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tv   7 News at 5 PM Sunday  ABC  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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tuesday. and looking outside of our studios at i-70 and vail, snowing out there, roads are slick. we're already seeing a few flakes here in the metro area. we have first alert team coverage now, meteorologist cory reppenhagen is live in lone tree. cdot is getting prepared. we get begin with chief meteorologist mike nelson track thg big storm. >> it's been moving slowly into the metro area throughout most of the afternoon, we're continuing to see the moisture increasing as it moves into the metro area, the present time, we are going to continue to see heavier snows from the south moving to the north, into the denver area. you can already see this position here, across much of central colorado, down to the south, the snow is part of a huge storm system that covers most of the western half of the united states. all the way out to the west coast. heavy rains, they have severe thunderstorm warnings out in california, with this storm. we have winter storm warnings extending from the sierras to
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side of this storm is even taking it all the way into iowa where blizzard warnings are effect for monday and tuesday. iowa caucuses. theeweather headlines, the snow increases for us, slick and snow in the commutes and snow into tuesday morning, let's get the latest on the conditions, storm tracker 7 and cory reppenhagen down in lone tree. >>reporter: mike, it's been snowing all throughout the metro area here for a little while nout. small flakes, here in lone tree, it's been snowing for 3 hours and we haven't gotten an inch of new snow. that shows how light this snow is. that's how we expect it to stay in through tonight, so if yesterday was the warmup, today is the first quarter and we've got plenty more action to come and as you can iend of see behind me, this is my new backdrop here, this truck, we're going to unveil for this storm, it will help us cover the big
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>> this is going to be a whoper. for cdot tonight, it's all hands on deck when it cops to clearing the roads -- comes to clearing the roads. we turn to denver7 reporter mark getting ready. >>reporter: right now, it looks like a ghost town out here. in aurora at the big facility. but it will definitely pick up as the evening goes on, first, i want to talk about the roads on the way out here, we caught a little bit of snow on i-70 out here, but really, the roads are just fine right now. as you can take a look around, these are some of the sheds that they're going to come in and fill up the trucks with some of the evening. if you're wondering, though, as a lot of people are, where are those snowplows, when they're actually out on the roads? there's a new tracking system for that. it's called the vehicle locator system, right now, cdot says 840 of the 970 plows statewide, are equipped with this. if there's a problem area,
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it, where it is and where it's going. you can also find the link to this on cdot's website, co on the menu bar there, click on snowplows. the tracking system is about more than being transparent with >> it allows us to track where the plows are going, mechanical issues with the plows, it helps us think about the planning and the routing of the plows, certain is areas that we want to address more than others. >>reporter: we all think that our streets should be prepared the best but this are working around the clock, 12 hour shifts, will be starting here, as they wooshg through the dur -- work through the duration of the storm. storm. live in aurora. the cancellations have started out at dia, a dozen flights were cancelled today. and tomorrow airlines have cancelled about 150 flights.
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usually sees about 1500 flights on a normal day. today, there were no major delays. check your flight status. now is a good time to download the denver7 app to see a radar slide show that shows% you where this storm will be and when you can expect it over denver. >> tonight rs still no arrests after a deadly shooting at the national western complex yesterday. one persons was killed, at least 7 others were hurt. lawyers for the iron order and mongols motorcycle clubs are sharing their sides of the story. denver7's kyle horan spoke to them today, and kyle, a lot of finger pointing here. >>reporter: both groups say they were involved in yesterday's shooting, but both are pointing the finger at each other. today, vendors and people who wanted to attend the motorcycle show are suffering as they're forced to pack up and leave. what's usually a paaked motorcycle show, today is just the frustration of aerlted plans. -- altered plans. one by one, they're filing out. motorcycle ennhusiasts, custom
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make a living, all going home, one day early. >> well, we come here hoping to have a good weekend. and looks like we got shut down. >>reporter: angle and her crew, packed up broncos gear. they were expecting big sales in anticipation of the super bowl. >> we did pretty good yesterday, we were hoping to do a lot better today. >> shut down something like this, just because of two or three people, you know, bad characters, i think that's wrong. >>reporter: many echoing that sentiment. as the picture of what happened here forms. >> there were members of the iron order club, and also the mongols motorcycle club. >>reporter: i talked to a lawyer for one of the two motorcycle groups claiming responsibility for the fight, and left one dead and 6 others injured. mongols. >> what i understand it was lez than a minute, a fair fight, same amount of peopleeon each side, and the iron order were getting the worst of it. and really getting their butts kicked, so someone tried to pull out a gun.
