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tv   7 News Special Chase for the Championship  ABC  February 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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right now, he's going to win unless something happens. >> more coverage on see you tomorrow on "this week." we are less than 20 hours away from the kick off of super bowl l. you are looking at a live picture before the panthers and broncos face off. you can feel the excitement in the air. good evening. and welcome to this edition of
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brandon and -- they are talking all things broncos for you tonight. of course the big news tonight would be nfl honors ceremony. we had a crew out there as well. you may have heard that cam newton was named mvp. what we really wanted to hear about was terrell davis, steve at water and lynch, whether they were named to the hall of fame. unfortunately the answer was no. all three were snubbed in the vote. however, 8 others were voted in for the 2016 class. we were on the red carpet when the celebrities arrived tonight. that includes shannon sharp. >> everybody is selling the broncos short. they have a very good team. the most explosive offense. they have a very good defense.
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come and play anyway just in case. the game is going to be better than people think. >> we alsootalked to shannon about this possibly being peyton manning's last game. now let's get out to brandon -- they are just as excited as the rest of the country right now to get this game going. lionel. >> yeah, you're right. ann. we are here where eighths all going -- it's all going to happen. players got to go inside this beast earlier today and then they got to take the team picture. they dressed in their super bowl pictures. let's take a look. into the locker room for the first time. they saw their llckers. they got to look at the ppaying
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they took video, they took pictures on their cell phones. and the families got to go in with the players as well. a special day. >> i know saturday night is a special night, because the hay is in the barn and usually our video guy, steve boxer who does a little highlight tape and i'm sure he will have something special ready for us. i guess what i like most about saturday night is because sunday is at 3:30 is getting even closer. so i look closer to that. >> all right. we're looking forward to that, too, peyton. 2 time super bowl former broncos receiver, one of peyton's best friends is here we're talking about saturday night before the game.
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what are you doing right now? >> anxious. excited, nerves, all of that. but you just can't wait for that game to start. you have been preparing two weeks. now the game of your life is finally here. >> we know that gary kubiak each game picks someone to speak to the team. way? >> no, if you need somebody to %- fire you up at this point, i don't need you on my team. i don't need a pep talk. i know what to do. >> you might not need it but if peyton manning gets up. >> you know what i tolddyou last time. i have no comment. >> if a peyton manning or demarcus wear, somebody like
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feelings, that can kind of -- hey, guys, let's go win the game. but if they give you a little nugget to chew on for tonight, that can help. >> sure. but when that ball kicks off, you're thinking how i can win that ball game. that's what it boils down to. >> right. can you sleep before a game like this? i know i couldn't and you can imagine what these players are going through right now. we talked to them what it is that might be going through their minds on the eve of super bowl l. >> i know i'm not going to be able to sleep. it's going to be hard. i'm prepared. it's like i'm tired of studying. it's definitely going to be hard to sleep. >> i don't know, man, this is my first one. last night i got some good
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i'm expecting to go to sleep fine, man. put some benadryl in me and go to bed. >> i'll just try to go to sleep early. probably start about 9:00. any nervousness, excitement would run out in that hour. >> no tossing and turning? >> no. >> we've been to some big games and i think the key is to play on the stage. the thing is, we have earned the right to be here and we have done that by our preparation and our routine, so we'll stick to that, show up on sunday. >> you're laying in bed, trying to force yourself to sleep. >> you have got to rest, and you just can't sleep. with the ravens and the colts, did you sleep? what did you do?
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about the next day. wasn't much sleep for me and i guarantee you there's not a lot of sleep for those guys either. >> i wonder if gary kubiak gets some sleep tonight. he's getting ready to coach in his first super bowl. we joke when peyton manning and john fox work together, it was peyton that called the shots. with gary kubiak, it's a different story. we know he's driving the bus but he said having peyton in tow is icing on the cake. >> i got to coach -- and now i get to spend a chance with peyton. those great players, they challenge you as coaches. they are so bright. they understand the game and they challenge you when you walk in that meeting room and i'm speaking from myself.
