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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. it is five a.m. the snow isn't falling right now. some roads across the area still slick. jayson will point out the trouble areas to avoid. >> we also have jayson gruenauer out checking the areas. >> we're already seeing some problems in fact.
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investigating a hit and run cbs from 4443. >> there are some schools that are ccosed this morning, you can find the ones that are closed on our website >> reporter: you can run into some icy spots on the roadways side roads. we were at 10, we dropped a little bit, our winds you will notice out of the southwest right at about 14 miles per hour. we're kind of getting the southwest and not the north, so with some windchills it feels below zero and we are seeing temps below zero across the high country.
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this is the beginning of a little bit of a warmup. it is going to be slightly wwrmer than yesterday. highs pretty much in the upper 20s, but the biggest difference that you will notice this afternoon, the sunshine. it's really will help take the edge off and dry off the roads. >> reporter: as long as we see the sunshine, we'll start to dry out even more than they are right now. the highways look great when you hit the major thoroughfares and highways. you will still see some areas where the snow might be blowing around, bbt the neighborhood roads are really tough. a lot of green on the map here, today we're going to have a lot of people getting back at work and school obviously today. it's the side roads that's a problem especially if you''e trying to walk the school or
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darryl oris out there for us. darryl you're out in aurora, what do you see? >> reporter: we are at tower and hampton. this is very icy, but if you see to the left and right sides of the roads here, you can see there's a good foot of snow and the cars are still stuck here so they are having a heck of a time trying to get out and on the roads this morning. it's going to take the sun before these roads are going to start clearing. be careful this morning, these sidewalks are very slippery, temperatures right now are 7- degrees here at tower and hampton. it's 5:03 now. waking up to better weather
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dia worked on de-icing all the planes. they haven't delayed or canceled in-any flights yet today. could be a different story out on the roads though. we have jayson gruenauer out there. >> reporter: it's depends specifically where you are. were one block off of broadway where things are down to pavement. you can see just the difference right here. this is someone's parking spot, but this is a sheet of ice. this entire road we are on arkansas and okoma here. we were in washington park earlier, yesterday because of the amount of snow many areas did put out the residential plows including denver and fort collins. i would did brush the first sheet off the roads. we were talking about the snow pack on many of the roads. we saw that.
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but under the snow pack in many cases is this ice. it's impossible to stop on, so while some places are down to pavement, some of the major roads, this is what you are going to have to deal with. now cdot uses the mag chloride to keep things clear, but in industrial areas it's not likely that in plows are going to come by here to salt or mag chloride down here. just take your time because it's not going to be very easy to stop on this. keep the speeds down just in case. we're going to send it back to the studio, where it's much much warmer than the single digits. thank you jayson. it's 5:05 now. we have an exclusive interview with chief of police white
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enforcement leaders in d.c. about how and when to use police force. >> they will keep a safe distance. they'll have a conversation, they'll use other skills and tools that they have to do that. and if it takes 10 hours to de- escalate that, they will spend the 10 hours to de-escalate that. >> so denver's deputy chief travel today scotland to see how officers there train. they are heavily unarmed. another technique is banning officers from shooting at moving vehicles. this uninvolves a case -- in--- involves a case of jessica hernandez where she drove a car
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murphy is a defensivv back on the broncos squad was sent home after a bust at hotel six and san jose. his brother brought a young woman to the hotel. she was cited for prostitution. trafficking. let's get to some better broncos news. the chase for the championship. just days away from % beating the panthers and winning another super bowl. some people are still searching for lights to get there -- flights to gettthere. how is it going there big guys with lisa and jayson there? >> reporter: ohh it's great. we are now at the media hall.
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work to home, they have to go through security. i think it's been frustrated. i think i heard from some officers don't go to work because there's so much going on. >> reporter: there was some research i found earlier this week, get this, broncos fans are twice as likely to search for flights from sb-50. it jumps 7050%. charlotte only increased 5453%. so that means there will be more broncos fans filling the station here. >> reporter: yes, and we're closer, we're starting to see a lot more orange and blue.
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guys have to see these outfits. so before we left for san francisco, i ordered these. because we're staying in a hotel that is sponsored by the nfl with this, security is really tight, so they actually had to hold our package for an extra two days because we couldn't get it in time. it's kind of slowing down life here in san francisco. >> reporter: so i want to thank you for buying this for me. i'll get you paid back in eight or 9 month. >> reporter: dollar by dollar? is this how this is going to work? >> lesson learned, lisa, don't buy anything for eric. >> that's unny, she's buying him clothes to make sure he's wearing the right stuff. we'll keep you up to date on the denver sevennapp. and of course we'll have live coverage on denver seven
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if you are still hoping to get to the super bowl, how about a charter flight? >> for $2,299, the company fly fresh jets is providing roundtrip, two nights at the marriott. that includes a shuttle to and from the game. if you don't have a ticket to the game, you still might consider it. >> there's always that opportunity to go out there and enjoy all the pregame activities and look for tickets while you're out there as well because that's when prices really go down. are averaging around 1300 bucks roundtrip, so it could be a pretty good deal. >> you have to be a fresh jets member, but it's easy, you just sign up and you may consider taking the deal.
