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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we are on top of breaking news a plane from boston to san diego lands in denver. >> reporter: pretty scary incidents, flight 769 is back on its way to san diego. but around 8:30 tonight, it was diverted here to dia for that unruly passenger. take a look at cell phone video from rebecca shepherd. four officers he is court the man off -- escort the man off. he brought booze on the plane and was saying we're all fog to die. >> i kept getting up, at one point he tried to go to the
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others blocked his path, and he pushed one of them. >> reporter: credited the flight crew and other passengers for subduing the man until the plane lands. dia spokesperson tells me this was a customer service issue, and the man will not be arrested. we're live at dia, molly hendrickson, 7news. another big story, the new hampshire primary, the numbers are in. donald trump and bernie sanders are the big winners. >> john kasich takes the number two spot. marc stewart has the big picture, and major developments out of new hampshire. >> reporter: three take aways, one, even though hillary clinton came in second, this is not of her presidential bid. donald trump still has a big fight in front of him. and colorado will play a critical role in deciding the future of this race. >> reporter: from the start, republican donald trump said
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title in the new hampshire primary. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you, we loveeyou, we're going to be back a lot. you started it. remember, you started it. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders also scoring a win over hillary clinton. as the senator from vermont, sanders proximity helped him finish first. >> democrats, and progressives win, when voter turn out is high. republicans win when people are demoralized and voter turnout is low. >> reporter: theenight also a big boost to john kasich. the iowa governor who had being lagging finished behind trump. du political scientist peter hanson says other states with fast approaching primaries may
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because their populations better reflect the entire nation. carolina, colorado, are much more diverse than states that have already voted. >> reporter: on super tuesday, march 1, democrats and republicans in colorado are having a primary, yet the republican votes won't stick. party leaders do not want to be locked in on a candidate, until it's decided at the convention. marc stewart. hillary clinton is making her presence known in colorado.3 her campaign opens offices in colorado today. others will be added. clinton and her democratic rival bernie sanders will both be in colorado this weekend, for the democratic party dinner. we'll keep you posted on details. scary moments in the state capitol late this afternoon. a bomb threat triggered an evacuation around 4:00 p.m. threat was called in to a law
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a police k9 sniffed around as authorities served the cap poll. no threat was found. 1 million fans according to the city's official estimates so many of you lining the streets of downtown denver. the broncos players on top of fire trucks. >> this was the view from space, seriously! you can see all that orange for miles above the earth. >> colorado's definitely united in orange as we celebrate the broncos world championship. >> russell haythorn is live. >> reporter: still a good bit of traffic outside the city and county building. which is still nicely lit in orange and blue, and check out the lawn here in civic center park. thoroughly trampled by the nearly 1 million people who were out here today. that's rouggly a fifth f the population of the state of
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all here to celebrate your super bowl champs. before most of you even woke up. >> i want to see the champs, baby! >> reporter: die hearted were here. >> are you -- hards were here. >> are you missing sshool? yes. >> 5000 more substitute absences today -- student absences than yesterday. >> reporter: by midday, downtown streets were awash in a sea of orange. >> the number of people that came out is just astounded. >> reporter: astounding indeed, the city estimates 1 million fans for the settle brace, which shut down government offices, gridlocked downtown, and left some looking for a broncos country perch to take it all in. this little man gave it his best effort about 7 feet up. >> can you guys see what's going on? no. >> reporter: catching danny on
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>> i'm happy to bring it back! this is where it belongs. world champions. >> reporter: a photo from space shows the enormity of the crowd, the only hiccups may have been an over taxed light rail system. >> you couldn't get on! >> reporter: a mile high salute to your world champion denver broncos. >> reporter: and like the city and county building, we're told the light are still on in downtown. some have said the bar scene down there is much like saint patty's day. broncos fans certainly living in the moment. live in downtown, russell haythorn. >> you're going to see another bronco n the newsstand. ron miller, the mvp, the picture is from the play where the >> reporter: mr. president, how are you?
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but i'm i want to let you know i've seen since the '85 bears. >> the coach kubiak and dimarco can dimarco -- did demarcus ware talking to the president. we have a slide show, right now on the app. as russell mentioned, still pretty lit up downtown. a different vantage point. temperatures are nice, in the 30s, some low 40s. tomorrow, even better than today, 62 and that's not the only 60 in the 7-day planner. the family of a mace -- mesa county deputy is heaatbroken.