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that's what you want to be around because that's how you grow as a coach. if you're going in there and they are like, what do you want me to do, he's a tremendous leader. nobody has more fun with his teammates than he does. so it's been a joy. >> it's been a joy to be around peyton for gary kubiak. so it worked out well for him. what do you think. peyton goes into the meeting rooms. does he kind of add a little bit to the conversation? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. he's a coach on the field, he's a coach in the meeting room and what better asset for coach kubiak than to have a peyton manning, not only on the field but in the locker room. that's what he brings to the table. >> i can't help but think about this relationship and theefact
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credit. that was a gutsy call. >> yeah, it was, and at a time a lot of people thought that wasn't the right move make. but he had a gut and that was his instinct to go with peyton off. and that's what you get when you get a veteran coach. he's not afraid to make big moves. >> he and peyton met almost on a daily basis to talk about his injury, how he's feeling. their relationship throughout the reason is one of the big here. out right now. but when the chase for he championship comes back, we'll take you back to the biggest
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anchts clear indication that it's super bowl weekend. all the celebrities, we've seen jamie fox. a lot of them have been spending the weekend on talk shows around the country and
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seeing lots and lots of broncos fans, a big difference from what we saw 2 years ago in new york. outnumbering panthers fans. joining us now, you were at the last big rally the broncos had today. >> yeah, we technically got kicked out of super bowl city because there's an alicia keys concert going on right now. this is also the broncos bar and you are going to see a lot of crazy broncos fans that we saw at the rally at super bowl city. >> for an hour and a half this
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became denver west. denerer broncos cheerleaders heading the pep rally with thousands of fans in orange. >> i have hardly seen any carolina fans. >> andy stack is here with his 3 kids. knowing the trick. >> they caught it. >> broncos fans, take a bow, you're at the super bowl. >> one of the opening acts documenting his work with miles in a selfie. >> how about some orange crush. >> broncos alumni also took the stage, gary zimmerman and mark jackson. >> very orange and very orange. >> the bronco king is here with his sister, the bronco queen, which did not exactly end when it was over. 3 1/2 miles away the party
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by broncos fans of all ages. >> i'm almost 70 years old and my wife said it might not happen again you better go and enjoy yourself. >> and again this is where the action is happening at the san francisco athletic club. it's the bar where the broncos fans will be for those that can get tick its. -- tickets. broncos went straight from the rally to here. >> have fun out there. thank you. one couple from minnesota, the luckiest of all. they won a radio station contest. they won an ll expense paid trip to the super bowl. check this out. 4 nights in san francisco.
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>> is this the craziest thing that's happened to you? >> this is definitely the craziest thing that's happened to us. >> we're like, metallica is tonight. i can't sleep. >> they can't sleep. i think that's the issue forr all football fans tonight. they want to just get this game going. one broncos fans says his life will be complett tomorrow when he gets to sit inside the stadium. >> he is a lifelong broncos fan. >> i just want it so bad i can't stand it. >> he lives in sacramento 90 miles away. >> i just want to be there when the broncos win the super bowl. >> well, his pleading worked thanks to a go fund me page and you.
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dollar ticket and he paid 3600. >> i'm so grateful. it's the best day of my life. >> and here it is. >> row 3, seat 3. >> and this man who works as a drug and alcohol counselor says he has faith in people. >> they are good at heart. >> and he has a message for us all. >> this is something i never thought i would get to achieve and i've been able to do it. and i want to thank you guys, the denver channel, for doing it. you helped me. it's my dream come true. thank you. >> very cool. and this all just happened just this week. he said one fan from carolina is the most with $800 just because he wants to think denvvr beat carolina. he was really excited about all
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of support. we all want to know what the weather is going to be like for the big game. so llt's go to stacy. >> ann, aok. highs today in san francisco were in the mid-60s. 70s. we have a big area of high pressure that's just keeping any kind of weather in the form of rainfall coming that way. so we have lots of sunshine in store. by game time, mid-70s, sunny skies, nice even into the evening hours. here in colorado we do have some cold air that's kind of backing its way into theestate so it will actually be cooler for us tomorrow. so at kick off time, if you're going to a friend's house,,32
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the way home. so just keep that in mind. but some gorgeous weather on the way for the big game. ann. that sounds great. we have a lot more to come on the broncos chase forrthe championship. who is going to win the big game tomorrow? we go one to one with a prediction machine to see who they are picking and how important -- is to the success
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so what if i told you that the game had already been played and we could tell you who won? well, the guys behind say they know. they have already picked 10 out of the last 12 super bowl winners. they say they know the winners. >> it's 50,000 simulations. we are accounting for all the players on the field. what we would expect for them, really counting for the match up. so i get to know exactly what harris is going to do and from those 50,000 simulations which takes only a second to do, i can get the likelihood of anything occurring. i can put things in like weather. injuries and anything else we
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>> so when you are looking at denver and carolina, what do you see? >> we see a game where carolina does win. so that is our most likely result. but that's a close game. it's a lot closer than it seems the public believes for now. so i'm rooting in denver and not just because i'm talking to you guyy. denver is the best defense in the last 50 years. their bet this year -- and we do have denver ending up with more yards than the carolina panthers so i think they will win in a lot of different ways. so i think the low scoring game with carolina. >> what other kinks are there in your system.