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didn't have a gun on them and the iron order instigated it all. >> a motorcycle club that is known to have -- those are the kind that you don't want to talk to on the street. they've got egos, they're living >>reporter: i did talk to the lawyer of the iron order this morning and just a few minutes ago, he called me to confirm their side of the story, some pretty big differences there. they were only there for an hour, they were jumped by 30 mongols at that show. and that they felt that they were fearing for tteir lives and that's why a gun was pulled. they say they were just trying to defend themselves, three people frrp the iron order went to the hospital, two of them were in critical condition, but are okay. john whitfield says he's the lawyer for them. reporting, kyle horan, denver7. thank you. the chase for the championship is on the move today, we were there as the roncos left dove valley for the airport, fans lining up to see them off. and our own lindsay watts was at dia for the big takeoff.
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who got to be on the tarmac as the broncos pulled up to their plane. these are united airlines employees. and one in particular stands out. decked out in a barrel, todd s continuing his father's tradition. >> when he started doing it, i was 17. and when he stopped, i had a 3-year-old grandson. barrel man, he was the broncos super fan and staple at every game, spending 32 years in this barrel. he passed away in 2009. >> i've been going to games with my dad since 67. and i miss him terribly, can and it's like being with him again. it's really cool. and i know he's watching. >>reporter: the team was also `ressed for occasion. peyton posed for a photo with his two back ups, brock and trevor. they love flying with all of these guys. >> everybody, is very rsonable, friendly, they treat
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they feel before the game, after the game. so they're very, very welcoming. they make you feel like part of the team. after this season ends you have that feeling. >>reporter: there were final cheers as the plane taxied away for california. he's be right back here -- he'll be right back here again soon. >> i get to be back here for when the broncos come in after the victory as well. >>reporter: the plane is heavier when it returns with the lombardi trophy. >> let's hope so. the broncos have just arrived in san francisco, and they got quite the welcome there. with more on that, we go live now to denver7's arran anderson, a lot of excitement out there tonight. >>reporter: yes, hey greetings. today was the day that the broncos arrived. touched down at 2:45. let's give you a peek of what was waiting for them. this was a really cool scene.
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the bay area. 300 fans served as the welcoming committee. they went nuts, e erupting when the players exited. suits and tied. peyton manning, von miller, demarcus ware, everybody decked out. business-like. broncos, a team on mission. ii is only special if you win the super bowl, that's the goal. one week from today, they're going to tackle the panthers here with the lombardi trophy on the line. hey, coming up in sports, we're going to hear from the players about that second trip to the super bowl in 3 years, they think that experience will pay big dividends one week from today in this stadium over my shoulder. for now, that is all i have, from the field of dreams, make that jeans, levi stadium. >> guys looking sharp out there. in downtown, plenty of you broncos fans were out in full force, showing your pride. civic center park earlier this
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fans celebrating the chase for the championship. russell haythorn takes us there. >>reporter: hey, guys, they've temporarily renamed bannock %- street here in civic center broncos boulevard and all is quiet now, this town, these fans, are loud, they're proud, and ready for super bowl 50. [ cheering ] . >> go broncos! >> brining the trophy back -- real happy. >>reeorter: a sea of orange and blue in siic center park sunday afternoon. d.j. bumping. >> it's the best. denver mayor michael hancock and colorado lieutenant governor joe
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broncos country. >> born and raised a bronco fan. >> i want them l to bring home the super bowl. >> i want them to win. and crush the panthers. >> i really do believe that we have the experience that will orr take all of the hype. >>reporter: in downtown, russell haythorn. >> broncos fans, why not. >>reporter: denver7. and we've told you about safety and security plans for the super bowl. but the feds are keeping an eye on something else. counterfeit mchd. with more on that, we go live to marshall zelinger in san francisco, and why is there a big concern about this? >>reporter: well, that's a good question, molly, because counterfeit merchandise also funds other criminal activity is what i'm learning, and i want to bring in from immigration asks custom enforcement, brian, the spokesman, talking about why it matter s if you buy this. i'll tell you in a second if this is real or fake. why does the federal government care?
