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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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capitol. we're told the call came in around 4:00 and the building that threat. a communications director tells lawmakers inside. there were several committee hearings and caucuses going on we're not sure exactly of the nature of the threat, how serious. it looks llke the building is closed and will be for the remainder of the day. we ill continue to monitor this breaking news and bring you the very latest. live at the state capitol, jennifer kovaleski, ddnver 7. >> thanks, jen. we're also following breaking news of a bus crash east of castle ock. we're waiting to hear back from the schools because it's unclear if any children were on board. down up to denver, a sea of orange today, the mayor saying more than a million broncos
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for the world champions rally. >> broncos! >> fans were waiting to catch a glimpse of theeplayers in this victory parade. it's not just fans pumped up. >> world champions! >> even police offiiers here getting into the broncos kids sitting along the parade route. and a lot of denver parents took their kids out of school to go celebrate the broncos' super bowl win. no hard numbers but we're told the first check shows about ten schools received more than 100 messages from parents excusing their kids from class. we expect solid numbers tomorrow. as we told you several broncos fans were out in civic center park early this morning. they were there to get good spots. they wanted to be as close to the players on the main stage
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and sports director llonel bienvenu is here. the players were just as excited to see the fans. >> over a million strong fans- wise. -`all the players were there, too. they've been going nonstop since sunday night. post-game parties, appearances on naaional tv show, going to disneyland, then this. the super bowl party with over a million of their closest friends. it was an amazing scene. mrs. bowlen with the lombardi trophy, ffns cheering every time they got a gliipse of that shiny trophy. lombardi. every bronco from the top on coming out. >> i tell you the most satisfying thing about being player as well as winning it in the front office is to be able to bring back that lombardi trophy to everybody out here. thanks for all your help.
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when we go in the stadiummand the stadium is packed there's no place like broncos country. this here is awesome, amazing. >> we have the greatest fans out here. these fans have been great all season long for us. and we certainly needed them in a big way. >> in a big way. how about a million, more than a million people. 3 is that big enough so now john elway and gary kubiak have to get down to business keeping this team together for a run at bacc-to- backs. we'll hear from john about % peyton manning at 6:00. >> if you know anyone who stuck around in downtown after the rally you may want to let them % know they can get a free ride passengers get to ride for free until 8:00 tonight. as you can imagine the parade and rally, they have a lot of people using rtd transit and light rail. so plan accordingly because the service is running at capacity. >> getting hundreds of thousands of people, even a
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denver, proving to be a big struggle for the transportation department. >> some train delays hit an hour this afternoon, and denver7 reporter mark boyle is live at the convention center. how are things running? >> reporter: foot traffic has settled down. light rail rung smoothly. a light of delays running northbound. that's because they shut down all light rail trains from the convention center north while the foot traffic cleared out. you can see spear boulevard running pretty smooth right now. some of those lines, we want to show you that earlier. about an hour delay for some of these trains. we've talked to a lot of people who have never used light rail before which is a good indication that so many people who were down here came from all over the state and surroundinn states. there were some major bus and train delays this morning as well as people tried to get into town, but those we spoke with tell us the wait was definitely worth it. >> i'm sure there will be some
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lifetime, super bowl 50 so we're excited. go broncos. >> reporter: we have some calls into our newsroom from people trying to get into town on light rail and buses that say they waited for two hours and finally gave up. can you imagine the crowds down here could have actually been bigger. live at the convention center, mark boyle, denver7. >> bigger than a million? wow. rally. the sun was shining. >> chief meteorologist mike nelson joins us. this is actually the warmest we've seen in awhile. >> it's gorgeous weather. you had some nice stuff in california. we had the blizzard a week ago today but this time around our current view is gorgeous sunshine. there's not a cloud in the sky, no rain, no snow anywhere close to colorado. the temperature is still 51 degrees at the top of the hour. %- mid-50s this afternoon for our highs during the festivities. 48 degrees at the airport. even in the mountains the temperature is not too bad, 20s and 30s. tomorrow we're looking at some %- 70-degree temperatures over southeastern colorado. %-
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and pleasant conditions for tonight, more sunshine tomorrow, and a real spring- like pattern even though it's still only the early part of february. >> all right, mike, thanks. some heart break news out of mesa county. a deputy who was shot in the line of duty will now be taken off life suppoot. derek geer's family tweeted in the last hour that their hearts are broken. 3 they added the plan now is to donate his organs. geer was shot several times yesterday responding to a call. and the person arrested is just 17 years old. geer is a 15-year veteran of the force. he has two children. a memorial fund has been set up for his family. a two-year-old kidnapped by her father is now at children's hospital. she was thrown from a car when it crashed near walsenburg after a chase that hit speeds of 100 miles per hour.