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account for. >> in 50,000 games, one major injury that could occur in the game, especially if there's a controversiaa call, can obviously throo any event off. even in that case, 45% of the time, denver is winning this game out right. game. it's probably going to play out as an ugly game, but ugly in that it's competitive. >> how do you measure something like passion. we're talking about peyton manning, this could be his last game. how do you measure that? >> i appreciate that and i get that question all the time. in the 90 players that will be taking the field, they will all be trying to win the game. if anybody is playing at less
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throw off the numbers as well. but i think at this time. >> any other quirks to denver that just throws a wrench in things? -- above average against the pass. they are the best defensive seen. i get that. but what i think could be a real interesting key here is cj anderson. he averaged 2.7 points over gary. he's averaged 6 yards per carry. it's been a pretty even split. if he stays in the game longer, if he gets a couple of big plays, he could be that dynamic player. and especially in this game where it could be important for denver to get that lead.
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couple of big plays. game as well. >> so lionel, not exactly the prediction we were hoping for but we will see tomorrow. coming up we will talk about some of the other bets we could make, like how long the national anthem will go and what some of the performers could wear during halftime, so fun stuff coming up. also the mother of demaryius thomas spent 15 years in prison for drug dealing but tomorrow she's going to be in
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welcome back to the chase for the championship. we are live at leave eye stadium. you can feel it. the fans were out here today. the fans are out here tonight t. night before the game. the excitement is building. we had the nfl honors tonight. cam newton was mvp. you said cam, i said cam. 48 out of 50 voters said cam newt ton was the mvp so he won that award tonight. >> there was no debate.
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1 regular season record. 35 touchdowns. ran for another 10 scores. 636 yards rushing. superman also named offensive player of the year. the broncos know they are going to have their hands full with him tomorrow. >> we have got to beat the tigers. we have to have an adequate effort and bring them down. demarcus said if we sack them it should count for two sacks because he's very difficult to bring down, fast, strong. you have got like ben roth link burger and you still don't have cam, so he's definitely in a lane of his own. >> he has some size and the speed. he can run, he can throw, and
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somebody who is as big a competitor as he is, you have got to make sure you are on top of everything. you have got to tackle him because he's not going to go down easy. >> all right, brandon stokely with us. this guy is 6'5", 260 pounds, can run, can throw, can do it all. broncos have the number one defense, this is an epic match upcoming up tomorrow. >> it is. it's going to be a great battle to watch. see how the broncos defense is going to scheme him. he's a once in a generation `ype of quarterback. you don't see somebody that big, that strong that can do it all. >> well, someday he may enter the nfl hall of fame. today we learned about the 2016 list. former coach tony dungy and
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missing once again. broncos, not one made thh list. >> no, no terrell davis. no john lynch, no at water. it may be set up for later, but again, shut out of the hall of fame. >> not one. it's disappointing because a couple of those guys, it would have been fitting with the broncos playing that we could have got a couple in. but that's the way it goes. >> two goes that you're familiar with, tony dungy, former head coach, they did make the cut. both of those guys deserve it. >> yes. i was fortunate enough to work with marvin. he can do it all. route man. i learned so much from him.