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$20, $40 matter? the grand scheme of thing, your dollars are added together with countless others and funneled up the chain and go toez this black market criminal organizations, last year, for example, throughout the year, we seized 20 million dollars in counterfeit nfl mchd, you tally that together rs that's a lot of money to support black market criminal organizations. >>reporter: you could be buying it now in denver. it may not be as obvious. >> great example, for the consumer annle, why do i care? well, if you turn a fake one inside out, you can see right away, the stitching, frayed% edges, loose threads, this kind of jersey, you put it in the wash, you know, you might wear it one or two times. and it could fall apart. versus the legitimate jersey, you turn it inside out, it's smooth, clean, higher quality, thicker material. this will give you many year s of time.
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apart the first time you wear it, is that really a discount? >>reporter: there are other telltale signs that we'll tell you about tonight at 10:00, including one on a regular peyton manning jersey, if i hadn't have turned it inside out, the one thing you might look on it and think this is a special jersey, it's a tipoff that it's a fake. coming up tonight at 10:00. and we look forward to that. thank you, marshall. denver7 is your source for all things super bowl in san francisco. we'll have live coverage throughout the week, right here on the denver channel and, also the denver7 app. coming up on o denver7, this isn't what you want to wake up to, the police in fort collins are looking for the vandal ls targeting cars, we'll tell you where they hit. then, police identify the suspect killed during this county. and more apartments are sitting empty in denver. future of rent prices. . plenty of flakes in the forecast,,you see that snow building across the state right now, going to be a tough time for commuters and folks trying
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back with a live look at the eisenhower tunnel, a lot of snow there, you can already see plenty of snow has hit that area, making for slow traffic as people come back from the mountains and in just a few minute, we'll check in again with meteorologist mike nelson. new details on the deadly standoff in larimer county, investigators have identified the man shot and killed in that hostage situation. authorities say phillip salisar was holding a woman hostage at this home. eventually a s.w.a.t. team got into the house and salisar had a gun, that's when they opened fire. the hostage has not been identified, but should be okay. also, in fort collins, police are looking for whomever is responsible foo this vandalism spree. car windows were smashed out there. the police tell the coloradan it began early saturday morning
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police found a trak trash can on fire that scorched the side of the building. now, if you know something, call the police. the search for this man accuse outfield a robbery that turned deadly is over. david was arrested friday at an apartment complex in federal heights, he's the second person accused of trying to rob a homeowner. he and another man p tied the homeowner up, while answering a craigslist ad. the homeowner was able to get free and shoot and kill one of the suspects driving away. more and more denver area apartments are vacant and that's creating a shift in the market. a huge demand in limited supply has pushed rents up. now averaging more than p $1900 a month. now, we've seen the biggest jump could this mean lower rent? we'll have to wait and see. but if rent goes down, you may insurance.
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increase, according to anthem, providers are losing money to obamacare premiums, so they're increasing the prices in 2017. and anthem says it's still turning a small profit but other insurers aren't. premiums if for the mid level plans through the affordable care act went up. we had the first wave, late yesterday, brought in the colder air r and now the next one is coming in with the pacific moisture. a time lapse this afternoon looking over the state capitol, you can see the snow on the increase. traffic is going to get tough late tonight, and tomorrow morning. and instead of those 60s, that we enjoyed friday and saturday, check out the high temperatures for the denver area today. 34 after a morning low of 22. it was a little hazy sunshine for a while, but that's long gone now. the extremes are 70 and 24 below. and that was back in 1951. currently, with gray skies, and light snow, 27. downtown, 29.
