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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver 7 news starts now. >> 4 teenage girls recruited by isis. their still is something all parents should be worried about. >> denver broncos are back and celebration starts in 12 hours. >> we're tracking your forecast and molly is starting us off tonight. >> you might want to uber or drive here tomorrow. this place is going to be a zoo. the stage is already going up for the live music and entertainment, and that's
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world championship parade is at noon. >> if you thought this was a homecoming fit for champions, wait for tomorrow. they'll be at civic center park to celebrate the triumph. >> there were half a million there last time. >> this is what it looked like after the first super bowl win. -`>> this year, the parade a starts at 17th and finishes at civic park. >> avoid backpacks and large items like coolers and no chairs or seating devices. >> and you night want to consider ditching your car and opting for a cycle or a light rail. tomorrow it's going to be impossible for parking. >> a good time around a victory that will echo across the country. >> it's going to be a wild
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there will be broncos players and the mayor and even the governor, if you have to work, you can find this handy permission slip on our website. >> enjoy your day off. >> a map of the route, the parade starts near union and ends up in civic center park besides closures, and cherokee will be closed. and on top of traffic, you might have trouble with your cell phone tomorrow, thousands of people in the same area sharing tweets and photos and video and the wireless networks could get overloaded. close to 60. >> yes, better than a week ago. temperatures are in the 30s still and tonight it will drop down to the 20s. early tomorrow morningsh the
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and we should be well into 50s for the parade and all of the festivities. >> we talked to aurora and douglas county and jeffco school districts said school is `till in session, but parents do have the option of pulling their kids out for an absent day. >> all eyes are on denver. the state of colorado will be able to leverage the title broncos super bowl 50 champs. michelle with the office of economic development said it's a great opportunity to tell the state's story and promote business. >> it's a great opportunity to start to market some offthe things that we don't talk about -`as a state. >> good for the city and of %- course the broncos. coming up, what happens after
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goes to disney world and we hear from von miller. tracking a developing story. a deputy fights for his life when he's shot on the job shortly after trying to arrest a man. the mesa county deputy is a department veteran. >> in the last few hours, we've learned his name, he's derrick gear and has been with mesa county since 2001 and his injuries are life threatening. when they first arrived, he was not responding to their help. this is a picture, we just got it, he's a navy veteran and the father of two teenagers. let's go video from the scene, the deputy had taken a teenager into custody described by dispatchers as suspicious with a gun. the suspect tried to flee and the suspect then fired back hitting him several times. the gunman got away but was
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this is video here where you can see him taken away about 1 hour later. when this all happened, deputies, police officers and respondees, rushed to help and several schools were put on lockdown, all is back to normal as an entire department hopes that the deputy, they pray he survives. >> entire state pulling for him. we're tracking stories for you, the planned parenthood clinic, the scene of the mass shooting. 3 people were killed there and it reopens next monday but only part of the building is open to the public. construction continues. robert deere, shooter said he did it because of abortions being performed therech in lauren was killed last month and working as a nanny.
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her through his cell phone. he was arrested in switzerland. >> she was suffocated. >> a nasty pothole caused problems for drivers. we found drivers lined up at out tires. when he showed up he found a line of drivers pulled over after hitting it. there are reports of 30 cars with flat drivers with flat tires. >> there's a hole, and we hit it and it took out both tires. >> driving along at the speed limit and hit a giant pothole and it blew out my tire. >> they just filled the pothole within the last hour so the
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>> if you don't have a vaccine go home. two kids have gotten the infection. unvaccinated kids for 3 weeks. >> the main concern is the kid's health. we want to make sure they're educated and they're healthy as well. >> anti-vaccine called the decision unfair, it's up to the parent whether to send them to school. >> . >> the cdc is at the highest level due to the risk of zika virus. this means the cdc works around the clock to combat the fires virus and obama is asking for $2 billion to help in the fight. >> chipotle is hammering home the message that if workers are
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>> they were closed for part of the day for safely classes on food safety. >> according to a new poll, donald trump is leading the republican race in new hampshire and marco rubio is second. bernie sanders is 26 points ahead of hillary clinton. the primary is tomorrow and we'll keep you updated. >> ben the bachelor is handing out his final rose in 3 weeks. it has become an economic engine of its own. after 14 years on tv, you may have thought this rose would have withered but take a look at this party, the bachelor is popular as ever. >> i'm a huge fan.
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and colorado is capitalizing on the success. >> we include 50% off wine and cheese board and free t-shirts. >> she has a blog and commissions the fantasy league. >> she explains bachelor fantasy is like fantasy football. >> if you pick the girl that says "like" a lot that girl gets you points. >> she couldn't handle her office mates talking about it, so she started this. >> you can't beat them, you have to join them.