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his style worked for him and for me. >> we were talking about great receivers here. we've got one with us. demaryius thomas, guys, he's got to shine. he's said it before, we need a big game. the offense needs him to come through. he's been up and down this year. 17 drops this season but we have een him shine on this stage before. he had 13 catches, a super bowl record in super bowl xlviii but killing him. tomorrow. we asked him if kubiak or manning offered any advice. >> just told me to keep going when i make a play. just don't think about nothing, just good out and play and leave it all up and i think i do. game? >> i expect to have a better game than i had the past couple
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>> you talked about being a teammate with marvin, you were a teammate with demaryius. you know his talent and what he can do. >> he's going to get over it. i'm telling you. he's not hiding from the fact that he needs to play well and he's coming out and saying he's going to play better and i think he's been practicing hard, working on the little things and he's going to have a great game tomorrow. >> the last time he played in a super bowl his mom watched from prison. tomorrow she is going to be in this stadium. she was granted an early release in november. i can imagine how excited she is going to be to see her son play in person in the biggest game in professional football, the super bowl. espn talked to her a couple of weeks ago after the broncos won
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>> i was like, oh my god, i don't know what i'm going to do and they were texting me, what are some of the things i wanted to do when i got out and i said go to a super bowl game. 88 representing demaryius thomas. there he is, there he goes. he got a fresh cut it looks like. >> he didn't even give us a chance to ring the doorbell. he was like, how are you doing. and i gave him a big hug and he said, peyton told me to give you this and i was like. >> that wasn't no pressure. just. >> we're going to the super
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heart, how are you doing? how does it feel? it's been a blessing to have his support and his love because this whole situation, this whole story could have turned out nother way. he's at that point now in his life where some people are like you don't need a mom. but immigrateful that he still needs me and i need him. i love you. >> all right. what a great story. we all know how important family is and demaryius' mom is going to be there. she's here now with him at the hotel tonight because we know john kubiaa did not switch hotels. last time they switched switched holtzs last time. he wants the players to be able
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hang out with their family. so what a great night it's going to be. >> to have his mom here, the second game she's seen. if you want to play big and make a huge impact in the super bowl in front of your mom, i think he's going to do it. it's great motivation for him if he needs ann more, which i don't think he does. >> i think it may help explain this season for him. how tough must it have been for everything to be going on with his mom and i wonder, because she's here, maybb that sparks this young man. >> yeah, that might be what he needs. just a little spark. it's been well documented, his drops this year. but i think he's ready to break out. like you said, he has a super bowl record for catches and i think he's going to feed off that. he's been here. he's played big and i think he's going to have another big
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>> laat saturday night. when you won your super bowls, did they allow families to come in? >> no, there was no families. there was just alone time. that's what i like. i don't want to be around my family the night before a game. some guys do. but for me i want to go over my play book and just think about what tomorrow is going to bring. >> visualize. >> yes, a lot of visualization and then try to get some rest. >> did you watch the water boy or anything? >> no, that wouldn't get me jacked up. >> come on. >> we're going to take a break now. actually we're going to go back to ann in the big city. she checked out some interesting attractions today. ann. >> oh, lionel, we found some very interesting attractions here.
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of weird so we just had o go investigate. san francisco has installed an outdoor urinal. this is in delores park. it cost $15,000 and we're not the only ones who think this is a little interesting. >> when i look at this i think it's a good idea but maybe needs a little mooe privacy. there are families all around here and maybe it's not a good idea in that realm. >> actually a lawssit was filed. some people want it removed because of that. some people think it discriminates against women. by the way, we did not see anyone using it while we were out there but it is interesting. we just thought you would like to see it. san francisco, in the intersection of peyton and asbury equals hippy culture. this is where it started in the 60s. %
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lot of tourists. we found broncos fans there, a couple from brazil. a local merchant gave us some insight. >> just being you to the fullest extent and enjoying it and appreciating other people. there are so many other people in the world where they have -- but that's not what ash bury is about. everybody is doing their thing. >> and yes, there was in fact a distinct smell of marijuana in the air. no surprise, right? now everyone knows there are cable cars here but did you know the system hasn't changed, ever. it's still manually operated. >> take a ride on the cable car and you are in for a san francisco treat. >> i have got the best job in the world. i get to meet good people. like all these good tourists over here. >> that's the job of the.
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win the super bowl, the winner. that's all i know. >> it's the same technology that we have for 120 years and it doesn't change. the cars do get rebuilt but they get rebuilt to the same standards. >> at $7 a ride they take you to just about any landmark. >> we go through the whole city. down to the whatever and. >> i only come to work to have fun. >> and the play by play, that's included in the price of the ticket. >> i don't like the passengers. i only like my wife. >> he was chatty with all the passengers along the short ride and the only thing he won't tell is his name. >> i don't know whose heart i broke in my past so they might see me on tv and say, that's the guy that broke my heart.
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he really seriously would not tell me his name but he did tell me he's done thaa job for 20 years and he obviously really loves it. coming up, how long will it take to sing the national anthem tomorrow and what song will -- sing first tomorrow at halftime. and we take you to the sweetest spot in san ffancisco for a taste test that can't be missed.
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. super bowl merchandise flying off the shelves. just about every store selling something with a logo on it is not cheap. sweatshirts and pull overs cost more than $100. some $200. along the water front here is an area known as gyre deli scare. and even the chocolate tiers are thinking super bowl. >> i talk to them about the chocolate. >> what a job, right, to be a chock la tier. chocolate covered strawberries that look like footballs. >> thank you for providing this step stool for me.