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still coming up, some animal predictions. and a terrifying moment when a teen is trapped on -- % himself. >> reporter: this afternoon, only right about 20-degrees, but jayson, it will be dry. >> reporter: that's right, speaking of dry, we have mostly out there. you are seeing a lot of green
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welcome back, to denver seven. it 5:14 right now. there's a new concern about the zika outbreak. now a patient in dallas is confirmed of the gotten this virus through sex. they confirmed that the patient
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person who was sick that recently came back from a zika infected country. it causes birth defects in baparalysis in adults. search and rescue teams are working to salvage what's left of two helicopters that collided last month. they collected about 80 pieces of remains and 12 passengers. witnesses say they saw a fire ball in the sky when he cash happened. $30 million in state funding is being asked to help pay for the people that are getting sick from the lead water in flint. theyyare supposed to brief the people about this today. an emergency landing in
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>> this plane is not made to land on the water but when the pilot realized something was wrong, he really had no choice. >> they were doing an emergency plan. they got out, the plane sank and he got out without a scratch. a 16 year old was desperately trying to climb back onto thh ice after falling through the water. he was trying to reach out to a branch and that failed. the woman who recorded this, she is hoping that people remember to stay off the ice. >> i am certain that if the rescue team had not responded a
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sure he could not have continued much longer. >> it's sad we have to have these reminders, but -- >> yeah, it happens too often. >> many times you think oh, it's thick, it's going to hold me. but it's not. we have an avalanche danger oot there, too. we have seen the snow and as a result it just keeps piling up. so there are the warnings from this morning into tomorrow morning for the avalanches. just be very careful you are skiing with the proper gear if you are skiing out of bounds. >> reporter: some clouds and a few flurries out there. it is not going to affect the metro area. it is going to continue on in the northeast part of the state.
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the astern plains. a little drying trend. this cold trend is definitely sticking around. we'll see the snow drop in the southwest corner of the state. it doesn't look like we're of this. maybe a few flurries in the southern half from castle pines down to colorado springs and pueblo, but it really does look like we will remain dry, but cold. it is 2-degrees in greeley as you are headed out the door, estes a whopping zero, evergreen, 2-degrees. and parker 3-degrees. a few that are finally seeing some double digits, and in the high county, below zero and factor in the windchills and it feels below zero. overnight tonight is going to be another cold start.
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to this afternoon, kind of beginning to inch a little bit warmer. 27 he high here in denver. looking for a lot of the upper 20s across the front raping. a few cities, metro cities could top out right at about 30 to 31-degrees. single digits in the high country. a little closer to eagle, grand junction may warm up into the 20s. and eastern plains upper 20s and low 30s, so really not going to be a warm day today. even tomorrow -- tomorrow, we'll warm up, but not much. we could have a chance of flurries on friday, clears out quickly and by saturday and sunday, we are talking about sunshine and temperatures back in the 40s which means it's going to be a very nice weekend.
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at c-470 and broadway how dry it is. you are going to find some icy spots on the side street. look at the picture from our road wrangler darryl orr. he is headed south towards lincoln avenue and down towards maine street in parker. you can sees the clear here on parker road, but the side street are still snow packed and very icy. 225 the drive out to pena boulevard looks good and then fort collins, seeing some nice clear main roads, but the neighborhood roads up in fort collins, very slick an icy. thank you, jayson. we're not the only ones rooting for the broncos.
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in tech bites amazon coming to a mall near you. they opened the first brick and
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the word is they are looking to open 100 more stores. no word yet from amazon. 1 billion active users are using this app. they share 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos a day. >> woo, i'm tired. >> yeah, and facebooks app is being blamed for eating up more than just your time. uninstalling the app saves 20% of the batteries device. those are your tech bites. united airlines is going back to it's old way of doing things letting families with
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they can board, and then people with disabilities and also active military. a 2 year old was acting up in court and he wasn't allowed to take his littll girl in with him. a nearby officer stepped in and offered to baby sit. i didn't know what to do, so i took the girl to get a drink, and took a few steps and just like i do with my kids. >> run up and down the hall a few times. >> criminals can be easier than a 2 year old some times.
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>> does that thermometer say 8- degrees? >> yes, and that's without the windchill. in some cases it feels like below zero. >> reporttr: at lease its starting to clear. i'm really looking forward to the sunrise. it should be a gorgeous one. look at that. 11, zero, seven, 16. a warmuu is going to take plays, but not very warm at all. here in denver looking to top out at 27-degrees. i'm going to feel jealous for the folks in highlands ranch area if you actually hit that this morning. >> reporter: there is still some ice on the street, but the major thoroughfares are dry.
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along the colorado/nebraska/kansas border, 385. i-70, and i-76 are open. an award for an arrest is
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