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69%, winds from the southeast at 8. we haven't officially measured anything in the gauge out at dia, but that's going to be changing. as this system continues to increase in coverage and strength. you can see throughout the morning, into the early afternoon, pretty good band of snow from fort collins to lyons and boulder. near kiowa and elizabeth, and this is a biggstorm. it's covering a large part of the country. we have snow all the way up in the great lakes, rain and snow all the way back to the southwest. over las vegas tonight. tomorrow, t it gets in the southeast corner of colorado, and that's the peak spot for us to get hit with a lot of strong up slope. watch this on the futurecast. the moisture comes in here. by tomorrow, 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, look at all of the snow pushing up against front range. lesser amounts over southeastern colorado in this storm. but then, it continues to move out across the midwest. and as a pretty powerful system,
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kansas, down in oklahoma, the heavy snows across nebraska, moving into iowa, by early tuesday morning, and we will continue to see some snow in the mountains, probably for most of this week. although, the main precipitation for the denver area is going to come in during the day monday. as far as the low temperatures tonight, the clouds are going to keep the temperatures up a little bit in the mountains. generally teen, 20s out across the plains and then tomorrow, watch as those snow totals continue to pile up throughout the day. not much over southeastern colorado with this storm. a good ne across the northeastern part of the state and the temperatures not going to do much. mostly in the 20s but they will be in the upper 30s down across the southeast. for tonight, in denver, the snow increasing. 24 for a low temperature. for tomorrow, expect periods of snow, and cold, windy conditions, could be blizzard conditions out on the eastern plains, so theee'll likely be closure, especially for some of the schools to the east of denver.
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6-12 in the metro area for the entire storm duration. it goes to light snow on tuesday. and then things are dry after that, the bright t spot is on saturday, we get back to 42. molly, a quick reminder, greatt3 time to download the snowcast app. if you haven't. now, it's available right now for iphones. and this will take your address and tell you exactly how much snow you can expect. >> that is exactly what i need. that's what is was going to ask you, what area will see the brunt of this. >> are you saying you don't need me? >> i need you, trust me. i need you. >> okay. >> we all need you, mike. but when is the storm going to hit the hardest. >> tomorrow morning will be a slow rush hour. as the day goes on, things will deteriorate. %- >> the kidd, you broke their hearts out there. >> it might be that it will be bad enough early in the morningg3 or look at the whole at a, they don't make the call this early, i'm going to be here tonight, tomorrow morning, with dale, starting at 4:00. and all day tomorrow.
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i packed a whole bunch of shirts and ties. >> kids, there's still a chance. >> saying there's a chance. when we return the new test colorado state troopers may soon use to keep high drivers off of our roads and it's that time of year again, colorado girl scouts are loading up on the delicious cookies to make some sales.
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and we're back with a live look from our cdot camera at i-70 and georgetown, a lot of brake lights out there. if you're a're cheering. if not, you're worried about the commute tomorrow morning. we'll check again with mike nelson in a few minute. it's a simple test with a bit of saliva, the state patrol may soon be able to tell if drivers are too high to drive. right now, blood tests are used their system. >> every device is different. >>reporter: inside csp headquarters. >> some tell you to swab above the tongue, below the tongue. >>reporter: troopers show off new technology they hope will help them catch drunk drivers. all it takes is a simple swab of
5:24 pm
>> it can tell you -- saliva. >> it can tell you about marijuana can and the 7 other types of drugs and the levels of impairment. >>reporter: one offfive devices state patrol has been testing since march. it's all part of the dui, marijuana pilot program, which aims to find which devices work best. different troopers across the state. same device. >>reporter: when someone is arrested for driving high, and given a blood test, they're asked to volunteer for the program. but the project has hit speed bumps. >> we're averaging right around a 5% pprticipation rate in the program. >>reporter: with fewer than 100 tests in 11 months. >> it has been a challenge, but we need to evaluate these devices. >>reporter: csp will roll the program out to other departments next month. as for that test. >> there you go. >>reporter: the results were p printed in minutes. but it's accuracy remains to be seen. >> csp says this is completely voluntary, and doesn't influence
5:25 pm
someone. but they do hope it gives them better data about how many people are driving high. state patrol wants two years of data before picking a device, if they do at all. well, those delicious girl scout cookies are for sale, i've troops were hard at work in lakewood preparing to kickoff sales, the president and ceo of girl scouts colorado tells us they've got quite a few packages shipped to our state. >> we have 3.5 million packages of cookies in the state of colorado and they've been distributed around the state, to so today all of the girls and all of the troops and their troop leaders and volunteers are pick approximating up the cookies and they'll start their >> you can also purchase the cookies through the girl scouts website, sales for the delicious -`treats run through march 13th. . and we have much more to come here on denver7. in iowa, presidential candidates are making a strong final effort
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tomorrow's iowa caucus. what trump says abouu his rank and the most recent polls and
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. we're back with your first alert weather, the next round of the big winter storm has begun. by the time it's all over, parts of our state will be measuring snow in feet.