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support, he was shot yesterday while in a call on grand junction, the person arrested is just 17. a memorial fund has been set up for the family. on the count, this is at least the 9th officer shot here in colorado in just over two months. and already, this yeer,3 nationally four officers have been killed in the line of duty. and 8 k9s were killed. a deputies say they tried to pull over wade hold gwen. they tried to harsh cuff 84 -- handcuff him, he ran away, and hit a deputy in the face. he is being held on several felonies. he s still serving on the school's board. liz is live from broomfield. the school is not forth coming with answers here.
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michael green is not allowed to have any contact with children, we tried asking the school why he was up on the website. it ended with the cops showing up charged with four counts of sex ssault, and four counts of incest, michael greenberg is still on the board that runs the private school, broomfield academy. >> i'm appalled, and i'm shocked and it's frightening. likeewhat do you do? >> reporter: i called to school it ask about his role, they hung up on me. when we showed up to get video of the building, they called the police. a viewer wrote, saying he appears to still be on the board, and i'm concerned about his potentiaa involvement in anything related to children. >> i have a child that goes to the school, and once i heard about that, and i'm thinking -- i didn't have any clue. >> reporter: this afternoon, his picture and bio were still up on the school's website.
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removing his picked from the website -- picture from the website. >> reporter: after we started to ask questions, it was taken down, his attorney explained he is is an owner of academic achievement group which operates the school and on the board. the attorney said greenberg has removed himself from all school functions, and board meetings, and told us his role is purely administrative and he doesn't have any contact with minors even if he doesn't have any contact with children, do you think he should still be allowed to keep his position? -` >> no, not at all. >> reporter: and according to the letter sent out, they say any students here at the school. `eporting live, denver 7. state patrol tells us they are looking for a driver of a pickup who ran over a man near peek -- pecos and west 76th.
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a 2-year-old kidnapped in new mexico survived this crash. troopers in southern colorado arrested the girl's dad after a chase into the state. the picks are from the worlds journal. troopers put down spike strips, which caused the suv to roll. his daughter was air lifted with minor injuries. douglas county, three students were taken to the hospital after the bus they were on went off the road near castle rock. students were picked up on the scene by parents and taken to the hospital out of precaution. the crash is under investigation. we are monitoring a traffic alert on the west sides of the metro area. a southbound 6th avenue will be down to one lane between state 58 and jefferson parkway. if you don't want toogee cauuht in traffic, just avoid the area from 9-3..3 crews are putting in concrete barriers before work starts on -`u.s. 6, 19th street interchange project. we're working on a lot for you after the break, including an
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a deputy pulls a woman from a burning car,,just in time. >> a nurse in llngmont hired of taking care of a man is accused of neglect. and that's not the worst part.
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police say a man ran a red light, causing the crash. he was arrested. in oklahhma city, this fire had people seeing heavy smoke for miles. cedar trees added fuel to the grass fire. crews were able to contain the fire before it damaged any homes. and get ready for some lower gas prices for the first time since 2004. drivers could pay an average of less than $2 a gallon. it's because of a 70% collapse in crude oil prices. the average price in denver is $1.65 a gallon. we are following a developing story in boulder. police hope someone will recognize this minivan and man. molly found out both are behind a large car theft ring that is hitting in boulderr >> reporter: for aaron, the mess might be cleaned up. >> there were cigarette burns, stains, written all over the ceiling. >> reporter: but the damage is already done. >> i've never had anything stolen from me before.
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van was the target of an organized car theft ring. the crimes all happening overnight. >> many of the vehicles have been unlocked and running or spareekey is close. this have been vic broken into -- there have been vehicces broken into and damaged. >> reporter: this light colored minivan is behind it all. that van caught on surveillance, casing a parking lot, and driving off. cameras also snapped blurry images of the suspects involved. >> we believe that they are potentially responsible for a large number of thefts in the areas other than boulder. >> reporter: police find the stolen cars in the metro area. he is just happy he got his car back. >> i didn't have insuraace for theft, so i'm grateful to have it back. >> reporter: unlike the other victims, who have nnt. >> boulder police believe the skies are targeting other cities
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cities as well. another day, another scam. someone is pretending to be from denver water and calling people and asking for payment. call police if you get a call that you think might be a scam. a registered nurse is urn arrest, accused of -- is understand arrest, accused of stealing from an elderly -`patient, and operating a meth lab. the nurse is related to the patient, and she moved in with him about at the point months ago. >> ten months ago. >> the whole case is sad. he was living in filth, in his room, isolated from the friends and family, and he was not
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>> she is due in court tomorrow. two denver special olympics property terse are in washington -- reporters are in washington, d.c.,. >> i've had the privilege of working with them for several stories, and they are both sporting the denver 7 jackets in dc. they are meeting with lawmakers to support the change, and will chair their experiences work -- share their experiences working as reporters. pretty cool. lot of bronco picks, this coming from larry pierce,,a area. early this morning, highlight for our super bowl champions. high temperature in steamboat was 31. here in denver, it was a perfect 55 degrees. how nice for that big parade! and even warmer in the southern sections of the state.