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mother's home last night in new mexico after an amber alert wws issued. police spotted hee father's karen southern colorado. over bey a truck at pecos near west 76th last night. help to find this truck. they say the full-sized brown pickup hit the man while the man was lying in the road and never stopped to help. and this is sad. and just down right disturbing. police in longmont say a registered nurse cheatee an 89- year-old patient out of most of his life savings, then to make matters worse contaminated his house with meth chemicals. lance, now this poor man's % house has been condemned? >> reporter: you can see the condemmation notices. police along that that 3 registered nurse and her two sons cooked meth in this house, all the while neglecting the care for the man inside. >> it's a/unforttnate circumstance. >> reporter: commander jeff
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with the victim 10 months ago and kept him isolated. >> we're trying not to go into the exact relationship but i will say it was a family member. >> reporter: court documents along that wagner gained power of attorney and wrote checks to her two sons. `he total stolen, $100,000 in cash, $40,000 in other police say wagner and her sons used and manufactured meth in the house. >> and this resulted in high levels of math amphetamine concentrations. it will require upwards of $100,000 to mitigate the meth use in the home. >> reporter: and there's more. wagner was apparently so aafected by the meth she convinced herself the 89-year- old had worms. the affidavit states she would take a pair of tweezers and pull skin from his legs thinking it was bugs. %- >> when you start getting into
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he was living in filth in his room. he was isolated from his friends and his family. >> reporter: and the commander told me he is doing much better now that he is living in assisted living but that's only because family members went to court and got an injunction, keeping wagner away from that elderly man. wagner now behind bars on $100,000 bond. formal charges related to theft from an at-risk adult expected to be filed tomorrow. in long mounted, lance hernandez, denver7. a home in edwards west of beaver creek destroyed it was burning in a remote area. that made it hard for firefighters to get there and put out the flames. they had to shuttle water in because there was nnt a good source near that burning home. this morning crews were still on scene mopping up. thankfully no one was home at the time so no one was hurt. back to our broncos coverage, a great day in colorado, lots of happy people, a day has will go down in the colorado history books.
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that fans have been waiting years for denver7's sally was right in the middle of that parade. >> reporter: streets are open now eric as you can see behind me. %- things are back to normal out here. the civic center is completely empty now. it's hard to believe that just a few hours ago there were hundreds and hundreds of people in this area just by itself. but i tell you what, they were excited long before the parade started, but definitely the cheers got louder when they saw thht trophy. it's a dream that finally came trre for bronco fans. >> just living the dream as a fan, the ultimate prize is ours. we're the champs. >> go broncos! go broncos! >> reporter: and the moment all came down to this.
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street to see their team raise the trophy, a sight they waited for 17 years. >> unbelievable! >> reporter: for jason, a father of six this parade is back in 1999. >> back then it was something `e had yearned for. this time it's to solidify that we're a dynasty contender. >> reporter: the sea of fans poured into civic center park, and to try and catch a glimmse it got so packed that people climbed trees to see history in the making. others made the best of where they stood. >> we can't see a thing. >> if we stand the right way you can see the tv. >> reporter: what can you see? >> the guys who is talking. enough. >> reporter: we couldn't tell youuearlier the number of
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officials just confirmed to me that there were over a miilion people that showed up for this victory parade. so definitely a day that will go down in the history books and a day to remember for those out here cheering for the broncos and even for us out here covering this historic event. >> even for those who watched on tv. a lot of people watched our denver7 special. so much fun to watch. >> everyone's happy. that's always a good thing. we have a warning now for denver water customers. >> if you have gotten an unusual call, it may be a scam. we'll tell you what denver water says. plus, the growing concern about a potential zika virus in the u.s. has the cdc taking action. and music is returning to folsom field.
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breaking news at capitol. >> reporter: in just the last 10 minutes we saw a state trooper come and update all of the lawmakers and staff standing behind me. that crowd has gotten much smaller ut he told them the capitol will be shut down until they can make sure that the building is safe. csp says they are investigating a threat, a call that came in around 4:00 this afternoon. they evacuated the entire building. lawmakers were inside. we're told there were several caucus meetings and committee meetings going on when the evacuation was put in place. i'm going give you a better look at the scene, and kind of what we've seen. i think people have gone home once they learned they couldn't get back in the building, but we do have fire trucks out here, police, troopers going through the building. we've seen several enter trying to make sure that it's say. we will continue to monitor and
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live at the state capitol, jennifer kovaleski, denver7. we're also staying on top of that breaking news out of douglas county, a bus crash. we've confirmed three students are on the bus at the time. those three students were picked up bey their parents and taken to the hospital as a precaution, so they will be okay. deputies are investigating what led to this. the bus was able to drive away on its own and the driver was also not injured. the new hampshire primary is underway, and the presidential candidates are still stumping forrlast-minute votes. this morning the candidates were out and about trying to influence those undecided voters. the latest polls have republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders in the lead. while the democrats seem settled on sanders hillary clinton says she is not going down without a fight. >> so who was it? >> bernie sanders. >> he was kind of our clear choice. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast.
