soon after and max was taken off life support over the weekend. back ut here live, both of these boys were students at legend high school and you can
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and neighbors have done to this fence creating a memorial for the boys. there were two students who were here a little while ago who stood for a few moments this has been something devastating for the parker community including those first responders who wanted nothing more for those boys to be taken out alive. lindsay watt, denver 7. right now police are looking for this guy who is considered a person of interest in a bank robbery yesterday morning. he was inside the douglas county champion bank when it was robbed and might know something that might lead to an arrest. we're told the man who robbed the bank had a gun,,and ordered people to lie down on the loor as he ran off with the money. breaking overnight in downtown denver, the driver of this bmw left the scene after and clarkon. the beamer is pretty beat up. the car ended up stuck between the tree and the wall. if police are able to track ddwn
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face some charges for leaving the scene of an accident. one of the teen girls accused of plotting an attack, brook higgins, is being held on $1 million bond. at a hearing her attorneys are hoping a judge will lower that number and are hoping a judge will move her case back to juvenile court. so far higgins and her accomplice, sienna are bbing charged with conspiracy of attempted murder to shoot people at their high school. the cu grad was found dead in her apartment in vienna and we're still waiting to learn %- more about what led up to her death. officials tell us she was suffocated but that doesn't %- explain the blood found around her and are hoping some toxicology tests reveal more, but won't be expected until next month.
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forceable fondlings in a week's time. >> safety officials are asking -- adding staff trying to keep students safe. they've increased car and foot patrol, and are telling students to travel in groups when outside. none of the groups have made a formal police report and that makes finding the suspect pretty difficult. >> it makes it difficult, but i think you'd have to file with dpd to see what that means from -`their perspective, but it makes it hard when it is not a police report made, but doesn't mean we can't figure out what's going on with the information we have. >> officials aren't sure if it's the same person in all three cases but the victim all describe the suspect as a college-aged white male about six feet tall if you have any information call police. we have a scam alert. arvad a police are getting -- arvada police are getting
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people to wire cash to the kings supers to settle an outstanding warrant, promising they'll get that money refunded by showing up in court the next day. the deputy would never call and never take a wire transfer to a kings supers of all places. if someone tries to use this line, write down the number, hang up and call police. people in aspen are twice as trashy as the manage american. we'll explain what this means after the -- average americcn. we'll explainnwhat this means after the break. >> and a police making a very heroic oo coorse you, hear what he's saying about -- rescue, hear what he's say about that
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new details on the shooting of a jefferson county sheriff's deputy. is a marquez is still in the icu and is doing well. the shooting happened on tuesday night. he was off duty when two people tried to rob him. one of the suspects is in custody but police are still trying to track down the second suspect. there is a reward for information. on monday iowa will decide which gop candidates they want. one candidate decided to skip the debate. >> let's address the elephant donald trump has chosen not to
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>> fox news had an extra podium to the side of the stage. they had it just in case he made a last-minute decision to show up. him. >> lettme say i am a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly. then you are a terrible surgeon. >> the candidates debated issues ranging from national security to health care and abortion. % donald trump held his own event. we looked into a lot of different claims by the candidates but this morning we wanted to focus on one claim made by ted cruz. -`>> i have not insulted donald personally and i don't intend to.
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enormous enthusiasm. >> his claim is mostly false. everybody defines insult as different but cruz has different taken some shots that strong -- at trump. trump hasn't exactly been kind either alling the senator and nasty guy who nobody likes. on the democratic side candidate bernie sanders and hilary clinton are heading to colorado. tickets start at $150 and go up to $10,000. officials in aspen produced twice as much trash as the average american. the study first reported shows that the average resident produces more than 9 pounds of trash everyday. the average american only produces 4.5 pounds. city leaders are planning to
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how to cut down. >> that's scary that they produce that much trash we have a beautiful %- afternoon. here's a look at our gorgeous day in denver. is really windy up in the foothills but it has made for a nice afttrnoon and we are expecting upper 40s and 50s. denver near 60s. look at your screen. as you look a little closer it will be pretty gusty around the foothills. a beautiful front range
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we saw clouds early this morning and now they have cleared out and statewide we are seeing more sunshine. some of the snow we saw overnight is melting and at this point it's kknd of quiet. you will see the snow up in the mountains on future cast. more snow moving in near grand junction and other areas. it will get heavier overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. by 930 saturday always dry tomorrow in denver. we have a slight chance of light rain and snow to start moving in late saaurday and early sunday. within the next 24 hours most of our snow will be in the mountains and it will turn heavy. it could be up to 2 feet. on sunday at 2:30 am we will
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developing here in town. temperatures will also drop from the upper 50s into the 40s. the heavier snow is moving in late sunday into monday. as far as our commutes go, afternoon and morning will bee the trickiest. it looks like we will see heavier snow along the front range. this can change. stay with us.
