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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 31, 2016 2:35am-3:05am MST

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20-month-old beagle/hound mix. >> he's stuck because the snow is so deep and his nape is so sure. instagram. >> most of us have encountered couples like the one in this video. >> pay attention to this guy. >> the man bun. >> mr. man bun is the object of this lady's affection, sometimes. and she doesn't look like she's having a very good time. >> wow, you can smoke inside there. >> they're in indiana. in some places throughout the u.s. you can still smoke inside. >> mr. social butterfly. he's all over the place. >> you can see her body language reeks of being mad. >> they're arguing without arguing. >> i'm going to fast forward the video. after you see him toast one of his guys, he goes back over next
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>> he's going to ask how she's feeling. she's going to say, fine. did? this is what happens when your girl is just fine. >> she that's not fine, that's how are you feeling? fire. talk about lightening him up. >> she's trying to kill him. >> that's assault. >> that's [ bleep ] crazy. >> the crazy meter just got set to on all-new high. one of the patrons are saying, hold on. she's walking back and says, yo, what's wrong with you? this video is on fire.
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you by ice and the state of michigan. we start in michigan, where the michigan drone pros have captured this amazing footage. this, my friends, is an ice jam. and it is pretty incredible. the national weather service issued a flood warning. this is the grand river. and when you have an ice jam like that, the water levels rose on the river. that brings fears of flooding. >> isn't it amazing? i say awful. >> you're entombed in ice in your own home. >> this might as well be the planet hoff. >> it's beautiful. i just wouldn't want to be a part of it. >> exactly. it's amazing footage. >> you used the word "amazing," gayle, i'll have to strike that from the record. >> it's a winter iceland, not the only place that's icy in the
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this video captured by biz biz molnar. he says that's a tug named michigan, it got stuck in the ice. >> hard to believe. >> i'm certainly a desert boy these days. >> think about it, this ship was minding its own business, then the water froze around it. he says that he believes that an icebreaker broke it out, because he says around noon the next day it was gone. but he believes it might have been there a day or so. >> it looks like something out of a disaster movie, like "the day after tomorrow." >> note to hollywood, get some of these people to start shooting video, you would have stock footage for days. mom and dad open a shoe box to find some familiar baby booties.
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i avoided steps. i hated pickle jars. then my pharmacist recommended capzasin. block arthritis pain for hours with capzasin hp. . it's time to get excited about csi scranton. a couple of cars have run into each other.
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expert to guide us. >> dude, you ran into her twice. >> i would hope he had the presence of mind to say, 911, there's been an accident. >> dude, you hit her twice. >> no. >> yes, you did. >> i even stopped you. >> you ran into her again. >> he's seen you. >> the investigation continues as we try to analyze the debris field. >> look at the debris. >> as he slowly analyses the pieces, let's hope he doesn't get distracted by anything. >> are you sure this is a csi colorado? >> he's literally leading the camera in. i'm thinking, who is this guy? >> the female driver of the car has the same thought. she's on the phone and she gives him this look.
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close to the bumper. >> who is this guy talk to me right now? >> do i know you? >> he's making the situation worse. >> probably somebody asks the question that nick asked right at the beginning. >> call 911? >> no, nobody needs 911. >> we've got this guy! there's nothing like having the parents over for dinner. >> nick is recording the video and his lady is about to hand his parents a shoe box. >> she says, you know, we were cleaning some old things out and just wanted to hand you u you this. >> inside of the box there's a pair of shoes from when he was a baby. >> aww. >> and of course mom is overcome with joy because these are her baby booties. >> oh, has it really been that long? >> you'll always be my baby. >> but there's something else inside.