9:38 pm
>> dip it in. you just want to circulate it real quick and come up. >> the dipping part doable. it was the stitching part not so much. >> you do one line. and how to get it perfect is %- just don't think about it. just go really quick. >> my biggest distraction is the never ending spout of chocolate. >> have i ever put my face under the chocolate and the answer is yes. >> you have done that? >> no, i have not. >> it is tempting and i 3 couldn't leave. >> it's easier if you put your hands up and say gear a ddli, but some people try to say jeer a deli. >> so now we have it straight. so their best seller the dark
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of course the milk chocolate with carmel and i love them all so i pretty much tasted every single one of them. let's check back in with stacy because we are dying to know the game day forecast. >> that's the place you eat your weight in chocolate. tomorrow afternoon highs around san francisco in the mid-70s. so as we go into the afternoon, look at these temperatures, around 74 by 3:00. by 4:00, 73 and you see sunshine, warm, quiet, all perfect descriptions for what will be happening tomorrow. light winds as well. we do expect cooler air to continue to make its way down into colorado throughout tonight. our highs are going to be much cooler during the day. we are going to have highs in the upper 30s. so at kick off time here in
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and temperatures in the mid-200 by the ime you are ending the game, heading home. and we're going to talk more about the extended forecast where things will be warming up like fantastic weather on the way for a winner tomorrow. >> we're ready for that. thank you, stacy. the man behind, he already told us, he thinks the broncos are going to lose by 3. we of course think he's wrong but he's also telling us what other items we should bet on. >> it takes a second to simulate a game 50,000 times. it takes me about 2 or 3 days to research lady gaga and beyonce, so let me give people. i like the under on the
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only one person has gone longer. usually people go about 1:42. 1:57 is the average, so obviously significantly longer and lady gaga did just go longer on a national anthem but she changed all the words in the second stands stanza. if she cleans it up, i'm projeccs 2:10. beyonce, you can actually bet on the color of shoes that she will wear and black is the favorite. she has only worn black boots 3 times. which actually has corelated very closely to the super bowl. the song that she is singing is a theme where i think a multi colored red or purple shoe will work. you can bet on any color besides gold, silver or black
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your money right now. i love that. and you can bet on the first song which they are going to play. i think it's going to be fox. it's the most familiar song, so as soon as people hear clocks, they know. and i think that will be the song they will lead with. collaboration with beyonce, probably -- and the orchestra from la is coming into town. >> >> poor guy, we really feel sorry for him, don't we, lionel. so go ahead, start making your bets. >> all right.
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thank you. we're here live at levi stadium and coming up after the break, we're going to talk about some disrespect from some of the media. nobody is picking them to win.
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downtown san francisco.
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for the championship. bronccs are the rodney danger field of super bowl l. are you ready? number one defense in the nfl, no respect. >> try it again. >> number one defense in the >> no respect. >> all right. standing. >> no respect. >> they won 11 games decided by 7 points or less. that is a record. >> no respect. >> no one respects this team and i don't get it. national media is talking about cam newton and not the denver broncos. they say to get respect you have to win the big game.
9:46 pm
the recognition we deserve. the guys who win the championships, you remember them. so we don't even expect the recognition until we win the >> we aren't supposed to be here to hear everybody else tell it. it's going to take us winning this game here to make everyone believe us. >> people think what they are going to think. they can't control you. keep feeding us, man. it's given us motivation to go ahead aad put together the best performance people every saw is. we're some hungry guys. >> yeah, look, this is a team that is fed up with that disrespect in the championship. they were going to torch this defense and it seems like they really do feed off of being the under dog. >> no question. and we know deffnse wins
9:47 pm
to be considered one of the best ever they have to win tomorrow night. >> we talked a little bit about the under dog and how you like to be the under dog, right. because you from on top. you were the favorite when you peyton. how do you think the broncos are feeling? >> if you watch last week and you saw how they responded they are okay playing the under dog role. they feed off that. it really is disrespectful to them because they played so well the whole seasonnand you have got peyton manning as a quarterback. >> tonight on the red carpet we got celebrity interviews talking about super bowl l. who they think is going to win. >> i'm going to go with carolina for this reason. one, rivera grew up 7 miles from me.
9:48 pm
broncos short. but the fact is they have a very good team. the most explosive phones. they have a very good defense. but i think the broncos should come and play anyway just in case. >> the carolina panthers are playing very good football. so i'm going to be rooting for them. >> it's about time that peyton has a defense that can help. >> it will be interesting. i don't think it's going to be a high scoring game. >> i think daddy, who is playing? >> carolina and denver. >> i think denver. >> all right. there you have it. we will make our predictions tomorrow. right, guys? we will predict tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. right now we'reegoing to take a break and come back with 7 sports at 10:00. so stay tuned.
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right now on denver7 we are less than 19 hours from super bowl 50 in the broncos finishing up their chase to the champiinship. we have crews out in the bay
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