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police dragging a man. look at the flames. when the chief got to the scene he found his vehicle engulfed in flames. that's the driver line there. he pulls him back to safety. he can't quite here but thh car was full of ammunition which kept exploding. this was going oo hile paramedics were working on the driver. the man is expected to make a full recovery. oregon law enforcement officials have released this video of a confrontation. the footage was shot by an fbi claim. as agents told the people inside to surrender they say a man reached toward his pocket where he had a loaded 9 mm. that's when they opened fire killing him.
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justifies the shooting. >> interesting they said peaceful resolution the whole time and one of my friends is that. >> all of the other protesters who have been arrested are facing the same charge. there are two more k-9 officers patrolling the streets and douglas county. >> deputies saying -- say there are ix k-9 patrolling. they help out with bank robberies and other tasks. >> i think in september we took about $250,000 of drugs off the streets. >> local kennel donated these officers. the x games are underway in aspen and one superstar will
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we will explain the the absence. `3 superheroes are coming to life at the pepsi center this
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here's a look at other stories making news. hot on the internet today. during the commercial breaks we tend to be really silly and that's what happened in la during a commercial break. live video of one of their mobile units driving on highway. they had some fun with the video for about 30 seconds and then they ttrned around and
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now you know what we do during commercials. don't you hate it when you are staying at a hotel and the hotel is wearing the same thing as you are? that happened to this woman. look at her short -- are and shorts. it's amazing. `>> you like to know what happened when a couple of guys took a vacuum cleaner full of gunpowder and they sucked up a cigarette lighter. it exploded like this. a couple of guys in norway did it. theyywill need another vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess. how do you finish off a
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a little guy shoots and it goes in. lisa has been asking to see a ideo of a couple of chinese water dragons relaxing on some small chaise lounges. here they are. some exciting news about one of our speciaa olympics athletes. cody fields came in fifth place at the x games in aspen. >> are reporterr introduced you
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you can check it out on her website. you can also check it out on her app. the flyiig tomato is out of the x games. shaun white will not be ccmpeting in this year's games. it was in his choice. he was not invited to compete. he has 20 3x games medals. we are digging deeper into the plans that will prevent 3 unfairly. we are followin the difference between
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believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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police have released this photograph of a person of interest in a murder investigation on saturday. it's near a area -- peoria. police are calling this guy a %- suspect but they do think he knows something. if you recognize him, call crime stoppers. police had to arrest a person who jump the airport fence and thhy tell us it happened around 9:15 am. it happened about 2 iles from the terminal. it did not take long for police to catch up with him and they
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responded. let's get some more incredible video of the officers saving the life of the teenager in parker. >> the officer was wearing a body camera as he used a branch to reach out to him. >> the officers speaking about it and he says he is just heartbroken he was not able to say the two other boys. >> it's tough to watch because you not only see what he was up against but also those boys who fell and. it was terrific. >> reporter: he picks up a large brands -- from -- branch from the ground. you can see the officer sprinting toward the icy water and he says two of the boys were submerged farther out but
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to the edge. video. it's tough to make out but you can hear the officer yelled to call and grabbed the stick. cold wasn't able to use his hands to do that so he grabbed on with his forearms and was able to help save his own life. >> it's difficult to process. i am happy that he made it out of the water, but your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two. >> the other two boys were submerged in the water and could not get thee out. eventually they were rescued but they had just been in the water too long. patrick died soon after he as pulled out and max was taken off life support. they went to legend high school. you can see what friends and classmates and neighbors have
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-- this sense. we have another winter storm coming in and it's important for parents to talk >> it's almost to 60 degrees today so you will have a lot of melting but conditions are always changing. we have clear skies and lots of sunshine and you can see plenty of snow on the ground. wins have been coming out of the west at about 5 to 50 miles per hour. we are eeing snowmelt along the range. very mild day and you will find 20s and 30s in the mountains. as you are planning the next few days, enjoy the next days
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cold front will come in. there is a potential for heavy snow on sunday night. we will show you what it looks like on our future cast coming up. the weather could have an impact on the valley on sunday. hopefully t won't be too bad. hundreds are lanning to pack the stadium. >> on broncos boulevard across from the building and the mayor's office is still working on the details of the rally. it will happen right here behind me. i asked him why sunday and they said the broncos are leaving on snow or shine the rally will go
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the mayor's office will be handing out some orange and blue scars. this rally could be threatened by the severe weather we are expecting. they will make the call whether to cancel the rally or not just a couple of hours before it starts. before the super bowl denver is helping to beat carolina in a food drive. they have set up more than 120 locations. >> the donations are already coming in and the group organized a similar competition against seettle. that your they collected more than 100,000 donations. >> some kids are getting in the action. the panthers in the broncos
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super bowl approaches. quarterback josh norman opened he grew up idolizing him. >> he's a sheriff. he's a god. i've admired him since i grew up. i played in wo years ago -- `im two years ago. he is older, he is still great. >> when you think super bowl, think denver seven. with the special coming up saturday night when the crew gets in santa clara. new details on the story of a man who tried to carry disneyland paris. he bought the guns for his own
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not taking chances. this morning police are looking for woman ho was traveling with that man. theyyhave not caller suspect but a person of interest. the task force to cure cancer will meet for the first this comes as the funding for the national institutes of health has spiked to a tenure high. this month state of the union president obama compared his push to cure cancer to the space-age and the goal is to double the amount of money donated. the federal government is taking steps to make equal pay a reality. president obama announcedda plan that allows the labor department to collecc pay data from any business with more than 100 employees. the plan is to use that data to
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paying workers fairly. state lawmakers are once again taking up the issue of equal pay locally. a handful of new bills are designeddto get women on the same pair scale -- pay scale is men. >> the new bills don't deal with pay but the knowledge of salaries. employees can talk to each 3 other about their salaries without rich infusion. employers would be prevented from asking your previous salary. any state contractor has to guarantee equal pay. >> what they have to do is show what they pay by occupation and split up by gendee and ethnicity. if there is a problem, the state will be able to see that. >> you can read more abouu the bills on our website. hundreds of students parents and teachers are
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the rally is part of a national school choice week. the supporters will hold more than 15,000 events accoss the country. organizers say they want to help parents and students find the best resources. you will hear from superintendents across the state about how they deal with issues in the classroom. you can tweak your questions to us. you might see them asked on the show. some us automakers are posting record profits. facebook planning to jump
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some sad news from the music world today. the original jefferson airplane member died after falling said.