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>> being flown all over the world up and getting a random 600 bucks for watching is exciting. >> the new season of the bachelorette coming up this spring, so for more, gg to the denver and click on this story. denver 7. and coming up, part two of an investigation. how terror groups likeeisis are using social media to recruit your kids. four colorado teens almost got
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remember the story of our arvada teenager, they were recited by isis and attempted to join the radical fight in syria. the explosive growth of isis recruiting n the internet. it's a nationwide problem. >> and here is why, they're convincing. >> results are alarming numbers of americans getting on planes and heading to syria. >> denver 7 investigates. >> we're men honored who climbed the peak to perform jihad. >> it's a well crafted video. >> and other times, it's a
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>> tactics selling a radical message and luring americans to the middle east. >> it's an aggressive threat because it reaches into any home in the united states. >> and it's an aggressive recruited 4 colorado teenagers. >> i believe it's over a year. >> nothing. >> back in october, 2014, his 15-year-old daughter and two of her friends skipped school and boarded a plane to go to syria. but law enforcement stopped them in germany before they got there. >> they told them how to do it and told them the way. >> earlier, another denver area teenager was also on her way to syria. fbi acts arrested her at denver international airport before she boarded. >> it's a shock when anybody,
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overseas, to join our enemies. >> adam serves as a special agent for the fbi in denver. >> since early 2014, we've had about 80 people or sorry that we've stopped from traveling to the syria area to join the jihad. >> and those numbers are greater according to a study by the program on extremism at george washington university. citing federal sources, 2550 americans have traveled or attempted to travel to join isis. social media plays a crucial role and american isis sympathizers are active on twitter. >> it's a tactical effort to recruit.
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syria, many times starts on >> it continues to grooming process until he can really get an understanding about who her real intentions are or how he can get her to travel. >> we asked the fbi to analyze a social media discussion discovered by us. it shows a recruiter from isis. >> further down in the conversation, he starts to compliments her. >> they lure females with marriage and males with the
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flag. >> absolutely. >> other common themes include appealing to emotions and creating belonggng and identifying personal conflicts purpose. >> it's very akin to what pedophiles do to when they're grooming kids online. it's not somethiig that's going away, we're facing big challenges and they're using these free platforming. >> u.s. attorney said attempts to block isis recruiting are complicated by the fact that communications that start on twitter often move to chat rooms with servers based overseas or to encrypted sites. >> if that continues we have to find ways to address it. >> a colorado jury convicted
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year sentence in an alabama federal prison. the 3 teenagers, all minors were detained and questioned but not charged. >> and one final note, if you are looking for a red flag, one of the aurora teens with a music fan and her family said she stopped listening to music, the isis recruiter told her to stop because it was against her faith. beautiful day, and it's going to get better and boy, mother nature is celebrating. look at this sunset, beautiful color and tomorrow morning, high clouds and a color sunrise. as far as conditions, our temperatures shape up like this, come on, it's coming, i'll be right back.
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we'll try it again. got so excited, i couldn't do anything. >> 42 and 15 are the highs and lows and the records are 75 and 25 below zero. as far as conditions now, let's see what's happening here. we have 34 degrees and 30 out at dia and around the country, 13 in minneapolis and looks like continuing to see those temperatures stay cold in the eastern part of the country because of a cold front and it's going to continue to drive -`southward and bring more cold weather and snow across much the great lakes and the northeast. technology, for tonight, coldest temperatures are in the
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and out across the eastern plains, it's in to the teens. looking day. normal highs in the 40s and in the mid 50s hereeand lamar at 60 and 30s in the mountains except for gunnison, aad that's what high of 20 degrees. cold up in the mountains and 2 mountains. 21 in greeley. 26 for highlands ranch and tomorrow, beautiful day, a few high, thin clouds. 50s. forecast, tonight 28 and beautiful day for all of the festivities and mostly sunny skies and you think that's nice, check out after that,
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wednesday, 63 degrees, thursday, 60 and looking into friday, saturday, sunday, you think something bad is happening? who knows, but no, no, upper 50s to low 60s going to the weekend. and a bright spot on all 7 days. wednesday is 63 but tomorrow is awfully nice with half a million people downtown. >> should be a big day. >> theyyve already called in sick. >> they're getttng their seat. >> are you ready to be freezing for a reason? help us help special olympics colorado. if you would like to join or donate, head to my facebook page, we'll be at plunge in aurora and thennat the zoo the following weekend. >> coming up, von miller gets a
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commissioner after taking super bowl 50mvp honors. and jimmy kimmel has a special
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where are the broncos'
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several jewelry stores and including this one in houston. they were asked to make the following designs. they pay for the 150 rings the winning team. >> the sports extra and last night was for mr. b, it was for peyton manning p seems so long ago but then mom told the a
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times" she wanted to see him retire. so we did what we wanted to do, go on vacation. he went to disneyland and his wife and kids joined him less than 24 hours later. one of 12 signal caller to see hasn't set in yet. >> a chance to be a paat of a super bowl team almost 10 years ago, i remember what a great feeling it was and to be able to celebrate it with your teammates and friends and family members, they've been with you for a long time, the game and the celebration, being here today makes for a very special 24 hours. >> it spoke volumes and the
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linebacker ever, a one man wrecking crew. 6 tackles and 2.5 sacks and found himself in the company of roger goodell and his coach, and he got the mvp trophy but he said it's a team award. >> the ring is something i'm going to keep with me for the rest of my life, for eternity, % to be with them 100 years from now. that's beautiful. >> nuggets and nets, and the 12th double-double. and 13 rebounds and he hit it with 1, 3-pointer to go. joe johnson and beat the buzzer. and michael malone said his
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>> we didn't deserve to win it, we played awful and bottom line, when you don't defend,
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he's all right, super bowl 50 on the only fun ride. he took a spill on national tv.
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