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camera at i-70 and vail pass. you can see it's looking pretty snow packed out there already. and let's get over to first alert chief meteorologist mike nelson, mike, this is really going to pick up into the night. >> it is, we haven't had that much so far. and some people say, is this going to fizzle out, no, it's not here yet. 2.5 inches at wwtkins, greeley in the last 24 hours. but not much snow yet. but it's going to be changing. activity building as the storm system, which is still way tout the southwest of it continues to move in. so we're just at the very preliminary parts of this storm. it will get much heavier later on tonight and tomorrow. there's a gap in the mountains, the radar doesn't see well through solid granite and the snow is in the valleys, it's definitely snowing up there. across the western united states, look at all of the moisture. problems out in l.a. with flash flooding, severe thunderstorm warnings, it's been a big deal out there. mudslides, winter storm warnings
5:30 pm
mountains of california, all the way across nevada, utah, into colorado and then that storm actually extends all the way into the upper midwest be blizzard conditions expected to develop later tonight and were to, from omaha to des moines, and the advisories go all the way to lake huron. the snow increases tonight, gets heavy for the drives tomorrow, in the morning and in the afternoon. and it looks like that snow will probably linger into tuesday morning. as well. so we have a ways to go, molly. >> yeah, just beautiful weather across the country tonight. thanks, mike. and for cdot crews it's all hands on deck into monday. 90 plows will patrol the metro area when the snow starts coming down, there's a new tool on cdot's website that allows you to monitor the snowplows. >> with this tool, they'll be able to see exactly where the lou plows are -- plows are, exactly where we have come through.
5:31 pm
mountains tonight, make sure your car has snow tires or all wheel drive. otherwise, you could face a hefty fine. since october. a desperate man hunt is over in california, the last two two fugitives who escapes a jail in custody. they were on the run for more than a week, police were able to track down the suspects near the golden gate bridge with the help of a woman in san francisco. a third inmate, also on the run, turned himself in on friday. in iowa, it's the last mad dash for presidential candidates trying to win supporters just candidates on both sides of the aisle are chris crossing the state, the final poll before tomorrow's big day shows donald trump leading the gop race 5 points ahead of ted cruz. trump was pretty candid this morning about the polls with abc's george stephanolpoulos. >> did you ever imagine, then, that on the eve of the iowa caucuses, you'd be leading pretty big in every state?
5:32 pm
i didn't. >> and on the democrat side, hillary clinton is battling what's in her e-mail inbox. the state department says 22 e-mails sent from her private information. she denies it. her opponent is reminding people turnout. next on denver7, super bowl bets, we take a look t the friend wagers colorado businesses are making with north carolina businesses.