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band jefferson starship. facebook is going to mmke tons of money off of uss they made more than 1 1/2 billion dollars. all the revenue comes from targeted ads and a lot of their growth is coming from the smart thing to -- smart phone boom. the giant is looking to go head to head with guber and left. facebook says it's considering a new feature that would help you share vehicles or find travel buddies. seven years after the historiccauto bailout another american automaker writing about record profits. ford may $7.4 billion last year and their earnings double. you have a chance to buy one of the fiats that the pope
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trip. he rode around the city into fiats. one of those cars will hit the auction block today. proceeds from this auction will benefit cap the charities. no word on how much they are expected to make. beautiful outside right now. it's perfect. 53 degrees in denver with blue skies. a beautiful couple of days it's been but it will all change.
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denver a high 59. look at your screen. you can see statewide skies have cleared for the most part. the mountains picked up a few inches of snow overnight and now they are getting a mix of southern clouds and light flurries. the snow were reenergized into tomorrow morning. if you're heading up to the mountains this afternoon it should be good. by midniggt tonight into early tomorrow morning we are still dry over the eastern half of the state. snow and it will continue to pick up throughout the day on saturday. by saturday afternoon, we could see some light rain and snow
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better chance as we get into sunday. you will find some snow showers across southern colorrdo in sunday -- on sunday. winter weather alerts going into effect late tonight to early sunday. avaaanche danger extremely high rate nine -- right now. upper 50s today and tomorrow. increasing clouds tomorrow with a chance for a little rain and snow tomorrow. are totals could be around 6 to 12 inches along the front some heavy snow too late monday. tuesday's guys don't quite
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light snow on tuesday and we will be in the 30s to 20s through most of next week. it's pretty normal for us. as the clock deep sticking toward super bowl l peyton manning is talking about the possibility the big game might be his last rodeo. >> good morning everybody the chase to the championship.
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rodeos including this guy. peyton manning said it might be his last rodeo so super bowl 3 number 50 might be his last game. it's been confirmed. what happened to private conversations on the 50 yard line. no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are on to carolina. >> we decided about this and we wanted to make it a big one to have them start it's amazing because it might be his last so ww are going to go out and do his best. >> he hasn't said anything to me. i know he is enjoying this opportunity. i can't speak for him. i know it's special to have him back and we are proud of his work. >> the only players missing
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stewart and tj ward. practice -- they practice two more times before heading to santa clara. the latest today on today. the new barbies from mattel.
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little girls across the country are talking about the new barbies with three new body types and 70 complexions. >> we spoke with some youngsters and found out most are welcoming the change. >> she's the blonde bombshell that has graced store shelves for more than five decades. now barbie is getting a makeover. mattel and announcing thursday types. we sat down with the real experts and their moms. we talked about the iconic doll and her latest transformation.
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you think wow i am beautiful. >> when you compare this barbie compared to the original, which one would you choose? >> i choose this one. it's different. >> this makes sense. >> when girls are in search of a dog they seek out one that looks like them. the fact that there are barbies available in a variety of shapes is going to be a ood thing. >> it's okay that we don't all look the same. >> mattel agrees. they tell us to stay true to your spirit. not everyone is on board. one barbie fan tweeting i am all for diversity and positive body image but that's not barbies angle.
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>> barbie is more than a brand. she is a character. >> all the moms are happy with the changes and will buy the new dolls. >> it's your choice. >> beauty comes in a lot of different packages. >> lots of new options. we've got gorgeous weather right now in the low 50s. 5 to 15 miles per hour winds . sunny skies this afternoon with
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tonight with 30s overnight. then things get a lot colder. sundays highs in the 30s with a chance of light snow but the heavy stuff comes sunday into monday.
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