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high, 23 the low, the normals are 45 and 18. records are 73, and 15 below back in 2001. skies are clear, it's 38 downtown, 40 out at the airport, winds breezy from the south/southwest at 17, 45% relative humidity. across the nation, a ig difference in the eastern part of the united states, just 10 minneapolis, 14 in chicago, and atlanta. snow falling from the great lakes all the the way towards new england, and as far south as the smoky mountains inn3 tennessee, we had big high pressure system here, and we're going to stay on the warm side flow. straight down from central canada, over the eastern part of there. but we get a mild westerly flow, warm and dry weather for colorado.
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high mountain valleys. 8 below gunnison, minus 2 at craig, 7 at alamosa, mainly 20s across the plains, and tomorrow, beautiful day! sunshine, 62 degrees in denver, 66 at pueblo, 70s in southeastern colorado. front range numbers looking good. if you're heading to ski, a great day, like spring skiing. for tonight, denver, clear, and cool. but comfortable, 30 for a low. tomorrow, beautiful with a high of 622 bright sunshine, and looking ahead, we could put a bright spot on everyone of the 7-day forecast days. but we will pick tomorrow with the 62, although it's going to be upper 50s to low 60ss that pattern won't change much, so the eastern part of the country will be the snow, cold
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that will shift back a bet. >> let's just not tell the east coast about our weaaher. it's our secret. >> hit the car wash tomorrow! it stays good for a long time. it is parade day in denver, as he probably noticed. you watched and now you get to ride in it, sort of.
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that is an impressive sight. >> we jumped on a fire truck to give you an look of what it looked like for the players. >> everybody is equally excited. >> there are at least a million3 people. >> reporter: celebrating the broncos. >> and we got to see all of them! yeah, broncos. >> broncos! john elway! peyton manning, kubiak. von miller. >> fire trucks moving so slow, you could go down the side street, and kind of see them again.
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to see everybody going down the street. >> united in orange! >> denver has been waiting a while for another championssip parade. ttis is so awesome. >> god gave us this beautiful day. >> you couldn't have for a better day in february. >> it's meant to be. >> that was bruce wilson on that float. well done, bruce! it's mardi gras day, in new orleans. over a million fans turned out, a sea of orange for the super bowl parade and rally. amazing scene. this is bowlen with the lombardi trophy. that is for pat! mvp, von miller, showing the spoils of victory. fans cheering every time they got a claims of the shane night beast -- grips of that the shiny -- glimpse of the shiny
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>> the most satisfying thing winning in the front office is bringing back the lombardi trophy to everybody here. >> when we go in the stadium, and it'' packed, there is no other place. >> we have the greatest fans, these fans have been great. all season long for us. >> yes. before the parade, the trophy was as dove valley. they will keep von miller, is -- and keeping the defense together is job one. >> we have to make tough decisions. when you have a world championship team, you have tough decisions, but we would rather have the tough decisions
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lot of great football players, so try to keep this puzzle `ogether is the challenge. it's going to be hard, but we think we can get it done. >> john told us he will give peyton manning time to make his decision about retirement. ne`z done _ircu@jibzby march 9 when his $19 million salary *ccomes guaranteed. i believe he's going to ride off into the sunset archaism i don'tosed cirknow. the last rrdeo. if not, i don't believe peyton will be back in denver. his dad said it straight up,it%'s done here. bronccs will move clwith brocp@] osweiler, or somebody else at quarterback @j *next season. we'll show you the football to osos cir *ate e victory. -`part of the ch@ceeds will go to @ap@the make a wish foundation of colorado. look for that football tomorrow. remember michael bowen, fans of the week? after super bowl xlviii, he said
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broncos won a ccclsuper bowl. took 20 minutes, but he looks
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canucks at the pepsi center. canucks got 3 unanswered goals. ugly loss for the avs at home, another one. 3-1, the final. >> they have to turn thhngs around. >> i know. >> quickly!
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this is violet. she's been waiai momen. ment o wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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