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>> i can already tell it's an ultrasound. >> she probably doesn't remember putting that ultrasound in the box. >> are you expecting? are you kidding me? >> no. >> are you kidding me? >> that in itself is a framed picture. >> overcome with joy. >> she realizes she doesn't need to know how it happened, she knows how it happened. >> yipee! >> in this next video, the way they communicate is different but the emotion is the same. this woman is communicating with her mom on video chat. she picks up the pregnancy test. she just drops the news. you'll notice there aren't any
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the message with sign language. and mom is extremely overcome with joy. you see her daughter who is deaf in the corner of the screen letting her now that we're having a baby. >> this is so cool. one of the most popular toys ever, silly putty. but it's been reinvented. >> let's liquid glass thinking putty. >> a similar consistency to silly putty but this stuff is clear, and it's malleable, and it bounces, and you can tear it, all like the original stuff. >> silly putty is so much more interesting. >> imagine if you had 500 pounds of liquid clear crystal putty. >> i'm glad, because that's exactly what the folks over at vat 19 did. they poured it all into a giant
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what's it feel like? >> cold. it's hard to breathe because it's so heavy on my chest. >> the good news is this guy thought to shave most of his body. >> i'm really glad i trimmed most of my hair. bad news, i forget to get all that. >> that's not going to let go. >> the putty's all stuck underneath his armpits. >> it takes a while and quite a bit of strength. good thing they found a fit dude to pull himself out. >> i don't care how long it takes, it looks like fun. it's a once in a lifetime voyage underwater. >> this is the only place on earth where you can do something spectacular. you'll see it. and a sweet kid with a hungry doll. how she's feeding her the old fashioned way.
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. how do you teach your kids to stop doing something? try to teach them the word "stop." >> when that doesn't work, you just scare the living daylights out of them. this man was trying to get his little one to stop touching the furniture. he walks up to the television stands. he knocks the electronics down.
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to the television stand, dad starts making a noise that sounds like an earthquake. he heard it. >> he doesn't trust it, he's look at it like, what? >> there's something seriously wrong. >> did you not hear that? what is going on right now? >> i don't have the words for this next video. i'll just let her show you what she's doing. >> well, you'll have to keep a healthy ball. >> she's obviously seen mom do it. >> it's the most loving and natural thing to do, so she's doing it right. >> this is one of those points where i tell you to take that
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clear some space at the top, lifetime experiences. and this one is a doozy. >> in the beginning you're like, somebody diving in the water, what's the big deal? but this is in iceland, the only place on earth where you can dive between two continental plates. on one side, that's the eurasian tectonic plate. on the other side, the north american tectonic plate. a fissure tore open in the earth and opened this amazing place. >> it's not a fault line is it? >> i suppose technically yes, a fault line is where tectonic plates are connecting. these are very, very slowly moving apart. it's just absolutely crystal clear water. they say you can see over 320 feet of visibility. but the reason it's so clear as
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the fissure tore open, it tore open a fresh spring as well. it takes the debris and dust to a nearby lake. you can go and take a picture where you're touching the two continents at the same time. the water is just above freezing. you have to make sure you're wearing a dry suit if you want to go and do this. you can only go to a depth of 60 feet. there's lava caves and other things to explore. guys, sign me up. prank. >> one of them's been dating online. the other one, her identical twin, is going to suddenly show up. >> see what she shows up with
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charge your devices. >> those are a few ways to make your hotel nice and comfy on the
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in a world where prank videos rule the internet and you are a twin, what are you going to do to get out there and prank some people? >> i'm going to get to know you guys a little bit better. >> i'm going to pull the bait and switch. >> there they are on a park bench have a little sandwich, very old school, picnic style date. >> it doesn't double dip. >> i guess about a year since my last i don't know, relationship. >> they start talking. it's very friendly, your generic average date. >> it just wouldn't be proper. >> that's so sweet. >> he hands her a flower but now she has to walk away down the way. the one that comes back is
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>> it's like a hairy mole. >> he's just trying to hold back his laughter. >> what is it? >> i'm so sorry. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> is that a big ass mole on your lip? >> yes. >> everybody else was like tiptoeing around it. >> he makes her feel really bad. >> that was not there when you left. that wasn't there. >> it was just covered up. do you have a problem with that? >> you covered that up? >> the poor guy. >> the best part is his reaction when they finally reveal it's all fake. >> i swear you didn't have a mole. >> we pranked you. >> oh, my god. >> we're twins. >> face the camera. >> i just didn't --
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>> oh, man. >> more great videos at or catch up
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% now. right now on denver7, excitement over super bowl 50 is growing in california tonight. we are live in san francisco, as the broncos prepare to hit the road tomorrow. >> and some snow is moving into the metro area right now, as we prepare for the first major storm of 2016. we're live at with the very latest coming up. >> but p going tonight -- developing tonight, police may be closer to findi at the kol national expo.