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welccme back. in doubt, many of you had made
5:34 pm
colorado and carolina are making wagers, the fire department in north carolina, yes, you heard that right, now, when the broncos win, firefighters in north carolina, will have to put a broncos flag on their fire engine. and in the unlikely event we lose, expect to see a panthers flag on these the trucks. >> we really need to win because% i do not want to fly that flag. >> i hear you. in fort collins, the ne belgium brewery, when the broncos win, the north carolina have to send barbecue. we have our own friendly competition going on with our sister station in charlotte, you can be in on this win, head over to denver7 facebook page, and like this picture. when we get the most likes at the end of the week, we win, and we prrve broncos pride trumps the panthers. so do it now. right now, and frequently, vote often. right?
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radar, see the precipitation increasing across the state. and taking a look at the map of warnings, we have winter storm warnings covering virtually all of colorado unttl noon on news. so this is a big storm, that white that you see around denver, that's the radar, there's also under the warning,
5:36 pm
and we've already had some
5:37 pm
mountains, about a foot of snow at aspen, vail. checked in earlier and saw that at wolf creek, they've had nearly 300 inches of snow, so far this ski season. wow. now, this is what radar shows at the present. you can see the moisture continuing to increase along the front range and we're going to see to trend go on throughout the night and much of tomorrow. 34 and 22 were the high and the low for today. the normals are 44 and 17. the extremes are 70 in 1954. 24 below in 1951. right now, the roads are wet. temperatures down in the 20s, so watch out. things are going to ice up a little bit, especially bridges and ramps, those will be the first areas to ice up as the snow increases. watching it gradually grow from the south, throughout the day, and now it's a pretty good band of snow along the front range. this is going to be the up slope storm, the winds, as they come around from the northeast, they'll push the snow up against the higher terrain to the west and to the south of the metro and the result of that should be a pretty good amount of moisture for us, you can see the rain out here in kansas.
5:38 pm
pull in moisture from the gulf of mexico. along with plenty of pacific moisture and as the low pressure system tonight moves to the four corners and then tomorrow, moves out over southeastern colorado, that's a prime position for us to get the heavy snow. on futurecast, you can see the moisture coming in from the pacific, starr to see it growing in here from the gulf of mexico. this is by early tomorrow afternoon. a good swath of snow across northeastern colorado. western nebraska, southeastern wyoming, it continues to move out towards the northeast, and you can see the little circle there, that's the center of the low pressure system. so it's over southwestern kansas by tomorrow, late afternoon. winds its way up in the upper midwest, thunderstorms will be severe in advance of it. we'll still have snow in the mountains for several days behind it with a gusty flow coming in from the northwest. so for tonight, the low temperatures dropping down to the teens. and 20s across the state. for tomorrow, the snows will just keep piling up throughout the day. and it's not going to be
5:39 pm
morning as far as the heavy snow, but by evening, we're going to have good totals, 6-10 inches of snow on the ground. it will mainly be rain over southeastern colorado. for tonight, snow increases with a low of 24 degrees. tomorrow, the high temperature should climb only a little bit, maybe 5 degrees or so. snow, windy and cold conditions expected. looking ahead, check it out on the 7-day, 6-12 is a guide range for the denver area, heavier when we get to douglas county and je in the foothills, some areas there will see closer to 188and then it's just a cold week coming up with temperatures in single digits and teens in the morning and we don't get back above freezing until thursday. the bright pot is saturday, 42. at my house yesterday, i had 72 degrees. >> 72? wow, that will burn you through the windows. >> i suppose so. >> jahmai and i were talking
5:40 pm
as they headed to california today. >> they had a reason to be so %- dapper, the chase for the championship, the broncos off to the city that knows how. arran anderson with the broncos hope they seize the opportunity.