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7:00, the rest will close at 8:00. more on denver7 at 10:00. the cdc has now moved its emergency operations to the highest level to prepare for a potential zika virus outbbeak in the u.s. the only other times a level 1 activation has happened are with ebola and with h1n1 back in 2009. indiana anddohio are reporting their first cases. both people got the virus after traveling to haiti. and a warning for all of yoo denver water customers. right now scammers are calling customers. they're claiming to be with denver water. they're asking or payments over the phone. denver water says will only call to remind you that a payment is due or to follow up on service calls. if you have any questions about your bill, the direct number for you to call, the customer care department, 303-893-2444. happening tonight, longmont city counselors will be discussing a plan to mine
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street and ken pratt boulevard. boulder county has approved the mining to start in the late 2020s to the early 2030s, but what happens tonight will impact when the mining happens and who lives in the area. remember the days we paid a dollar for gas? they could be coming back. the national average is now at $1.72 a gallon and it's even cheaper here in denver. %- gallon of regular unleaded. but according to you can find gas at $1.30 a gallon at sinclair on federal near 50th. across the midwest prices are the lowest in more than 12 yyars. and for the first time in 15 years live music is returning to the university of colorado's folsom field. the stadium hasn't hosted a band since 2001, the dave matthews concert. the band was fined $15,000 for playing path curfew. well, dead ann company is the
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members of the grateful dead and includes johh mayer. they have scheduled shows july % 2nd and 3rd. >> we'll hope for good weather. we certainly had it today. beautiful day for all the festivities as the sun is going %- down. it's going to be a great night. highhtemperature in denver for today mid-50s. the official reading out at dia. 26 is where we started out. the normals arr 45 and 18, and the records are 73 and 15 degrees below zero. right now in the denver area the skies are clear. 51 downtown, 47 at tairnghts 39% humidity, winds gentle from thh south-southeast. it's quiet all acrosssthe western united states, but not so in the east. very stormy conditions with another low pressure area and more cold fronts driving snow across much of the east. the great lakes, and even down into the smoky mountains down to northern sections of georgia. that's going to continue because the jet stream, the strong winds aloft are take all the stormy weather off to the
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the strongest winds from minneapolis down to st. louis and across the eastern part of the country. that's where all he cold and snow. we stay warm and dry nd delightfuu for the next several days because that jet stream pattern is not going to change very much. 8 below in gun any son, 2 below 0 at craig, 30 above in denver, mainly 20s on the plains. then for tomorrow look at these numbers in the southeast. 70s. la junta and lamar, springfield 7 2. 62 in denner, even in the high country a lot of readings in the 40s. you can get the car washed, too, folks, because this pattern is going to continue. we have a nice seven-day pattern coming up. 62 for tomorrow, 60 on thursday. the bright spot here but we could stretch that bright spot across. look at these numbers, all upper 50s to low six. low temperatures dropping into next week. hey, not everybody was at the parade today. i headed out with the kid cam to timber rail elementary school in castle pines.
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there with about 500 kids. a lot of them wearing orange and blue jerseys for today for their favorite team. that handsome young man is anthony, seven years old, missing some front teeth. he was our kid cam kid for today. did a very nice job. look at the steady camera work with anthony. that is pretty good cinematography. there was no look of enthusiasm had a great time sitting with the kids talk tornado, severe weather safety. a good time had by all at timber trail elementary school. >> my friend josh miller was somewhere in that crowd. >> is that right? >> he said you were a hit today. >> awesome. >> not every kid can be pulled out of class. some kids had to go to school. this is a new practice, and it could save more than a thousand lives. one hospital now haa the go- ahead to allow hiv patients to den nature organs.
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welcome back. a medical breakthrough just got the go-ahead. the nation's first hiv positive to hiv positive organ transplant will occur soon. until the hope act passed in 2013 doctors could not use hiv positive organs to help hiv pattents. the national institutes of health spent a few years creeting safeguards before giving the okay. the parties have started in new orleans. it is fat tuesday, meaning mardi gras festivities are in
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thousands lining the streets for the parades that are expected to go well into the night and as you know, revelers will eat, drink, dance, and catch the traditional beads, and tomorrow ash wednesday. >> and we don't need to go to new orleans to see big parades or see people doing crazy things. check out this broncos fan at today's world champions rally in civic center park. he climbed the statue to take a few pictures, then went back up to wave an american flag to celebrate. >> testing the house right theree if you dare.
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