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but we start with denver7's sally man doo. >> molly, police are still trying to figure out what started this fight, they do tell us now that they have a person of interest here, but they have not made any arrests yet when it comes to this deadly shooting. >> lookings like we've got shooting at the coliseum. >> a motorcycle gang fighting. >>reporter: they exchanged fire at the motorcycle expo in the midst of a packed western national complex. >> there's two shootings and a stabbing. >>reporter: one is dead, 7 other injuries. >> four individuals were shot. one fatally. one individual was stabbed. and three lesser injuries. >>reporter: right now, the police aren't releasing the name of the two clubs, and are not labeling the shooting as gang related. >> rather it was motorcycle gang related, motorcycle club related, that is yet to be determined.
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determined that the motorcycle expo has been cancelled and instead of bikers, an iitense police presence now fills the area where the shooting took place and will continue to be present for the next several hours. >> out of the interest of safety for our citizens is. >>reporter: to protect that safety and prevent another deadly shooting, the department of safety might pull the plug for good on the expo that brings in biker clubs from all around the country. >> we're going to have to really assess how this event, if at all, will be held again. in our city. and that's part of the consideration that we talkee about today. >>reporter: now, police plans to have a large number of officers out here. partially because this is still on ongoing investigation, but also in case a retaliation happened, they want to be prepared for it. but they don't think that will take place out here.
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through any type of security to get in this event? >>reporter: yeah, we did ask today if there are any metal detect rs or get checked for weapons, there's no metal detectors inside and nobody gets checked in when coming in. so this event, this expo here, has been taaing place for over 30 years. and if the department of safety does not pull the plug on it for next year, well, security will definitely be heightened out here. that's one thing for sure, because today, during this shooting, when it happened, 10,000 people in the complex mreer. >> brendaliss gonzalez continues the team coverage from denver health. 7 people are recovering tonight. do you know how the victims are doing? >>reporter: wwll, molly at last check, four people inside here remain in critical condition. let me say that again, three people remain in critical condition. a total of four who were shot
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passed away earlier this afternoon. we talked to a woman who was at the expo center and says she was just feet away from where she says the shooting happened. inside of the denver motorcycle expo. things are back to normal, as much as they can be, from ours before. >> quite chaotic. >>reporter: she was at her jewelry stand, when she heard two gunshots, ust feet away. >> all of a sudden we saw a bunch of people fighting there by the steps and it looked like about 15-20 guys. >>reporter: outside, the denver police blocked off the entrance as the crowds headed out. one witness took this picture of two men helping another man shot in the leg. >> i don't think he was okay. >>reporter: the police blocked off this entrance, where a few items were left behind, the shooting left one person dead. >> it was really bad. still like your adrenaline is
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this whole thing. >>reporter: now, vendors are just learning that tomorrow's event is now cancelled. >> we don't even want to be here with that over our heads. not knowing what's going on. >> you want to pack this stuff up tonight. >>reporter: after 21 years of selling at this expo. >> we'll pack it up and pick it up tomorrow. >>reporter: this is a first. >> they want to keep everybody safe, so that's the bottom line, i'd rather have everybody safe. than go through something like this. >>reporttr: many of the vendors i talked to drove from out of state from this event, it's part of their livelihood. they're disappointed and sad that it ended early in this way a, but they understand why security and police decided to do this. reporting live inndenver, brendaliss gonzalez, denver7. you may remember back in may, rival bike gangs opened fire on each other in a restaurant in waco, texas, nine people were killed rths another 18 were injured.
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of course, you can find the
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