5:41 pm
things just got real. how is it going, everybody? welcome to sports extra, i'm jahmai webster. everything broncos country had hoped for for 2015 and 2016 got underway earlier today. now rs those buses of course, headed to denver international airport. that's where the broncos boardrd their united in orange flight. headed to the san francisco bay area. quarterbacks took some time to take a picture with their community. peyton manning, brock osweiler and trevor semiyan, players alike. here's a good sign. safety darren stewart questionable for the game with an mcl injury, but climbing the stairs of the plane without assistance. that's a very good sign. these, though, really struck me,
5:42 pm
flight, pauses in a what appears to be a moment of reflection, 18 seasons preparing for his 4th ssper bowl, and a second victory hopefully, and then they're off. headed on a business trip to super bowl 50. teams chasing the super bowl championship for 17 years, and the whole world will be watching come february 7th. that's why we sent 7 sports anchor arran andersen. nice to see that you got there before the team. >>reporter: yes, we did, it was timely, as you know, jahmai, timing is everything. broncos are now here in santa clara, a hop, skip and a jump away from the field of jeans, we're not going to hear from them until media day tomorrow night. getting to the super bowl is not the goal, they're here to win it and they want to bring another lombardi back to denver. business-like, a good way to describe the arrival at the team hotel, all business. you've heard the mantra, act like you've been there before, well, this team was here before,
5:43 pm
and they're drawing off of that experience. gary kubiak says yesterday the team practiced with proud noise, peyton manning told kroech that was an issue at the meadow lands, we saw it on the fish snap of thh game, set -- first snap of the game. broncos, leaving no stone unturned. von miller told me there's a different feeling this time around, the team focused on getting the job done. >> you could just tell that we've been here before and it's all about the moment right now, it's not about the gifts or you know, where we staying at or anything like that, it's about the game plan. going out there and being the same defense, the same team that we've been over you know r these weeks, that have got us up to this point. so it's about staying in the moment, taking advantage of the opportunity. >> these guys, you know, these guys that have been here, what, three years, the second three years, try to remind them, that's not the norm. that's not the norm. and you do not want to -- don't
5:44 pm
you've been on 3- 13 team, to start the career, you definitely appreciate these opportunities and it's special. >> it's nice to feed all of the players that have been there and handle the preparation. you know, we've got quite a few people in our organization, obviously, that have done that. >>reporter: yeah, broncos have 16 players who have played in a super bowl, to the panthers 5. and you know what? in a game like this, experience is huge. and keep in mind, four of the llst five super bowls have come down to the last play. got to like a team that's been there before, and now with 8 total appearances for this franchise, broncos tied for the most super bowl appearances in history. 7 sports extra, lionel bienvenu, brandon stokley are here, they will join me, but for now, that is all from a windy field of dreams, jahmai, i'm going to take shelter, going to kick it back to ou. >> thanks a lot, we'll be looking for your reports.
5:45 pm
our loyal viewers and ones we hope to gain, got a denver7 crew, as you saw in the golden state rs reporting from the paris of the west, morning, noon and night, taken care of. be on the lookout for the live coverage on denver7 and, including a one-hour special on media night tomorrow. let's shift gears now, with the puck dropped on the 2016 nhl all-star game from the music city, matt duchene, the only one representing, the league changes things up, 3 on 3 tournament, fee you are thing four time tooems representing the four divisions in the nhl. the all-star skills competition, check out this trick. he pullld down on the break away challenge. omg. here it comes. dutch, you wild man. that goal was a trending topic on twitter, you've got to see it again. between the legs with the scoop
5:46 pm
>> let's g to the hardwood now with the cu buffs, host pac-12. one game out of fiist place, interesting considering they're conference. buffs say take that with you. early on, proving the doubters right, nearly took 5.5 minutes to score the first bucket. josh scott you do the honors so these folks ccn take a seat. check the confetti. 8-1 #2 cal run. the rally would continue. back to dominic, bucket. collier had 9 first half points, later in he forest, tori miller rebounds the own mis. her cops with the flush. that marked a 13-3 buffs run, buffs up 14 at ber mission. second half -- intermission. second half, the josh scott show.
5:47 pm
tennis, australia open men's final. that forehand winner, the first set in 30 minutes. novak wouldn't have to fight too much longer, this is game, set and match. 6-1. 7-5 and 7-6, the numbers. djokovic wins the sixth aussie open title in the 11th grand slam. >> wipe out. oh, my goodness. check this one out. that's called being hung above the lift. that's pro-surfers, falling 40 feet.
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